Swasan SS : You Complete Me…. Part 1


Helloooo guyzzzzzz ?????? I’m Asha, and again I came back with SS based on swasan …..and i hope u enjoy it .
first of all I would like to inform you that I’m not new in this TU you know me, my previous FF is ?Kahani hmari ” Dil Dosti Diwangi ki “…
if you like? my SS plzzzzz plzzz comments ?… your comments make me energetic and sorry for my mistake. ????? ……

?First part ….

Here is a story of a man who is successful businessman and a kind hearted who helps everyone…..

A handsome ,dashing, smart , cute hunk man wearing a white blazer with light yellow Shirt and white jeans with white handkerchief on his blazer, a golden sonata watch in his hand , coming out from his white BMW car ……
Some girl’s mouth are open during says Wowwwww…What a man !!!!!!!!!!!
Some girls are quarreling eachother …. saying he is mine , other says he is mine ….
first girl – shut up firstly I saw him so he is mine ..??
Other girl – I wore his matching colour so he is mine ..???
First G .- Go to hell … ?????
Many boys are staring him with saying the word what a fantastic car !!!!!?
I know guyzzz a structure come in your mind. …
Yesssss …..you are right he is our sweeeet “Sanskar”…

Sanskar is a big successful businessman of “London” ……
Sanskar coming out of his car with receiving a important call , he says yes I’m coming yaar just wait ….
He is going towards his office … he opens the door of his office and everyone saying good morning sir ..
Sanskar reply them with shake his head good mornig ..
Now he is going towards his cabin as he open the door a man hug him kya yaar kaha tha ??? I was waiting you for an hour …
Sanskar – Ok Lucky let’s go …
(he is lucky who waiting sanskar for conference meeting )
Lucky – I think we are late ..
Sanskar – we are not late Lucky , meeting would start at 10 am and now 9:55 am, so let’s go .
Lucky – Yes boss .

After meeting

Lucky – Let’s go college bhai …
Sanky – collage???? Why ???
Lucky – She is coming there .
Sanky – Fir se .
Lucky – Chalo n bhai .plz plz plz ..
Sanky – Noo
Lucky – Plzzz bhai ??
Sanky – Ok .. Let’s go .
Lucky is so happy because he would meet with his girlfriend.
They went to college . But sanky don’t like any girl because he always says to Lucky ..


Lucky – No bhai your statement is totally wrong ..firstly you see in her beautiful eyes then you will know that girls are so beautiful not cheater ….

Sanky – Ho gya tera ?? Ab jaa .. Jldi ana …
Lucky (happily)- Ok bhai ..he kissed on his cheek ..
Sanky – smiling and say goo ..I’ll waiting to you in the car .
Lucky – Ok bhai ..

After an hour .. ★★★

Sanky tired while his waiting , then he calling him but he didn’t receive his call , Sanky calling him again and again …..
then he decided to go there ..


Sanky seaching him here and there but he couldn’t find ..he shouted Luckyyyyyy …..luckyyyy …..luckyyyyy ….where are you ??? ??
During search , he sudden bumped with a Girl . She felled in ground with a jerk , Sanky says to her angrily are you blind ???
God gave you pair of eyes instead of that you are unable to see ….
She starts crying … Because there is sprains in her leg .. Seeing this Sanky would imotional and says her I’m so sorry … Don’t cry plzz …
She continue weeping then he try to lift her by his hand but he fail ,then he again try to lift but fail . ..
Finally , Sanky lifts her in his arms and see into her attractive eyes , her eyes attract him …. Sanky looks her face, She is so beautiful her eyes are shine like star which attract everyone. Her coral lips and rosy cheek is also very attractive .. She looks like fairy girl .. Yeah guyzzzz she is Our chirpy bubbly naughty Swara …
Lucky coming out from other side … and as he looks sanky lift a girl in his arms , he was surprised to see that scene . .
Lucky to Sanky – Wah bhai what a pleasant surprise !!!!
Sanky – No ..no. no … It is not ..
Lucky – Don’t conceal Bhai….
Sanky – I only helping her .
Lucky – Ok be continue..
Sanky – I say stop lucky .. I’m serious .
Lucky – I’m also serious bhai ..
Sanky – lucky ….i say shut your mouth …
Lucky – He put up his finger on his mouth and shake his head yes …
Sanky go on a place and he keep down to swara on the rock and he sit on his knee . After it he hold her leg from his hand and keep her leg in his leg and try to first aid …
Swara look him very innocently ..she continue staring him Sanskar also look her again and again ..
Swara feels relief and say thanks … Her voice is very melodies. Sanskar totally fall in love with her …
Swara – thnx again ..now you can go ..
Sanky – Ok take care .. Bye .
Swara – bye ..
Sanky and Lucky both are going his home ..but sanky lost in her dream …
Lucky – bhai can I drive the car ?? I think you are not present in this time .
Sanky – whattttt … What do you mean ???
Lucky – I mean you lost in your dream . I know you think about that girl who met in college .
Sanky – smile and say no yaar …
Lucky – Bhai … Why are you smiling ???
Sanky – Na .. I’m not smiling .
Lucky – bhai ..see your face in the mirror ..then you know .

@Sanky’s Room.
Lucky and sanky both are alone in his house they lost his family before two year in a car accidents ..
Both are take dinner after it, they going to sleep , but Sanky think about her eyes , lips , her innocent face. .. Sudden he stood up from his bed and say himself why I’m thinking about her ,no no no is’t wrong …
He go on his bed and again think about her ….
Then he told to lucky uth jaa mujhe need nahi aa rhi hai ..
Lucky – What happened bahi ????
Sanky – Mujhe usse milna hai ..(i want to meet her )
Lucky – Really ??
Sanky – Yeah .. I think she stole my heart …and I miss her so much .
Lucky – Bhai aap to gye …

@Morning …

Both are going to college for search that girl, but they didn’t know her name and address , They tired but didn’t find her.. Lucky’s gf call him that I wouldn’t come yaar ..
Lucky -Why yaar ???? What happened ???
Gf – I’ve a problem ..
Lucky – whatttt !!!! Plzzz yaar come here I need your help ..
I m searching a beautiful girl ..
Ragini – whatt !! In my absence , you search a girl ????(yes Ragini is Lucky’s gf)
Lucky – No yaar actually bhai search a girl ..
Ragini – Bhaiiii ???
Lucky- yes .
Ragini – really ?? I mean you say me that he hate the girl because her another name is cheater … ????
Lucky – Yes , but a beautiful girl change him .. He miss her whole night . But we are unable to find her ..
Ragini – Why ???
Lucky – because we don’t know her address and name .
Ragini – then how should we search ?? How he met her ??
Lucky -he bumped with a girl who was very innocently stole his heart ..
Ragini understand everything , and says ok both come in coffee shop.
Lucky – Whatttt rubbish yaar .????here I m worried you want to meet me coffee shop ??
Ragini – yes come fast with your brother .
Lucky – ok I’ll came .

@ coffee shop …
Shanky saw that girl in the coffee shop who sitting with Ragini . Lucky talk to Ragini but sanky staring her ..Swara also see him ..both are present here with a cute eye lock ..
Ragini – Surprise.. !!!Surprise ..!!!
Lucky – kaisa surprise yar ??? Tell me why are you calling me here ???
Ragini – see you brother .
Lucky – Ooo !!!
Ragini – yes that is the girl who you both searching ..
Lucky – omg ! Who is she ??
Ragini – She is my small sister Swara ….
Lucky and sanky both surprised …
Lucky – tell me how you know that we search Swara .????

Bye guys ..?????

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