Swasan SS : You Complete Me…. Part 2


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Part -2 ★★★★

Ragini- I know that you both search Swara ..
because when you talk to me by phone that bhai bumped with a girl and now he search that girl then I knew because my sister told me everything about that incident ….. She told me about her feeling …..
Lucky (romantically)- which feeling ???
Ragini (pranks)- that she was angry that man …
Lucky (surprisingly)- whatttt !!!
Sanky(happily) – Hii swara !!! Are you fine now ????
Swara (bit smile )- Yes ..
Sanky to lucky – Ooo lucky k bchhhe ….. Yhi baitha rhega kya ??? ??Mujhe swara se akele me baat krna hai…
Lucky – Ok bhai ..he send sms to ragini ?.. “let’s go another place from here because my brother want to talk with swara alone” ..
Ragini – Ok …?
Both Went from there hurriedly then …
Swara – Where are you going Ragini ..????
Ragini – we are going to urgent work and we would come in a hour ..⌚
Swara – can I help you ?
Ragini (bit smile) – No. .no… no … Ok bye ..??
Lucky – Best of luck bhai …???
They went from there ….

Sanky? – I’m sorry for yesterday …
Swara ?- Don’t say sorry… Infact thnx for first Aid …
Sanky ?- No no this is my duty .
Swara? -But I want to tell you one thing that I’m not blind ….
Sanky ?- Hahahah
Swara? – A bit smile .
Sanky ?hold her hand , she starts shivering …then he tell her I love you Swara in his knee..???
Swara ?- Innocently look his face ..
Sanky ?- He also look into her eyes ..
Swara? – continue looking him ..
Sanky ?- I miss you whole night , I felt very restless without you , and I request you please come into my life …
Swara starts crying …
Sanky ?- What happend yaar… ???? why are you crying ????
Swara ?(teary eyes)-Because I also love you …
Swasan ??laughing togather with teary eyes …???
Swasan staring eachother with cute , romantic eyelock …
After it they hug eachother …Sanky slowly slowely touch her waist and try to kiss her but …..
Ragini came with lucky and say swaraaaa ..I m coming .
Sanky – Oo shit .
Swasan separate hurriedly .. But Ragini says be continue …

After A week ◆◆◆◆◆

Sanky and lucky both are wearing matching sherwani as their partners wore ..
Swaragini ready to marry with their partners. .
She looks so gorgeous in her bridal attire.. Red saree plaited propperly in a bangali saree mesmerized by her look .Red blush on her face .She wore a heavy jwellery with mangtika..Both (swaragini)apply bold red lipstick on their lips… In all we can say that both are looking damn beautiful…..
Both come down together through stairs and sanlak see their angels cmng down and gets mesmerized..
Both swaragini with their partners sits in the seperate mandap.. Pandit starts reciting mantras and swasan & raglak one by one perform the Marg rituals..Then swasan takes pheras then after that raglak take pheras..Sanskar adores the neck of swara by making her wear mangalsutra and then fill her hairline with the vermillion..Laksh also does the same thing..And at last pandit consider them as wedded couple.. All are blessing the cute couples..

After it both pair are in their room
Sanky whispers ! I love you swara .. She blushes and say I love you toooo in same way .

Sanky back hugs her …and say whispers. Swara …
Swara – hummm ..
Sanky – You are my angel ★★”YOU COMPLETE ME ” ★★
Swara – Nooo …★★”YOU COMPLETE ME “★★
Both are blushes and swara turn again hug eachother ..

