swasan ss ‘DOORIE….Sahi Jaaye Na…'(episode 7)


Sanskaar felt guilty for scolding swara and more than that he was very sad that his love is ignoring him…he went to his room to freshen up
After sometime he came to dining area in yellow tee n white trousers (aww how cute he looks in that)

He saw that swara is arranging dining table with her injured hand. Suddenly swara lifted a plate but that plate was heavy enough to give more pain in swara’s injured hand… as soon as swara lift that plate she felt the immense pain her hand n that plate fell from her hand…but before it could reach to ground it was held by sanskaar…sanskaar kept that plate on table n turned to swara n took her hand in his hand…by now her bandage was half opened and sanskaar could see the burning marks all over her hand…he got shocked…he looked at swra with teary eyes in concern …
Sanskaar- (concern n teary eyed) swara…swara ho..how this happened…how ur hand got burnt….cant u take care of urself….see how much its burnt…b..b..but how it happened..
All this while swara kept quite…she was not even saying a single word
Now this was it for sanskaar

Sanskaar-( with teary eyes shouts) tell me na dammit…why r u not telling me..
Hearing his shout all members came to dining hall n before they could see swara’s injury swara saw them coming n snatched her hand from sanskaar n immediately ran to kitchen…sanskaar was shocked by her this behavior but got to know the reason when he heard annapurna’s voice behind him..
Annapurna- what happened sanskaar??? Why r u shouting???
Sanskkar(relieved to know the reason of swara’s behavior n wiped his tear n turned back)- wo…wo nothing maa…I just saw …saw a lizard…yes I just saw a lizard…that’s why I shouted…(sigh secretely)
Ap while making weird faces- n why wereu scolding that lizard for speaking????
Before sanskaar could say anything laksh interrupted..
Laksh- maa may be that lizard has stolen his chocolate n he was asking her that where have u kept it…
Now everyone including sanskaar looked at laksh with weird expression n ap n sanskaar were giving him ‘r-u-mad’ look….but suddenly they heard someone laughin sound from behind n as soon as sanskaar heard that he turned immediately with tearful smile…as soon as he turned he saw swara laughing whole heartily on laksh’s extra silly talk :p…
Sanskaar was mesmerized to see her love laughing after a long time…n not only sanskaar but ap,dp n laksh were also happy seeing her smiling n laughing as trio also observed that she is somewhat sad since morning but no one know the reason…. Sanskaar mouthed thank u to laksh n laksh understood him n gestured my pleasure..

After that everyone sat for dinner n swara was serving them n sanskaar was continuously staring her …he noticed that she is having problem while serving so he got up from his chair n went to her n hold her hand n put the bowl n spoon down from her hand n made her sit on shair n start serving himself…swara was first shocked…but then she stood up from her chair n went to sanskaar ……litrally snatched the utensils n again started to serve…now sanskaar snatched the dish from her…swara’s ego got hurt n she also again snatched the dish….this was going on from last 15 minutes n whole family is just rotating their head from swara to sanskaar n then sanskaar to swara….n both were so engrossed in fighting of serving that they didn’t notice that they r serving dp since last 15 minutes n till now dp’s plate is overloaded with rice n he is watching them(swasan) n then plate continuously with wide eyes…..

After some time Dp almost shouted seeing his plate overloaded..
Dp(almost shout)- ENOUGH…. (now overloaded love) beta swara..beta sanskaar… mujhe itna rice khilane se mere sir ki kheti vaapas nhi aa jayegi….thoda baaki sab ke liye bhi bacha ke rakho….unko bhi bhook lag rhi hogi naa(swara..sanskaar….making me eat this much of rice will not lead to hair gain on my head….save for others also…I hope they too are hungry..)
Both swasan got embarrassed n looked at dp’s plate which is overloaded with rice…
They both hurriedly sat on their places with embarrassed face n started to eat hurriedly while everyone laughs n admire this adoring couple whereas two womens are irked by this scene n those r none other than kaveri n kavya….
Sanskaar looked at swara lovingly n swarafelt his gaze n turned to see him n saw that he is watching her lovingly…she suddenly turned her face in other direction…sanskaar felt bad but composes himself as he knew that he did mistake….
Meanwhile kaveri signaled something to kavya which was noticed by laksh…
Kavya understood n started drooling over sanskaar
Kavya-(extra lovingly) arey sanskaar u haven’t took chappatis….look how tasty it is…plz take na
Sanskaar felt weird but kept mum… but swara who was watching all this felt jealous n uneasy thinking about file incident..

