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A girl and a boy were standing near the window of an apartment..

The boy ( shouting as loud as he can)- ??? I love u Shona.. I love u so much.. Will you do the pleasure of marrying me??

Shona- ??? yes Mr. Varun.. I do.. I will but I love u more..

Varun- ??? no.. I love you more..

Shona- no .. No .. (Shaking his head).. I love you more.. Agree.. Otherwise, I won’t marry you.. ???

Varun- (shockingly)- ??? what?!?

Shona- (in stern tone)- ?? YES

Varun- (in teasing tone)- ??ok then., prove me that u love me more..

Saying this, he held her waist and nuzzled his face in the crook of her neck..

Shona- (fumbling) ?? wha.. Wha.. What are yo.. You doing var..un..

Varun- ??? U only said na, you love me more then prove that…

He bit her supple skin and then continued placing wet kisses on her shoulder.. His lips roamed around her face and soon found the possession of her lips.. He kissed her lightly but she fisted her palms in his hair and deepened the kiss.. The intensity of their passion was increasing .. It was not a simple kiss symbolizing lust.. It was a kiss poured with emotions of love.. A promise to be together which was sealed.. They broke out but their foreheads were still against each other..

Shona- I love you..

Varun- I know..

They departed from each other when they heard a loud bang sound., A man appeared infront of them.. Shona quickly held the hand of varun, seeing the man..

Varun- you.. How did you come inside but.. The door is closed (confused)..

The man- (laughing like a maniac) oh devil.. These humans are such big fools.. (In loud and angry tone ).. I told u before.. I am sahil, the king of the Devils … The ruler of the night dark world .. I can go anywhere I want .. I can do anything I want.. Even the night world creature, wolves , vampires and werewolves bow their head infront of me .. Then you are only human.. Only human and your Shona didn’t do good by rejecting me..

He chanted something and the very next moment, a long chain appeared and it wrapped around varun’s body and dashed his body to the wooden cupboard behind., He got bruised badly ..

Varun- ahh

Shona- VARUNNNN!! Leave him sahil….

Sahil- ( laughing ) Are u mocking, sweetheart??

He clutched her hair.

Sahil- why do you think, I will leave you both?? I proposed you.. HOW DARE YOU reject me .. ( clutching her hair more tightly.. She tried to escape but it resulted in more stronger grip of his).. You rejected my love for u .. You rejected the king of the dark night world for a useless human.. Now you have to suffer .. But , sweetheart what to do, you are so beautiful.. I don’t think of punishing you .. I will give you an option , accept me , devote yourself to me , love me and I’ll save your live.,

Varun shouted with all his might. He tried hard to break the chains but they were magical chains .. He was bound.. He felt so helpless for not being able to save his beloved from the monster..

Shona- no .. I only love varun and till my last breath , he will be with me ..

Sahil – ( mad with anger) How dare you say that!!

He banged her head to the wall and again asked..

Sahil- tell me .. Whom do you love??..

Varun – leave her.. Sahil. Leave her .. ( sahil smirked).. I said leave her.. Her head is bleeding.. Sahillll!!!

Sahil- Shona .. Say..

Shona – ( eyes filled with tear but with extreme confidence ) I love only varun.. Only him..

Sahil- how dare you..

He used his sorcerous powers and flew her high in air and dropped her from there.. Her whole body ached miserably..

Varun- SHONA..!!!! SHONA.. Leave her , U monster .. Kill me but leave her .. Pls leave her ..

Sahil didn’t pay any heed to Varun’s word and continued towards swara..

Sahil- tell me .. Whom do you love now??

Shona- (smiled).. Varun

Sahil was infuriated … He got mad at Shona..

Varun- I beg u sahil, leave her Pls.. Kill me but leave her..

Shona – (with all the energy left) varun.. I love you and will always do.. May be we are not destined to meet in this birth but we will surely meet again..

Varun- nothing will happen to you Shona.. Look at me .. Nothing will happen..

Sahil- I will never let you both be together, neither in this birth nor in another..

Varun – No sahil.. Don’t harm her.. Stop please…

Sahil paid no attention to his words.
He held Shona and pushed her towards the glass doorframe .. He again pushed her and she hitted against the glass so hard that her whole body pierced with its pieces and she fell from the apartment right down on the road… In a pool of blood, she closed her eyes and surrendered her soul to God .. She died..

A girl waked up shouting, “NO!!!”.. Sweat dropped from her forehead and she was panting heavily.. She tried to take the glass of water on her side table but her shivery hands didn’t support her and the glass dropped with a thud.. Her mother who listened the voice came rushing inside the room…

SHARMISHTHA- SWARA.. What happen .. Are you ok??

