I am ANU MODI, writer of kidnapped series, my veiled princess series, I love you and currently this short story.. In my previous chapters, some readers had confusion regarding this so I am confirming.. I got to know that there’s one more Anu.. I think writer of do jism ek Jaan.. We both are different people..


Kaan pakad ke sorry everyone because neither I posted yesterday nor I am gonna post today.. So I am giving a short teaser or promo for the upcoming chapter…


Swara gives a tight slap on sanskaar’s cheek.. Her eyes are full of rage and tears are continuously rolling her eyes

Swara- I hate you sanskaar… I hate you … You wanted to listen this na.. So now listen and know that I hate you … Now I will never ever disturb you… Live your life and stay happily.. From now on you don’t have to see my face.. And whatever you did .. Chii.. I don’t believe that you will fall so low … Well .. Have a pleasant life ahead Mr. Maheshwari..

Swara was totally shattered.. She didn’t know what to do.. Aimlessly, she ran around the roads and went deep inside the forest.. She cried .. She shouted but there was no one to console her…



Sanskaar’s legs and hands were cuffed… He was tied to a metal chain in a dark room where only two, three lanterns are lit.. His condition seemed vulnerable..

SANSKAAR- ragini.. Pls open me.. I have to go.. My heart says that her life is in danger.. RAGINI.. Open the chains ..

RAGINI- I am sorry bhai., I’ll not be able to open it..

SANSKAAR- ragini..



KAVITA- swara… You have to die.. If you live then you will prove a barrier in my mission..

SWARA- kavita… You will not be able to do anything.. You are forgetting who I am..

The both have a fierce fight… Kavita’ face suddenly starts changing .,, her fangs starts appearing from her mouth and she inserts it in Swara’s neck… With every drop of blood falling, Swara is becoming more weak but she takes out a dagger from a sheath and inserts it in kavita’ stomach… Both of them fall down on the ground with a pool of bed surrounding them..

SANSKAAR (shouting)- SWARAAA!!!!!

Scroll down there’s a question for you all like the one I asked in my last chapters…


What do you think is happening??

Why did Swara slap SANSKAAR??

Why is SANSKAAR tied??

Is ragini responsible for her state??

Who is kavita??

Why do Swara and kavita have a fight??

Does SANSKAAR know kavita??

Will Swara die??

I want 50+ comments warna I won’t post next chapter.. Kanjooson makkhichooson.. Comment karo.. ……………………………………….. Shock laga.. So what was your first reaction after this.. Lol.. I was just kidding guys ???.. I’ll post the next chapter tomorrow.. Kya lagan Tum logon KI, lagta hai Anu pe kisi ka bhoot Chad gaya.. Actually on one fb page, a writer wrote like this and the way she wrote, I was completely ROFL.. Then a naughty idea came into my mind and I wrote this .. So my question is what was your first reaction after reading this??


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  1. Anu_M

    Guys I actually missed one point that for next 2-3 episodes I’ll show the past love story that is shova’s lovestory.. Hope you don’t mind.. Now tata.. Buhbye.. Next and last class is going to start… Don’t forget to comment.. Love u all

  2. Ohh myy god!! What a suspense yaar.. m dieing to read next parts.. Just amazing Anu..!! U r gr8..

    Hii.. m Shalmali.. I was silent reader of ur ff till nw.. πŸ˜› bt after reading promo I cant stop myself from cmnting.. Its really nice story Anu.. very interesting.. so.. frnds?? πŸ™‚

    1. Anu_M

      Tysm shalmali.. Glad you liked it..

      Proposal accepted.. Of course friends.. But I’ll tell you I am of 19 years .. Silly me .. I am acting like an immature kid.. Today I have become Kuch zyada hi happy happy..

      But yaar tell me an answer, why do you stay silent reader.. I mean to say that why don’t you comment.. No negative approach to be taken here.. Just sort of curiosity in mind as to why people don’t comment, due to privacy problems or what

      1. Actually yes.. u guessed ryt.. I didnt cmnt earlier bcoz I didnt hd dat much tym.. My family dont like me to stick on mobi always.. so I get very less time to read ffs.. in that tym I read as much as I can.. & also I had to write my own ff.. so I had very less tym.. So I stayed only silent reader as I couldnt cmnt all ffs..

