swasan ss ‘DOORIE….Sahi Jaaye Na…'(episode 9)

Hi everyone…sorry for late I was trying to upload this since many days but TU was showing error…but here is the next chappy of DSJN..
Swara entered into the MM instructing some workers…when suddenly she saw sanskaar coming downstairs struggling his file n all his files fell from his hand…swara ran to help him…
Now both are sitting on ground collecting the file and while collecting the file their hands touched to each other…n a short eyelock took place..
Sanskaar-(monologue) swara why you betrayed me…why u did this to me..
Swara- (monologue) sanskaar didn’t u have a little bit trust on me…cant u believe me…was our lovethat much weak…

After collecting papers sanskaar went Sanskaar went from there with a lone tears in his eyes leaving shattered swara behind….
As sanskaar went from room kavya who was watching all this followed him to the garden…there she heard sanskaar talking to someone over phone..
Sanskaar- yes..yes…do everything perfectly….I want tonight to be most special night for my wife…..do everything perfectly n ya send that dress home which one I told u…
Kavya who was listening about sanskaar’s surprise was pissed off….after that sanskaar went from there….. N kavya was standing there fuming….she was about to go when a man came there…
Man-xcuse me mam
Kavya -yes..
Man- mam there is a courier for Mrs. Swara sanskaar maheshwari..
Kavya -(monologue) it must be that dress send by sanskaar..
Kavya- yes m only swara sanskaar maheshwari…
Man- oh..so mam plz sign here( handing her the parcel) n here is ur parcel..
Kavya thank u so much…

Kavya- (monologue) now I will see swara that how u both will come near…
It was evening….swara was doing her work when suddenly she glanced at the clock…it was 6 n sanskaar comes at 7 so she thought to getting ready..she thought about sanskaar n blushed…whereas in office sanskaar was doing his work when suddenly his phone rang….
Sanakaar- hello.
Other side-(crying) sanskaar plz save me….sanskaar she will kill me sanskaar…sanskaar plz come home soon sanskaar….sanskaar…sanskaar she will kill me…
Sanskaar got shocked n worried n before he could say anything phone disconnected…. ..
Sanskaar worriedly went to his car n drove to home…
Whereas in MM…
Kavya was standing near staircase of terrace n was waiting for swara …..n as soon as swara came she acted to talk on phone n pacing on staircase side…swara saw that n moved Ro terrace…..when swara came back she saw that kavya is just near the stairs n is about to loose her balance….she ran to her but kavya almost save but swara save her at a nick of time by holding her hand…now the scene is like that swara is holding kavya by one hand n kavya is floating in mid air while her legs still on stairs..

Kavya-(still in air) thanks swara for saving my life.
Swara-say thanks later first come up..
Kavya saw something n started her work
Kavya-(acted to be scared) sw..swara plz don’t leave my hand swara….swara I will die…swara I promise u I wont come near sanskaar now swara…I promise I wont come near him now….plz swara pardon me swara..
Swara who was listening to her was hell shocked n confused she didn’t know whats going on until she heard a shout..

She turned around n saw sanskaar coming to her…she got more confused n scared to see sanskaar like this…before she could digest anything sanskaar pushed her n pulled kavya towards himself..making swara even more shocked n clear about kavyas intensions…
Before she could say anything sanskaar pulled her by her arms
Sanskaar-(in rage) what the hell were u going to do…are u nuts…u were going to take a life just because of a mere jealousy of yours..
Swara was shocked one coz of this all acting of kavya’s n other coz of sanskaar’s thinking for her..

Laksh n kaveri who came their listening sanskaar’s shout were shockingly seeing swara then sanskaar’s then kavya..
Laksh- how can u say this bhai….u know bhabhi very well…then how can u say this…u know bhabhi can’t even hurt a insect n u r saying about killing a human…how can u bhai..
Kaveri- no laksh sanskaar is right..u know
Kavya-(interrupting n acted) no bua ji plz don’t

Kaveri- no kavya let me tell them..(turning to sanlak) sanskaar,laksh u know what she did yesterday…she blackmailed kavya that if she ever come near sanskaar….she will kill her..
Swara who was listening to this now is hell shocked…..she by now has understood that its all preplanned to defame swara…swara wanted to say something when kaveri again interrupted..
Kaveri – n u know what all she said….she said that if kavya will utter a single word she will tell u that the file of yours which u were finding yesterday is burnt by her….she even tried to kill her just because she talked to u…but she always pretended infront of u that she is kavya’s friend…n this little innocent kavya(caressing her hair) she being afraid of this cruel girl didn’t complain….wo toh I saw her torturing kavya yesterday…..i wanted to tell u that day only but she blackmailed me that she will kill kavya n will accuse me in front of u all…n I got scared..
Swara who was listening all this was shocked, confuse, teary eyed,speechless..
N sanskaar who was listening to his bua became more angry n now is burning in anger listening that swara threatened his bua….

