swasan ss ‘Doorie…Sahi Jaaye Naa…’ (chapter 13)

Both swara n sanskaar were crying in their respective rooms..
In swara’s room
Swara was crying …. Kabir n laksh entered in her room with plate of food n joking among themselves..
Kabir- u know laksh that sheela?
Laksh- who sheela??
Kabir- arey thar decorator…(dreamingly)she is too hot yaar
Laksh- arey ya ya that sheela only na..
Kabir-(in excitement) ya ya …now u remember na..
Laksh- arey ha yaar..how can I forgot her…she only asked proposed u na that( mimicking her) ‘kabir will u be my bhai’
Saying this laksh laughed hard..n kabir got angry..
Kabir – teri toh..ruk tu zara..( laksh uuuuu.. stop there)
Kabir n laksh both entered in the room n saw swara crying…they both got worried..
Kabir/laksh- shone/bhabhi
Hearing her name swara immediately composed herself..
Swara(turning around with fake smile)- ya guys…plz come inside..
Kabir-(concerned) why are u crying shone….are u okay…are u having any pain…should we go to doctor..
Swara’s eyes got widened listening his rapid fire..
Swara- are mere KBC have a break, have a kitkat
Kabir-(confused) what??
Swara- arey stupid give break to ur question paper…n I was not crying ..its just that(wiping her tears) something got in my eyes…u know na how beautiful my eyes are…even dust starts to love it..
She wipes her tearsn look towards them
Kabir-(smiling sadly) now u will conceal ur pain from us also…
Swara- nothing like that kabir…m really ok..
Laksh_(lil angry as again he saw tears in swara’s eyes) bhabhi why r u thinking about that man who never cared about u…who never believed u…who always only gave pain to u..i…I just hate that man(now more angry) I just hate that man..
Swara-(teary eyed and shouts) LAKSH…he is ur brother..
Laksh- no bhabhi..he is not…how can he slap a girl tht to u…how can he believe them easily..how can he…don’t he have trust on u..didnt he had faith on u..
Swara- laksh he is just influenced by bua n that also because he loves her..just think of him laksh..have u ever thought that how would he feel when he will get to know about bua’s betrayel..
Laksh- (angrily) yes bhabhi I know n I also know that he will come back to u..
Swara-(smiling sadly) I hope so..
Laksh-9sad) but bhabhi would u be able to forgive him..(angry) coz it will be difficult for me to forgive him..
Kabir-(putting his hand on laksh’s shoulder) bhai try to understand…he is just deviated to other path by bua..
Laksh-(angrily) is he any nursery kid that anyone will come n divert him..
Suddenly swara started to feel dizzy n she held the corner of table for support..by seeing her both lakabeer ran to her n hold her n made her lay on bed..
Laksh-(while laying swara) bhabhi r u alright??should we go to doctor…?? (teary eyed) m so sorry bhabhi..i should not get angry
Swara-(assuring laksh) no no laksh don’t be sorry n see m perfectly fine..just weakness..ok now gear up guys today is engagement n their lots to do..
Kabeer(fake anger n strictly) shut up n sit down…u no need to work…we r here na..we will do all the work..
Swara- but kabeer..
Kabeer- no ifs n buts(strictly) ek toh u don’t get to know tht where u r going while walkin n madam wants to do the whole work…u just keep quite n sleep..we will do all the work..u just close ur eyes n shut ur mouth n sleep..n if u will not shut up na then…then…yup(turning to laksh) laksh if she will not shut her mouth na then just insert a feeding bottle in her mouth n make her sleep
Swara widened her eyes n laksh tried hard to suppress his laugh..
Swara- how mean..
Kabeer- we will talk about mean,mode n algebra later…first u sleep quietly..
Saying this kabeer lay her down properly n covered her with blanket n made her sleep n swara also slept with pout face..
Swara came down wearin a saree of royal blue n black colour she was lookin so pretty with open hairs n a waist chain around her waist..she looked at the decoration n was awestruck…meantime sanskaar also came with kavya in white shirt n royal blue n jacket with black collar n kavya beside her(m not givin her dress if u want u can also imagine her in a dress made up of leaves like atankwaadi…sorry sorry adivasi;p)
Sanskaar looked at swara who was looking at the decoration with a wild smile..unknowingly he also smiled a little…
Whereas swara looked at decoration n soon her eyes fell on kabeer who was guiding some workers…she immediately ran to him n hugged him tightly leaving him shocked…whereas sanskaar burned in jealousy..
Kabeer- o behenji..who r u(as swara is still hugging him n he is not able to see her face)
Listening to the word behenji swara frowned..
Swara- oye behenji hogi teri behen.
He was awestruck seeing swara n his moth remained open
Sanskaar who was already burning in jealousy said to himself- abbey close ur mouth or else mosquito will enter..sally muh toh itna bada khola hai meri biwi ko dekhkar ki haathi bhi ghar bana le..(Idiot, he has opened his mouth that big that even elephant can make his home there..
Swara- oye kabeer close ur mouth or else that decorator….ummm….what was her name..yup…sheela..sheela will feel bad na…:p
Kabir immediately closed his mouth..Meanwhile laksh also came their
Laksh-(smirking) so guys r u ready for the game..
Swakab looked at each other smirking n said- of course yes..
N they trio smirked at something
Meanwhile an announcement is made
“”ladies n gentleman..a very good evening..today we all are here for the celebration of two young people ‘s first stage commitment of their relationship…so u all r welcome in the engagement ceremony of Mr. sanskaar maheshwari n miss kavya malothra..a big round of applause for this heavenly couple””
Listening this swara’s smirking face changed into sad one n screen splits into swara’s sad face’ kabir n laksh’s sympathetic face n kavya’s evil smirking face…

Precap- swasan romantic dance n dhamaka..
So sorry for late guys…I thought of giving this chapter on 22 august but in the science exhibition of my school during preparing my chemistry project my hand got hurt n I was not able to complete this chapter…then my exams were also there..but now as m alright m giving u this chapter..
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  1. Meher


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    First tell me who is Kabeer.. Kon hai ye Banda..

