SWASAN SS BY ANU 06 – WE ARE DESTINED TO BE TOGETHER “the end for a new start”

Hello guys.. No bakbak today.. This is a super long epi.. Love you all..


THEME- the end for a new start


Next day………… ( 1 day before the marriage)…

Pithi ceremony (can be called as haldi ceremony.. In Gujarati marriage , there are three ritual before this and 2 after this which I have skipped …so no confusion , I believe)

RAGINI was made to sit on a platformed stool.. She was wearing a pale yellow sleeveless anarkali suit.. SHONA appeared with a decorated platter in our hand, containing Pithi or haldi to be applied on ragini’ skin.. She wore a yellow saree , draped on her left side with her waist left exposed and a simple waist chain over it to adorn its beauty,,

She took some strands of grass, dipped it in the paste and applied it on ragini.. While going back, accidentally some of the paste also fell on shona … She excused herself..

SHONA- di .. I’ll just clean and come…

She entered her room but with a sudden movement ,was pinned to a wall…

SHONA- VARUN.. You .. What was this..

VARUN- nothing much.. I wanted to talk to you but you are ignoring me from morning..

SHONA – this is the way , you talk to people and I was busy.. I wasn’t ignoring you..

VARUN- ok .. I agree.. But tell me, why did you write my name on your hand..

SHONA (widened her eye)- you didn’t understand.. you are such a dumbo..

VARUN- I know , I am a big dumbo .. Now tell me … Why did you do so??

SHONA- you really didn’t understand..

VARUN- yes, I did.. But I want you to speak.. Won’t you say.. Do you love me??

He inched closer to her… She tightened her eyes due to the sudden closeness.. There lips were just a distance away.. “Knock” “knock ”

RELATIVE- SHONA.. Are you done?? Come out soon..

SHONA- Ji kaki… I am coming..

SHONA- VARUN .. Pls go .. Pls .. Pls

VARUN- I am going now.. But I’ll wait for your answer at Sangeet..

SHONA- go fast..

VARUN- ha .. ha.. Dil khol ke bhagao..

SHONA- go ,You idiot..


AT NIGHT – SAME DAY (sangeeth ceremony)

All were ready grandly.. Shona was ready in a silver – bloused, pink lehenga with again a waist band studded against her waist and chunni.. She played with it as she remembered , how VARUN complemented the band.. Her anklets created joyous music and she rushed towards the stage , but halted.. VARUN was already present on the stage .. He wore a pink and silver sherwani which matched her dress.. She smiled but then stood at shock, to see him singing..

VARUN- Tu hi ye mujhko bata de
Chahun main ya naa
Apne tu dil ka pata de
Chahun main ya naa ..

He raised his eyebrow and signalled her as if asking her to tell what’s hidden in her heart..

VARUN- Itna bata doon tujhko
Chaahat pe apni mujhko
Yun tto nahi ikhtiyaar
Phir bhi yeh socha dil ne
Ab jo laga hoon milne
Poochhu tujhe ek baar

He keeps his hand near his chest and comes close to her , saying that this heart just belongs to her..

VARUN- Tu hi ye mujhko bata de
Chahun main ya naa
Apne tu dil ka pata de
Chahun main ya naa

Aisi kabhi pehle hui naa thi khwaahishein
O.. kisi se bhi milne ki
Naa ki thi koshishein
Uljhan meri suljha de
Chaahun main ya naa
Aankhon aankhon mein jataa de
Chaahun main ya naa

” please solve my problem SHONA.. Now give your answer.. You are the only one who doesn’t this to me .. Brings involuntary, scrupulous feelings.. Tell me now.. What’s this”

SHONA- Mere chhote chhote khwaab hain

Khwabon mein geet hain
Geeton mein zindagi hai
Chaahat hai, preet hai
Abhi main na dekhoon khwaab woo
Jin mein na tu mile
Le khole honth maine
Ab tak the jo sile

Shona looked down and sang.. She had to give her answer.. She was nervous.. Her eyes raised and met his and a suddent boost of happiness emerged in her..

SHONA – Mujhko na jitna mujh pe
Utna iss dil ko tujh pe
Hone laga aitbaar
Tanha lamhon mein apne
Bunti hoon tere sapne
Tujhse hua mujhko pyaar o o..

VARUN smiled listening her.. This was what he wanted to listen.. His smile grew wider and wider with her words.. Trust, love and respect, a happy life.. What else did he need now??

Poochungi tujhko kabhi naa
Chaahun main ya naa
Tere khaabon mein ab jeena
Chaahun main kyun naa!

