swasan ss ‘DOORIE….Sahi Jaaye Na…'(chapter 3)

Hello everyone Serena here….so let’s start the story n sorry for late update…

Kaveri-(monologue) (looking curtly towards swara) I can’t let this girl live in this house n in my sanskaar’s life…..I have to do something so that this girl can be out of our lives…but what to do first..(she thinks something) n smiles evilly…
Next day
All came in dining area for breakfast…swara was serving breakfast to everyone suddenly she saw that jug is empty so she went to kitchen to fill the jug n sanskaar saw it…now sanskaar is finding an excuse to go to swara..
Sanskaar-(to ap) maa salt is less in veggies…so I will just go n bring some salt from kitchen..
He was about to get up when laksh interrupted
Laksh- (smiling naughtily) arey bhai! See here is ur salt on table(he took the salt n pour half jar of salt in his food) have it naa!
Sanskaar looked at food in horrified way??(after all who eats half jar of salt in food…??)
Sanskaar gave death glare to laksh who was smiling naughtily.
Sanskaar again started to think something…he again got an idea…
Sanskaar- mom m going to take sugar(turning to laksh n talking by giving angry glare to him) see na laksh… There is NO sugar on TABLE…(turning to ap n smiling) maa I’ll just come…
Saying this he ran to kitchen without listening to anyone n without giving chance to anyone to speak….this all was observed by kaveri n she got doubt on sanskaar so she also moved to kitchen making excuse…
Meanwhile in kitchen…
Swara was filling jug n was about to turn as jug was filled n as soon as she turned sanskaar came in front of her n with this sudden entry of sanskaar swara became scared n pour the whole jug of water on sanskaar…
Sanskaar was fully drenched on water n was looking himself From up to down n then he looked at swara….swara was also looking at him…n then both started to laugh wholeheartedly…. Then sanskaar put his arm around her neck n asked huskily..
Sanskaar- swaraaa…
Swara-(blushing) hmmm
Sanskaar- u know I love ur laugh…keep laughing n smiling like this…I LOVE U..
Swara- (still blushing n looking in his eyes) sanskaar I I …love…(suddenly she widens her eyes) BUA!!!!!
Sanskaar who was expecting something else was surprised to listen this…but then he thought that she is joking…so he came more closer to her n held her by her waist…
Sanskaar-(huskily) swara u know na I don’t like joke in my Romance… So stop joking n how would bua come here…she is in dining area..(he was about to kiss her but swara turned him around n he was shocked to see kaveri there folding her hands on her chest..his eyes was widened n his lips are still pouted in kissing posture…??
Swara came from back n stood beside sanskaar n saw sanskaar pouting..she nudged sanskaar with her elbow n sanskaar came into his senses n composed himself….
Sanskaar-(stammering) bu….bua…bua what r u doing here(fakely smiling) do u need something….
Kaveri-(frustrated by the scene) no(turning to swara) n u do ur work properly…u came here for water na…then when will u bring it…when everybody will go to their work…do ur work properly.. Or these things u can do in ur bed room also…so come fast n sanskaar u have to go office …come fast n have ur dinner..(saying this she went to dining area looking at swara for last time)
Swara observed kaveri’s behaviour n get suspicious but then removed her this thought thinking that she must be angry as they r doing romance at time of work….she looked at sanskaar angrily..whereas sanskaar was smiling sheepishly….??
Swara-(angrily glaring at sanskaar) sanskaar I told u na that bua is there (beating him playfully) see coz of u what happened(pouting) now what bua will think of me…
Sanskaar-(childish face) m sorry na swara!
Swara-(fake anger) no.n now I won’t talk to u
Sanskaar- swa.. (Before he could say anything swara put apple in his mouth)
Swara- (fake anger) now come fast to dining table..
Sanskaar- mmmm…mmmmm(arey yaar uske muh me apple hai..
Meanwhile In dining area
Kaveri came to dining area in anger
Kaveri-(to ap) Bhabhi… Should I ask u something…if u r ok!!
Ap-(smile) ya ya kaveri…u don’t need to ask.
Kaveri- bhabh…why u gave approval for swsan marriage…I mean swara is orphan…she don’t have any family, any class,any status..we don’t know about her family background…. How can u allow her to be DIL of this house…
Suddenly they heard sound of utensil n when they turned around they saw swara teary eyes standing there as soon as all turned to her she composes herself n goes from there making excuse..
Swara-(composing herself) sorry..(bending down n looking down so that no one can see her tears) wo..wo actually…jug slipped from my hand….I ….I will cl..clean it..(saying this she goes from there)