★★★(He hold swara’s shoulders and sliding his hands down from her shoulder down to her palms ….both of them intangle their fingers ….and Sanskar kisses Swara’s shoulder )★★★music starts …

Pee Loon Tere Neelay Neelay Naino Se Shabnam

【【Swara frees his hand and try to move away …
But Sanskar tightly holds her waist with his hand…】】●●●

Pee Loon Tere Geelay Geelay Hoto Ki Sargam
Pee Loon Hai Peenay Ka Mausam

【【He pulls her towards himself… and within a moment Swara’s back lands on his chest…】】●●●

Tere Sang Ishq Taari Hai
Tere Sang Ik Khumari Hai
Tere Sang Chain Bhi Mujhko
Tere Sang Bekraari Hai

【【Sanskaar passes his hand across her bare belly n unhooks her waist chain… Swara leaves a gasp as his cold fingers come in contact with her belly…】】●●●

Tere Sang Ishq Taari Hai
Tere Sang Ik Khumari Hai

【【Swara turns towards him and starts breathing heavily… Sanskaar holds her chin and lifts her face up… a spark ignites as soon as their eyes met】】●●●

Tere Sang Chain Bhi Mujhko
Tere Sang Bekraari Hai

【【Swara looks at Sanskaar… his eyes conveying a different feeling… a feeling full of desire n love… She starts moving backwards… n with that Sanskaar starts moving forward towards her… 】】●●●

Tere Bin Jee Nahi Lagda, Tere Bin Jee Nahi Sakda
Tujhpe Hai Haare Maine Vaare Do Jahan, Kurbaan, Meharbaan, Ke Main Toh Kurbaan
Sun Le Zara, Tera Kurbaan

Hosh Mein Rahun Kyun Aaj Main

【【Sanskar looks in her eyes n she closes her eyes in response… and in no time Sanskaar captures her lips with his giving her a soft kiss in the beginning but soon it turns into a passionate one… Swara’s entire body shivers …Sanskaar’s one hand caresses her waist n with the other he holds her hairs… He leans a bit more with his entire body n weight resting on hers… Both of them release their kiss and look at each other… 】】●●●●

Tu Meri Baahon Mein Simti Hai, Mujh Mein Samayi Hai Yun

【【Swara blushes n smiles… this makes Sanskaar go all the more crazy… He lifts her up in his arms…】】●●●

Jis Tarah Ki Koi Hum Nadi, Tu Mere Seenay Mein Chupti Hai Sagar Tumhara Main Hoon

【【He takes her inside the room n places her on the bed… and lies near her with his upper half body lying on her upper half… He caresses her cheeks slow motion with his fingers…】】●●●

Pee Loon Teri Dheemi Dheemi Lehron Ki Cham Chm
Pee Loon Teri Saundi Saundi Saanson Ko Dum
Pee Loon Hai Peenay Ka Mausam
Tere Sang Ishq Taari Hai
Tere Sang Ik Khumari Hai
Tere Sang Chain Bhi Mujhko
Tere Sang Bekraari Hai
Tere Sang Ishq Taari Hai
Tere Sang Ik Khumari Hai
Tere Sang Chain Bhi Mujhko
Tere Sang Bekraari Hai

Shaam Ko Milun Jo Main Tujhe

【【Sanskaar removes her earring and bangles one by one… then he removes her saree n comes on her… covering her entire body with his…】】●●●

Toh Bura Subah Na Jaane Tu Kuch Maan Jaati Yeh
Har Lamha, Har Gadi Har Pehar
Hi Teri Yaadon Se Tadpa Ke Mujhko Jalati Hai Yeh
Pee Loon Main Dheere Dheere Jalne Ka Yeh Gumm
Pee Loon Inn Gore Gore Haanthon Se Hum Dum

【【 Swara gets teary eyes n few of the drops roll down from the corner of her eyes… Sanskaar gives a questioning look to her… Swara smiles n nods her head giving a light kiss on his cheeks… Sanskaar smiles n moves towards her neck n starts giving deep kisses all around her neck down towards her beauty bone… Swara starts breathing heavily… Sanskaar moves down towards her waist and gives several feathery kisses near her waist n belly…】】●●●

