But the beast didn’t reciprocate at his words.. He jumped and inserted his fangs in her delicate neck.. SWARA felt immense, unbearable pain.. But it was nothing infront of her inner turmoil.. The pain of the wounds she had been receiving in this hard day.. She closed her eyes.. She didn’t want to live anymore.. She wanted to flow away from this world and end this whirl of pain .. She was ready for it.. She sighed but she never wanted to die like this.. Never in her life she had expected to die by her own love’s hand but it was happening today and she couldn’t do anything..

“Aah”, she exclaimed.. The sharp penetrating object was removed from her skin but the pain was unbearable.. Blood stains had filled the upper portion of her dress.. Blood flowed like stream from her body but she wanted to die then why did SANSKAAR let him live half alive.. She looked to see that a werewolf had attacked sanskaar and saved her.. They both were having a fierce fight.. In no time, with extraordinary fast speed another vampire arrived and it was none other than RAGINI.. Ragini took SWARA in her arms And ran .. The werewolf also followed them and soon they disappeared from SANSKAAR’s side. SWARA fell unconscious..



It was still dark.. I forced my eyelids to open and looked at my calm surroundings. I was in a beautiful room on a large bed but how did I come here.. I slightly moved my hand and fell back due to the pain.. The wound was cleaned and bandaged but the pain would never subside.. All cheated me with their reality and SANSKAAR….. He hates me so much that he even tried to take away my life.. Why me.. Tears rolled my cheeks .. But then I couldn’t cry like This .. No… I need to know the answer why me? Why me? And then I spotted ragini coming.. She has to answer me .. I tried moving from the bed but stopped seeing ragini and that werewolf talking..

RAGINI- who are you and why did you save swara’s life?

WEREWOLF- why shouldn’t I save my sister’s life ,ragini?

And then he transformed into human body.. I heard ragini whispering “laksh” and then the plates fell from her hand.. What’s happening? My heads paining like hell.. I am getting some flashes.. Why did this man call me her sister? Why did SANSKAAR want to kill me? How are ragini and SANSKAAR vampire? Why did ragini save me and I ended up shouting loud “why?” .. I held my head in pain and saw ragini and that man, laksh, coming towards me but I least cared.. Ragini tried to calm me.. She tried to persuade me to sleep but no.. I won’t .. I created a mess.. She called out my name and spoke that my wound is fresh and would start hurting me more but these questions were hurting me more.. I was ardent at knowing my answers.. I plunged all my doubts on her .. Due to load, my neck region started bleeding again.. Helplessly she agreed to tell me everything..



RAGINI- SWARA.. Sit down.. I will tell you everything..

RAGINI explained the whole past to SWARA..

SWARA- laksh bhai but you died then how come you became a werewolf..

LAKSH- yes I died but my soul didn’t get peace .. My soul was wandering in search of revenge from that SAHIL but sahil captured my soul and put it in a werewolf’s body..

RAGINI- but now sahil has died and the new queen is kavita and Kavita wants to marry SANSKAAR..

SWARA- but why?

LAKSH- because SANSKAAR is not a normal night world creature.. He is the most powerful from all of us.. He is a cursed vampire.. After 12 o’clock, he becomes uncontrollable.. He is not him.. He is not our SANSKAAR.. He is in control of the Devils at that time.. His thirst of blood increases and as he smells human blood, he pounces on the creature.. He doesn’t cares if that person lives or die.. Nobody is ever able to overpower him and marrying such a creature would benefit kavita in Increasing her powers..

RAGINI- and due to this reason only he wanted to keep you away from him.. He doesn’t hate you SWARA.. He loves you so much but he knows that if you are with him then you will always be in danger.. In morning when he will wake up and realise what he did with you , he will punish himself.. He wants to love you so much but he can’t.. His love is pure and is continuing from ages.. He never wanted to hurt you but he had to ..

SWARA cries..