Tu hi yeh mujhko bata de
Chahun main ya naa
Apne tu dil ka pata de
Chahun main ya naa

SHOVA- ?????

The party ended late at night, with all fun and joy.. For two people, it was just a plethora of cascade.. With silent messages and smiles being passed and retrieved …



She was opening her bun, letting her silky tresses fall down, when she heard a knock on the window… She looked at the scene and pursued her lips not to laugh.. VARUN was hanging to a pillar like a monkey and was trying to come inside her room.. She gave her hand to him and with her help, he entered inside ..

SHONA- VARUN.. Nowadays.. What what stunts are you doing .. I am impressed .. (Bursts laughing)

VARUN- I love you

SHONA-( shocked) what!!

VARUN- say I love you..

SHONA- I won’t say..

VARUN- why.. You don’t love me??

SHONA- may be .. May be not..

VARUN saw her teasing smile and smirked … Suddenly SHONA felt weightless, she had been scooped into varun’s arm..

SHONA- VARUN.. Keep me down

VARUN- first say that you love me..

SHONA- ok ok.. I love you .. Now pls leave me Na..

VARUN made her stand on her foot and cupped her face..

VARUN- SHONA, if you don’t love me , you can say., I won’t force you t I accept my love..

SHONA- no VARUN.. I really love you .. I do.. I just thought to tease you.. My life is incomplete without you..

VARUN- I love you so much SHONA.. You are my greatest treasure..

Shona blushed looking away from him and he took an opportunity to hold her by her waist,.. She laughed and wrapped her arms round his neck when he tickled her at her waist,.. Their noses rubbed and they stood their laughing together but stopped abruptly when shona’s lip brushed against his.. Varun stood shocked.. He was amazed .. He touched his lips to confirm it was real, and not his imagination that really Shona kissed him.. He simply stared at her.. Shona stepped back and let her arm away from him.. She was about to go from there .. Varun looking at her retreating figure, grabbed her by her arm and instantly pressed his lips to her, without any second thought.. Shona too responded, her lips slightly parting due to the sudden force.. It was a passionate kiss …




VARUN- ha Shona

SHONA- ragini di ki dress aa gayi na..

VARUN- as gayi hai Shona., you chill .. Don’t take tension..

SHONA- ok..

SHONA- ab jaao..

VARUN – pucca Jao..

SHONA – ha Jao..

AFTER 2 minutes..



SHONA- VARUN.. Have you checked caterers menu.. It is the same as we decided Na..

VARUN- yes SHONA , it’s done..

SHONA- ok go..

The elders were seeing the scenario .. It was happening from past 1 hour.. All Elders were enjoying and laughing..

RAGINI- laksh,an dekhna.. Shona will again call him.. 3… 2… 1…


Raglak bursted out laughing..

VARUN- ab Kya hua SHONA..

SHONA- VARUN.. We didn’t give marriage invitation to sudhir kaka..

VARUN- we gave SHONA..

SHONA- accha.. Sorry then..



VARUN (tapping shona’s shoulder from back)- I am here only SHONA..

SHONA- VARUN.. These garlands are different.. We didn’t select this one for jaimala.. Come with me .. We will buy another pair.,

VARUN- ok (like an obedient boy..)


After buying the garlands, SHONA and VARUN were returning back.. Shona had firmly held varun’s hand .. There was a man who was continuously following them and was looking at SHONA lustily.. Both of them noticed it , but didn’t say anything.. Shona was scared but felt secured as VARUN was with her, while VARUN was very angry at the man but seeing SHONA, he didn’t say anything.. He just wanted to be with her and make her comfortable..


VARUN- SHONA.. You go and sit.. I am coming..

SHONA- VARUN.. Pls come soon..

VARUN moved towards a tree.. He had again seen that man staring SHONA from there. His anger was at peak.. He searched there but no one was standing..

VARUN- (monologue) few minutes before , he was here only.. Where did he go?? Leave it ., Now , I should go to SHONA..


Shona was waiting for VARUN.. The same man approached her..

THE MAN- hey girl.. I am sahil .. I must say you are very beautiful..

SHONA- can you please shut your mouth and move from here??

SAHIL (held he wrist)- cool.. Listen, you are very pretty .. I am the ruler of the dark.. Come and marry me .. I’ll make you the queen of this world ..

SHONA- leave my hand.. VARUN.. VARUN.. VARUN..

Sahil tried to come closer to SHONA but VARUN came in between and pushed him..

VARUN- stay away from her..

SAHIL- Shona , marry me, otherwise your family will face problem because of you.. The result won’t be good..

