A huge pub is shown.. People are crowded in it.. A girl is seen rejoicing and dancing to the beats of music.. A handsome man enters and the girls ogle at him. The girl who was previously dancing also looked at this man. The man smirked and winked at her but she ignored him. He then came to her and smiled but she again ignored him. The boy pulled her and dragged her towards him and the girl was shocked. She stamped her foot and angrily went away.. The boy jumped in pain but again caught hold of her and took her in his arms..

THE GIRL- leave me you idiot.. Idiot .. Sanskar.. Keep me down..

SANSKAAR- swara.. I didn’t hold you for leaving you..

SWARA- ye lo filmy .. Cheesy.. Typical indian movie lines.. Now leave..

He placed her down..

Swara didn’t reply anything.. He smirked thinking of a plan and pinned her to a wall at a corner..

SWARA (her throat went dry)- what.. Are …. You…. Trying to do sanskaar?

SANSKAAR- you know ..

SWARA- don’t even try .. Stay away..

He held her waist and leaned more towards her.. Caressing her face, he touched her lips and soon captured them to relish its taste.. She was melting by his soft touch but continued beating him with her soft hands..

SANSKAAR- tasty..

SWARA – don’t you try to come close to me.. I’ll chop you off here now..

SANSKAAR- still angry on me..?!?

SWARA- is that something to ask?

SANSKAAR- sorry na..

SWARA- what sorry.. You promised to spend the whole day with me and then broke it..

SANSKAAR (holding his ear)- sorry .. I was stuck up.. Sorry, my SHONA.. I really got an important work..

SWARA- your sorry is not accepted..

SANSKAAR- sorry .. Sorry .. Sorry.. Pls maaf Kar do..

She nodded her head in a no.. He again asked but the reply was same.. His cute antics weren’t working and he knew what he had to do..

SWARA suddenly felt a heavy weight on her neck.. It was SANSKAAR kissing her neck wildly.. She closed her eyes .. He left a hickey and she gasped with pleasure..

SANSKAAR- I love you..

SWARA- SANSKAAR .. I hate you .. Stop right now..

But he was in no mood to listen and his tantalizing hands again travelled to secure her waist for a passionate kiss and so he did..

Swara’s knee grew jelly.. This wasn’t the first time .. It always happened when this man came to close her.. She made a mental note to run away from his pleasure otherwise all her anger would disappear in a fraction of seconds…

As their lips parted, she pushed him and ran as fast that could be possible but OOPS.. She stopped..


Dance dance everybody

SANSKAAR came at the mid of dance floor..

Getting hot in the party

He grabbed the hand of two girls and turned them while the girls flirtatiously drooled over him

Common common start feeling

He winked at SWARA and started dancing..

Dance dance everybody

While SWARA fumed in anger..

Bhagre di queen main taan

She looked at him and also started

Kudi so haseen main taan

The boys surrounded her and all danced..

Meri hai gazab galbaat

SANSKAAR burned in jealousy..

Figure hega kaint mera

She shaked her body and kept on dancing moving her waist..

Thumka excellent mera

She gave killer looks.. SANSKAAR knew His plan was backfired on him only..

Groovy groovy hoja mere saath

He was all bowled looking at her..

Nachange saari raat soniyo ve
Nachange saari raat soniyo ve

Both danced and danced..

Karle thoda sa pyaar soniyo ve
Karle thoda sa pyaar

Ae jhanjhran da sound

The victory ball went in SWARA’S hand ..

Te hilda ground

She thought to make him more jealous..

Main cham cham nachdi firra

And danced closely with a man.

Akhan meri tight

She hugged the other man

Javan main left right

And continued ignoring SANSKAAR..

Ke mundeyan ton bachdi firra

Even not looking at his pleading face..

Munda hoga woh to lucky

It was enough for sanskar..

Jiske liye tune rakhi

For an impatient man he was,

Apne ye ankhon ki sharab

He felt miserable looking at her lady love dancing with someone else..

Dil mera theek hega

And so pushed the man dancing with her such that he fell straight on her leg.

Ishqe ch weak hega

SWARA laughed looked at his act.

Karde tu isko faraat

She went to him and sensually moved her hand over his chest..

Nachange saari raat soniyo ve
Nachange saari raat soniyo ve

She took his hand and placed it on her waist.

Karle thoda sa pyaar soniyo ve
Karle thoda sa pyaar

Dance dance everybody

She kissed his forehead

Getting hot in the party

His nose..

