SWASAN SS BY ANU 05 – WE ARE DESTINED TO BE TOGETHER “happiness before pain”

Finally tu got my darshan.. So , how many of you are ready with rotten eggs, tomatoes and slippers to throw on me?? Now , what are you thinking ki I will say sorry.. No ways kyuki kisi mahan purush ne kaha , SANSKAAR Ji had also said,”friendship me no thank u and no sorry”…. On a serious note, I wasn’t well guys… Kinda had some personal problems… So I didn’t post.. Now… Why are you giving me glares?? Raham ki bhiksha nahi Kar rahi.. Just saying that I am not well so ho sakta hai ki chotu update ho ya fir ho sakta hai ki long episode ho.. In the next episode, I will possibly finish the past and you will see lot of shova scenes.. After next episode, the whole concentration will be there on present.. Hope you find it a long epi.. I woke up at 4:00 am today and wrote this … Love u all …




VARUN and shova were heading back to home.. Suddenly SHONA shouted..

SHONA- varun.. Car roko

VARUN applied the breaks hesitantly..

VARUN- what happened SHONA??

SHONA didn’t reply to him ,instead just rushed out , making varun appalled.. He followed her..

The roads were silent.. In front of a house, someone’s luggage was thrown.. A man slapped hard a girl .. Tears dropped from her eyes and she rolled down but fortunately, Shona held her and she was saved from falling..

Shona- RAGINI Di.. Are you okay??

The girl is ragini..

RAGINI- Shona..

SHONA- mukesh uncle.. Why did you slap ragini Di?? This is the way you behave with girls.. I will complain to police about your way of conduct towards your house renters..

MUKESH- go and complain.. So what.. I’ll also file a complaint against your di.. She had not paid her rent for three months and you expect me to keep her here for free or what… And now ,I won’t allow her to stay here if she doesn’t pay me.. Do whatever you want but ask her to give me my money…

SHONA ( took a packet from her bag)- take this money and ragini Di won’t stay here.. Next time, if you try to raise your hand on someone then you will see the worst at you.. Now.. Please go …

RAGINI (hugging Shona)- thank u Shona.. But why did you do it , I would have managed some way…

SHONA- huff.. I was seeing how were you managing.. Iron Lady!!! And you are my soon to be bhabi… Can’t I do this much for you??

RAGINI – I am sorry..

SHONA- Di, but you had collected the money and today, you were going to pay too then what happened ..


RAGINI- actually SHONA, when I was coming here to pay the rent, I saw an old man.. He was begging for money because his grandson was in critical condition at hospital.. The hospital authority Had asked him to pay the required amount for his operation but he didn’t had money so I gave him my collected rent..

SHONA- Di.. You are so good.. I wonder how my bhai got you.. He is so lucky Di.. Accha now , you come with us .. You will stay in our home..

RAGINI- before marriage, how can I live there SHONA??

SHONA- Di .. Are you coming or you want Shona to get angry on you?? (Pout)..

RAGINI- awww.. My cutie baccha.. I am coming with you..

VARUN from back..

VARUN- ahem !! Ahem!! Beautiful ladies if you have forgotten then lemme tell you, I am also standing here..

SHONA- ladoo.. You be quiet..

VARUN- arghh chipkali .. Don’t call me laddoo..

RAGINI- (thinking).. Chipkali… Laddoo.. (Realisation hit).. Varunnnnn.. Is that you…

VARUN- yes .. It’s me.. Devi..

RAGINI- you… You called me Devi.. You are really a laddoo,.

SHONA (winks at RAGINI)- Di .. ATTACKKK…

Both Shona and RAGINI tickle VARUN..

VARUN- hahaha… Shona.. RAGINI..hahhaa.. I won’t call u chipkali.. Hahaha.. And Devi… Hahaha.. Stop tickling.. Hahah.. Leave na.. Hahaha.. I promise .. I won’t call you both like that .. hahaha..

Shora stop tickling him.. They give each other hifi and laughed loud.,

RAGINI- waise .. my VARUN bhai has become total handsome ha.. Ladkiyan flat ho jati hongi, mere bhai pe..

VARUN (blushing )- there’s nothing like that.. And such big change in you.. My sweet 1 year younger sister who was so shy to speak anything, is now teasing me .. I know this credit goes to Shona madam only.. Kyu ??


VARUN (murmurs)- but , I love you..

SHONA- did you say something??

VARUN- nope..

SHONA- no.. You said something.. Say what you said..

VARUN- I didn’t say anything..

SHONA- no .. No.. You said.. Tell me .. Common tell me na..

RAGINI- Shona and VARUN… Continue your fight later.. Chalo .. Now we need to leave..

VARUN- ha Shona.. We should leave soon.. RAGINI is so eager to meet laksh.. We shouldn’t keep away the love birds..

Shona laughs while RAGINI gives an angry glare to VARUN..

