With lots of love

SANSKAAR- ‘ first meet was completely unplanned.. In our first meet also she was dancing in rain.. She always loved rain.. Rain… The lucky rain.. U know that Shekhar uncle and dad were best buddies… Shekhar uncle had two kids- LAKSH and Shona .. During shona’s delivery, aunty died… She was much pampered and both laksh and uncle used to take extra care of her so that she never misses a motherly figure in her life., Shona had become 20 by then.. A pretty, college going student but uncle and laksh held the same care for her.. That day they were busy in an important project.. It was Dad and shekhar uncle’s biggest combined project which was going to be lead by laksh.. I had come back from US , the previous daily only after completing my studies but I was at the office, in case anyone needed any assistance…………

[question 1- as I am studying in London, is there someone else who is studying in foreign???]


Flashback starts

GADODIA’S OFFICE [shona and sanskaar never met each other]

Shekhar was worried about something.. He looked from the window and saw that it was still heavily raining.. He made a call and sat on his chair in a frustrated manner.. His friend, durgaprasad observed it..

DP- what happened shekhar?? Is everything alright??

SH- no dp… SHONA is in the college and it’s raining so heavily … If not were for this project and meeting I or LAKSH could have gone and take her… But now.. We trust shyam, SWARA’S driver but due to some emergency, he had to go.. SHONA will be coming with some of her fellow mates or something.. I don’t want her to come alone..

DP- bas itni si baat shekhar.. Swara is not a kid now .. But still .. For your satisfaction, I’ll send varun to college to bring Shona..

SH- arey dp.. He must be tired dude… What is the need to send him??

DP- no ifs and but .. Varun is going .. He will take Shona and drop her ..

SH- ok par..

DP- par war kuch nahi.. Now wait let me call varun..

After sometime , varun enters the office.. He wore a casual shirt and jeans, age 22 and features… Umm… Oops he looks like a chocolate which each girl desires … Handsome and calm with a small smile on his face..

VA- dad.. You called me..

DP- yes beta .. Talk to shekhar uncle..

VA- yes uncle..

SH- beta… If you don’t mind , can you go and pick Shona from college..

VA- I have no problem uncle.. But how will I recognize her.. It has been years since I last met her…

SH- I’ll show her pic to you..

VA- ok uncle..

Shekhar showed shona’s pic to varun from his cell.. It was all dark in the surroundings but little lanterns glowed like fireflies.. Shona was lighting a lantern.. The little spark of light illuminated her face with magical glow and her eyes expresses joy and love.. Her lips were curled in a smile with a tangling colour on it..
Varun was dumbfounded to see her.. He raised his hand to caress her but stopped midway , realizing what he was about to do..

SH- varun.. Her college is about to get over.. You will recognize her na..

VA- yes uncle.. Don’t worry .. I assure you that You can trust me.. I’ll bring her safely.. I know how much you love her..

SH- thank you beta..

[question 2- you are daddy’s little princess or mummy’s great queen?? You all know that I am in the first category and I hope I don’t need to tell why..]


Varun leaves for college… He is shocked to see the surrounding of the premises.. All the boys and girls were laughing and maniacally dancing in the rain… There was a clap sound and all stopped .. A girl stood in the middle and danced..


Na re, na re.. na re, na re..
Nana na re na re
Na re, na re
Nana re, nana re, nana re, na na re
Nana re, nana re, nana re, na na re

The voice echoed in the surrounding.. Her bright aura made the atmosphere more happy and the rain forgot to stop.. She clapped her hand and swayed her waist and allowed each drop of rain to pass through her..

Barso re megha megha
Barso re megha megha
Barso re megha barso
Barso re megha megha
Barso re megha megha
Barso re megha barso

Her hands moved in a rhythmic movement with the sonorous rain and her anarkali spurned round and round as she took her turns.. Tapping her feet, she created another sweet music..

Meetha hai kosa hai, barish ka bosa hai
Bosa hai, kosa hai, barish ka bosa hai
Meetha hai kosa hai, barish ka bosa hai
Bosa hai, kosa hai, barish ka bosa hai

She smiled and the smile was full of ecstasy.. And she danced and danced..

