After few minutes of SANSKAAR leaving, someone held Swara’s hand and pushed her towards himself towards a dark corner side..

SWARA- sunny leave me..

SUNNY- baby.. You are looking so gorgeous today.. I don’t feel like leaving you..

SWARA (sobbingly) – sunny .. Pls leave me.. What have I done to you??

SUNNY- nothing just that you are Damn too beautiful and now seeing you today in this dress, I just can’t keep control on myself..

SWARA cried due to fear.. She clutched her dress and held her head.. She was getting some flashes of a girl requesting some man..[remember SHONA begging SAHIL to leave him.. She is remembering the same scene]

From back , a voice came..



She went tightly and hugged him, frightened by the event which took place… Hearing to the noises, people collected and made groups in that area.. SANSKAAR departed SWARA from himself…

SWARA- SANSKAAR.. He tried to force himself on me..

SUNNY- no everyone.. She is lying.. She was trying to lure me.. I didn’t do anything..

SWARA (shouted)- stop it sunny.. SANSKAAR, you saw na what happened.. Look what he is saying..

Swara’s eye were drenched with tears .. Her only support was sanskaar but he backed out..

SANSKAAR- just shut up SWARA.. I know what kind of a girl you are.. Few minutes before, you were roaming all around me and even forcefully kissed me and now shamelessly you are luring sunny..

All people started gossiping about swara’s character. She step back aghasted..

SANSKAAR- shame on you and your parents..

Befor he could continue more, Swara gave a tight slap on sanskaar’s cheek.. Her eyes were full of rage and tears were continuously rolling her eyes

Swara- I hate you sanskaar… I hate you … You wanted to listen this na.. So now listen and know that I hate you … Now I will never ever disturb you… You have broke my love into peices and my belief in love is lost.. Thank you for destroying my life. Thank you for ruining my respect.. Thank you for using me and throwing me like a tissue in bin… Live your life and stay happily.. From now on you don’t have to see my face.. And whatever you did .. Chii.. I don’t believe that you will fall so low … Well .. Have a pleasant life ahead Mr. Maheshwari..

Swara was totally shattered.. She didn’t know what to do.. Aimlessly, she ran around the roads and went deep inside the forest.. She cried .. She shouted but there was no one to console her…

SWARA- no SWARA.. You can’t cry.. Stop crying.. SANSKAAR is not worthy of your love.. Don’t cry..

She closed her mouth with her hand but it didn’t help.. Her cries didn’t stop.. Her tears increased more and more.. She fell down crying.. Suddenly she heard a ferocious voice of an animal and then she reliased her surroundings.. Her body started to shiver.. The voice grew louder and louder .. Out of the mist, appeared SANSKAAR … But for SWARA, he didn’t look like SANSKAAR.. He looked completely different creature.. His face had big fangs.. His hand and nails were rough, pointed and wild.. His cloths tore and shredded at places.. And his eyes which were always too soothing for her, a sense of relief was brought to her by those eyes but these eyes were different.. They were filled with blood and that made SWARA scared..


But the beast didn’t reciprocate at his words.. He jumped and inserted his fangs in her delicate neck.. SWARA felt immense, unbearable pain..

WHAT NEXT?? Will destiny won’t allow them to meet again? Will SANSKAAR himself become his poison for his love??

#tada.. Shocked.. Yup.. I am not discontinuing this ss.. All requested me so much that I am forced to complete it but you have to manage with such short and may be irregular episodes and this one dedicated to my TANU DI.. You know who I am and you in know I love you all too but still.. Love you all so very much

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