Swasan SS: The bond between two souls (by rabia) Epi.4

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Episode 4:-

Guys I don’t want to drag marriage scene much becoz main story will be coming ahead..

Both swasan said yes to their parents and parents decided their marriage after 10 days.. in a simple ceremony becoz sanky don’t want to come in front of anyone.. in business world sanky was only known by his name… other dealings will be done by rajnath only.. or sanky came infront of only few ppl not all..

Swara tried to ask sanky about her relation with meheswaris and gadodias but both didn’t got the time to talk calmly as both were bzy in marriage as well as projects and meetings.. soo she decided that will ask sanky after marriage only..

Finally they both get married.. and now both were sitting in sanky’s room and eating ice cream from a 2 liters big tub.. in actual it was swara who was eating and sanky was trying hard to eat but swara is teasing him.. finally sanky become tired and sat down calmly with a sad pout..

Flashback after marriage..

Both swasan came inside the sanky’s room.. swara was feeling nervous about thinking that what will happen next..sanky saw her nervousness soo he goes towards her…… grabbed her hand, made her sit on the bed and sat down infront of her on his knees..

Sanky: swara I know u r nervous but don’t worry we will take our relation slowly to next steps.. I will never force u for anything.. and don’t forget we r best frnds.. and may bee with passing days u will fall in love with me and winks..

Swara who was nervous firstly rolled her eyes on hearing sanky’s statement and gave him a smack on his arm..

Swara: huhh.. I and will fall in love with u.. huhhh.. she twitched her nose..

Sanky: arrey why not im too much handsomee and hot na after all..

Swara: yeah yeahh hottt.. don’t worry from tomorrow I will fry egg on u only.. huhh hot..

Sanky laughs and kissed her on her knuckles and said: okay enough u go and change.. this heavy dresss..

Swara: oo haann.. u know I was feeling as if choreographer Ganesh is sitting upon mee.. huffff..

Sanky burst into laughter on listening her example: hahahahha swara u r naa more than me.. okay u goo..

Swara giggles and left to change her clothes..while sanky changed in the room….. when she came after changing.. her eyes sparkled on seeing a large tub of ice cream in sanky’s hand with 2 spoons..

Swara shouts in excitement: ice creammmm….. and she runs towards sanky and grabbed the tub with one spoon and starts eating ice cream by sitting in Indian style on the bed..

While sanky: hawwwww… I brought this tub soo that we both will enjoy and here u enjoying it alone.. he tried to take one spoon but swara didn’t let him..

Flashback ends..

Sanky with sad pout: swara this is not fair.. and he turned to other side…

Swara smiles on seeing his antics and goes towards him and take the spoon infront of his mouth…

Sanky first look towards her with complaining eyes but then eat the ice cream and grin widely.. now swara was feeding him ice cream and he was also feeding her…when both ate more than of half ice cream.. suddenly swara starts sneezing continuously..

Sanky becomes worried on seeing her state… while swara’s nose turned fully red..

Sanky: swaraa what happened??

Swara while sneezing: iii… (anchuuu).. am.. (aanchuu).. having… all.. (aanchu).. allergy with ice cream.. (anchuu) if i eat more than one cup.. (anchuu)… I start.. (anchuu)… sneezing…

Sanky panics on seeing her state and immediately grabbed the med box and gave her med for stopping her sneezing..

Swara finally calm down after 15 mins.. but till now her condition was worst.. her nose was looking like a red cherry..

Sanky with little anger: why didn’t u told me before??

Swara sheepishly: actually maa never let me eat ice cream more than one scoop soo today after seeing large tub I become excited… chorrryyy she said while grabbing her ears..

Sanky smiles and put down her hands from her ears..and grabbed her hands in his hands..

Sanky: swara im having no one my in my life after shakshi mom and raj dad.. then beauty and dida came in my life.. and now u.. I cant be able to loose anyone of u.. because my own family ditched me.. u know why I didn’t go to my real parents… because they don’t know the difference between right and wrong… my real father durga prasand meheswari is one of the top most businessman but then also he cant be able to see his brother’s real face..then how can I go to them.. I know they didn’t done anything bad but it is also true that they cant be able to differentiate between evil and good.. being a family head.. dp and ap… never realized and put any heed on their children that what r they doing..lucky is a spoilt brat but then also they don’t know about this.. then whats the need of being nice?? When u cant be able to recognize person’s real face?? His real intentions??

After listening this swara also remember that she had to ask sanky..

Swara: sanskarrr…

Sanskar while lost in thoughts: hmm..

Swara: what is my relation with my meheswaris and gadodias?

Sanky head snapped with a jerk and to swara: whattt??

Swara: plzz don’t say that what im talking because I’ve heard u that day when mom and maa were asking from us about marriage..

Sanky stammers: swar..aa.. i…wo..hh..

Swara: plz sankyy nothing will happened to mee I know nobody told mee because of my memory loss but I seriously i want to know plz plzz plzzzzzzzz…and she made a puppy face..

Sanky signs: okay okay…fighter plane.. relax I will tell u butt promise me u will not panic or do something..

Swara: pinky promise..on which sanky smiles and caresses her cheek a little..and then sanky start’s telling her whole past from sumi’s marriage to shekhar to everything because sanky knows everything shakshi told him..he also told her about her marriage to lucky then her vanishing scene..

