Swasan ss on current track epi 1

Hiiiii….guys thanks for liking my story trust me….this is my New ss on swasan current track I hope you all will like it…
I just wanted my Frustration n angerness out…

And plzzz give a name to my this ss

Plzzzz After Reading this Part plzzz give a name for my ss plzzz???and hope you all like it…

This story will start After 6 months

Sanskar was sleeping  in his room not really sleeping he was crying but still his eyes were close…Tears were fowlling down from his eyes..he was really looking Pale like lifeless body why not his life his love is his SWARA is Not with him…he stood up went towards their picture he start remembering their beutiful moment which they spend toghter…he took her ss locket out seeing the locket he remembered their beutiful night their love making n then He remembered how she gave him this locket back…


Swara was leaving him with sharmishta Shekhar n ragini After blaming behind laksh missing…
Hearing all this he was broken inside but didnt showed her anything..but still his eyes were filled with tears…he tried her to stop one n last time…

San: swara think again if you leave me this time you will never get me back…

Hearing sanskar swara shocked she felt bad…..
She couldnt see him like this she wanted to hug him and wanted cry her heart out but seeing ragini broken n laksh missing she stood there..

They both share painfull eyelock…Swara Broke eyelock went near him gave him ss locket back and took ragini hand without answering him she went from there….seeing swara going sanskar all hope broke and seeing the locket he Got his answer…..

When swara left sanskar also were to leave but stoped by ap, Durgaprasad, sujata n ram..

Ap: sanskar what is this han

Suj: how can say like this to her..

He ignored their question went to his room He locked the door n felt on his knee and start crying????????? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Sanskar: why Swara why why always me han you know na how much I love you and cant live without you then why when everyone said that you are dead i couldnt belive them i was just a lifeless body without a soul bec. You are my soul the reason of my life…..how could you blame me swara for laksh missing han is it sooo much easy is for you to blame me han ? Mistake was of laksh not trusting US not mine I tried alot to make him understand but he always crossed his Limits in everything????I got angry and took a promise from you but you couldnt keep my promise na and with ragini you started your new Mission……(he stood up and went towards their picture and smile sadly) you Broke my heart everytime swara ?????but this time you will also feel the pain which I am feeling..for those people you left me na you will regret that day lets see how much they trust you n love you just wait watch my love….till now you saw my love and revenge and now you will see my LOVE HATRED REVENGE but before that I have to find laksh…

Sanskar took his Phone out n called someone…

San: hello..


San: I need your help n told her evrything what happend…..


San: thankyou i have plan..(this plan is muted you will get to know)


San: ok thankyou

Sanskar took swara pic n kissed her and slept on Couch hugging her picture….

Flashback ends….

From that day swasan didnt Talk to eachother sanskar was busy searching laksh but every night he cried his heart out for swara….One Day sanskar got little Information about laksh…


After 4 months sanskar got Information from his dective that they found laksh car..Hearing this sanskar was soo happy he called ragini…

Swaragini were talking to eachother when ragini Got sanskar call…seeing sanskar Call ragini Got very angry she picked the Call n start talking to him rudly…

Rag: why did you call me you must be happy na by seprating my laksh from me sanskar

Hearing sanskar Name swara eyes filled with tears she wanted hear his voice but from 4 months they didnt saw eachother n Talk to eachother but seeing ragini swara made herself strong…but felt bad they way ragini is talking to sanskar..

San: oh just Shut up ragini I just wanted to tell you that you think na i am the reason behind laksh missing and your pain then I will be the reason for your happiness its my promise

Rag: I dont need your promise I just want my laksh back…

San: your laksh will back

Saying this sanskar cut the call…

Flashback ends…

Sanskar remembering all the incident tears start fowlling down from his eyes..?????He whiped his tears nd start talking with swara pic…

San: look swara I fulfilled my promise to ragini…I found HIM i found LAKSH swara….

Saying he went towards Couch and slept….

Epi ends…..

Dont worry guys this epi was about sanskar pain but in next you will so know about swara soo dont worry…
Dont think that I hate swara I am just angry on her….

What do you think guys…?
Whom sanskar asked for help ?
What is sanskar Plan ?
Will sanskar hurt swara ?
Will swasan toghter ?

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  1. Saaaaara

    Hi dear … its really nice … looks like an amazing ff …but in the real serial do u know anything about raglak track because i watch this serial on arabic tv not on the indian tv soo i want.to know if u know any thing about raglak on this track

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear but I dont know anything about raglak track…I only know laksh missing that it

