swasan ss ‘DOORIE….Sahi Jaaye Na…'(chapter 4)

Hi all of u…Serena here..so let’s start the chappy

In kaveri’s room

Kavya-(shocked n angry)what???
But u told me n my mother that sanskaar will marry me…then what’s this all..
Kaveri- I know kavya n m sorry…actually I too don’t know that sanskaar is married…. I was also shocked.. …n even more than u.
Kavya-(angry) I hv to talk to mom…I need to tell her everything..
Kaveri got shocked n panicked n she remembered about deal…she got scared thinking that now she will lose partnership n deal both….she got scared thinking that now her business will face loss…
Kaveri-(scared n panicked) no no plz kavya don’t tell this to ur mom…(joining her hands) plz m begging u..
Kavya- OK OK but what will u do now….keep it in ur mind I love sanskaar n I can’t lose him…I wanna marry him anyhow…do what u want but IWANT MY SANKAAR..(n Serena just want to break ur head?)
Kaveri( relieved n wickedly) don’t worry u will get ur sanskaar…n about that swara….(smile wickedly ) I will take care of her…
In night on dining table.
Every one was having dinner but three pairs of eyes i.e six eyes were busy somewhere else…
First pair is busy in jealousy watching his wife with her jaanu….yes it was sanskaar who was fuming in jealousy watching his wife with her jaanu n feeding him…the second pairs of eyes of were swara who was admiring n feeding her jaanu….n the third pair of eye of were kavya(swaragini’s patali devi?)
who was busy in admiring sanskaar…
They were sitted like sankav opposite to each other n swara on the side of sanskaar..n jaanu in swara’s lap..
Sanskaar was watching swara who was feeding jaanu in her lap..n then jaanu who was sitting n eating cutely in swara’s lap…
He was burning in jealousy …..then he took a knife from table n kept it in his front n started to show it to jaanu with evil smirk on his face….n then jaanu showed him his teeth n hopped n sat on table just in front of sanskaar…..sanskaar got scared n pulled the knife back fearfully n instantly picked up the apple n said in fearful tone…
Sanskaar-(smiling fearfully) yaar main toh mazak kar raha tha tu toh bura man gaya….dekh apple kha raha hu…tu bhi khayega?? Le na(forwarding apple towards him)( yaar I was just joking…why r u feeling bad see m eating apple ….will u also eat…take na)
When rabbit doesn’t went from there he got scared seeing his big big teeth…n he said making crying face n in crying voice..
Sanskaar-(making crying face) maaf kardena yaar…dekh jiju ho tera…tujhe Teri Didi ki kasam..(m sorry yar …see m ur jiju…..ur Didi’s swear)
Listening this jaanu became more wild he started to show his teeth to sanskaar…now the whole family got scared coz of his wildness except swara…she took jaanu n hold her n said something in his ear n he calmed down…
*no one knows about that talk which sanjaan shared *
Sanskaar n family was shocked at what she said..
Sanskaar-swara what u said that he became calm?
Swara- leave all that first of all tell me did u said to him that swara is ur Di?
Sanskaar- yes! But why?
Swara- actually that’s why he became wild.
Ap-(confused) huh!
Swara- ma actually he hates it when someone says that swara is ur sister..
Lucky-(smiling mischievously) oh ho that means he is having crush on u..?(thanks meher Di for idea)
Jaanu blushed????
Swara- huh!
Laksh- (teasingly) bhai plz welcome ur sautan..
Sanskaar who was fuming in jealousy- shut up lucky…what type of brother u r..haa?
Welcoming his own brother’s sautan ???
Lucky-(ignoring sanskaar’s word) well Bhabhi what u said to him..
Swara- actually I said him many thing as I don’t knew what happened to him….. but when I said that m not ur sis..then he calmed down..
Lucky-(smiling widely n teasingly) well then I would also try..(mischievously looking towards sanskaar) jaanu swara is ur girlfriend..
That was it for sanskaar he split all the water on kavya who was sitting in front of him…
N jaanu ran to laksh n starting to caressing his body to laksh’ skin..
Sanskaar stood up in rage or u can say jealousy overflow??
Sanskaar- (lil louder) lucky!!!!
But as soon as he shouted jaanu showed him his teeth n due to fear he sat instantly on sit n said in feeble voice- luckyyyyy!
All family member laughed but this can’t be seen by two ladies…kaveri n kavya..
” I WANT SANSKAAR” shouted kavya breaking the flower pot in her room…
Kaveri who was shocked n scared by kavya’s this behaviour….she tried a lot to calm her down.
Kaveri – I will get ur sanskaar but before that u have to calm down..
…n when she didn’t calmed down…she took an injection n injected it in kavya…n kavya slept on the spot n then kaveri made her sleep on bed..
Kaveri- oh god m just tolerating this girl for deal otherwise who agrees to marry his son to mental..huu….just one week n then swara OUT n kavya IN
Saying this she turned around n was shocked
Kaveri -(hell shocked) Swaraaaaaaa.
Hey guys how r u all….sorry for late update actually fever has got crush on me n its not leaving me??….I know chappy is short …so sorry for that??….n sorry also for my harsh words.??..but I was feeling low.??…no no don’t worry my height is good….???
N sorry if its boring coz I to don’t know that what I hv written coz m writing in half consciousness.
So good night????
N?? meet?? u all?? on??????


