swasan ss ‘Doorie…Sahi Jaaye Naa…’ (chapter 14)


Hello everyone serena here see m on time now..so here goes the next chapter..
“”ladies n gentleman..a very good evening..today we all are here for the celebration of two young people ‘s first stage commitment of their relationship…so u all r welcome in the engagement ceremony of Mr. sanskaar maheshwari n miss kavya malothra..a big round of applause for this heavenly couple””
Swara’s facial expression changed into a sad one…a lone tear escaped from her eyes….kavya who was watching swara smirked evilly…and sanskaar who noticed swara’s tear felt like someone is piercing his heart in to million pieces..

Another announce was made
“”so guys plz welcome sanskaar n kavya on stage for the further ritual of engagement..”
But before he could complete laksh shouted in middle..
Laksh- arey guys wait….(turning to guest n smilingly) hello everyone as u all know that today is my bhai’s engagement so don’t u think there should be some fun before engagement..
All shouted yes…whereas sanskaar, kavya n kaveri were confused as what happened to laksh..laksh continued
Laksh- so guys here we have some masks which u all have to wear…n there will be a partener dance n with changing of song the parteners also have to be changed..okay so u all ready guys..
All- yesssssss..
Everyone moved to the floor with their parteners..sanskaar went with kavya but his eyes were only on swara who was going with kabeer..

Song starts dekha hazaaro dafa from rustom
Swara n kabeer went to dance floor n started dancing suddenly kabir said something to swara n she started to laugh…sanskaar who was watching all this got jealous even more n he was continuously staring swakab..
Dekha hazaron dafa aapko
Phir beqarari kaisi hai
Sambhale sambhalta nahi ye dil
Kuch aap mein baat aisi hai

Kabeer swinged swara n sanskaar got so angry that he stepped on kavya’s foot unknowingly..n she shouted loudly n started jumping by holding her foot..sanskaar looked towards kavya n said sorry but she gave him n angry look..but he didn’t care n went towards swara..whereas swara was enjoying with kabeer..
Lekar ijazat ab aap se
Saansein ye aati jaati hain
Dhoondhe se milte nahi hain hum
Bas aap hi aap baaki hain

Now it was time to change the song swara was about to go to other man but sanskaar kicked that man on his butt n he got disbalanced n got collided with a fat black women
That women turned n slapped him so hard n then called her husband
Woman to man- hey u don’t u have shame…ji listen he is teasing me…ladki dekhi nhi or muh se siti baj gayi( whenever u see girls u guys starts to wistle)
Man-(by holding his cheek) madam I didn’t tease any girl

Lady- ohh then what u did with me
Man-(giving weird look) r u considering urself a girl AUNTY
Now that was enough for lady…she slapped him more hard n again he dashed to a lady she also slapped him n throughout the party he was only getting slaps..
Whereas at swasan side swara landed in sanskaar’s arm n sanskaar held her firmly..
Song changed to sapna jahaan from brothers(guys do listen this song while reading)
Sanskaar n swara looked into each oters eyes..n got lost in each other..they remember their all old moments…swasan romance in kitchen…swara kissing sanskaar..they remember all their beautiful moments..swasan romance under table…swasan date (in serial)

Sapna jahan dastak na de
Chaukhat thi woh aankhein meri
Baaton se thi tadaad mein
Khamoshiyan zyaada meri
Jabse pade tere kadam
Chalne lagi duniya meri

Swara remembered sanskaar’s weak trust on her n his slap n tried to go but sanskaar held her hand more tightly n pulled her towards himself n she got glued to his chest n there was very long eyelock …
Mere dil mein jagah Khuda ki khaali thi
Dekha wahan pe aaj tera chehra hai
Main bhatakta huaa sa ek baadal hoon
Jo tere aasmaan pe aake thehra hai

both came into their senses when song stopped..swara could not control her tears n started to run but was stopped by a hold on her hand which was of non other than kabir’s..swara looked at kabeer withpleading teary eyes n plead him to let her go…but kabeer said..
kabeer- now or never..u have to face the situation..he took her to yhe dance floor n song started
tay hai from rustom
kabir started to dance with swara he twirled her…n swara landed on his chest..they started to dance passionately (not romantically just some well known steps of salsa)
Tere bin jee na paunga
Sach much mar hi jaunga
Yeh tay hai, yeh tay hai…
Hasna rona tujhse hi
Mera hona tujhse hi
Yeh tay hai, yeh tay hai
With the beat they also got fast n sanskaar who was watching all this burned more in jealousy n started to drink…(drink was not more effective)
Maujood hai har saans mein
Tu har dafa, yeh tay hai
Tu hai dawa, ya dard hai
Par hai mera, yeh tay hai (x2)

they both got separated when the song stopped n all the audience started to clap hard..
at the other side laksh instructed something to waiter n the waiter went to kaveri…
again an anoouncement was made..
“”ladies n gentleman now…””
Before he could say anything suddenly a song started
Drama queen from hasee toh fasee (guys do read its very funny n plz read all the lines)
Someone was standing on stairs n was holding a bottle n her bach was towards the audience n shee was dancing like mad..
Haan, dekho bholi kitni
Utni par tedhi cheez hai
Baatein kare hai kadwi-kadwi
Phir bhi lazeez hai

N when she turned everyone got shocked seeing kaveri…she come towards the audience a spray hit on them(read below song lyrics u will get to know) then she took a bottle n started dancing with it like mad
Ittar gulaabon wali
Bottle sharabon wali
Total tabahi wala scene hai
Adaayein badi funky
Kare hai nautanki
Ye chhori badi drama queen hai
Ho badi-badi aankhein hain aansuon ki tanki
Ye chhori badi drama queen hai (x2)
She went to durga Prasad n startin playing table on his takla I mean on his head…then she climbed on chair n took kavya’s hair in her hand n started to act like riding a horse n kavya was holding her hairs in pain….

Ho table bajaa ke gaaun
Chadh jaaun kursi pe
Poori karun main manmaaniyaan
Chaahe samajh lo nashe ka ye nateeja hai ya
Pagalpan ki nishaniyaan
Ittar gulaabon wali
Bottle sharabon wali
Total tabaahi wala scene hai
Adaayein badi funky
Kare hai nautanki
Ye chhori badi drama queen hai
Ho badi-badi aankhein hain aansuon ki tanki
Ye chhori badi drama queen hai (x2)
She stopped n sat on groun n said in drowsy voice..

Kaveri- helloooooo everyone (turning to dp) hello tablu..sorry sorry takluuuuuu… u all know what m very baaaaaddddd(saying this she started to cry) everyone was shocked n confuse…today I will tell u all something secrettttt (saying this she put her finger on her lips) but u have to promise me that u wont tell this to anyone….ok…sooooooooo…
Enough for today…saara aaj hi dekhoge kya (will use all today only)
See this time I m on time so comeon fastly fastly comment…or if this time I got less response na then promise I will take a biiiiggggggg wala leave…

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