        Srry dear.. I knw hw it feels when we get less cmnts.. m also a writer.. bt nw I can cmnt.. I got permission frm my dad to use mobile as much as I want.. hehe.. Good news shared with u first, dear.. M so happy dat nw I cn cmnt all my fvrt ffs & also can write my ff daily.. πŸ™‚

        & btw m also 19.. same age.. πŸ™‚

      2. Anu_M

        That’s the matter.. We should of course give our more time to studies.. But then entertainment is also necessary … You toh read also.. I don’t read any ff here on tu..

        And about less comments .. What to say about it.. Whenever I have produced my work, I always get net 100 comments on each chapter .. Yup this time it’s low.. May be this work is not so attractive but then I’ll write for my friends and all beloved ones.. IF I get sweet commenters like you to talk so I dont have to care about the comments.. You all are enough for me

      3. Anu_M

        Which ff do you write shalmali..

  3. Abirsha


    1. Anu_M

      Ty Shan.. ??

  4. Hey its total confusing yaar..but seems to b vry interesting…its nice…update nxt part soon

    1. Anu_M

      Thank u so much mahjabeen.. As I get time in between, I’ll write the chapter .. I’ll surely try to post today.. But sorry your confusion won’t be cleared today

  5. Hahahahahahaha…….we r not kanjoos n makhichus yrrrrrr….. .
    Its very shocking plzzzz update soon……
    Waiting for ur next update………

    1. Anu_M

      Will try my best to update soon.. Not sure when but today definitely I’ll post .. May be a short one but..

      Lol you all are not kanjoos makhichoos.. It’s the silent reader.. But seriously it was just a joke … No evil intentions.. Lol.. Seriously serious drama mode on

  6. Anu_M

    Heya.. Shocked to see me.. Kya karun shock dene ko aadat ho gayi.. The last class was not taken.. What what what.. Are you thinking I bunked my class?? No I am a accha baccha.. Actually our sir while coming, tripped and fell down .. He has got hurt on his backbone and was rushed to the hospital, so the last class was dismissed and our whole class is free.. Today I posted the chapter and fortunately, there were a lot of breaks today and 2 free periods too.. Wow.. Good na

  7. Soujanya


    1. Anu_M

      Ty soujanya

  8. nice gr8 ep

    1. Anu_M

      Tysm Annie.. ❀️❀️

  9. Don’t make these much suspense. Pagal ho jaoonga

    1. Anu_M

      Hehhe.. But I won’t let you be.. Suspense will be there for some mor days.. Gotta wait

  10. interesting..

    1. Anu_M

      Thank u s.. ??

  11. Hey anu….. how are you…..?????
    U just rock the tu with Ur ffs n shots…..?????
    And cmng to Ur qs I just worried wat if u won’t post tomorrow too…..cz it’s bcme a part of my routine to read ffs on tu……subha utke yehi pehla kaam hei meri….?n ofcse aaneke baad bhi jst ffs padungi….???????…..so dnt make me wait much dear……??

    1. Anu_M

      I am all fine and good tanu… I think u are elde to me so have to call you Di right., tanu di, u have made me so happy.. And I have become a rockstar too.. ?? u said na I rock.. I’ll pucca post today.. Love u sho much.. I’ll not make you wait long

  12. Anu.. That was a awesome teaser with suspense.. ?
    Eagerly waiting for the nxt part.

    1. Anu_M

      Thaxx pramudi.. Will not make you wait long

  13. RUPA

    Yaar Anu what’s this???

    Itna suspense!!

    Chalo will wait for tomorrow but i’ll not be able to sleep.?

    Is that u in the DP???

    If yes then u r pretty and cute too……..

    Love you more❀️

    1. Anu_M

      Shorry yaar.. Par suspense me thoda aur rahna padega..

      It’s ne only in the dp.. Thank u so much.. Maine toh apni worst pic lagayi thi fir bhi tumhe acchi lagi.. Sachhi bolo.. Love u too

  14. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!! U raised my heartbeat nd gave active wrk to my dusty rusty brain for 5 mints… hahehe ur grt… while reading itself i cane to conclusion dat sanskar is werewolf, kavitha is vamp dhn y swara slapped sanskar???did she see sumthng strange…omg shock queen anu…
    Today u had few free period nd njyd d day.. good..