  1. Meher

    |Registered Member


    Tu b apple kha le… ????

    Swara didi…. ????

    Swara is ur girlfriend ????

    Sautan ???????

    Oh man.. I too want a pet for my story I thought for rabbit.. Bt vo to yaha swara k sth bzy h… Mujhe kutte se he kaam chalna pdega???

  2. Tvisha

    |Registered Member

    it was awesome!!!

    Janu jealous was hilarious ???

    I loved it when lucky was welcoming sanskae sautan and sanskar scared of janu teeth and sanskar being scared haha ??? LOL

    Swara didi an she will be your girlfriend gosh that as like limts of laughing …. ????


    But in end that kaveri is ridiculous for a eeal she wants to marry sanskar off to a mental you were correct break her head ???


  3. Anu Ann

    Awesome dear.. Too funny.. In next part plxz add some swasan scenes without jaan .. Anyways his character is too funny

  4. Prakriti

    Wow di ..It was awesome but very funny…????Sanskar’s Sautan …Feeling bad for my Sanky…???
    Oh God you have fever di…Lagta hai mera fever aapke paas chala gaya…Get well soon my Sister..
    Di can you tell me how can we talk with other members of TU personally by using their account?
    Ok Bye Di???
    Love U lots????

      • Prakriti

        Di I have tried 200 times to create account but it has not created..
        Poor me..
        Di Can you tell me how to prove that you are not a robot?
        Whenever I am selecting Register button after filling details..Again the same page is coming but in the space of Username and Email it is written but in the place of password and confirm password it has not written anything..Below it is written that prove you are not robot.. But When I am clicking it nothing is coming…
        Please help me di..

      • Serena


        They will take some test for eg they asked me to select places where there is grassland n I just selected it…

      • Prakriti

        But Di How to give test..Where shall I click..I am so confused..
        BTW When will u post next part..

      • Serena


        U have to click on pics…which they will provide..

        N I too don’t know when I will post…coz m not really feeling well..

      • Serena


        N ya first u have to click on the circle which is in the same box where its written to prove that u r not robot…n when u will click then they will show u other pics

  5. Lol

    |Registered Member

    Haha !!! It’s is sop funny !!! I just love Jaanu he is so cute !!!!☺????? please show more of those funny scenes between Swara , lash , Sanskar and Jaanu! !!? such a cute animal !!

  6. Rey

    |Registered Member

    wow…. jst amazing dear its was really sooooooo funny …. sanskar sautan…. today i luved both sanskar nd lucky … nd dear … wat happen to u nw u r alrgt ah..??

  7. Sree

    |Registered Member

    Awesome?????. Jaanu is toooooooooo good. I loved him????
    sanskar’s jealously?????.
    This ep was super funny.
    Love u dear????

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