swasan ss ‘DOORIE….Sahi Jaaye Na…'(chapter 2)


Hello everyone…Serena here…OK OK now who r angry on me raise ur hands✋✋…coz if the no. Of hands will be less than I can take it as granted they I can post late also???..OK now enough of my bakwaas…so ladies n gentlemen’s be ready with ur joote n chappal..

All of them shouted except swara- kaveri/bua..
Dp n sanskaar were the first to approach kaveri then ap…
Laksh was about to go when swara stopped him n asked about lady….
Swara-laksh who is she…
Laksh- Bhabhi she is our bua …..in detail she is lady version of all the villains….?
Laksh- yup…have u heard about duryodhan..?
Laksh- she is lady duryodhan.??
Swara- huh.??
Laksh- not even this she is even lady version of gabbar as well as thangabali.(I hope u guys have seen chennai express coz thangabali is villain in that movie…n believe he is the second cutest villain I hv ever seen??)
Swara-(giving unbelievable look) laksh u n ur bhai…u both r crazy….n why u r saying like this…she is ur bua ….
Laksh- Bhabhi u don’t know her…she loves to create rift between happy couples.. That’s why whenever she comes mom used to scare dad so that he can’t speak in front of her after bua’s brainwashing??….but this time she came without any notice… Don’t know what will happen..
N ya Bhabhi don’t say this to bhai that I spoke like this about bua coz he loves bua beyond anything…..coz he don’t know about her real intentions…n we never even tried to tell him coz he believes her blindly n if he will get to know about her he will be heartbroken..
Swara- hmmm…but she looks to be a nice lady …ok leave that let’s move there n meet her..
Laksh-(looking towards ceiling) oh god plz save me….let’s go Bhabhi..
They both went there
Kaveri was hugging everyone when suddenly her eyes fell on swara..she asked ap about her..
Kaveri- arey bhabhi who is this girl..?
Ap- kaveri she is swara..
Kaveri- swara??? Who is she….I mean I never saw her before….is she any cousin sister of sanskaar?
Hearing this sanskaar coughed hardly whereas ap, dp n laksh chuckled…??
Ap-(controlling her laugh) no no…she is my DIL…sanskaar’s wife…
Now it was time for kaveri to be shocked…??
Kaveri-wifeeeeee!!!!!!! (Angrily) When did sanskaar got married…n why u guys didn’t told me about this…how can u guys do this to me..
Dp- kaveri why r u getting angry..?
Kaveri realised that she over reacted so she tried to cover the matter..
Kaveri-(fumbles) no….nothing like that…wo…. Wo actually …..ha (fakely smiled) sanskaar is my favourite little kid na that’s why I was just sad that I can’t attend his marriage na so…but why don’t u guys invited me?? N how can u do his marriage without me??? N u guys didn’t even tried to inform me…n u didn’t even told me (eyeing swara ) about girl..
Ap- no no kavita…not like that…we tried a lot to call u but ur phone was unreachable….n about girl so (looking smilingly towards swasan) this is thier love marriage…n we have to do marriage in hurry as sanskaar has to leave for London in 7 days….so we have to do marriage ASAP.
Kaveri-(sad) ohhhh
(Monologue) (frustration) oh god what bhai n Bhabhi has done(worried) now what will I say to Mrs malhotra….I promised her that I will make sanskaar marry to her daughter kavya….(more worried) oh god if I will tell her that sanskaar is already married…then she will be upset or (more worried) she may also cancel the deal..(more frustrated) oh god if something like this will happen then I have to face a great loss…n what will happen to my reputation in market.????? Oh god……
(Now hell worried) no..no.. I can’t let this girl ruin everything….I hv to throw this swara out of the house…

Meanwhile swara came n touch kaveri’s feet…kaveri came out of her dreamworld by her touch n by making disgusting face gave blessing to her….
Kaveri-(to swara) hmmm…so u r swara.?
Laksh-(to himself) itni Der se jaise Sab bhajan gaa rahe the…now she is asking(mimicking kaveri) so u r swara?….huuuu(till now we were like singing devotional songs…now she is asking …(mimicking kaveri)so u r swara…huuu…)
Swara-(to kaveri) Ji
Kaveri- hmmm……so tell me something about ur family.
Swara’s head shot up by this sudden question but soon she lowers it coz her eyes were welled up but she composes herself n said in lower tone.
Swara- (in broken voice) they r no more….
Sanskaar who was aware of swara’s condition held her hand without any one notice n squeezed it assuring that he is with her…
Kaveri-(in mind) oh god it means she is orphan means she does not have status also….now I can’t even let this girl stay in this home anymore….but what can I do…here everyone is loving her so much…(she thinks something n smiles evilly) now be ready swara to face kaveri….
Hey friends…so sorry for this late update…as I told u m biiiiiiit busy….n m really gonna complete this ss before or on 22 June coz after that I have to face lady duryodhan.???..I mean my princi..(arey MATLAB mera school shuru ho raha hai??)…but plz give me ur feedback..
Well if u guys won’t give …then also I will write….kya hai na padaishi besharam hu..???
But plz comment coz it feels good..n this was only intro parts…story will start soon…so bye for now..✋✋✋

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    Superb…… Continue soon…….

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      He he actually in my list on first position is ritesh deshmukh from ek villain..?

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    N 22 se skul ???? skul should reopen on 1 July… Ese kaise jaldi khol skte hai ??

    I love laksh in this episode ????

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      2. Meher

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        M much better now.. N I hv submitted Kit2 ???

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  5. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Wow, miss Shukla and would be mrs….. (Pata nehi, 6-7 saal baad pata chalega.)About chappy, awsm.What!!!!tumme thangabali cuttest villain lagti hain, that means tumme usse pyar ho gayi hein.Top news of the day.Best of luck in advance for face off with your lady duriyodhan..

    1. Serena

      6-7 sal????itni jaldi shaadi karwaani hair kya meri????..abhi toh pehle aapki shaadi hogi…or aapki shaadi me laddu kha me phir merit shaadi me baare me socha jaayega…n mujhe thangabali se pyaar nhi hai…coz after all he is my brother…..kya hair na all Indians are my bro-sis.????? n thank u…I really need ur luck..??to face lady duryodhan…????

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