SWARA- hmm.. I am ok ma..

SHARMISHTHA – kya hua., fir SE wahi sapna..

SWARA- haa Ma.. Fir se wahi sapna jis me, mai kisi se pyaar karti hoo and then someone kills me.. Actually, it’s not me .. It’s Shona and I am SWARA .. Just that she looks ditto same like me … ( she tried to act as cheerful as she good though the dream always haunts her)

SHARMISHTHA – (cupping her face) SWARA , I know you are afraid of this dream then why do you act.. Tell me all your pains.. I am your mother..

SWARA- (hugging her tight) Ma .. I don’t know.. From so much time I am seeing these dreams.. First it were only in flashes where I could see only me being tortured but now , I could see everything clearly.. Ma, when I see the man torturing the girl, I feel he is torturing me .. When I see the girl in pain, it feels it’s me who is in pain.. And that man.. Varun.. When he shouts, when he struggles, it all seems, it’s for me.. Oopar se that girl looks same like me.. I don’t know why I get these dreams.. Why does it haunts me … What does this means.. Ma.. Do these dreams have some significance ??? Some untold stories..

SHARMISHTHA – shhh… Calm down SWARA.. Forget it.. And after all today is the first day of your college.. Go get ready …

SWARA- oops.. Yea.. Ok Ma.. You stay here .. I am going to get fresh.. I’ll get very late..

SHARMISHTHA – arey sun toh ..

SWARA- (while rushing inside the washroom) Ma.. Jaao papa bula rahe hai.. Bahut miss kar rahe hai aap ko.. Jaao unse baat Karo

SHARMISHTHA – ye ladki bhi na… Fully pagal.. In one minute emotional and in another happy.. God please… Always keep my bacchi happy..



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      Thank u so much honey.. U r such a cutie pie.. Loads of love for u and your beautiful comment..

      And yes , I read your os .. There’s plent time for my next flight. I have time and time.. Lol.. I was toh shopping at Kl airport.. It’s the best airport in world.. Kuch toh faayda uthayenge na., ??. The os is written wonderfully dear.. Every word is carved with a special grace.. Do produce more work after your exams.. It would give you more experience and you can work more on your skills.. Oops.. All the best for your exams

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    Hey anu……hi yaar…..Ur ffs n ss all are just awesome…….n sometimes v get short of words to express how btfly u potrey the stories????…..am a kind of silent reader…..???…..cz I do comment so rarely…..??……and as usual dis plot is also fantastic….????

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      Thank u so much tanu.. I just can’t describe how much I felt happy, when u said that one falls short of words for appreciating my skills.. ?? .. And Idk what to say more but thank u again for commenting..

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      Tysm swasanfan.. I replied to your message.. Are you angel goldie.. If yes, then my di is a big fan of all your ffs specially “tu mera humsafar”.. I read it recently on di’s insistence and it was worth of praise.. I didn’t read your other works so nothing about them

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    Wow anu.. Wonderful concept.. ?
    I love to read this further. ?
    It’s ok dear. Take your time & update.
    Will wait for your update.

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      Pramudi.. Thank u for understanding.. And I hope .. I’ll reach all yours expectation and will try to post asap

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      Yeh bar baar poochne se .. Mai tujhe bhool nahi jaungi.. So sto asking that question.. Understand or not.. Remembering u and Laiba only, I wisjed for Eid

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        Angry Anu ka angry avatar.. Is very rare.. Dekhna chahogi.. Hhehe.. Choda it’s a limited edition for some people.. Wohoo your birthday when it is .. And I am not writing any other ff.. ??

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    Finally ur back.

    This was superb.

    Last SS????

    Aise mat karona yaar.

    I understand u r very busy but try to comeback atleast with a OS whenever u r free.

    Love ya!

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    wow gr8 story plz continue waiting for next part well thats my usual comment kya karun I’m damn lazy but u r my cutie na cho dephinachion phi dhe dhia plz post next part soon or else I’ll die re baba

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      This is not your usual comment sweetu.. U are a gem .. U always make ME smile and even now.. I’ll try to post asap but college load..

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    Its awesome dr…. Can u pls tell the titles of ur previous works…. I missed it…. Can u give those??

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      Ty Shan..
      My previous works include

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      Yes dear.. It’s an SS.. SS is the abbreviation for short story.. In hurry, I forgot that I didn’t mention the chapter number

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        Oh sorry.actually i saw it os instead of ss.after viewing ur reply further i go through the title nd i realised my mistake

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