Swasan SS: The bond between two souls (by rabia) Epi.5

Episode 5:-

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Scene starts from swasan entering the venue…and was seeing meheswari family with side look…

Sanky in a low voice: times to begin the drama my dear wifeee…and gave her a peck on her cheek…

Swara: okayyy my dear hubbyyy.. and by saying that she also peck his cheek and winks…on which media clicked their pics.. while many hoots… and rajsak gave smile to each other.. whileee meheswari family only trying to registered that sanskar is alive…and swara is his wife

Swasan passed from meheswari family as if both didn’t saw them…and goes to the table which is booked for goenka family..

Ap happily: our sanskar is alive???

Dp: im also seeing but if sanskar is alive then why he didn’t came back to us??

Ram: im going to meet my son.. but why he married to that characterless girl…???

Sujata: me also coming..

Dp: one min ram and sujata.. I think we should wait till the party end because if he was not sanskar then media will get another news for gossiping..and also its not the right place to talk about our family matter in front of the whole public…… on which everyone nodes

While lucky was fuming in anger one seeing swara with sanskar and other on seeing him alive.. because he was going to get that land within few months.. and now if sanskar is alive then the land will goes to him only..

On other side ragini was fearing after seeing swara alive and also ogling on sanskar (ankhain naa nooch ln iski churail kahe ki)..and when she came to know that may be he is the son of family.. then tou she was regretting of marrying laksh…

Swasan were enjoying the meheswari’s expression without their knowledge… rajsak was walking and intentionally stopped little steps ahead of meheswari family..it was almost a lone corner..

Raj: shakshii today im very happy..

Shakshi: why raj??

Raj: because we got sanskar as our son..

Shakshi: u r right raj.. we lost r one son but in that accident we got sanskar.. we don’t even know about his family and he also only remember his name… nothing else.. if ever I met with his family naa I will surely thank them for giving birth to this gem.. he never made me feel that he is not my real son…

Meheswari family become shocked on listening this… now they r desperately waiting for party to end… and lucky cursing rajsak for saying these things 😉

After 1 hr party was almost ended only few guests were remaining… meheswari family came to the table of goenka’s where they were getting up..

Dp: hello mister rajnath goenka im durga Prasad meheswari..

Raj: oo hello mr meheswari nice to meet u.. tell me how did u came here??

Dp: actually we heard your talks… said while gazing sanskar..

Ram: we heard that sanskar is not your son..

Sanskar become angry: how dare u to say that??

Ap: betaaa we didn’t mean that actually the thing is we heard u lost your memory and don’t remember your family… beta u r our son.. our family son..

Goenka’s become shocked (fake shock)..

Swasan, rajsak: whaaatttt???

Then suji with fake tears told them everything.. his childhood..his relation with everyone on listening this sanky clenched his fist in anger on seeing her fake drama and tears but swara hold his hands to control his rage…

Raj with tears: look sak our sanskar got his family back…

Sak also noded sadly…

Sanky: but I don’t want to come with u guys.. for me my real parents were only rajsak…

Sak: no beta your parents… craved for u.. plzz go with them.. and its not we r getting separate for always.. u can meet us whenever u want..and u will be always our son.. no matter what..

Sanky: but mom…

Raj: no beta your mom is right…

Sanky signs: okayyy.. but I want few dayss soo that me and my wife swara will doo all arrangements…soo that we can easily shift..

Rp: sorry sanskar.. but only u r allowed in our house not this characterless girl.. on listening this swara closed her eyes in pain.. while rajsak and sanky fumed in anger..

Sanky roars: howww dareeeeee uuu to say cheap things about my wife?? Who gave u this right?? U may be my family but I will not tolerate a single non sense about my wife…

Sujata: beta your papa is saying correct… this girll.. was going to get married with laksh your brother but on marriage day she ran away with some other guy.. and now she trapped u…. she was going to say more thing..

