swasan ss ‘Doorie…Sahi Jaaye Naa…’ (chapter 17)

Hi guys serena here back after a long time on TU …its almost 15 days since I last visit here

All were shocked by the scene infront of them …tears started to make its way through sanskaar’ eyes..
Laksh and kabeer were also shocked…it was looking like their lives have stopped at that point…they forgot to breath for a moment but soon they came into their senses as crowd started to form there..
Sanskaar firstly reversed his car…his vision was blur due to tears.. but still he anyhow found the accelerator n decelerate his car as swara’s car was crushed between sanskaar’s car and truck..
As soon as he reversed his car the car gate of swara’s car opposite to driver’s seat got dismanteled and fell on ground giving the better view of badly injured swara to sanskaar..

All could clearly see that how badly the car is crushed..the petrol started leaking
Sanskaar immediately went outside his car nd as soon as he reached near swara’s car the truck driver reversed his truck resuling in opening the gate of driver seat of swara’s car… due to the dismanteling of gate swara was about to fall but before swara can touch the ground sanskaar held her in his arms sitting on the road nd what he saw took his breath away….swara was bleeding heavily..her face , hands all over was just pierced with glass..blood was continuingly flowing from her body….her dress has got red patches all over it..
Sanskaar took swara’s head in his lap nd was continuously crying…swara was not opening her eyes
Sanskaar-(on the verge of crying) swara…swara plz open ur eyes…nothing will happen to u…I will not let anything happen to u..
Suddenly someone from the crowd shoute “check the pulse”

Kabir came forward n by shaking hands he checked the pulse but he didn’t found any
Kabir-(shakingly n sweating) m…m not finding the pulse
Listening this sanskaar got shocked…
Sanskaar-(angry) r u in ur senses …what rubbish r u talking..nothing happened to my swara…she is all right.
Inspector-(removing his cap n consoling) we r sorry mr. maheshwari..but ur wife is no more with us.
Sanskaar-(crying badly)u..u all are lying …nothing happened to my swara..she is all right…see now only she will get up n will punish me..(turning to swara) sw..swara plz… plz get up na…see don’t play this game with me…plz open ur eyes na..plz ….swara plz open ur eyes and look at me…I know I did a mistake …punish me..whatever u want to do with me..do it …but plz don’t do this to me…don’t give this much big punishment to me…plz swara don’t go far from me….i will die swara..i will die..(saying this he cried hard)

Everyone was crying hard…laksh hugged kabir n both consoled each other
Suddenly swara took a long breath nd her chest goes up..sanskaar eyes got lit
Sanskaar-(happy) swara..swara..(turning to laksh) lucky bring the car we will take swara to hospital…go
Laksh was also relieved and happy he nodded with a smile n teary eyed n ran to take the car…as soon as he came with car..sanskaar held swara in his arm n took her to the back seat n sat in the car with swara’s head on his lap…in whole way he remained talking to unconscious swara …
Soon they reached to hospital n doctor took swara in OT.

After 3 hrs…
Its been 3 hrs but still doctors r inside the OT n operating swara..
Sanskaar was standing leaning to wall all lost..his eyes are swollen nd tears r now dried up..his nose is all red…ap was continuously praying in hospital temple,laksh nd kabeer were sitting on the bench thinking of th recent happenings nd dp was sitting feeling guilty..

Suddenly the indicator light of OT got off nd doctor came out of room..
Sanskaar was the first to run to doctor..
Sanskaar- doctor…doctor how is my wife..how is swara…she is alright na…plz say something
Doctor- mr. maheshwari m sorry but….but we cannot save ur child..
Sanskaar was all confused nd shocked…laksh sat on chair with thud whereas kabeer has to take the support of wall to stand…sanskaar was confused as whats happening here…
Sanskaar- c…h..i..l..d
Doctor- yes mr. maheshwari…don’t u know…ur wife was 3 months pregnant..i thought u knew it…
Sanskaar sat on ground with thud…the flood of every emotion is going in his heart…he don’t know what to do..everything which is happening since 4 months is going in his mind…and at last his thoughts end on the last word of doctor about his child…but again his thought broke by thought of swara..
Sanskaar-(composing himself) doc…doctor…how is swara..swara is alright na..
Doctor- actually mr. maheshwari she had a so much loss of blood…we tries our best but we r sorry..
Sanskaar as well as the whole family stood on their place numb nd shocked..

Precap- 7 months leap

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  1. Very painful …

  2. Was she going to coma or memory loss?
    Feeling bad about baby
    Poor swara
    Emotional part dr

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    What have u done Serena ?? u just took my breath away??huhhhhh !!! oh my God…

    thnk u dear…

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    yr seerena so many shocks on one day damn i am really eager to know hurry up and uplaod fasst next one

  6. AnuAnn

    Emotional part.. Plzzz next part soon

  7. O god plz don’t separate them ????❤❤❤

  8. Awesome. It’s so emotional. Feeling sad for swara.plz post next part asap.plzzzzzzzzzz

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  10. Mahavir

    awesome serena please make swara alright. pleaseeee i love this ff veryyyyyyyyyyyyy much

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    M Koi comment ni dungi!! Bs tu dekh lio swara Mari toh?!!

    Meher ki dhamki hai!!!

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    Oh my God …. So many shocks altogether ….
    Wonderfully carved chappy…. Next update soon

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    Serenaaa!!! you just come to give me shock.. huaaaaaaa…

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    Awesome! But Swara ko mat mar… Atankwadi!
    Sorry Tera request nA rakha but KYa karu Sab force kar rhi the SwaSan nA Karne ke liye…. Solly??
    Ha toh kya hua? Varun ayA nA?? VK Soch Lena…. SwaRun ban gaya.. ??
    Tu Ab regular ban ja behn… No more waiting! Pls??

    1. Serena

      Tu toh baat naa kar mujhse…abhi tere saare parts padhe…pagal aurat…tu sahi me pagal h..main kyun gussa hongi…sahi kiya tune…Lenin ek kaam kar na…aisa bol de ki hm prev. Sanskaar ki jagah laksh ko assume kar le or naye varun ki jagah sanskaar ko…problem solve???

    2. Anisha

      Yes! ??
      Will do that! Arey! Lekin koi koi hai jo nhi manta…. So tu khud man le…. Jaise ki me??

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    Nice dear… Continue soon…. Eagerly waiting for the next episode!!!!!

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    Contiinue soon

  18. Vyshu10

    oh god…swasan’s baby?? Plz don’t say that she can’t become mother again…..if u want send her into coma

  19. Nice

  20. I think she is in coma bt sad 4 child. Try to upld nt regularly bt nt dis much late. Nyb part.

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    Hope u wil not kill her…
    Feeling so bad for swara ??
    Dun want her to forgive sanky easily…

  23. Oh.. This is painful.. That unborn life suffered because of others doings. And don’t let swara to die.. I know u won’t do that.. ?
    Well written dear. Try to update regularly.

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    Wow superb….. I think swara has memory loss

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    Awesome.. Swasan ka baacha haawww it died??Plzz don’t seperate SwaSan I love them so much in this SS…… Awesome and SSuperb epi

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