Jal jal jal jal jal jal thal jal thal
Chal chal chal chal chal chal chal bheta chal
Nana re, nana re, nana re, na na re
Nana re, nana re, nana re, na na re
Nana re, nana re, nana re, na na re
Nana re, nana re, nana re, na na re

[question 3- barso re is song by shreya ghoshal.. My favourite singer .. Who’s your favourite singer??]

Gracefulness was her attire , beauty her soul.. Life persisted in her every move and locks of her could mesmerize any man on the earth.. It was Shona… All sorrounded her and danced.. Varun was smiling like an idiot seeing her.. In real, she looked more beautiful.. He had never imagined that he would fall in love and this way, without meeting the person, just by seeing her in an image.. No ways.. He couldn’t help himself but tantalize the situation and smile seeing her beauty..

He was reminded of his work and he quickly rushed to her … How could he forget that shekhar uncle would be worrying for her .. He was about to call her but someone from that hustle bustle crowed pushed Shona and she feel into him, holding his shoulders with her creamy hands.. Both of them breathes heavily and unknowingly, varun’ hand moved to secure her hair at the forehead to back.. He then caressed her soft skin.. Shona saw him.. She was lost in his black eyes.. She flinched with his touch and Varun left her.. It became an embarrassing situation … Shona couldn’t handle the situation.. She proceeded to leave but varun called her..

VA- Shona… ???

SH- how do you know my name.. ???

VA- actually.. Your dad has send me to pick you up from here.. ???

SH- o hello.. I am not going anywhere with you .. Are you a new driver?? No ways .. I am going only with Shyam kaka.. Papa says that I should go either with him , laksh bhai or Shyam kaka.. Ok so now you leave.. ???

VA- Shona listen to me.. I am???

SH- papa says, not to talk to strangers.. ???

VA – Shona .. Your papa only.???

SH- what ,my papa only.. If he would have sent another driver for me then he would have call me so you go.. Papa says that I shouldn’t go anywhere with the unknown.. ???

VA- Shona but I am not the driver.. I am.. ???

SH- no .. No .. You go from here .. I don’t want to talk to you.. Go.. ???

At that time varun’s phone rings.. He talks something and then puts it on speaker..

VA- Shona listen.. ???

SH- I said na go from here… ???

PHONE- Shona .. He won’t go from here.. Listen to him and sit.. ???

SH- dad you.. ???

SHEKHAR- yes me.. I told you that varun is coming to pick you na then what was that drama.. ???

SH- dad woh mai.. Wo .. Mai .. Bas???

SHEKHAR- Shona.. I know you want to stay in rain that’s why you are irritating him and trying to send him.. Come here baccha .. We will all go out in rain.. ???

SH- ok dad.. I am coming..???

[ question 4- has it ever happened that you planned to tease someone and that plan backfired on you.. Yes, it has happened with me several times]

SHEKHAR cuts the call..

VA- (mimicking Shona) papa says that Shona loves rain and is a big draamebaz so if she does any of her antics, call me.. ???

Saying this he laughs, looking at shona’s face which had knocked down..

SH- has lo mr. Varun.. Has lo.. ???

VA- my papa says Doosron pe nahi hasna chahiye par Shona pe zaroor hasna.. (And he laughs)???

Shona stamps her foot .. ???

VA- arey arey.. Shona.. Papa says that ki zameen ko bhi Chot lagti hai toh unhe maarna nahi chahe..
And he again laughed.. ???

SH- bahut hasi aa rahi hai na tumhe… You wait.. ???

With both her hands she beats him but varun hold both her hands and hugs her tight..

VA- I missed you.. ☺️☺️☺️

SH- I missed you too bestie.. ???

VA- I still remember our childhood days together.. I love those days..

SH- me too..

VA- par abhi we need to leave.. Shekhar uncle must be waiting for you..

SH ( breaking hug)- first let me change.. I am all wet.. Il go to the locker room and take my spare cloths.. Even you are drenched so you also need to change your clothes.. From where we will get your cloths (varun was about to say something).. Idea!!! Rohit,.. Apne spare kapde ise de do.. Pls..