Sanskaar saw swara’s expression n got to know that she is jealous n turned to kavya with a playful smile
Sanskaar(to make swara more jealous) ya ya kavya…why not…even m thinking why don’t u give me urself..
Listening this swara fumed in anger n jealousy
Kavya(happy)- why not sanskaar…it will be my pleasure (chudail kahi ki (anger emoction))
Sanskaar(more flirting)- no no it will be my pleasure to have food in my plate from such a beautiful lady like u…
Now it was it for swara…she loudly called…..(guess)
Hearing jaanu’s name sanskaar who was about to take chappatis from kavya got shocked n pulled his hand back n told to kavya
Sanskaar-(stumbles) ka..kavya I ..i think I should eat rice only…..u know its very good for health so I will eat rice only….

Swara smiled winningly n caresses jaanu…
Swara- aww mera baccha
Sanskaar got irked by this n said in so low voice so that only he could listen
Sanskaar- (murmers) bacchaaaaa ….huh! abhi agar iss bacche ko aakela chhod do na toh iske 10-12 bacche ho jaaye…or yeh madam isse baccha keh rahi hai…(child…huh!…if he would be left alone na…he would become father of 10-12 childrens…n she is calling him child)
Meanwhile with kavya…
Kavya-(in mind) I hv to do something…I hv to go close to sanskaar…
She moved towards him with a plate of sweets..
Kavya-sanskaar u should try these roshogullas…they r just yummy…
Laksh who was noticing kavya drooling over sanskaar from quite a long time put his leg in between n kavya tripped coz of it n directly land inside the dal(pulses)….her whole face got dipped in dal along with her hairs…
Laksh n others laughed silently but sanskaar could not control n laughed out loudly…making everyone laugh…
Kavya got irked n stamped her foot on floor n went to her room….
N everyone who were suppressing their laughter laugh out loud….
But one person who was observing kavya was suspicious about her behavior n its none other than SWARA…



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  1. Awesome .JAANU scene is so sweet.hahaha ???.I getting laugh by imagining sanskars expression. Omg .precap is so scary ? ? ? ?. Will be waiting for next part.post asap

    1. Serena

      thank u reethi…n will surely update soon

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  3. Awesome..but dnt delay nw..update nxt part soon dear…waiting fr nxt

    1. Serena

      Thanks mahjabeen….I can’t promise but I will try to not delay…n most probably next chapter on 16

  4. Sree

    Peilehi late ho aur bhi holiday chahiye tumhe??????
    Well welll the ep was superb??
    Mujhe dp ka dialogue bohottttt pasand aya????
    Kavya in dal???
    Swara sad?? ??
    Precap toh shock de raha mujhe??
    Sanskar’s breakdown??
    Am Waiting for it
    Post nxt soon
    Jaldi post nahi kiya toh katti??
    Love u???

    1. Sree

      I think u know that eva, meher di and all created a family. Am Laksh there so they called me salle saab??
      When is ur birthday??? Just curious to know??

      1. Serena

        Ohhhhhh….m toh confuse ho gayi thi…..n my birthday is on 19 july

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  5. Deeksha

    awesome dear…loved it…….continue soon

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  6. Sriya

    serena u rock it dear it was stupenduous chappy anyways now me and dolly are writing a ff together its name is THE STORY OF TWO LOVERS BY DOLLY AND SRIYA do check it in tu please read and comment dear it is a swasan fanfic onlyyyy

    1. Serena

      Hi sriya…thank u so much n so sorry….actually I read ur chapter of hate to love but whenever I tried to comment its showing error 404 ….but believe me it was awesome…I enjoyed ur story a lot…n will surely read ur new concept..