Shona shrieked in fear looking at his anger filled eyes.. Sahil’ eyes took a colour of dark red.. They were so scary that SHONA thought that if she would feel the gaze for 1 more second, she would faint right there.. She just wanted to go away from there as soon as possible… VARUN was about to punch sahil but SHONA hugged VARUN..

SHONA- Pls take me back home.. Leave him..



Ragini was made to sit with laksh by swara.. VARUN noticed that she was looking Equisitively, magnificent in her attire but the glow on her face was missing.. She dreaded meeting with sahil and somewhere it had left a deep impression on her.. Raglak stood up for taking vows .. VARUN wanted to see them but he was feeling suffocated and hence, he went to the kitchen for taking a glass of water..

At that time, a man with a large hoodie entered with some shadows behind him.. He went near Shona and dragged her.. The man was revealed to be sahil..

SHONA- sahil leave me.. Dad.. Bhai.. VARUN.. Help me..

SAHIL- no .. You have to marry me Shona..

Shona’s father came and punched sahil and held her daughter but sahil chanted some words and SHEKHAR was hit by a pillar.. He then strangled him leading to his death then and there..

SHONA- dadddd..

Laksh was bespattered seeing this.. His fury raged at this man who had Killed his father and was mercilessly dragging his sister to marry him.. He tried his best to save but sahil took a dagger and threw straight at his chest..

SHONA- bhaiiii

RAGINI- lakshhh…..

VARUN too came Out hearing the noise and was shocked to see the scene.. Sahil targeted him but from behind a shadow came and informed him something.. He pushed Shona to ground but VARUN held her..

SAHIL- I am leaving now Shona but I’ll come back and then you will marry me..

RAGINI fell down on her knees.. She cried loud and broke her bangles.. Her wedding day had been converted into funeral day.. She hastened , tries to wake them up but no, both of them didn’t respond..

A single tear fell down from shona’s eyes but she stayed mum.. She didn’t react.. She stood like a dead body.. No movement .. No action..

VARUN fell aback.. What was he supposed to do.. People who were so close to his heart were lying dead and the two people who were his life had lost their life.. One, whose tears didn’t seem to stop and another, who stood there lifeless.. He was in a severe situation.. What to do?? What not too??.. All was hazy and nothing clear..

The funeral rites were performed by VARUN.. RAGINI left for U.S. For fulfilling laksh’s dream .. He wanted her to become the journalist and she was apprehensive on doing the course but she wanted to fulfil is wish, whereas there was no improvement in SHONA.. Her bubliness, her cheerfulness, all had died away.. She didn’t talk to anyone nor reacted or responded to anything.. Even for eating food, VARUN made bites and feeded her.. Everyday VARUN tried to cheer her but all in vain..


It was one month post the incident, but there were no changes in SHONA.. She was still stuck in that traumatically fateful day.. VARUN was pissed of.. He was angry at himself for not proving as a good mate.. For not being able to help her.. For not being able to do anything.. After a lot of thinking, he came to a conclusion.. He needed to that.. It was the only way left.. Only his love could now heal her..

Shona was sitting like a statue in her room.. VARUN entered and snaffled her arm and pinned her to the wall..

VARUN- I hate you SHONA.. I hate you.. Look what have you done to yourself… Shona.. Pls talk something.. I am dying to hear your voice..

She still didn’t reply .. It was as if a living statue was carved from a stone and placed..

VARUN- Shona Pls…

He couldn’t hold more … Fiercely yet tenderly he placed his mouth on hers.. A deep warmth spread through Shona’s body, all her aches and pains were dissolved by this tender moment; just when she thought her life was over, God sent for her a saviour from heaven , to remind her that he was still with her.. Her VARUN was still her to shower her with love.. But this is what she didn’t want.. SAHIL took away all his beloved ones and would surely take him too.. She wanted to be with him but still wanted to distant him for her.. She didn’t want to lose him but neither did she want him to lose his life because of her.. A silent tear slid down her face, marring the perfection of the moment as it splashed onto his own face. VARUN pulled away..

VARUN- what’s wrong SHONA?? Tell me ..

SHONA- VARUN.. Don’t come to me..

Her heart pounded unevenly in her chest, like a bird in a cage of sorrow. His face fell, sadness etched on his features.

VARUN- Shona.. Pls don’t say like this.. I can’t live without you..

SHONA- he will kill you VARUN.. He will kill you as he killed dad and bhai.. He won’t leave you VARUN.. He won’t..

VARUN- without you SHONA, I will die.. It’s better to die through sahil’ hand then..