  2. Shilpi99

    Nice episode lovedit the name should be broken hearts

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear

  3. Abirsha

    I m sry but there is nothing to get angry on swara…. Both swasan are wrong…. I do no y all are just blaming swara alone….. Sanskar shouldn’t have said that their relation is over….. If he breaked the relation for joining hands with ragini to unite the family then y he is now in mm??? Y he said to ap that here after they will be happy???
    Then about swara she did wrong is leaving sanskar for that useless ragini and blaming for laksh’s missing…..
    Dont say that only swara is wrong….. And sanskar fans dont forget that sanskar here is a good person and he is with his family means only bcoz of swara…..
    At that time sanskar maligned her character infront of all but she forgived him just like that….. That time sanskar is no one to her…..
    And about swara when she broke sanskar’s heart??? This is the first time she broke his heart…..
    Even she joined hands not only to unite the family….. But also to prove sanskar is innocent…..
    Lastly they are swasan so dont see as sanskar or swara…. See them as swasan….. So dont blame either swara or sanskar…. Bcoz both are equally wrong here…..
    Swasan fans asked for separation and a hate track…. When cvs gave that enjoy it instead of finiding wrong….
    I m enjoying this track…..
    Somehwere i have a gut feeling that swara is acting like this…. Lets see what cvs planned….. I know this comment is irrelevant to ur ss…. But i cant stop myself from commenting seeing ur statement “i m angry on her”…… Here neither swara nor sanskar is right….. So pls dont blame swara…… Swara fans havent blamed sanskar….. Then y sanskar fans alone blaming swara…. K leave it guys…. We are swasan fans…… Support both swara and sanskar…… sry if my comment hurted anyone…..

    1. Rabia0032

      Thank youuuuuu shan you are right that we should not blame swara or sanskar even agree but its just that I was angry why she left him….that it nothing even I love swara also not only I cant See both of them hurting eachother as I said this epi was about sanskar pain but next epi will be on swara…

      And i think by reading next epi also get to know swara pain….

      Both are suffring for eachother

      1. Abirsha

        Ya both are suffering….. Ur ss is nice dr….. Ya i m waiting for next epi dr…. And thanks for understanding me dr…. ?

  4. Simply awsm…..
    along with urs u took out even my frustration…..?

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear ?

  5. Swara should feel imense pain to know the value of sanskar

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear but only swara both should feel pain…bec they are our swasan without swara no sanskar n without sanskar no swara

  6. SRSL

    Awsm episode.CVS has to learn something for the writers of telly update….

    1. Rabia0032

      Haha thanks dear sometime I also feel the same by reading other ff

  7. Vyshu10

    nice……well i m hurt bcoz of both. Bt excited for d track…afterall we demanded it

    1. Rabia0032

      Yeah you right even I feel sad for both they my swasan dear ???

  8. Wonderful

  9. Rosey

    Wow amazing yar I loved it post next swap

  10. Mica

    Rabiaaaa!!! hiks.. according to current track…. it’s first time Swara broke his heart.. huhuhu!
    ah btw i love it.. update soon…they both suffering, omg! i just love them

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear but you remember when kavita came back she also left Jim thinking that He still love her that also he was broken na he even try to Talk her….whatever both are suffring

      1. Mica

        yeah and then he left her back with his decision to marry kavita.. what the God with them 😀

  11. Chinna

    Really nice

  12. ???? guyz watch SR on TV.

  13. Ayonti(swasan)


  14. Tulina

    Really nice……post the next part soon

  15. Ashu

    Rabia..hey!! If I’m right I remember u asking me to write a ff or os on the current track a few days ago, on wattpad! And i told that i will try but can’t promise….but I’m glad to see u actually wrote one….which is actually well portrayed.

    And abt swasan….i don’t knw, at times i get angry on Sanskaar, and at times on Swara…both r at fault, bcoz of which both r suffering…. Yesterday’s epi, where Sanskaar shed tears at the end, is the most heartbreaking moment for me, even when i was angry with both of them….

    Anyways, this was a good start, and u portrayed his pain very well….
    Swasan forever!!❤

    1. Rabia0032

      Yes I am the same and thanks dear

  16. Alia

    Awesome ss..continue soon but the serial is making sanskaar hate swara n making him angry on swara..n I m feeling very bad for my swasan..so pls al least in your ss don’t make swasan suffer very much

    1. Rabia0032

      Dont worry dear just wait and watch

  17. Kaynatk01

    its too good rabia continue soon

  18. Same yr m also angry

  19. KrsytleS

    Awsm Dr ….

  20. Awesome……. Continue soon……

  21. Nice

  22. awsm..r u on wattpad?wats ur id?i would love to read ur stories der also..

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks and my id rabia032

  23. Deeksha

    Awesome dear….!!!!!! Continue soon….

  24. Awesome ss and ha completely agree with shan.and I would suggest u a title ‘its OUR story with hatred revenge n love’ or ‘stone face broken heart’ choice is urs.

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear I know shan is right

  25. Wow loved it plz continue❤️ I feel angry on both of them but I can’t stay angry for long time bec they are my swasan ? But we swasan fans wanted this track so we should enjoy it ❤️ But I can’t see them crying ??

    1. Rabia0032

      Same here dear even I cant See them like this ahhh

  26. Mahjabeen

    Loved it dear…its too good…both r suffering…hope thy unite soon

  27. Arshaanya

    Loved it

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