HELLO PEOPLE.. I have decided that from next chapter I will write both past and present.. But I am very upset as the comments are gradually decreasing.. Don’t you like this new track? If it goes on like this, I don’t think I’ll be able to continue.. ???.. Navi , this chapter is for you.. You asked me something on london times so here it is..

SWARA and sanskaar were sitting in a park. Swara was leaning her head on his shoulder while their hands were entwined. They were looking at the charismatic sun rising with a new shine.

SWARA- sanskaar.. Tomorrow I am going back to India.

SANSKAAR stood up with a jerk.


SWARA- I have completed my graduation. There’s no point of here living in London. Mumma – dad is missing me.. Please (she made a puppy face)..

SANSKAAR (sad)- is that so? But I have to stay some more days here. My deal is not completed. (Upset) That means I won’t see you for many days.(cheerful) Stay with me the whole day today. Pleaseeeeeee

SWARA- is that something to ask?

He gently pecked her forehead.

They stood their smiling at the most beautiful park in London, the Hyde park. The refreshing atmosphere filled them with happiness.

SANSKAAR- I have a gift for you..

SWARA- gift????

He took out a dark coloured packet and handed over it to swara. She opened it and to her surprise, she found chocolates. The world famous Chelsea chocolate which made her mouth always watery. Both shared and ate the sweet delicacy.

Walking through the streets of London, they went to the St. Paul’s cathedral , the place where princess Diana and prince Charles were married. Looking at the images, SWARA witnessed an imagination.


SWARA dresses up like a bride in a white gown, covering her face with a white veil and with red roses In Her hand entered the church. SANSKAAR was already present there decked up in white fully. He placed his hand before her and she held it tightly. They took vows to be with each other, to be married and then were declared husband and wife. SANSKAAR removed her veil and kissed her and she forgot everything in that single moment. The bouquet of roses , she held, fell down and her hands travelled to ruffle his hair.

SWARA came out of her imagination by the soft shaking of SANSKAAR. She blushed looking at him and snuggled her lips over his. She poured all her passion and happiness in the kiss. He was surprised by her act but responded back. When they broke out, he rubbed his nose on her soft skin which made her blush more.

SANSKAAR- what was that for?

SWARA- because you always make me feel special..

SANSKAAR- and you make me feel complete.

He didn’t leave her hand for a minute. She was like a piece of puzzle which when fitted with him made them complete.

It’s always said that girls are shopaholics but for this couple it was different. SANSKAAR was a big shopaholic but every good he bought, was not for him, It was for his lady love. She stood faraway admiring him and if she would not have stop him so that was for sure that he would buy the whole Oxford street and harrod’s for her.. Such was his love.. Solemn and infinite

SWARA tried to drag SANSKAAR and take him with her but no, he was stubborn on staying there with even having 10 shopping bags in his hand. What she next saw, made her shocked. She couldn’t believe her own eyes. It was a wax figure of her. She was reminded of the day when they went at madam tussauds wax museum. Looking at the wax figures of the celebrity, she had squealed and wished if her wax statue was also made.. Tears dropped from her eyes looking at his selfless love.

SANSKAAR back hugged her..,

SANSKAAR- how is it SWARA? Don’t think I have got this made for you. It’s for me. For some days you won’t be there with me so whenever I will miss you , I will talk to her , play with her and can even kiss her..

She slightly beated him at his shoulder and then hugged cryingly..

SANSKAAR- arey.. Looks like my SHONA is jealous.. Stop crying .. (But she didn’t). Ok.. Ok.. I won’t take kisses from her. You only give me on phone.

SWARA (smiled) – NAUTANKI..

SANSKAAR- so toh mai hoon..

The day came to an end and the sky hailed a dark shade. SWARA and SANSKAAR moved towards their last destination, “THE LONDON EYE”.. To make their ride more memorable, SANSKAAR had booked for a cupid’s capsule. The ferris looked more beautiful at night when it sparkled due to the various glimmery lights which had been put up at this periphery. The couple entered the private capsule and with each other’s warmth had a beautiful experience.

They reached back the apartment and were teary eyed. They were going to miss each other badly. Really badly.. He pulled her closely and his hand rested on her neck. His thumb travelled along her soft skin and they kissed each other as if melting in it, as if it was the survival of their breath. They had a long, soft kiss. Sometimes good byes are hardest but the new hope which it brings, is the strongest, something was different today. Her eyes joined with his. Her scent was elating him and he knew it. His hands smoothly travelled the zip of her dress down. She realised what he was expecting of her. She was confused but then when they weren’t strangers, when their heart weren’t strangers, when their soul weren’t strangers, when they longed for each other then it didn’t matter the barriers between them. And now, she was happy and hugged him, in anticipation. His arms trembled as he held her and their heart beats pumped louder and louder. He scooped her in his arms and placed her on bed. And he again kissed her. The thought of her being away from him, pained him and he pressed himself more to her. He felt her mouth being bruised and he was pulled back to reality. Under his fevered passion, he would have definitely hurt her. She looked at him. His eyes which were always filled with love for him, was today covered with a layer of guilt. She unbuttoned her shirt and placed some feathery kisses on his chest and smiled shyly. He looked on shocked. He’d never felt any moment as right and pleasurable as this was. Two people who are madly in love with each other donor require words to speak, their silence speaks much more than their words. Both breath heavily, not being tired of seeing each other. Just looking and feeling each other. Tangled together, she soughed and they made love. The lightning met the earth. The rain drops hued. The moon went Shy and the stars twinkled bright. The whole of universe smiled as the two copulates became one..


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