SHONA (breaking into his arms) – varun.. I love you.. Pls save me from him.. He will take me VARUN.. I want to stay with you.. I don’t want to go to him.. ( crying bitterly)

VARUN- shhh Shona .. We will live together and we will die together.. FOREVER..



6 months had passed .. There had been a steady improvement in shona’s condition.. Her cheerfulness was back though memories of that fearful day still haunted her , but with VARUN around , she forgot all those things… Today was to be a pious day but became a black day in their life .. RAGINI was returning back and VARUN decided to propose SHONA for marriage..

A girl and a boy were standing near the window of an apartment..

The boy ( shouting as loud as he can)- ??? I love u Shona.. I love u so much.. Will you do the pleasure of marrying me??

Shona- ??? yes Mr. Varun.. I do.. I will but I love u more..

Varun- ??? no.. I love you more..

Shona- no .. No .. (Shaking his head).. I love you more.. Agree.. Otherwise, I won’t marry you.. ???

Varun- (shockingly)- ??? what?!?

Shona- (in stern tone)- ?? YES

Varun- (in teasing tone)- ??ok then., prove me that u love me more..

Saying this, he held her waist and nuzzled his face in the crook of her neck..

Shona- (fumbling) ?? wha.. Wha.. What are yo.. You doing var..un..

Varun- ??? U only said na, you love me more then prove that…

He bit her supple skin and then continued placing wet kisses on her shoulder.. His lips roamed around her face and soon found the possession of her lips.. He kissed her lightly but she fisted her palms in his hair and deepened the kiss.. The intensity of their passion was increasing .. It was not a simple kiss symbolizing lust.. It was a kiss poured with emotions of love.. A promise to be together which was sealed.. They broke out but their foreheads were still against each other..

Shona- I love you..

Varun- I know..

They departed from each other when they heard a loud bang sound., A man appeared infront of them.. Shona quickly held the hand of varun, seeing the man..

Varun- you.. How did you come inside but.. The door is closed (confused)..

The man- (laughing like a maniac) oh devil.. These humans are such big fools.. (In loud and angry tone ).. I told u before.. I am sahil, the king of the Devils … The ruler of the night dark world .. I can go anywhere I want .. I can do anything I want.. Even the night world creature, wolves , vampires and werewolves bow their head infront of me .. Then you are only human.. Only human and your Shona didn’t do good by rejecting me..

He chanted something and the very next moment, a long chain appeared and it wrapped around varun’s body and dashed his body to the wooden cupboard behind., He got bruised badly ..

Varun- ahh

Shona- VARUNNNN!! Leave him sahil….

Sahil- ( laughing ) Are u mocking, sweetheart??

He clutched her hair.

Sahil- why do you think, I will leave you both?? I proposed you.. HOW DARE YOU reject me .. ( clutching her hair more tightly.. She tried to escape but it resulted in more stronger grip of his).. You rejected my love for u .. You rejected the king of the dark night world for a useless human.. Now you have to suffer .. But , sweetheart what to do, you are so beautiful.. I don’t think of punishing you .. I will give you an option , accept me , devote yourself to me , love me and I’ll save your live.,

Varun shouted with all his might. He tried hard to break the chains but they were magical chains .. He was bound.. He felt so helpless for not being able to save his beloved from the monster..

Shona- no .. I only love varun and till my last breath , he will be with me ..

Sahil – ( mad with anger) How dare you say that!!

He banged her head to the wall and again asked..

Sahil- tell me .. Whom do you love??..

Varun – leave her.. Sahil. Leave her .. ( sahil smirked).. I said leave her.. Her head is bleeding.. Sahillll!!!

Sahil- Shona .. Say..

Shona – ( eyes filled with tear but with extreme confidence ) I love only varun.. Only him..

Sahil- how dare you..

He used his sorcerous powers and flew her high in air and dropped her from there.. Her whole body ached miserably..

Varun- SHONA..!!!! SHONA.. Leave her , U monster .. Kill me but leave her .. Pls leave her ..

Sahil didn’t pay any heed to Varun’s word and continued towards swara..

Sahil- tell me .. Whom do you love now??

Shona- (smiled).. Varun

Sahil was infuriated … He got mad at Shona..

Varun- I beg u sahil, leave her Pls.. Kill me but leave her..

Shona – (with all the energy left) varun.. I love you and will always do.. May be we are not destined to meet in this birth but we will surely meet again..

Varun- nothing will happen to you Shona.. Look at me .. Nothing will happen..

Sahil- I will never let you both be together, neither in this birth nor in another..