Both SHOVA went to change and first changed varun followed by Shona.. And yet again, varun was mesmerized to see her playing with her wet hairs..

[question 5- do you like long hairs or short hairs?? I love long hairs but they are wavy and not straight Na so I got it rebonded]


Recap- shova’s story continues in past.. Present- a great mystery to be revealed… Freshers party.. Sunny trying to misbehave with her.. SANSKAAR attacks Swara , almost leading to her death.. Swara to start hating sanskaar..


question 1- as I am studying in London, is there someone else who is studying in foreign???] [question 2- you are daddy’s little princess or mummy’s great queen?? You all know that I am in the first category and I hope I don’t need to tell why..]

question 3- barso re is song by shreya ghoshal.. My favourite singer .. Who’s your favourite singer??] [ question 4- has it ever happened that you planned to tease someone and that plan backfired on you.. Yes, it has happened with me several times]

question 5- do you like long hairs or short hairs?? I love long hairs but they are wavy and not straight Na so I got it rebonded]

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  1. Anu_M

    I forgot to mention the theme for today.. It is “pages of past”

    1. Anu_M

      Thank you Anu.. ??

  2. Great episode dear.. superb.. eagerly waiting for next.. bt plz post it soon.. precap is horrible.. Sanky trying to kill swara.. 😮

    I donno whether u read or nt bt I answered ur ques in prev epi cmnt.. still once again.. I write Ishq wala love diff ff.. obviously swasan ff.. 12 episodes completed.. now gng to start new ff named – swasan: Happy Ending after 25th july.. 🙂 I had posted its prologue.. & had written one os too.. swasan the light of my life.. Though m nt getting much response bt m happy dat there r sm people who cmnt me.. so I write fr them.. 🙂

    1. Anu_M

      I’ll pucca read your ff when I get time.. Abhi toh I am just on my way back to home after college.. All my energy is drained.. I’ll read and then give my feedback… shalmali, that’s the way.. Optimist is filled in you and that’s reapoy very good ., love you,,

      I know about precap.. Soon you will get to know why did sanskaar attack swara..

  3. Hi Anu….?ha am elder to u u can call me……n moreovr I dnt have any sister….bt I got u…..????
    Ic!ng to Ur qs u cld dfntly guess I live in India…..am pappa’s daughter…..singer I like shreya and am frm south India I also like chitra…….and I love long hair…????
    And last but not least dis shot is also as usual fantastic…..????

    1. Anu_M

      Di u consider me ypur sister , that’s my great fortune.. Unlike you, I have an elder sis who loves me more than her life who is my mother , my bestfriend, my soulmate my lucky charm and so much more.. And God made me lucky that I got one more sister .. I know I don’t know you and you also don’t know me but may be sometime, somewhere we meet.. Zyada cheesy ho gaya na .. Kya karu.. I very philosophical., really, life is also a mystery our known leave us and unknown fill them.. Accha di, do you write any ff??

      1. No I don’t write any ff yaar……s our known n beloved ones leave us making us alone…..??
        Wen will u update the next part….update it soon….??

      2. Anu_M

        Di I’ll try to update the next part today… Not sure but will try

  4. Hi expected long part.. its k u need to pen down in btwn ur hectic wrk… nd coming to todays part it ws awesime…so shova wr gud at begining latr sumthng has happend which we wil knw in nxt part…
    2.im both kind.
    3.my fav yuvan shankar raja.. im hindi atif alsam
    4. Never a plan bck fired.. im a grt prankster..
    5. Lov short hairs.. bt nw im havin long hair which is staright nd silky.. so whn i try new hair style is does nt mend..so irritating… lov to hav feather cut made it once ♥♥

    1. Ah coming to theme idea its gud… i need intense pain track if u cn plz add for me… nd ur interaction session is awesom… whn author interact with readers then ur really grt writer nd u hav place in evry1 ♥

      1. Anu_M

        Navi.. I have replied to you in the last chapter .. ☺️☺️??