Sanskaar who witnessed the scene and swara’s tears was heartbroken…as soon as swara goes from there he also followed her..
Now in dining area…all look towards kaveri..
Ap-(controlling her anger) kaveri u didn’t do right….n what’s her fault if her parents died….its not neccesary that if the person has class, status…he or she is good…. A person is known by his deeds….not by his status. N m very proud of swara…coz this girl faced every situation n not only this she managed to live alone strongly in this cruel world…m proud to have a DIL like her…
Kaveri-(monologue) oh god…everyone has a firm belief on swara…I have to do something else so that I can throw her out of the home….I have to shatter their trust on swara fully…
Kaveri -m sorry Bhabhi…I won’t do it again…n I will apologise to her also…..
Well Bhabhi actually today one of my friend’s daughter is coming to India…as she doesn’t have any one over here…so I invited her to mm….if u font mind so can she stay here…plz..
Ap- why not ….no need to ask..
Kaveri- thanks Bhabhi….
Meanwhile in swasan room
Swara went in washroom n bolt the door from inside n started the shower n stood under it…tears were flowing from her eyes…she was controlling her tears for very long time. But as soon as she came under the water tears made their way from her eyes whereas outside sanskaar just came into the room n on not finding swara in room he panicked….he looked in balcony but there also he didn’t find her…now he became more worried…when suddenly he heard the sound of shower….now he is more worried for swara…as he knows that swara is happy go lucky girl..she never gets sad or angry…but if ever she got into her sad or anger mode its very hard to take her out of that situation….n whenever she gets sad its her habit to drench in water which later results in high fever to her…
Sanskaar started to knock the door …but the door was locked so he started to bang it…but when it doesn’t open he took a spare key from drawer n opened the door…n when he opened the door he saw something which broked his heart in pieces….his life his swara was sitting n her head was on her knees with hand surrounding the knees….he immediately went to her n hugged her tightly…he also got wet as shower was still on…
Sanskaar-(hugging swara) swara…shona see its me plz look at me..(teary eyed) I can’t see u like this plz look at me..
Swara slowly looked at sanskaar with puffed eyes then in next second she hugged him tightly….sanskaar also reciprocated the hug….
Swara-(in between her sobs)- San..sanskaar wh….what…was m..my fault…if they le…left m…me I…I never did anything wrong with anyone….then why god ga…gave me this punishment I also wan…wanted to live with my parents….I also wanted my momma to feed me with her hands…I also wanted my dadda to come with me in every parents teacher meet…I also wanted to complain papa about other children who teased me like they did…..I also wanted my mamma to sing lullaby for me…..I also wanted my parents beside me holding my hand when my results were about to come…I also wanted them beside me in my marriage….I also never like when people said me orphan…
I also wanted to tell them that I have a super hero dadda n super women mamma…but that god never gave me that happiness…everyone disowened my only coz I don’t have class, status, n parents…but what was my fault(crying bitterly)
Then something came into her mind n she looked up to sanskaar n asked sanskaar innocently

Swara-(child-like innocent) sanskaar will u also leave me coz I don’t have status..
Sanskaar who was sobbing till now seeing swara’s condition got shocked by this sudden question of hers
He hugged her tightly n cried bitterly n said in between his tears..
Sanskaar- no..no swara I will never leave u…I will always be there by ur side supporting u..I will be always be there…
Then suddenly he observed that swara is not moving he looked at her n saw that she is unconscious…he patted her cheeks but she didn’t get up so he carried her in his arm n took him to bedroom n made her sleep there…he changed her dress n put blanket over here….he saw her face…her eyes were puffed due to continuous crying n her face was pale…he could not see her like this n he also broke down in tears…

Ufffffffff…finally ended one more part…I know its little bit boring…but plz tolerate these part coz now story starts…abhi take toh trailor tha …..picture toh Ab shuru hui h mere TU friends.?????

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  1. Purvi

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  2. Purvi

    Awesome…… Emotional one…… Continue soon……

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