swasan ss ‘DOORIE….Sahi Jaaye Na…'(episode 11)


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Swara n laksh were shocked by his announcement whereas kavita n kavya were on cloud nine..swara was totally heartbroken…tears were countinously making her way from her eyes…just in few seconds her whole world turned upside down..actually her whole world is against her…afterall sanskaar is her whole world…she just cant believe tht to whom she loved soo much..is blaming her just on the basis of her one confession..he didn’t even bothered to look into her eyes n find whats actually wrong…he didn’t even bothered to talk to her…to ask her,if she is in any kind of pressure…how easy was it for him to just declare that he is going to be someone’s else..that to infront of her…was it only belief which he had on her…was it only trust which he had on her..
Laksh- bhai…bahi what r u saying..are u in ur senses..how could u declare that u will (eying kavya angrily) kavya..bhai atleat try to find out that why bhabhi is saying lie..
Before he could say anything kaveri interrupted..
Kaveri- whats the need to find out now…everything is crystal clear now…swara herself accepted that she is at fault…(turning to sanskaar) sanskaar beta u did very good….u took a very wise decision..m proud of u..m happy for both of u…
Laksh became more angry now..he looked towards swara who was standing numb n eyes wide open due to shock..not even reacting..looks like that someone has snatched her life….
Laksh –bhabhi …why r u standing silent..say something na..
He didn’t get any response from her..he again called her but still no response now he became worried for swara..he shook her n then swara came into her senses..laksh got relieved..
Laksh- thank god bhabhi…u r alright..bhabhi plz do something…bhabhi say something naa..
Swara now cxame into her senses n fell into sanskaar’s feet crying hardly
Swara- sanskaar plz…plz…don..dont do th..this sanskaar…I love u a lot sanskaar..plz sanskaar give any punishment…but plz don’t do this sanskaar…plz don’t make me away from urself…I will die sanskaar…plz sanskaar..plz sanskaar…don’t give such a big punishment which I don’t even deserve..plz sanskaar (crying bitterly)
Sanskaar- yes actually u don’t deserve this…u know what u deserve more than this…coz what have u done is not mistake..its crime…how could u try to murder someone swara…how could u be so wicked swara…m ashamed of loving u…m ashamed that I even thought of loving u…u don’t deserve me ..u don’t deserve to be here..
He held her arm n made her stand n continued

But I will not throw u out of this house…I will give u even more bigger punishment…
He came a step back n announced..
My marriage preaparations will be done by swara only..she will prepare everything..from dress to guest…from decorations to function…everything..EVERYTHING..
Swalak n kavkav were shocked listening this..
Swara was totally broken but she thought something n said
Swara- OK I WILL DO IT..
Now all r more shocked mainly sanskaar as no one expected this answer from her..swar came forward to sanskaar n said..
“ mr. maheshwari I will do every preparation of your wedding…”
Sanskaar-(smirking evilly) that’s good..n ya divorce paper will be sent to u soon..
Now swara was feeling like someone is piercing her heart hard..she couldn’t take it anymore n ran from there..
Laksh(after swara ran from there)(to sanskaar)- bhai u will regret..one day u will regret what u have done…when swara bhabhi will go far from u..then u will realize that what have u lost..n then ur biggest punishment will be that u will not even get the chance to rectify ur mistake..
Saying this laksh also went from there leaving thinking sanskaar n smirking kavkav behind..
Outside MM
Swara came running to the garden crying n covering her mouth..n laksh came following her…swara sat on bunch with thud n cried hardly..her whole world hot destroyed just in friction of second..
Laksh came following her n when she saw swara crying he could not see it n he put his hand on swara’s shoulder n as soon as swara felt someone she turned around n found laksh standing their n as soon laksh saw her face he cant control more n hugged swara tightly n consoled her…soon after breaking hug laksh sat on his knees infront of swara n held her palm n asked her..
Laksh- (teary eyed) bhabhi why did u agreed for bhai’s condition??
Swara- (swollen eyes n lost somewhere) laksh how can he do this…he was my whole world laksh…I loved him most in this world..after mom dad only he was the one to whom I allowed to enter in my world…how can he don’t believe me…I believed that may be this world will be against me one day…but..but he will never leave me..he would never leave my side..but what he did…(now determined) but now I will not cry anymore..n I accepted this condition so that I can prove him that m not guilty…n I will show him that coz of whom he lost his faith on me r real culprits..i will show him the reality of those coz of whom he didn’t believe others…I will bring true face of kaveri bua n kavya in front of him..
Laksh was firstly feeling sad for swara but after seeing her determined look he smiled proudly n decided to help swara..
Laksh-(smiling proudly) bhabhi even I will help u..
Swara-(tensed) but laks if sanskaar will get to know this…he will be more angry on u..
Laksh-(smiling sarcastically) who cares about his anger bhabhi…n after what he have done today..i will not even talk to him..
Swara-(teary eyed) no laksh don’t say like this..it wasn’t his fault…he is blinded by his bua’s love..
Laksh-(interrupting) n what about ur love bhabhi..
Swara-(smiling sadly) may be my love lost the battle…
Laksh-no bhabhi ur love is n can never lost…we will make it win in this battle…n afterall haar ke jitney waale ko hi toh baazigar kehte hai…
Saying this he laughed n even swara also laughed at his cute antics…
Laksh-well bhabhi u know I hv something for u
Swara- what??
Laksh took out a friendship band from his pocket n tied on her hand
Laksh- now u r officially my best friend…n I will be always there for u..in ur every highs n ur lows..u r like a mother…like a sister..n now like a FRIEND to me..
So done with flashback parts..n guys I have shown swalak scene just for showing their bond n bonds between friend…even me too have a very cute n sweet friends of mine…n I would dedicate this part to them only..love u soo much shivani,aanchal n priya …may our friendship bond grow more like this with every passing year…love u soo much guys…n last but not least…HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY TO ALL MY TU FRIENDS..LOVE U ALL VERY MUCH..UMMMAAAAAAHHHHH

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    Awesome very nice….. At starting of the ff i felt swasan shouldnt be seperated but now i feel they shouldn’t be united…. Swara shouldn’t forgive sanskar….. Its true even swara said everything if Sanskar loved swara truly he must have not believed her….. Feeling bad for swara….. Sanskar should suffer a lot….. Superb dr…… Post soon

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    With due respect I wanna give that man a Nobel idiocy price for being the most idiot person

    Loved swaLak today!

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