      2. Anu_M

        I’ll surely bring that track.. Thank u so much navi.. I love interacting with everyone that’s why I intro this.. And you are one of the people I love to chat with .. Love you so much

    2. Anu_M

      I had written a long part only with Swasan too but it didn’t get posted only and I had to write again in college when i saw it wasn’t posted.. Par koi BAAT nahi.. I’ll try to post a long part tomorrow.. Me too love feather cut and waterfall cut.. Ugh.. That I can’t say.. I have a nice texture .. My hair are soft but not silky and as I said I disn’t have straight hairs so I got it rebonded.. U know navi.. Actually yesterday my one friend went to parlor as its her bday week.. She asked her eyebrows to be made.. Here they wax your eyebrows to give them shape so the parlor girl told that she will do the same and her hairs were shaved.. And o my god what they did was that the curve part which is inclined rowArds the nose was shaved upto 1 cm and it was made straight.. Lol.. The eyebrows are made like this here.. And she looked horrible to herself And had to use eyebrow pencil today..

      1. Anu_M

        And navi.. I just read your message the old one.. I am not an atheist.. I am so grateful to kanha Ji.. My sweet saviour.. I am no way an atheist.. Thank u so much for your compliment.. Ye wali batao pic kaisi hai.. I have closed my eyes so no attraction towards eyes.. Lol.. Aur friends KO itni acchi acchi baatein mat kaho.. Sab balloon ki tarah Phool kar ud jayenge.. We need to sign generally or give Touch ID.. Aur itne saare bacche hai ki koi voice proxy kar de to pata NAHI chalta hai generally

      2. Hahahe by imaging ur frnds eyebrow omg.. im laughing.. hw v wil look by having starighy brows… really pity hr situation.. omg that too during bday week.. nd ur looking awesm in this dp… ha ha sumone hs closed their eyes to protect them anyways now too ur look beautiful.. so u like kanha ji.. i like lord krishna.. by d way ur gonna b resident so soon… nd hw abt natural sci?? Are u intrsd wt made u to cling on that??? Hmmm nxt here com my question
        1. Do u lov pets
        2.wt made u to write stories
        3.ur inspiration in ur lyf
        4.best prank dat u played stil nw
        5.ur fav food
        And hw s ut day.. tc dr.. meet u soon anu.. luv u too ♥♥

      3. Anu_M

        Thank u.. Thank u .. I am all again “blushing ” “blushing”.. Yes belonging from a Gujarati family, I have been brought up as to worship him but of course , he is my best friend., whenever I ask anything from him, he always gives me..

        About natural sciences.. I like observing and proving evidences .. I have always loved chemistry and physics .. Bio I hated but of course can works upon it and astronomy.. It’s like my passion and knowing about earth’s geological surface or in short geography is adventurous when it comes to practical .. So in all I was attracted to learn more about it..

        I love pets but only fish.. I Can’t wiggle with a dog or something… Because I am allergic to animal fur and strong smell..

        In all my hectic schedule, I had a longing for this.. I was strangely attracted towards penning down a story and I am a person who always follows what I like and so I did this when one of my friend told me about the various stories and fictions uploaded here..

        My inspiration in my life is my late Dadi.. She was just best.. From telling me bedtime stories to those teenage girls problems., it was my Dadi.. She was so cheerful, so good, so kind and above all she loved me.. I was 14 when she passed away and there again , I saw sympathy., I hate it.. From years I am seeing that sympathetic sights and words and then at your back they are saying that you are a bad omen for your family.. Your birth ate your mother and then your granny… I have just gone .. Arghh.. Nothing to say.. .. Forget it..