Pee Loon Hai Peenay Ka Mausam
Tere Sang Ishq Taari Hai

【【Swara rolls and comes above Sanskaar… She holds his face in her palms n kisses on his forehead then his eyes… and both his cheeks… With each n every kiss of hers Sanskaar could feel how much she loved him… Swara looks at him n gives a light kiss on his lips… Sanskaar smiles seeing her… 】】●●●

Tere Sang Ik Khumari Hai
Tere Sang Chain Bhi Mujhko
Tere Sang Bekraari Hai

【【Swara again leans towards him and kisses his lips ?all over again… but this time with a lot more love n passion…
Sanskaar responds to her with equal love…
he holds her back n pushes her more towards him… He slowly opens the back hook of her blouse n kisses all over her back… 】】●●●●

Tere Sang Ishq Taari Hai
Tere Sang Ik Khumari Hai
Tere Sang Chain Bhi Mujhko
Tere Sang Bekraari Hai

【【The whole night both of them make love to each other… marking each other as theirs… getting blesses with the symbol of love…】】●●●

Tere Bin Jee Nahi Lagda, Tere Bin Jee Nahi Sakda
Tujhpe Hai Haare Maine Vaare Do Jahan, Kurbaan, Meharbaan, Ke Main Toh Kurbaan
Sun Le Zara, Tera Kurbaan
★★★★End ★★★★

@ After a Week ★★★
@Morning ●●●●

Swara – Sanskar a new member coming soon…
Sanky – Who ???
Swara hold his hand and keep his hand on her stomach and say feel it ..
Sanskar – O my dear wife … Really ???
Swara – Hmmm …
Sanky – lift her in his arms and he moves round n round ..
O Swara after listening this news my legs are not on the earth …
Swara (pranks)- Onooo Sanskar tb to mai gir jaungi ….
Sanky – No yaar …aisa nhi hoga ..
Swara (loudy shouted )- Ok mujhe niche utarooooo ….
Sanky – Omg!!! omg!! omg !!! Swara .. I’m so happy ..you gave me all happiness of my life …
Swasan feels a new type of feeling..
Sanky starts shouted O swara I love you so much ..i love you , I love you , I love you ..

Listening his voice Lucky came in his room and asking him a question what happened bhai ???
Sanky – I’m so happy Lucky …I’ve a good news ..
Lucky – Bhai I have also a good news ??
Swasan – What !!!
Raglak – smiles and say woo . Wooo ..
Sanky – are woo… woo.. kya laga rakha hai bata na …
Lucky – Bhai a new member becoming …
Sanky – same here ..

After 9 months■■■■■

Swara gave birth of twins …?
Doctors – Congratulations you are the father of twins child …
Sanky – OMG !!!! Lucky suna tune ????
Lucky – Haa bhai ..(but he is in a bit tention beczz his result will declare soon) …
After an hour Ragini born a cute baby boy …

Doctor- Congrats …. Now you are the father of a cute baby boy ….?
Lucky – He is bit happy because he has only a baby boy ….
Sanky – congratulations lucky … Tu papa bn gya ..
Lucky – Haa bhai suna ..
Sanky – why are u sad Lucky ..??
Lucky – aaa ..mmmm .. ???
Sanky – What happend yaar ??
Lucky – bhai ap to tarakki pr hai or mai piche hi rah gya ..????
Lucky – bhai give me a trick ..
Sanky – trick ???
Lucky – yeah ..
Sanky- which types of trick ??
Lucky – Bhai twins ka .
Sanky – Luckyyyyyy …..mar padegi ab tujhe .. ????
Lucky – No bhai …. I’m jst kidding .. ????
Sanlak and swaragini both pair are sooo happy with their babies…..

Sanky to Swara (with emotional) ???- he take his twins baby in his lap and say …..
you know Swara after lost my family in a car accident I was completely alone . …
But you complete my family, Sanskar kissess his both baby and his wife Swara with teary eyes …and says ….
Thanks a lot Swara …
Today completely ?★★”You Complete Me “★★?

?The end …

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