    1. Serena

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      Thanks soujanya..

  8. Awesome update serena dear.? It was hilarious too. Ha ha ha… Laksh put his leg to trip kavya… ?? he did the correct thing. Jaanu scene was also hilarious..?
    Overall loved this part a lot.
    Update the nxt part soon.

    1. Serena

      Thank u so much pramudi

  9. Amazing n kavya seen is funny but precap is scary

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      Thank u ruhi…

    1. Serena

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  10. Divyanshri

    ??????? Mind blowing Serena Di….. I was laughing like mad….after reading Dp’s dialogue…… U r awsome….. can’t stop laughing till now…..

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  11. AnuAnn

    Awesome and too funny chapter dear.. Oh don’t take such long leave …

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  12. For the vry first time I can’t stop myself for cmmntng in any ff……I read a lot of swasan ff n I also liked thm ……..but
    U r just amazing
    I hv no words for ur writing……????
    I justjust wanna salute u and ur writing skill……??????
    U r an angel really……☺

    1. Serena

      Thank u sooo much for commenting n m not angel…even my name is also shivangi..

      1. Really……
        That’s gr8…….but really yrrrrr u r just amazing writer……

  13. Awesome …. only the word i can say …. so friends ?? …. well if u take 10 days na then …. i dont know ???? ….

    Agar mere swasan ko jaldi se ek nahi kiya na then see …. i know this is flash back …. but post asap …. okay na ?? ….

    1. Serena

      Thank u n off course we r friends.. N don’t worry soon swasan will be together…

  14. Divya shankar

    Some father is like dis only but ur father is dis like but my father is very strict and discipline we cannot speak openly like other children he didn’t care for us.only giving food shelter etc do u know I and my sis using mobile past 6 years he didn’t even know we r using cell.all my family know except my father tat much strict even he is not sending job only he is degrading us he say philosophy if u got to job if some boys tease u then u come home with prb etc etc then wat need of money now i hv given u everything even i will give property money when u go to in law house no need of working etc etc compare to me ur so much better u be happy. ..then study well all d best dr…

    1. Serena

      hey hey hey dont take my father wrong….actually his cell is not working properly…that’s why he has taken mine for somedays…
      my father is very good n supporting…he has supported me in every phase of my life…he has taught me to fight back against wrong…he support my each n every dreams…yup sometimes he is strict coz he know more than me that what’s good for me…m his more pampered child…n dont take ur father as wrong also…i dont know him but can surely say that a father can not think wrongly about his own blood….may be he is doing this so that u can stand on ur own feet n can become fearless in this cruel world…just try to understand him….my dad has also taught me that if u want to know a person just keep ueself on his or her place n think….

      1. Divya shankar

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        I think ur father really loves u a lot that’s why not allowing u to go far for job as he know that one day u have to go for from him….gn tc

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      Thank u vidhi n will surely update soon

  16. Abirsha

    Wow awesome…. Jaanu scene is very nice

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    I love sanky jealous from janu.I have question. it’s flashback or present.

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      Thanks ahana…its flashback

  18. Jao Katti Di.??..Pehle to late post karti hain upar se chutti chahiye.????..Bat mat karna mujhse Di..?????…But agar phir bhi next part agar jaldi post kar diya to maf karne ki sochoungi..???…Chalo Gussa side me rakhte hai aur chappy ke bare me batati houn..
    Dp’s dialouge was Chooo funny…Bechare Chawal khate khate to bechare ke bal to nahi lekin pet jarror bahar aa jayega…Awww meri Swara ko kitna rulaugi…Please jaldi se mere Swasan ko ek kar do na Di…I just love the way when Swara give the answer to Sanky by using Jaanu…Manna padge meri Swara bahot Intelligent hai..Precap is very Scary…
    Accha Main bahot busy ho Bye???Take care of ur cell…
    Aaj Love u nahi bolungi…I am still angry????

    1. Serena

      Hawwwww…post toh kiya at least….chal gussa chor…or m next jaldi post nhi kar paungi…..coz I don’t have my cell…
      But main toh love u bolungi

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