Swasan SS: The bond between two souls (by rabia) Epi.3

Thanku soo much guys for the response in previous episode and don’t forget to read the end note..

Episode 3:-

Leap of 3 months

Scene starts from swasan doing work in sanskar’s cabin…when sanky asked swara to give him one file from his drawer.. he was sitting on couch while swara was near his table..

Swara got up and opened the drawer their she found sanskar and shauriya’s pic..

Swara: sanskarr.. who is this boy with u?? and she showed him the pic..

Sanky saw towards her and then to pic and smile sadly: he is shauriya my best frnd my brother my everything..

Swara: ooo then where is he now?? I tou only know k u r lone child of shakshi and rajnath uncle..

Sanky signs and said: come here I will tell… and first time after shakshi and rajnath he shared everything with swara…because he got to know in these months that swara is a very good girl from heart and can do anything for her family and love ones… 3 months have been passed that swara is working with sanskar… and these 3 months both becomes more than a best frnds… sumi and shaksi were happy for their children because after shauriya sanky never made any frnd who is that much close to him.. and while swara also after memory loss never made any frnd..

Soo now both r thick and thin frnds…sanky told swara everything related to his past.. and swara become shocked on listening about his past.. and starts crying silently..sanky who was telling turned and become shocked on seeing swara’s red nose and puffy eyes..

Sanky: areeeyyyy.. swaraa why r u crying??

And swara starts crying loudly.. (living with sanky her bubbly nature is almost came back)..and was wiping her tears with her staller who is now almost wet..sanky saw that thing and runs towards her with a tissue box..and she snatched the whole box from his hand.. and take out number of tissues and wiped her tears and throwed them on sanky’s face and again start crying loudly..

Sanky was seeing her with wide eyes: arrey I also didn’t cried that much then why the hell u crying.. this much..

Swara: aaaannnn…. Your story is very senti what can I doo if im getting tears.. and glare him with angry pout..

Sanky slapped his forehead and saw towards her with helpless expressions who was now seeing him with twitched nose…

Sanky: ookay my mother stop crying.. its just a past..

Swara: but those ppl tou r here naa without getting any punishment…..

Sanky signs and stands up: I know swara I know everything about them.. its true that im far away from them but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know anything about them.. my men always having eye on that family…

Sanky in mind while seeing swara: and I know that u r the girl who was going to marry laksh I also know that why he wanted to marry u… but I don’t know that girl’s name… and when I came to know that girl and family was your’s my anger on them increases…

Swara was watching him lost somewhere and said: sanskarrr?? Where u lost??

Sanky came back into his sense: noo nothing..

Swara while thinking something: sanky why didn’t u told everything to your real parents?? Ummm what was their name?? haaann durga prasand meheswari and annupurna meheswari 😉 (guys shocked??? )

Sanky with sad smile: arrey they are just the puppets of my fake parents sujata and ram Prasad.. whom till age of 20 I thought as my real parents.. but I didn’t knew that for just in the greed of property they exchanged me with their real daughter uttara with me…


When sanky ran to his parents ramta to tell about lucky.. he was going to knock the door when he stopped on listening ram’s voice..(but im telling in the story form)
20 yrs back ap and sujata were pregnant.. ap with her 2nd child while sujata with her 1st child… before delivery.. lawyer came and told whole family about the will of sanky’s dada aka grandfather…

In will it was written that meheswari’s owns one land which is worth of more than 200 crore.. and the land will be only given to 2nd grandson of the family… when he turned into 20…ramta gasped on listening this… and they starts praying that suji will give birth to son.. they even goes to black magicians for son…

Both suji and ap got labor pain at same time… suji gave birth to uttara while ap gave birth to sanky… before doctor will tell anything about children.. ram gave money to doctor to exchange the kids… and in this way sanky becomes ramta child while uttara becomes dp, ap child…

Dp, ap never had any greed related to the land… soo they were happy on getting daughter.. while ramta only exchanged children in the greed of land…

Lucky came to know about this thing when he was 18… and in the will there was a clause that if 2nd grandson will die or something happened to him the land will transfer to 3rd grand son at the age of 27…

That’s the reason lucky tried to kill sanky soo that he can get that land…

And when family got to know about sanky’s death ramta only felt sorrow due to land.. and that’s the reason they start’s favoring lucky soo that they can get any share…and now lucky is only waiting of his 27th birthday soo that he can get that land papers..

Sanskar didn’t told anything to his real parents because he don’t want to break uttara’s heart like the way his broke.. and also he knows that ramta will surely doo something again or lucky will never leave another chance to harm sanky soo that’s why he decided to go from there totally heart broken..

Flashback ends..

Swara jumped from her sofa and shouts : sanskarrrrrrrrr…..

Sanky become startled on listening her shouts and said: swara what happened??

Swara: sanskar u told that laksh is 1 yr younger than u.. and now u r 27.5.. it means he will be also going to 27 in some months..