    1. i took this story as vampire one and thought like dat…. waiting for ur creation… and sad part i replied u in part 3 and this tu na they did not post dat πŸ™ πŸ™

      1. Anu_M

        This is a vampire one only.. How when where kaise.. Yeh sab you will get to know in few chapters..

        Tu posted the message.. I read now.. I am replying.. Yup, it’s me in the dp.. Bahut buri lag rahi hoo na.. Lagana nahi tha par kya karu.. Friends gave me a dare ki jo bhi sabse pic just now I have in my cell, I need to put it as my dp.. Aaj Phir SE raat me change bhi karna.. These crazy people have given me a crazy dare but I am not backing out .. ..

        Upsc is hard but I am sure that you are very hardworking and you will make it out.. Your is quite a lot strict .. In our class, toh usually someone gives proxy attendance.. We have a Turkish girl in our class, azra.. She has a very flexible voice .. She can change her voice easily.. All ask her to give proxy.. Par didn’t I mention ki maine kal nahi bunk maara tha.. I did bunk once but before the vacations., not now.. Even I hate the moral education class but normally, we study and only the Christians go to the inhouse chapel.. Aadhe se zyada to class me atheist hai..

        And love you so much.. I felt bad for sir when he was hurt par you know na devil inside us .. It’s happy because we are free.. Pheww

    2. Anu_M

      Rusty dusty brain.. Zyada nahi.. Rusty dusty brain wale upsc ke liye nahi jaate… Woh ghar pe baith kar saaf safayi karte hai..

      Thank u thanky.. Abhi shock me rahna padega.. Bad me I’ll teveal who did what.. Who the person is and what and why

      1. Dont ovrthink abt me anu… really im nutts. Im nt genius to crack upsc all anu… nd waiting for nxt part… hshehe being a student whn our faculty is on leave or hurt we may njy dat moment.. dats human nature… so we are…. ok hw ws ur day??? Clge i mean… r studying as resident student in clge??? Kk bye tc

      2. Anu_M

        Navi if you are nuts then I am bold which has got crack and is loose from all sides..
        Thank u .. Par pata hai the faculty of natural sciences is here is very good., faculty of engineer is just so bad and faculty of physics.. No comments on it..

        The next chapter is posted..

        No, I am not still a resident student., I am non- resident student only .. I’ll try this year.. Actually the problem is that I dibt have to live here permanently so that’s causing problem but this year, hopefully they will agree.. All the documents and taxes wale paper are prepared.. Hope it works otherwise for out of state students , the price is very high..

    1. Anu_M

      Tysm sanika… ??

  15. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear..missed to comment on last part .. Sorry yaar. Oh so u r 19… So I’m elder to you.. Hope you r in dp ..looking beautiful yaar

    1. Anu_M

      Koi baat nahi Di.. It’s ok.. Thank u so much.. Anu di par kal when I received the popup message , the notification, you had a different dp.. I it was you, you were looking so cute.. Why did you remove it??

      1. AnuAnn

        Yup dt was me.. BT I’m in love with helly’s my dp pic.. So I changed it which was my previous dp

      2. Anu_M

        Ohh.. Koi nahi.. Even I am putting my pic because my friends dared me to put my worst pic.. ??

  16. hi anu….
    the teaser is really interesting….
    yr ab neend nh ayegi mujhe…
    n my first reaction was.. silent readers aj plzz comment kr dena wrna i will die due to curiosity…
    n i must say u r looking so cute in the pic…
    n ofcourse u hav beautiful eyes..
    chalo bye bye…
    love you…
    take care…

    1. Anu_M

      Thank u janvi.. Par yaar I had no plans of disturbing your sleep..

      Shh.. Galat baat nahi karte.. Should not talk about dying and all.. And you liked my eyes.. A beautiful compliment indeed.. Love you too dear.. ??

  17. Anu I’m writing Ishq wala love diff ff.. 12 episodes are completed.. πŸ™‚ I had written an os also.. Swasan The light of my life.. & after 25th july I’m gonna start my new ff swasan: happy ending.. I had posted its prologue too.. getting less response bt its ok.. m writing ffs coz I like to write.. so m happy & thankful to those who cmnts me.. πŸ™‚

    1. Btw waiting fr ur ff eagerly.. when ur posting yarrr…

      1. Anu_M

        I’ll pucca read your ff when I get time.. Abhi toh I am just on my way back to home after college.. All my energy is drained.. I’ll read and then give my feedback…

        The next chapter is already posted

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