swasan ss ‘DOORIE….Sahi Jaaye Na…'(episode 5)

Hi everyone….sorry for sooo much of delay….so here goes the next chapter..

Kaveri – swaraaaa
1 month later
A girl was sitting near the swimming pool….her eyes were brimming with tears….her eyes were showing the pain….but pain of what…she was continuously looking at water…n thinking something…when suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder…she looked at the person through water(reflection)….she wiped her tears n turned around with fake smile..
Girl- hey come n sit na..
Person-(sitting beside her) from whom r u hiding ur tears..? I know u very well..
Girl-(again looking at water) how can he do this laksh(tears were clearly visible in her eyes) nor once he could believe me…was our love this much weak…(she cried even more)
Laksh-(hugging her) shhhh….Bhabhi its not ur fault…don’t cry
(Yes she is our swara)
He didn’t believe u n trust me he will repent it
“” he will surely repent””
They heard a voice from behind…n when they turned they saw Ap standing there….she came n caresses swara’s hair….she wiped her tears…
Ap-don’t worry beta…we know u r innocent…I don’t know what has happened to him….why he is not believing us….(frustrated) don’t know why he is so much blind..that he is not even listening to us…
Laksh-(frustrated n angry too) that’s all because of them…those two ladies has ruined everything….(turning to swara) Bhabhi why don’t u tell him everything…
Swara-(coldly) like he is gonna listen me! right?
I tried a lot to make him understand….but what he did….
Saying this she started to cry hard..
Laksh consoled her.
Laksh- OK Bhabhi…do what u want…we r with u..
AP nodded
Laksh- comeon now go n sleep.OK!
Swara nodded tearfully..
AP n laksh went from there n swara keep thinking about that dreadful incident..
Kaveri -swaraaa
Swara was standing there with a tray of glass of milk with her eyes widened in shock..
Swara-(shocked) b..bua what was that…why kavya is behaving like this….what happened to her..
Kavita was bewildered… She was not able to think what to say but when she heard swara’s question she got confirmed that swara has not listened anything..
Kaveri(fakely worried) see na swara..she again got fever n she was not even able to walk…so I gave her the medicines n due to the effect of it…she became unconscious..(fake smile) but u don’t worry she will be fine soon…u go n take rest..
Swara- OK bus(smiling)
Swara went from there to her room…where sanskaar was waiting for her….as soon as she came sanskaar jumped from bed n ran to swara n pulled her to the bed n made her sit on the bed..n with a big grin he sat on the bed…whereas swara was looking to him in horror..
Swara-(shocked) what happened to u sanskaar? Why r u behaving like this?
Sanskaar-(winding his eyes) what do u mean by ‘behaving like this’ (pouts) I was just waiting for my wife…but she don’t have time for her sweet little husband..
Swara-(murmurs surprisingly) sweet little!!!
Sanskaar-(continues) she run behind every person of this house but she never thinks about me..
Swara- (unable to hear more) accha ok ok …(sigh heavily) tell me what I hv to do..
Sanskaar grinned like maniac on hearing the question..
sanskaar-(grinning sheepishly) kiss meeeeee
Swara smiled at his antics n sweetely kissed on his cheeks…
Sanskaar-(rubbing his cheeks n pouting) m not ur jaanu so kiss properly….(pointing his lips) here..
Swara- no.
Sanskaar- why
Swara- coz if I will kiss u…u will regret..
Sanskaar- its all right m ready.
Swara- listen to me sanskaar…u will really regret..
Sanskaar- arey I told u na m ready…now come on kiss me fast…or else I won’t talk to u..
Swara-(fearing face) are u sure na..
Sanskaar- ha baba…
Sanskaar closes his eyes n leaned to swara n he placed his lips on her…but when he didn’t found her lips nor her response he opened his eyes n widened his eyes…
He was kissing jaanu (again) n swara was laughing silently holding her stomach..
Swara- I told u….u will regret
(Swara has seen that jaanu has entered the room )
Sanskaar started to part jaanu away from him..but the grip of jaanu was very firm….he was not ready to leave sanskaar…like he wanted to take revenge from sanskaar for kissing his gf??
Somehow sanskaar managed to part himself away n when he parted from jaanu…he was just looking jaanu in horror….n then he looked at swara who was laughing hardly…he said in anger
Sanskaar- swaraa tell ur mental bhai to be in limit…
Listening to bhai..jaanu became wild n before he could do something sanskaar ran to washroom n closed the door..
N then again he took his head put of the door n said loudly..n teasingly
” Salle Sahab swara is ur sister”
Sanskaar’s closed the door smiling winningly n jaanu made a crying face whereas swara was still laughing..
Flashback over..
Swara laughed loudly remembering this…but next second her laugh turned into a frown remembering those dreadful events..
A big sorry for so much of late n such a chotu sa chapter….n sorry if there r sooo many mistakes coz I too don’t know wat m writing as m still on half consciousness…n from now on I will update daily but my updates would be short..

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