Sanky shouts: enoughhhhh.. not a word.. im saying to u not even a single word about my wife.. who is she what is sheee I know everything.. I don’t need any character certificate for her character.. im not having any relation from her past.. the truth is she is my wife now.. and its more than enough for me.. and if u want me to come to your house then accept swara also or else.. forget about mee..

By saying that he grabbed swara’s hand and walked towards exit..he was seriously angry on hearing these things about swara…

Dp from behind: okay beta she can also come with u… just tell uss when u both will come we will doo the preparations..

Sanky turned: better and we will inform u…on which meheswari’s node and left after bidding byee to them.. while going lucky was gazing swara with lustfull eyes.. which was noticed by sanky and he pulled swara towards him and wrapped her in his arms..and swara also snuggled more in his arms because she also felt lucky’s gaze..was feeling disgusting..

Ragini also left while gazing sanskar.. on which swara gave her an angry glare…

When they left swara starts crying silently on remembering the words which they used for her…sanky who was standing while hugging swara felt something on his shirt and broke the hug..
Sanky being shocked: swaraaa.. heyyy why r u crying..

Swara: sanskar..rr.. i..mm.no..ttt. characterless..ss.. she was crying bitterly..

Sanky anger crossed his limits on remembering their words and hugged swara tightly… rajsak also joined them and consoled swara..

Sanky to raj: dad I swear I will bury them alive on calling swara with those words..

Shak: relax beta there is much more will come in your path and u both have to face all those things.. bravely..

Raj: swara beta.. don’t cry.. now this is the time to make other’s cry..

Swara wiped her tears: yess dad u r right.. now I will show them what we can doo…

Sanky: dad waisay what a plan naaa..

Raj while pulling is collar: I knowww…


When swasan agreed for the revenge…raj narrates the whole plan..in that plan.. swasan both will doo a drama.. but in drama the memory loss patient will be sanskar not swara… and swara will act that she remember everything.. because in this way ragini will be having fear that what if her reality come infront of everyone…. and as swara knows about the past except that day.. soo both will come in front of the meheswari family on one party which going to be held of all businessman…

And rajsak will doo the drama of talking in front of them about sanskar.. soo that meheswari family will come and tell about sanskar being their son..and will take him to their home….. in this whole while sumi and dida will not come infront of them…nobody will disclose that swara was living with sumi and dida…

Flashback ends..

Sanky: now tou original drama will start after 2 days.. when we both will shift to meheswari mansion..

Swara: yup…

A voice came but u all r forgetting uss.. goenkas turned on hearing the voice and then smile…

Raj: arrey mr dp.. come naa who said we forgot u…

Sanky happily: papa…. Again a voice came…hug is only for papa.. not for mama??? Sanky broke the hug and hugged the lady tightly.. and she was revealed as ap.. ;)..

Ap: my son…. And then she hugged swara also and kissed her forehead…(now u all must be in shock that how come dp, ap will be there??)

Flashback when they r making plan…

When the plan is made sanky and swara turned to leave but become shocked on finding ap, dp infront of them with teary eyes..

After 7 yrs seeing his real parents sanky becomes happy and run towards them and hugged them.. after few minutes he realized that what he have done and he remember that he hate them.. on which he broke the hug and tried to go when stopped on listening swara’s voice..

Swara: sanskar remember what u said to me on our marriage night?? On which sanky turned towards swara and nodes in yes..

Swara: u know sanskar.. the thing u said on that day was the thing which is in your mind from the last 7 yrs… when u came to know about your past u were broken… that’s why u thought that dp dad and ap mom was also not a good ppl.. becoz that time u were young.. u didn’t realize that u have to go to them and tell them the truth.. becoz u were afraid that if again u got betrayed… thats why u make up your mind that your real parents is also bad.. that’s why your mind automatically created such image of them in you…tell me the truth why u hugged them today?? When u feel that u hate them?? u know sanky when a person is broken naa he aways feels that everyone is bad nobody loves him..