SWARA- VARUN and SHONA weren’t United but God has given us second birth as SWARA and SANSKAAR.. We are destined to meet then why not.. RAGINI.. LAKSH bhai.. Is there no way SANSKAAR can be saved from this curse and you all can come back to your normal life..

RAGINI- there’s a way SWARA..

LAKSH- the good has to defeat the evil..

RAGINI- the snow queen can save all of us..

SWARA- snow queen? Who’s she?

LAKSH- she is god’s purest creature.. As pure as a snow.. She is the epitome life of good… She is born to enlighten the good.. If the snow queen kills kavita then all will be saved.. And SANSKAAR will also get freed from the curse..

SWARA- then where is this snow queen?

RAGINI- we don’t know.. According to us snow queen is there in our college.. That’s why me and SANSKAAR joined the college.. We tried our best to find her.. She herself doesn’t know that she is the snow queen.. Infact nobody knows who she is but jst that there is a special mark on the back of her neck.. And it does not appear on night.. Only in the morning..

LAKSH- I don’t understand how we will we be able to find her.. Will we ever be able to find her?

SWARA- bhai.. Don’t loose hope.. We will definitely be able to find her..

Suddenly SWARA screamed in pain.. Her neck had again started bleeding..

The sun was rising and raglak immediately held SWARA.. RAGINI moved her hairs and removed the bandage and she was shocked.. The sun rose and SWARA’S mark shined.. It was the same mark which the snow queen was supposed to have both raglak looked at each other and passed a warm, affectionate smile.. SWARA was the snow queen.. She was there life saviour.. Yes , she was the chosen one from the almighty .. They held their hands and relief poured over them..


SANSKAAR was whipping himself badly.. Memories of last night flashed in his mind and he beated himself harder.. He was punishing himself for hurting SWARA.. His body became blue and blood oozed out from places.. SWARA looked at this and ran removes the whip from his hand..

SWARA- what are you doing this SANSKAAR?

SANSKAAR- leave me SWARA.. This is my punishment.. I always hurt others.. I am not capable of living.. I want to die but I such a cursed fellow that I can’t die too..

SWARA placed her hand on his mouth..

SWARA- SANSKAAR.. Pls don’t say like this.. It’s not your mistake.. Nothing is your mistake.. You are very nice..

SANSKAAR fell on his knees and held swara’s waist and cried.. SWARA was shattered lookin at SANSKAAR’s state.. He was crying miserably..

SANSKAAR- why are you here SWARA? Go from here.. I am a bad fellow.. You have to hate me even if you know The truth.. You are the purest soul.. You deserve someone great.. Not me..

SWARA- how can you say like this SANSKAAR? I am varun’s SHONA and SANSKAAR’s SWARA.. God has given me rebirth to meet you.. We are destined to be together.. Always.. And I will save you all.. I am the snow queen SANSKAAR..

(RAGINI told SWARA about her identity)

SANSKAAR – SWARA you are the snow queen..

SWARA- yes .. I am the snow queen SANSKAAR..

And she kissed him lovingly.. He melted by her touch .. It felt as if all his pains vanished by her this sweet gesture..He felt blessed but he didn’t respond.. He didn’t want to serve her pain but it was becoming impossible for him to resist her.. She kept on kissing him but he didn’t budge .. She frowned and making a pout left him.. How adorable..


He plastered his lips on her giving her the feel of love and she gave him the touch of love.. Unspoken words and unspoken promises were exchanged..

SWARA- once more..

SANSKAAR- what … the kiss

SWARA- no.. Pls once more say I love you..

SANSKAAR- I love you SWARA..

SWARA- once more please..

SANSKAAR- I love you SWARAaaa

SWARA- once more..

SANSKAAR- I love you.. Now ok..


She pecked his lips and mouthed a thank you..

PRECAP- MAHA MAHA EPISODE… DO OR DIE WALA.. Remember the last two teaser

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