They reached the home and shekhar, laksh and dp were already seated.. Laksh was surprised to see RAGINI with Shona and VARUN.. Before , he would ask any questions, Shona explained the whole thing to the three males and laksh took a decision..

LAKSH- dad.. I have taken a decision.. I don’t want RAGINI to suffer like this.. I want to do engagement with her tomorrow and after 4 days from now on, I want to marry her..

SHEKHAR- laksh.. We don’t have any problem..

SHONA- wow Di .. Now officially, you will change from my Di to bhabhi..

VARUN smiles seeing her excitement while RAGINI is teary eyed..

[i am gonna display Gujarati rituals as I highly respect them., I hope you all will understand.. I’ll write notes to make you understand the ritual but many of them, I won’t add.. Sangeet ritual is not there in Gujarati marriages but I’ll add)

RAGINI- but who will do the engagement ritual … The chandlo [the vermillion powder or tilak.. We don’t have exchange of rings.. Only the brode’s father along with some other male members apply the tilak to the groom and carry some items or shagun, as it is called) in an engagement is applied to the groom by the bride’s father but I am an orphan.. Who will apply chandlo to laksh??

VARUN- RAGINI.. Am I your brother for your namesake?? I and dad will do everything..

DP- yes beta.. You are my daughter and being father, I will only do the rituals .. Who else will do..

RAGINI smiles brightly and saw that Shona was staring at VARUN admiringly.. An immediate stroke of glee appeared at her face and she pulled everyone into a hug..

RAGINI- thank you…

SHONA- so now , it is decided that dp uncle, VARUN and RAGINI bhabhi are going to stay here.. All the rituals will take place here only and elders will take rest.. Me and varun will do all the preparations..

ALL smile – ok boss..

Next day, the engagement was done.. [tada.. Tada.. Won’t drag this ceremony]

Two days before the marriage..
All were getting ready for the mehndi.. Though,It wasn’t a very large massive ceremony, the hall was decorated grandly.. Only some close relatives and friends of SHONA and RAGINI were invited.. During mehndi ceremony, the first half was supposed to be only girl’s function.. No men allowed.. Let’s see what’s happening.,

VARUN and laksh were hiding behind the entrance of the hall.. They were trying to peep in and see what’s happening.. Shonaragini entered and sanlak were mesmerised to see them.. Both Shona and RAGINI were wearing a simple green lehanga, all adorned with jewellery of flowers., RAGINI was made to sit while SHONA moved to bring the mehndi cones , when she noticed the two men peeping in..

SHONA- what are you both doing here?? Go from here.. It’s a ladies function now.. When it’s time, we will call you .. Hurry up and go from here..

VARUN- why.. Why.. Why should we go from here?? We are ladki wale.. I am from bride’s said.. I have full rights to go in..

SHONA- accha..this is the matter.. Ok .. So let’s change our sides.. You stay with laksh bhai.. Be on his side.. I am at RAGINI di’s side.. I am her sweet cute little sister.. Now bade Bhaiya ke Chote Bhaiya.. Go from here..

VARUN- no .. What is this.. Laksh, you say something na.

Shova looked at laksh and smiled… Laksh was busy staring at RAGINI and her hands on which mehndi was being applied.. Shona quickly placed her hand on his eyes..

SHONA- laksh bhai.. You are not allowed to see RAGINI di’s mehndi.. Now you both go fast..

The whole ladies mandal dragged them out of there …

LAKSH- I want to see RAGINI.. What to do..

VARUN- Bhai.. Tu movie nahi dekhta hai kya..

LAKSH- what!!

VARUN- arey bhai.. Ullu Ji.. I just mean to say.. Arrange for some sarees.. We will go in dresses up as womens..

LAKSH- waah Mere bhai

VARUN- thank u .. Thank u .. Ab chal..

Valak entered the hall.. Meanwhile, Shona gasped.. She felt varun’s presence.. She looked at the entrance and saw two women entering.. She shooked her head..

SHONA- SHONA.. What’s happened with you.. Calm down.. Arghh VARUN.. What are you doing to me..

She still wasn’t satisfied.. She again looked at those ladies and her eyes travelled to their foot and she saw one of those men, wearing shined, glossy men shoes.. She immediately knew it was laksh and as guessed, the other man was VARUN.. She smirked thinking of a plan..

The lights went dim.. RAGINI was sitting in the middle of the hall with her hands decked up with henna patterns and the spot light fell on SHONA.. The song played.. Shona laughed in her mind , thinking of varun’s face after this act of hers..

Didi tera devar deewana
Ho didi tera devar deewana
Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana (Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana)
Dhandha hai yeh uska puraana
Arrey dhandha hai yeh uska puraana
Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana (Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana)

Lallala.. (lai lai la..Lala) Lallala.. (lai lai la..Lala)

Shona went and kicked varun’s back hard but acted as if she stumbled there.. VARUN growled in pain.. She gave an apologetic look but was trying hard to suppress her laughter..