Kaveri-( acting to be innocent) you know sanskaar I brought kavya to get u married to her….such a pious soul she is….but then I saw that u r happy with swara so I thought that I wont interfare in ur life…but then I saw the cruel side of this girl….i tried a lot to tell u this…but everytime this girl(pointing to swara) she always managed to keep u far from me…
Now sanskaar just walked up to swara who was beyond shock….he held her shoulder tightly n asked her..
Sanskaar-( burning in anger) swara is bua saying right???
Swara was shocked seeing sanskaar doubt on her…she was actually beyond shocked…she never thought of this in her wildest dream….she was now crying…she cant do anything…no one is now by her side…
Swara-(crying n stammering) sa…sans..sanskaar do u..u re…really th…think th..that I …I will do any..anything like this…
Swara was about to say something when she saw something n got shocked…she lowers her head n said
Swara-(lowers her head with teary eyed) YES!!!!!

Hi guys…I know m very late…so sorry…actually m trapped in between my exams…n now I will post next chapter after 4 august…sorry for keeping u wait…n iknow u all r very disappointing about this chapter…even I was wishing to kill that kavya n kaveri..
Ok now enough of bak bak…n I will soon end this ss…as I want to concentrate on my studies but I will keep witing OS….coz padhna toh padega hi…future me TU job nhi dene wala na..(lol)

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  1. Sriya

    aww serena dear it was too emotional you bought sadness in my face i feel like crying now but anyways u potrayed their emotions very well serena tu ki ek shaan hai one of the best writers in tu u rocked it as usual dear but please unite them soon my dear sissy love u loads keep smiling always xx

    1. Serena

      Thank u so much dear….n love u too sriya???

    1. Serena

      Thank u anu??

  2. Thamizh magan

    thank you dear.. plz upload next

    1. Serena

      Thank u thamizh magan???

  3. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    No problem cutie pie, take your time.?⌚. About chappy, no words to describe how is it.Loved it????. All the best for your exam????Waiting for nxt sissy.
    Take care
    Keep smiling ☺

    1. Serena

      Thank u so much for understanding uma Di…n I promise I will upload as soon as possible… Love u loads???

  4. Awesome dear.
    All the best for your exams.

    1. Serena

      Thank u pramudi for ur wishes??

    1. Serena

      Thank u s???

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  6. Meher


    I thought tune sanyas le Lia n Himalaya PE Chala gai.. ???

    1. Serena

      Arey nhi Di…actually me Himalaya pe jaane ke liye nikal hi chuki thi but phir yaad aaya ki ticket to li hi nhi h train ki…toh phir waapas aana pada???……then socha story complete karke jaaungi..???

  7. Awesome part yaar.it ws too emotional..loved it?????..nd dnt wry, aftr cmpltion of ur exam den post..til den study ncly..but pls in nxt part show sanskar scene of present part..tk cr

    1. Serena

      Thank u mehjabeen…n I promise I will show some sanskaar scenes in next part…n thanks for understanding dear????

  8. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear

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      Thank u so much anuann???

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  9. Tvisha

    Awesome.. finally you posted I was waiting for this since ages!!

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      Sorry for keeping u waiting…but m also trapped…but I shapath will post big wala part after my exams??

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  10. Vyshu10

    nice…unite them soon

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  11. Sree

    Bohot short tha *pouts* i am sitting with an expressionless face now. I mean rona bhi chati hun uss kavkav ko marna bhi chati hun aur Sanskar ka gala bhi pakadna chati hun??? So pata nahi kya expression dhun????
    Emotional kara diya ?????
    Kavkav sach mein bohot kavkav karte hai????
    Waiting for nxt . Agar 4th ko nahi aayi na toh??
    Iss bar gun leke baagne nahi dhungi?
    So post on 4th.
    All the best for ur exams. Lady tangabali ko kush kar dena????
    Love ya???

    1. Serena

      Chollyyyyy for short update*innocent face* n pakka 5 ko aaungi as 4 ko mere exams over ho rage hai so ek din toh lagega…n don’t worry kavkav ko saath me milke maarenge…???
      N thank u for wishes…Ab toh lady thangaballi ko super duper happy kar ke aaaaungi…???…love u too Di????

      1. Sree

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