Sanky: yeahh but why r u asking all that??

Swara: arrey dumbo.. he will get those land papers.. on which there is only your right..

Sanky: I don’t care..

Swara while putting hands on her waste: how can u say that sanskar.. its your right and u should go for it…

Sanky: swara u know naa I don’t want to come infront of them….

Swara: huh…..

Sanky smiles on seeing her antics and said: okay now back to work…on which swara made faces…and sat down to complete her remaining work…

Sanky while working saw towards swara who was engrossed in her work.. sanky smiles mischievously.. and made a paper ball and throws towards swara which hits on her nose..

Swara: ouch.. and saw towards sanky who was now working silently…swara picked one file and throws towards him which hit on his head..

Sanky: aahh.. swara what is this I tou only throw paper ball and u throw the file …….made a sad pout..

Swara got up and start hitting him with cushion: u idiot I was working silently and u disturbed me.. and by saying that both start’s fighting throwing cushions ,files at each other and in the end both were fighting funnily by holding each other’s hair..

Swara: aaahhh u idiot leave my hair..

Sanky: u dwarf first u leave..

Swara: donkeyyy your hair is only of 1 inch mine is of more than 2 feet.. first u leave my hair and by saying that she grabbed his hair more tightly..

Sanky while pulling her hair: soo what 2 inch or 2 feet hairs are hairs only… u 1.5 feet leave my hair…both were saying but nobody is leaving each other’s hair..but both stopped on listening laughing sound… both separated and saw towards cabin’s door..

Where rajnath, shakshi and sumi were standing and laughing whole heartedly…

Swasan become embarrassed…and made themselves presentable again..

Sanky after composing himself: mom dad beauty u all r here??

Raj: we came here to talk about on some imp matter.. but here u both r playing tom n jerry fights.. and start laughing again..

Sanky winced: mommmm..

Shak while controlling her laughter: okay okay enough now u both come to raj’s cabin because here it is looking some tornado came…

All goes to raj’s cabin..

Sanky: now tell what u three wants to talk..

Raj, shak and sumi exchanged glance and then to swasan..

Shak: actually beta we want u both to get married with each other…

Swasan together: whaaaaaatttttttttt…

Sumi: before u both will say anything I want to talk with sanky…while shakshi said to swara…

Soo both mother’s took swasan with them..

Sumi to sanky: sanskar I know u know everything about swara thats why im saying about your marriage.. because after past incidents I cant trust anyone more than u regarding my shona.. and now u both r best frnds infact more than that and u both r connected with past also that’s why u both r very suitable for each other.. because u both needs someone who can understand u very well… and I don’t think soo u both can get anyone except u two only for each other… other things r upto u.. we r waiting for your answer in raj bhai’s cabin.. by saying that she left..

On the other side:

Shakshi to swara: beta I know we announced this thing suddenly.. butt I think u both r suitable for each other in every aspects.. u know very well about sanky’s past as we heard everything when sanky told u in the cabin..he trusted someone after many years except me and raj and the way u supported him our decision become’s more firm.. u both cant be able to find anyone more better than u both only.. im waiting for your answer in raj’s cabin and by saying that shak left..

Swara while biting her nails: oo God.. marriage to sanky… he is handsome I know but being a husband.. I think I should talk to him.. and she runs towards sanky..

Sanky: marriage with swara??? I know she is a sweet girl and will be a very good life partner.. and the way she suffered in past due to my soo called family… and due to that gadodia’s I must say she is a very courageous girl….. and i never want swara to get hurt in future.. due to my soo called family ever again.. as she is my best frnd.. soo I think we can be a best husband wife also.. and by saying that he grins and left for raj’s cabin..

While swara who was standing on other side become confused on listening sanky’s talks..

Swara being confused: how can I related with those meheswaris?? And who r those gadodia’s???arrrgghh its soo confusing but will ask sanky later now I think the way sanky said.. we can be a best husband wife.. and she blushed a little on saying that and left for raj’s cabin..

To be continued:-

Precap: swasan marriage.. and sanky telling swara about her past and finally entry of meheswaris…


Guys first I decided to discontinue this ss.. but somehow I wrote this episode.. actually this track was used by many writers.. that’s why it is very difficult for mee to think about different ideas.. as I never wrote on any track of the serial.. soo im finding it very difficult.. I will try to post soon or to continue.. if nott then I will surely tell u all…

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    About the episode..Speechless. .My Cute SwaSan they are too nasty N Adorable. .

    1. Rabia

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    One more thing, I agree that many people have written ff/os/ts on the same track but they don’t have the concept, I mean, the track you are writing on might be the same but the concept or the storyline is totally different and I don’t think anyone has had this type of storyline in their ff… In the end it’s your decision if you want to continue it or not and I’m sure everyone will support you regardless of your decision..?
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