Main boli ke laana
Tu imli ka daana
Magar woh chuaare le aaya deewana
Main boli ke machle
Hai dil mera haye
Woh kharbuja laaya
Jo neembu mangaaya

Pagla hai koi usko bataana
Arrey pagla hai koi usko bataana
Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana (Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana)
Didi tera devar deewana
Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana

Lallala.. (Lai lai la..Lala) Lallala.. (Lai lai la..Lala)

Another girl came, fully dressed as VARUN.. Shona took some seeds and threw at him.. She made a sign screwing her head, telling him that he is mad.. And then gave him a slap and shooed him away from there.. Fake varun held his cheeks , pleading for forgiveness.. All laughed except VARUN who was fuming in anger

Main boli ke laana
Tu mitti pahaadi
Magar woh bataashe le aaya anaadi

Main boli thi la de
Mujhe tu khataayi
Woh baazar se le ke aaya mithaai

Hun mushkil hai yuh mujhko phasaana
Ye mushkil hai yuh mujhko phasaana
Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana (Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana)
Oyi maa didi tera devar deewana
Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana

Hoyi hoyi hoyi haye re haye Hoyi hoyi hoyi haye re haye

This time the fake VARUN and started drooling over her and SHONA pushed him.. An another group of girls came and they all held and acted to beat him.. This was all for VARUN.. He stood up and removed his saree..

Bhabhi teri behna ko maana
Ho bhabhi teri behna ko maana
Haye Ram, kudiyon ka hai zamaana
Haye Ram, kudiyon ka hai zamaana

VARUN came and started dancing with SHONA and giving them glares while all lady stood up and gave them a stern, deathly look..

Rabba mere mujhko bachaana
Ho rabba mere mujhko bachaana
Haye Ram, kudiyon ka hai zamaana (Heyy..)
Haye Ram, kudiyon ka hai zamaana (Heyy heyy..)

Rappapapa.. Tururururu rururu..Rappapapa.. Tururururu rururu..

VARUN got scared.. He also dragged laksh with him and both of them pleaded and also acted as if chanting mantras to God to save them.,

Hukum aapka tha
Jo maine na maana
Khatavaar hoon main
Na aaya nibhaana

Sazaa jo bhi doge
Woh manzoor hogi
Aji meri mushkil
Tabhi door hogi

Bandaa hai yeh khudse begaana (Heyy..)
Bandaa hai yeh khudse begaana (Heyy heyy..)
Haye Ram, kudiyon ka hai zamaana (Heyy heyy..)

(Haye Ram) Kudiyon ka hai zamaana

Both of them held their ears and started doing sit-ups.. All the ladies laughed and forgived them..

Relative- ab laksh beta, when you have come here then you find your name in ragini’ hand and after that, Shona beta , you also apply mehndi..

As per the instructions, laksh tried to find his name in her hand but between all those intricate designs , it was becoming impossible for him to find his name but he successfully did it..

Relative- RAGINI.. It is said that the deeper is the colour of a girl mehndi’, the stronger is the love between the couples…

Shona blushed thinking of VARUN.,

After some time..
Shona is trying to drink water, but due to the henna applied on her palms, she is unable to do so.. Due to all the jumps and hops she made, jee bun had loosened and her locks were now falling on her forehead, irritating her.. VARUN passed by and smiled seeing the irritated yet cute face of his beauty..

VARUN- need some help..

SHONA- yes, of course..

VARUN took the glass and brought it near her mouth.. Accidentally, his fingers brushed over her lips and thousands of frissons passed through them .. VARUN noticed all her movements.. The way her cheek bones would go hollow and her neck slightly cornering and bulging.. Her luscious lips, inviting him to taste her but he was not chaste and hence, controlled.. He trickled her locks at the back and ended up having a short , sweet eyelock..

Shona extended her palms towards him..

SHONA- VARUN (and indicated him through his eyes to look at her hand)

VARUN was shocked.. His name was incorporated on her hand.. He smiled and soon his lips touched her silky palms.. He gently kissed him.. Shona blushed hard and left the place..

VARUN- what was that.. (VARUN scratched the back of his head.. ) Shona had your name on her hand and you kissed it… Atleast should have waited for her to say something.. What if she was going to say I love you.. Wait… What did I say.. I love you.. Does Shona love me.. Yes, this could be an indication.. Just wait for tomorrow.. I’ll surely come to know what’s in your mind SHONA..

VARUN laughed and danced like an idiot..


RECAP- From now on surprise episodes start.. What’s coming next will be least expected.. It will be for both past and present .. Next chapter will be end of the past and continuation of present.. There will be many twists and turn and at the end, some people will be surely ready to kill me but guys, patience is all you need..

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