Varun – No sahil.. Don’t harm her.. Stop please…

Sahil paid no attention to his words.
He held Shona and pushed her towards the glass doorframe .. He again pushed her and she hitted against the glass so hard that her whole body pierced with its pieces and she fell from the apartment right down on the road… In a pool of blood, she closed her eyes and surrendered her soul to God .. She died..

With his powers, sahil brought shona’s body up in the room from the road and left VARUN.. VARUN rushed towards her

VARUN- Shona.. Wake up SHONA.. See .. This is very bad.. You shouldn’t tease me like this.. Open your eyes.. Wake up dammit..

SAHIL- there’s no use varun.. She won’t wake up but if you want I can fill life in her soul again..

A voice from back.

RAGINI- how will you do it??


RAGINI- Bhai.. We will talk later., first we need to see SHONA.. I knew this man has powers.. May be he can heal our SHONA.. SAHIL tell me what we have to do..

SAHIL- I will give live to SHONA but before That you both have to do an agreement.. You both have to sacrifice your soul to the night world and become a vampire.. If you do so then …

VARUN- ok.. I’ll do it..

RAGINI- I will also..

VARUN- no RAGINI.. Only I will give my soul.. You won’t.. SAHIL let her go.. You do whatever you wan to do with me..

But before anything could be said, the disaster was done.. On their one statement, SAHIL took away both RAGINI and varun’s soul and made them a vampire.. He made RAGINI a normal vampire but for VARUN, he wasn’t a normal creature.. One with fierce powers and brutality.. They asked them to heal SHONA but he betrayed them and went from there.. Both of them were shifted to a dark forest.. And VARUN was converted into sanskaar, a ruthless beast.. He was drowned in the memories of SHONA until , he went college for a mission and found the rebirth of SHONA, SWARA…..


RAGINI- bhai.. U miss SHONA a lot na..

SANSKAAR- very much and now seeing her in Swara.. It’s very hard to control and make her hate me..

RAGINI- bhai.. Did you find her??

SANSKAAR- no.. My powers say that she is there in the college only.. We have to find her soon and also keep swara away from me and this college.. What if she gets to know the past?? No.. I. Don’t want her life to be in danger..

RAGINI- bhai.. We will try all possible means to keep her away but bhai, she loves you.. I doubt how would we suppress that feeling..

RAGINI- we need to do it anyhow RAGINI.. I have to make her believe I am not a good person..


PHEW.. FINALLY FINISHED…… It is indeed a very long ñ chapter.. Took a lot of time.. Silent readers, take it as a straight dhamki.. I have a target in my mind.. If the number of comments didn’t reach it.. I won’t post the next part.. I have started writing it.. I can’t post today but for tomorrow, I can try for sure.. So comment otherwise no update. ?????

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      Maybe/ maybe not

      Laksh.. He will surely come back that to with a bang

      And I am not killing you.. You are screwing my brain and if that really happens na then I won’t be able to write anything more and all readers will collectively kill you kyu ki next they will be killed by suspense so they are taking tevenge in advance.. .. Lol.. ?? and love you too.. Tell me something about yourself.. Age, studies and all.. Let’s chat na

      1. RUPA

        I’m 16 and 11th grade student. I love physics.

        Prankster but often get caught. poor me?

        I love to read novels and ofcouse FF’s. spend most of time fantasizing all kind of stuff.

        Gardening and chatting? U know wat my frnd even call me chatter box as i’m veryy talkative. They find me whimsical.

        Often i get mood swings.

        What about u??

      2. Anu_M

        Me I am 19 and I too love physics but chemistry more is loved by me.. I am doing my graduation

        Me .. I don’t prank anyone on my own but I am pranked a lot and then I make sure, i take the revenge..

        Novels are my Jaan.. There was a time when I didn’t used to get sleep if I didn’t read a book..

        Me.. I am a big nerdo.. But I am a chatterbox to obut not with everyone.. Only with some selected people who have patience to handle me..

        Mood swings… Well that’s an integral part of teen’s life.. I remember I mentioned someone here on tu that I feel I have Alzheimer’s..

  15. Anu_M

    I love singing.. I have done course on western and classical music.. I was a student of musical technology

    1. RUPA

      That’s great even i love singing but i’m bathroom singer.

    2. RUPA

      Apart from this i want to explore the world. Travelling is my passion and so is sleeping.

      I’m childish yet matured(only when needed).

      I’m foodie and chocolates? they r my fav

      1. Anu_M

        I am not a foodie but chocolates are my Jaan.. I so love them.. Travelling.. Of course I love to do that.. But every summer and winter vacation I use to go somewhere but for sometime, I have to leave this habit ..

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