Sanky was numb.. he was thinking deeply….whatever swara told… yeah it was a truth that he starts hating them in the fear that what if he will again get betrayal?.. in one day at the age of 20 he got 2,2 betrayals which was enough for him to break him down… that’s the reason he decided to just goo from there…soo that he will not get any other pain..
Sanky was having tears in his eyes after thinking that what he have done in his pain.. he didn’t go to his real parents…just because of his fear …..then he just turned and hugged them again..

Sanky: imm sorry papa.. im sorry mama.. butt that time I was soo broken.. due to shauriya’s death, laksh’s reality, ram and sujata’s reality.. im really very sorry please forgive mee pleaseee…

Dp with teary voice: noo my sonn we are sorry that in all these yrss we were drowned in trusting ppl blindly that we cant be able to find out what is happening in my own house.. my own son is trying to kill my other son.. my own brother is spoiling my son….stole my own son and I didn’t came to know..

Ap while crying: imm sooo sorry sanskar.. being a mother also I cant be able to recognize my real child…plzz forgive mee your dad was bzy in business but I being in the house …..then also cant be able to know anything im soo sorry beta…

Sanky broke the hug and wipes his tears: now noo more tears… we r together naa its enough..but how come u guys r here??

Raj: your wife made us agree to bring them here…sanky turned towards raj with surprised expressions..

Swara: that day when u were telling about them.. your tongue were saying something else while your eyes were saying that how much u loved them and craved for them.. that’s why next day I talked with raj dad…and then we decided to call dp dad and ap mom.. and when they came raj dad and sak mom told them everything even.. first they didn’t believe but then we showed them laksh’s photos with random girls… etc..and ragini’s pics… (guys don’t want to drag much)..

Ap: and after listening all thiss we both come to their reality.. even now we both believe that swara was also innocent…because the one who can join a son with his parents how can she be a bad person…

Dp: swara beta we r very sorry the way our family behaved with your family.. and he also asked forgiveness from sumi…

As dp, ap didn’t done anything bad soo sumi forgave them..and swara also happily hugged them… and sanky was very happy after getting is real parents.. after 7 yrs…but dp and ap decided that sanskar will remain rajsak son only because the way they supported him took care of him its more than a real parents can do…. And they also loves him like a real son.. soo it will be unjustice with them to again snatch their son from them.. once God snatched but now how can they intentionally doo this crime.. to separate a son from his parents…rajsak were happy that sanky will be their son only..

And dp, ap decided that they will also be a part of this plan.. as lakshh didn’t doo any mistake he did a sin of trying to kill his brother and even killed shauriya.. soo ap also decided that a mother’s heart will not come in between punishing her son…not always a mother will fall weak.. if she can give love then also she can punish her children on their mistakes..

Flashback end…

Ap: dp ji im very happy on getting swara as my daughter in law.. u know when laksh was going to marry her I don’t know but seriously I wished that what if she became wife of our sanskar and look.. my wish got completed..

On which swara blushed and sanky rub his hair with shy smile

Dp smiles a little and then: okay we have to leave.. or else they will get doubt… we came with the excuse that ap left her purse…

Swasan hugged ap, dp.. and with that both left…

While going ap: swara betaaa.. after 2 days u will face the most arrogant mil and winks ;)..(according to plan ap will behave rudely with swara)

Swara giggles: noo problem mom u will also see the double vamp fil and winks ;)… on which everyone laughs..and then dp ap left…

Shak: okay now let’s move.. we have to do your packing..

While going swara grabbed sanky and pulled him backward..

Swara : u naa in their mansion just keep a 10 feet distance with that ragini churail okayyy???

Sanky being confused: okay.. but what happened??

Swara with attitude: nothing.. just remember my words and she left from there..while sanky was standing there with a confuse expressions and scratching his head.. but later he shrugged his shoulder and left behind her…

To be continued…

Precap: swasan in meheswari mansion…. Bad eye, flirting, jealousy, passiveness and anger ;)…

Guyss revenge session will start from 7th epi 😉

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