Swara was listening all this with wide mouth and full opened eyes…sanky completed all the past and looked towards her..

Sanky: swaraaaaa??

Swara: OOO MMM GGGGG… my marriage with your that jerk brother?? Eeeuuu.. I loved him?? (she said while putting finger on her chin)..

Sanky was shocked on seeing her reaction he thought that she will doo same like the way she behaved after listening his past but here the film is running in the opposite direction..

Sanky found her too cute while putting finger on her chin and thinking with shrinked eyes…

Sanky while pulling her cheeks: noo my shonaa u never loved him.. he just made the family agreed soo that he can satisfy his lust after marrying u..

Swara starts cursing lucky: huhhhh… donkeyyy.. idiott.. I will surely punchhh him if ever he came in front of my eyes..and that family gadodia family I will burn them alive how dare they to hurt my mother and that meheswari’s I will throw them in the gutter huhh… but sanskarrr. What happened that day??

Sanky: umm shona that thing is only u knows and ragini knows.. but as u forgot your memory soo now this thing is only knows by ragini..

Swara: that’s why I felt restless that day when I saw ragini..

Sanky: yess.. dear okay now lets sleep its very late…

Swara: okiiiii..

And both slept together on each side of bed.. becoz both r very comfortable as frnds..

After 2 days it was morning both got up.. (swasan already told parents about swara that she knows about her past).. swara was brushing her hair and was thinking something deeply.. sanky who came back from washroom saw her lost in her thoughts..

Sanky: swaraaa?? What happened where u lost??

Swara came back in her senses: noo sanky I was just thinking about those ppl.. they have done a lot but then also we r the one who suffered and those ppl now also living a peaceful life..

Sanky signs: swara leave them naa..

Swara: but sanky.. if ever they will come infront of u?? would u be able to hide your hatred?? I tou lost my memory then also feeling badd but u tou knows everything then also??

Sanky thought for some time because swara was saying true.. he hated them like hell even not coming infront of them but if they came infront of them will be he able to control himself??

We have a solution for this.. a voice came and both snapped towards the direction there raj and shakshi were standing and behind them it was sumi and dida..

Swara: maa didaaa…..she goes towards them…and hugged them tightly…

Sanky also took blessings from all..

Sanky to raj: what solution dad??

Raj: beta its time for u to come infront of the world… we both never forced u becoz u were alone.. but now swara is with u.. and u both r connected with same pain.. me and shakshi never wanted to leave those ppl free who r behind our shuariya’s death and made your condition worse.. but that time u were not in a condition that’s why we never talked about that…

But I think now the time came to take the revenge of every destruction which they did to u to swara and her family.. I know u both will never do anything for yourself but we know that u both r best frnds and will doo anything for each other… soo we want u two.. to take revenge if not for yourself then for each other..

Shakshi: we will wait for your answer.. and we hope u will answer us in positive..

Sumi came towards swara and cupped her face with her one hand

Sumi: shonaa I never told u about your past becoz I thought u will take stress.. but I got to know that more than your pain.. sanskar’s pain matter’s too u.. soo my child atleast for him think about this thing..

And by saying that elders left swasan alone in the room..

Sanky: I forgot In my pain that mom dad was also the one u lost their son.. due to my soo called family.. I know for me they hide their pain.. but I think they r saying correct now its high time… that family enjoyed a lot in these years now I think its time to end their enjoyment what say swara??

Swara with a smirk: yess my bestie.. they treated my maa and dida very badly… soo its time to make their condition more worst.. I can forgive them whatever they have done with mee but not for maa dida and u.. soo my dear hubby come bestiee lets goo and give our parents this good news.. and by saying that she dragged him like a desperate soul.. and sanky laughs on seeing her desperation…

Swasan came down and swara happily chirped..

Swara: maa, mom dad diaa.. we both r readyyy..

Sanky was smiling on seeing her excitement…and to raj..

Sanky: soo dad tell us whats the plan…and then they discussed the whole plan (will reveal later)…(one thing rajshak never came in front of meheswari family when sanky was dead according to meheswari family they just hired some random ppl and snt sanky’s fake dead body)

1 one week later… there was a business party… in kolkatta… every businessman was there…but the hot news of that party was that….the sanskar goenka son of rajnath and shakshi goenka will be coming infront of the world with his lovely wife…soo everyone is gossiping about that only…

Meheswari’s were also present there… laksh was searching some hot chick for him and while ragini was trying to impress businessman related to modeling and fashion industry…while ramta were bzy in talking with ppl and doing publicity of their life style of expensive jewelry while dp and ap were talking randomly…

Suddenly the whole concentration of all ppl goes towards the entrance where finally goenka family came…

From first car raj and shakshi came out while after few secs one Lamborghini came and a guy in full black suit came out… and turned back to give hand to his wife…and finally both came in the lime light and was revealed as sanskar and swara…

On seeing both infront of them whole meheswari family gasped… while ragini’s face lost her clr.. and lucky burnt in jealousy on seeing swara with sanskar.. that also his arm was around her bare waist…swara was wearing sari…

Swasan looked towards each other and then to meheswari’s with side look and passed a smirk towards raj and shakshi….

Screen freezes on swasan smirking faces while meheswari’s shocked faces…

To be continued…

Precap: full on drama…

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