SWARA was setting the things when SANSKAAR came out of the washroom with just a towel wrapped around his waist.. SWARA looked up and her mouth formed ‘O’.. She quickly turned..

SWARA- sanskaar.. (Embarrassed) .. Wear Something fast idiot .. You are so besharam..

SANSKAAR- achaa.. What did I know you will be in my room?

SWARA- wait.. I am leaving..

He held her wrist and hugged her from back and scrubbed his wet hair over her neck..

SANSKAAR- why are you blushing blushing and shying so much as of last night you didn’t see me like this?

He started singing, ” Ho saari night besharmi ki height

Ho saari night besharmi ki height
Ik tu.. ik main..
Aur ho dim dim ye light

Ho saari night besharmi ki height..
Ho saari night besharmi ki height..
Ik tu.. ik main..
Aur ho dim dim ye light”

SWARA feeling extremely embarrassed and angry, knocked him at his stomach and murmured “besharam”.. SANSKAAR chuckled looking at her.. She tried to moved from there but he dragged her towards him..

SWARA- why don’t you ever let me go? Always drag me..

SANSKAAR- I won’t ever let you go away from me..

He kissed her forehead so lovingly and she felt blessed.. Blessed by his touch.. Blessed to get his love..

Afternoon time… SWARA and SANSKAAR were at airport.. SWARA was ready to check in.. A single year dropped from his eye but he quickly wiped it off.. He knew how much she missed her parents and couldn’t hold her back. It wasn’t that he didn’t love his parents. He loved them very much but her love for her parents was completely different. She realised his pain and hugged him. She kissed him on cheeks and didn’t say good bye. Because it wasn’t… It was a promise that these distances can never be hurdles for their relationship. They would love each other always and she left..

SANSKAAR went back to home.. As he went, he got engrossed in his laptop just not to miss her.. In between, he called her name to get her a cup of coffee but then reliased that she was gone.

SANSKAAR (monologue)- I am missing you so much SWARA.. It’s not even complete 3 hours that you have left.. I need to complete my work soon so that I can come to you..

Here SWARA sat on her seat.. She looked at the shades of the sky from her window. She turned and found SANSKAAR sitting on the seat beside her. She raised her hand to touch him and her illusion disappeared. Reality struck her and with saddened eyes, she fell into a deep slumber..

SWARA had recently travelled to London for her studies. She was the topper at her college which was a branch of The university of London. Seeing her constant achievements, the university of London offered her to complete her last 1 year of education in London. Now, she stood at the door of her apartment struggling to ring the bell.. She tucked the strand of hair behind her ear.. That was her habit. Whenever she was nervous she would do so.. Though she belonged to a rich family, she was humble and shy.. She feared this world. She wanted to fly.. She wanted to wear those modern clothes.. She wanted to do all those masti but she was scared.. The people of this world seemed scary to her, especially boys. She was hella nervous as she had to share her apartment with a boy SANSKAAR who has been already living there since past 3 years. She again gathered her hair to tuck it, but meanwhile the door opened. SANSKAAR came out with a sweet smile on her face.

PRECAP- PRESENT: SWARA- sanskaar.. Pick up the phone.. Pick u the phone SANSKAAR .. (She shouted).. The phone fell from her hand and she creeped and sat with a thud on floor. Burying her face in her knees, she cries miserably..

PAST: SWARA and SANSKAAR to do masti.. SANSKAAR to introduce SWARA to a new face of the world..


  1. JANVI

    it was jussst awsm di…..
    bt precap sounds scary….
    nd the passt prt was so natural…
    nd yup… ur dp is so cute n beautiful….
    nd thankfully it was not a major accident…. just few broken bones…nd head injury….
    acha hua ki right side pr giri or else mera toh sandwich hi ban jana tha…. lol….

    • Anu_M



      Happy Ganesh chaturthi to you too… Thank u dear.. It’s a little scary but not to be scared a lot.. Past is credited to girl empowerment..❤️❤️Love ya and by god’s grace you didn’t have any major injuries.. Take care

  2. Kakali

    Beautiful chappy Anu..😙. little bit emotional too…loved it… short or long it really doesn’t matter to me much,, u updateed for us that’s enough dear… SWASAN moments were tooo cute…. 😍.. precap is scary..just hope for d best….
    N Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to u n all…😊😊

    • Anu_M



      Thank u kakali.. So sweet of you.. For you I will definitely try to post a bigger chapter.. For precap “fingers crossed”.. Happy Ganesh chaturthi to you too.. 😍😍

  3. Scooby


    |Registered Member

    wow amazing chapie dr…. each chapie of urs are haunting me… their understanding care towards eachothr ws superb.. the past and present were good… its like anu dr travelling to london for her studies and she is quite nervous first bt now naughty 🙂 🙂 😀

  4. RUPA


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    As always it’s awesome ! But a little short.

    Swara scared and tucking tresses ! Aha ! It will be a sight to watch !!

    BTW u r looking PRETTY AWESOME in DP.


    Waiting for next part..!!

    • Anu_M



      Sorry rupa.. I know it was short..

      Definitely will try to make it interesting

      Thank u 😊😊

      Many wishes to you too dear

      Have to see when to post..

  5. Madhu

    What happend ?????😰😰😰😰😰why she is crying😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 hope nothing will happen to swasan😰😰😰😰😰😰
    Awsome part dr😊😊😊😊😊

  6. Tia

    Hey ANU.. I am your sweet silent reader. There has been an os competition organised. Will you please participate in it for us. Please!! I have even sent you a private message. Do check!

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    Buddies important note to anu readers.. plz read dis…
    our anu has got her left hand fractured, so kindly pray for her recovery and this my request to u all…..

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