Common common start feeling

His cheeks..

Dance dance everybody

The distance decreased between them..

Kudiye tu fine

And when they were just about to kiss..

Ab de de mujhe line

SWARA pushed him and moved.

Main tere naal jachda bada

He fell back in shock while she rocked.

Wajda hai band

But he was no less ..

Tu de de mujhe hand

He back hugged her and

Floor pe main kabse khada

Started planting soft kisses on her bare hand.

Na zidd very much kari

She again tried to leave him.

Mujhko na touch kari

SANSKAAR- not now.. You have rise too many emotions in me.. Don’t leave..

Karle control jazbaat

She smiled..

Phir bhi jo na maane dil

SWARA- I love you SANSKAAR..

Karta jaaye tujhko kill

SANSKAAR- I love you too SHONA.. Finally .. You aren’t angry on me..

Thaam le aake mera haath

She lifted her hand and placing on his hand on her ..

We can stay up all night soniyo ve

He twirled her all around..

Karlo thoda sa pyaar soniyo ve


[need a suggestion… Scroll down]

Karlo thoda sa pyaar

Nachange saari raat soniyo ve
Nachange saari raat soniyo ve
Karle thoda sa pyaar soniyo ve
Karle thoda sa pyaar ..

#heya people..

SWASAN character sketch tomorrow.. Many many many people messaged me to add some swasan romantic scenes.. Hope you liked it.. Specially for you all.. Because you all know this is completely off beat of what I write..

Now I need a suggestion… There are two options tell me with which one I should go..

1. Should I give a swasan love story track flashback scene as to how they fell in love..

2. Directly start the next with their further challenges and love life..

I’ll give you a hint to what will be next in swasan life..(future).. I got this idea when one of my cousin was reading Shakespeare’s mechant of Venice.. I personally hate Shakespeare.. Back to topic.. Remember the condition Portia’s father laid.. Bas iske aage no hint…

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  1. Tamanna

    Nice… I think you should go for option 1

    1. Anu_M

      Ok dear.. Thank u ..

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    1. Anu_M

      Tysm kakali.. I understood what you meant.. ❤️?? no worries..

    1. Anu_M

      Thank u s..

  3. hi di….
    well choose whichever u want to… cuz i luv d way u write…
    nd the merchant of venice twist is quite intresting…..
    actually its in my course too….
    n luv u….

    1. Anu_M

      Ok sweetu.. Thank u.. Merchant if Venice in your course.. Galti se bhi don’t relate your course.. Sirf concept basis waisa hoga portia and bassanio nahi.. Pata chala unki jagah mistakenly u wrote SWARA& SANSKAAR .. ??? love u too

  4. Rabia

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  6. Arshaanya

    Loved it ?..
    Jus lil bit flashback how dey knw each other n how dey fell in love dan option 2..
    Bt choice is urs u can choose any option coz u knw bettr dan us how d story will move frwd

    1. Anu_M

      Glad u liked it.. As you all say but seeing everyone’s comment for two or three chapters, I feel that I’ll give both past and present..

  7. Samaira

    No wards. Option 2. Loving this love story. M warning u dont kill them again. If it continues then after 7 birh they will not get any birth. Hehe n will not get any chance to write. Acca did u write any ff before.

    1. Anu_M

      Lol.. Thank u .. IS baar unki lovestory complete ho hi jaayegi.. For ff toh I only write we are destined to be together.. I have a written one shot “I love you” and 3 three shots “kidnapped” “my veiled princess” & “unexpected”

  8. wow awesome anu dr… hahahha their love fite ws superb then dance along with it to make jealosy and kindle their feelings…. go with option 1. may b aftr that futrue :p

    1. Anu_M

      Thank u navi.. I have decided for some chapters, I’ll write both past and present together otherwise you will loose the track of the present..

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    Girl u rocked it !

    Well coming to story both the ideas are good in their own right.

    I’ll read whatever u write.

    But if i had to choose among one
    then I would like to see a little flashback
    means how they fell in love and their relationship
    in 1-2 epis. Then u can go for their further life.

    Waiting for next part..!!

    1. Anu_M

      Thank u and as u all say.. I’ll give both past and present..????☺️?

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  12. Mica

    it’s publish today only, but i didn’t see, almost miss it..
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      Thank u yaar.. ???

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    1. Anu_M

      Really.. You read all the chapters in a go.. Thank u for your sweet comment.. ??? I’ll try to give a beautiful track.. Hope you all like it..

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