    Mean median n mode.. I use to luv them to
    Till12 now I come to know their true color ..
    I mean calculation so I hate them..

    Hmm.. atankwadi weds idiot.. nyc.. keep going…

    Dekh Tere haath m lgi thi to mne Kuch ni kaha.. ab jldi jldi post kr .. ni to uss Kavya atankwadi sry… Adiwasi ko Tere waha courier kr dungi…

    Wait wait .. aaj m b comment dungi…


    It was.


    • Serena



      Arey keep patience pata chal jaayega ki kaun h kabeer….

      Mujhe bhi pasand that mean median mode but mujhe bhi true colors pata chal gaye uske isliye Maine use divorce se diya…I mean maths hi chod diyadiya..😂😂😂😂

      N pakka jaldi post karungi…even aaj hi post karungi…


    • Serena



      Aapke pass toh option bhi nhi h but m a bio student so isliye Maine toh divorce de diyadiya😂😂😂 but believe me till 10 that was the only topic that I enjoyed doing😍😍 n some more other topics were there but u know what main toh chemistry jhel rhi hu..😭😭😭.samajh hi nhi aata kaunsi bonding kaha hoti h😑😑😑

  2. Kakali

    Soooo nice chappy😊…. loved it dear…m 1st time commenting on ur FF.. i read all ur chappies bt commenting now… sollly for dat…☺☺

  3. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Oh God, you burned your hand,you should be careful while using cutie pie.Anyway,chappy is stupendous dear.Tch tch tch, bechara sanky but he deserve it*evil smile*.Loved lakbir, they are so caring.Waiting for nxt. I hope you will update soon.
    Take care
    Keep smiling

  4. little princess

    Awesome chappy dear… Loved swa-lak-kab bonding…. The way laksh n kabir taking care n love swara is so sweet n adorable… Love them both…feeling bad for swara…i hope that evil ladies be exposed soon n get what they deserves… Laksh n kabir should teach them both a good lesson in their own rocking style…wanna see guilty sanskar.. Swara should not forgive him soon…he should also suffer for disbelieving his love..precap seems interesting.. Eagerly waiting for next chappy.. Update asap.. Dont delay in posting it..this is a mindblowing lovely ss…

  5. seebu

    Awww…thank u serena…n asusual u rocked it…but small chappy n no swasan scenes😢😢😢story is quite interesting day by day……n i think swara is pregnant….if not…ok….n sanky is jealous😂😂😂very gud…he deserves more pain n jealous….n precap is soo intetesting…waiting for next chappy💩💩💩

  6. seebu

    Awww…thank u serena…n asusual u rocked it…but small chappy n no swasan scenes😢😢😢story is quite interesting day by day……n i think swara is pregnant….if not…ok….n sanky is jealous😂😂😂very gud…he deserves more pain n jealous….n precap is soo intetesting…waiting for next chappy…

  7. Kaynatk01


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    hii seerena you r too late but no worry take care of your hand and episode was awesome and my sanskaar was just too awesome waiting for next

  8. Reethi

    Awesome. Omg this kabir na .he is so funny. But who is he????can’t c swasan like that.hope ki vo jaldi vapas ek hojay.Will be waiting for next part.post asap.
    How r u?how is ur hand.?if ur facing difficulty in writing means take some time.we will wait.take care

  9. ♥priyu♥

    Serena i think you are falling for maths ….😂😂😂😂 what a calculations ha …. sorry i couldnt comment on previous chapters because was very bisy with studies ….

    Loved todays chapter ….

    Par please jaldi update karna …. 😂😂😂😂

  10. Anisha


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    Meri atankwadi…. 😜😜😜😜
    Jaldi next chapter post kariyo…. Nhi kiya toh…. Me Tera Khun pi jaungi….
    Or fir vi nhi diya toh I’ll not post kthtmd 😋😋😋

    • Serena



      M I atankwadi😡😡😡
      Now I will post late…
      N don’t worry kitna khoon piyegi…khoon ki bottles toh m pocket me le ke chalti hu….bohot stock h mere pass😂😂😂

      N I will post but before that u also have to post…second chance ke baad aage koi chappy post nhi kiya tune😑😑😑
      First u post then I will think of posting

      N yes…thank u yaar for posting my is on ur page😊😊😊

      • Serena



        Wish granted n posted😜😜😜
        Next part raat take update ho jaayega…but like this chapter I don’t want ur comment in last..😒😒

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    Hellllllooooo !!!✋👋✋👋
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    Maaf karde apne iss dost ko.
    Ep was awesome.
    Aatankwadi 😂😂😂
    Mean ,mode sab mujhe peile bohotttt pasand tha.. lekin 10th std mein ussne
    meri jaan leli..so katti hogayi hamari. So meine Maths hi jod diya 😁😁
    Bohotttt miss kiya meine tumko..
    Patanahi nxt kab padungi..So jaldi post karne ko nahi bolungi 😅😅
    I wish and hope that u read this comment.
    LOVE U 😘😘😘

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