swasan ss ‘DOORIE….Sahi Jaaye Na…'(episode 6)

Hi everyone…sorry for late n here is the next chapter of my ss

Next day
Swara was guiding some workers to do their work..
Suddenly a worker came to her n told her that some more items r required….so swara went to market to give orders…in her way…she saw that a man is scolding other man very Badly…she went there n asked the matter n got to know that a brother is scolding his younger brother for a watch which he had lost somewhere..
She went to them n listened to their talk..

Big brother- how can u be so irresponsible..u know how much I loved that watch…how could u lost it..
(Hell angry) can’t u take care of a watch..
She saw that big B is continuously scolding his younger bro…n then her vision goes to a boy who was smiling wickedly….she found something fishy…she went to that boy n saw a watch in his hand n the boy was smiling seeing the watch n brothers fighting..she angrily goes to that third boy n dragged him to the brothers n asked the big B showing the watch…
Swara-(to big B showing the watch) is it ur watch…
Big B(happy n literary snatching the watch) yes yes its mine…but(confused) where did u found it..
Swara forwards that boy n told them that how she found him standing in the corner n smiling wickedly watching the watch….
Then boy accepted his fault..
Boyd(guilty) m sorry…..m really very sorry…actually I don’t like these bro’s bonding… Therefore I decided to created MU between them..
All were hell angry to listen this n mostly those brothers…
Swara-(turning towards brothers) whatsoever he did was not correct but(turning to big B) was it correct what u did??? Every relation has its base strong only if that relation has trust…don’t let ur relation ruin just because of someone to whome u don’t even know….dont ruin ur trust n ur love towards relation coz of third person..(saying this a lone tear escaped from her eyes…
The big bro looked at his young bro apologetically…n before he could say anything his young bro engulfed him into a bone crushing hug…
Swara went from there with a smile on her face n stood far from them n went into one of the dreadful memory..

Days were passing like this n swasan’s love was growing day by day…n kavya n kaveri’s anger was now reaching to its peek seeing them together happy…
One day kavya n kaveri planned to do something so that sanskaar stop loving swara..so they tried to destroy the file of an important meeting which sanskaar gave to swara for keeping it…
n their plan somewhat worked sanskaar came into the room next morning n started to call swara as he was not finding his file
Sanskaar- swara..swaraaaa
Swara-(shouts from downstairs) coming..
Swara reached to her room n sanskaar asked her about the file…she went to that place n started searching the file n when she didn’t got it she got panicked…she searched everywhere but didn’t found it….n here sanskaar was getting frustrated as that file was very important for him….n in frustration he scolded swara very badly…
Sans- (hell angry n frustrated) swara can’t u take care of a file….u know how important it was for me..no u don’t know…coz u never did that much of hardworking for any thing….u know it was damn important for me that’s why I gave it to u….how could u be so careless?? I didn’t expected this from u..
Swara-(scared due to his anger n teary eyes coz of his words) sanskaar believe me…I kept that file here only…I remember that I kept it very carefully…I know how much u worked for it..I …..
Before she could say anything sanskaar’s again started to scold her….
Sanskaar(hell angry)- just stop it ..I don’t wanna listen anything now….I don’t know anything…but ya now I know only one thing that now I can’t trust u anymore in these matters..
Saying this he went from there to his office n here swara sat on bed teary eyed n was remembering sanskaar’s word “now I can’t trust u” she cried putting her hand on her mouth….
This all scene was observed by two pairs of eyes that is kaveri n kavya who were smiling devishly on this scene as what they wanted was done…

Other side swara who was crying went to balcony n accidently saw something which took her breath for sometimes…she was shocked..
Sanskaar reached to his office fully frustrated n he went to his cabin n reaching there he first thing did was to hit table with force in frustration(bechara table?)
When suddenly he heard a knokc on his cabin door..
Sanskaar-(frustrated ) come in!
A peon came in with a file..
Peon- sir..wo…swara mam came to office n she has given this file for u..n she also gave this medi n told me to give it to u…
Sanskaar looked up at peon n then file n then medicines…he grabbed that file n medicines from his hand n took a look at the file n was surprised to see that this was the same file which he wanted but this time it was bit different….the colour of the file was different n also its look like that this is just made as pages of the file was still warm like now only it was printed out..n the concept of the file is bit different n amazing than previous one…
He then looked at the tablets, it was his Vitamin tablets n a chit was stick at its back in which it was written”don’t give my part of punishment to Ur health” Sanskaar felt that a knife of guilt is piercing through his chest…
Whereas in car swara was sitting in car n her eyes was still filled with tears n she was thinking something..

Flashback in flashback(don’t be confused)
She went to balcony n was shocked to see that kavya is burning a file…she looked at file keenly n observed that it was the same file which sanskaar gave to her….now she is more shocked… She immediately ran to downstairs but before she could do anything kavya went from there leaving burning file behind…swara reached there n found kavya nowhere n she saw that that the file is already half burnt…she ran to the file n started to put off the fire with her hand….she looked at the file which is not completely burnt…she looked at the pages n read it keenly..then she went to her room..took her laptop n started to do her work..with a bandage in her whole right hand..(remember coz of putting off the fire)..she did all the work with lot of efforts n pain.(now u must be thinking that how could swara do all the work of sanskaar that to buisness related…then wait I will tell u all later)
After doing her work she immediately ran to sanskaar’s office n gave the pendrive n a new file to peon n asked him to print the pages n gave that to sanskaar as she don’t wanna face him after morning incident..
flashback over..(flashback ke andar wala flashback)

She cried hardly keeping her hand on her mouth n facing towards window so that driver can’t see…
N here sanskaar was very guilty….though his meeting got successfully successful….but he know that it was all because of swara who actually made the file n presentation more beautifully….he thought of convincing swara n apologizing to her as the load of guilt was increasing on his head..
He thought of something n smiled winningly…
He reached to MM happily thinking about his plan of convincing his wife…
He looked at swara who was preparing for the dinner with very dull face n a bandage in her hand. Sanskaar observed the bandage n got worried. He immediately ran to swara n hold her injured hand softly with concern..
Swnskaar-(hell worried n holding her hand) swara….swara what happened to ur hand…can’t u take care of urself
Swara looked at her hand then she remembered how kavya burned the file n how she put off the fire…then she looked at sanskaar who was looking at her worriedly n remembered how badly he scolded her..her eyes filled with tears….she snatched her hand from him n without saying anything went from there. Sanskaar watched her going n understood her feelings..he felt even more guilty by thinking that his wife his love is ignoring him…

Ufff…really a long chapter in my writing history..isn’t it???
N so sorrryyyyy for being late…actually I hv written this part 7 days earlier only but my cell got drenched n it took 6 days for my cell to get repaired…n then I have to write this part again…so sorry for dissapointment….n now will try to update on alternate days….thank u n keep reading Doorie…sahi jaye naa…

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    But…that table wasn’t bechara! It was lucky very lucky that sanskar touched it! ??
    Kaash mai woh ff wali table hoti! ?
    Loved the episode Dr!
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