        Best prank.. Me and one of my di had called one of our relative and engaged her in along convo.. We used voice changer and talked like a boy and oh God.. We scared her so much.. You come and meet me otherwise I’ll commit suicide.. Singing weirdos song like we are drunk.. I can’t forget it.. That is the latest prank I did.. Actually that was a revenge.. When I and di were goog back to India so we were at the airport.. The date was 14 May.. The pranked Di was with us .. We all were sitting and chatting with an Indian family who was also supposed to fly to delhi.. Suddenly there were blast sounds, continuous sounds.. We all held each other’s hand.. Even the other Muslim family held.. We were so shocked.. We all thought that terrorists had attacked.. Continuous sound of bombardment.. And the pranked di, after 5 minutes or so started laughing.. We were here hell scared because still we could here the blast sounds and she was laughing.. She couldn’t tell us before that it was the procession ceremony going on.. As it was queen’s birthday and she was going to be 88 years so 88 canon balls were being exploded in air.. Can you imagine?? She wasn’t tellig is this and for good half and hour these balls were being exploded in happiness of the queen becoming 88.. So we took our revenge.. She was pranking is by saying Isis has attacked..

        My fav food is white pasta.. Though I am a Gujarati but I hate dhoklas and phapra but I love jalebis ..

        I am having a good day.. After completing my work,.. All our friends decided to meet and we are just hanging out

      4. Haha i knw u wip b laughing whila seeing my msg… enough of dat nd stop blushing dr… im too laughing like idiot while texting u… comin to prank omg isis i really cnt ovrcom dat.. nd both played tit for tat prank ws lol.. nd ur queen for ur life.. do wt ur heart tells nd move.. cool.. nd gud to listen to u akways.. tc dr bye

      5. Anu_M

        Offo navi.. You read my whole message.. That was too very long.. And yea.. You always meme my mood.. That’s why I give 1000 volt ka bright smiling face. We are big pranksters. What what we hav by done . But only with our age group people.. Specially with my Bhaiya.. Lol.. Theresahuge list of pranks played with him.. I have moved on but the path is endless… And if the memory jar breaks then it jaa disaster. But whatsoever I love my life and believe it living to the fullest.. Navi.. What’s your age.. I am sure you are elder to me still I don’t call you Di na.. U don’t mind?? Do you .. ???

  5. Superb part dear… ?

    1. Anu_M

      Tysm pramudi.. ??

  6. RUPA

    This was so sweet..

    I loved swasan’s first meeting and this song is one of my fav monsoon songs.

    Coming to ur questions

    2) it’s tough one to choose between mom and dad but still i’ve to choose one then i’m dad princess.

    3)Fav singer…..umm i have many so i won’t answer this one.

    4) My own frnds make my plans go utter flop so yes it happened many times.

    5) I love long hairs but when it comes to me prefer to have short one as i can’t manage them

    Finally done with these ques but i had alot of fun during answer your ques.

    1. Anu_M

      Thank u rupa.. My favourite monsoon song is cham Cham.. The signature step of this song done by shraddha is just amazing,, I was able to copy but the perfection and effort which she had put in , I just couldn’t match the level..

      You had fun during answering these questions abd sweet heart, I had fun reading your comment.. Simply just that love you loads

    1. Anu_M

      Thank u s.. ??

  7. Niku

    So sweet sa episode….
    1.No ,I m studying from my hometown
    2. Obvs.Papa’s Rockstar
    3.Drashan Raval n Araman Malik
    4.I m a prank master ,but sometimes it backfire on me too….
    5.I love long hairs ,but mine hairs neither too long nor short….

    N yss…..my fav. Part in today’s chp. Dance in rain ….bcz I also love rain….

    1. Anu_M

      Tysm niku.. U love rains.. Well I too love rains but my favorite season is winter though.. Even I am pops daughter.. Darshan raval se mujhe koi pehli mohabbat nahi huyi thi aur tere nishan ki to koi chap mere pe nahi hai aur bekhudi to woh khudi hai.. He is a brilliant singer but I am not a die hard fan of him.. Lol???

      1. Niku

        Tysm Anu m for u reply….as u know I love rain but my fav. Season is also winter ….so sad this much common dear….n coming to singer I can see that …..ooppss…my mistake I can read that u r not a died heart fan seriously as u write no pehli mohbbat, no chap of mere nishan n yeah last one I agree bekhudi toh woh khudii h….I can feel how much u love her as a fan….bcz I m also his fan…hehe..
        But u know wht I like most about ur that u r in foreign country but u r still updated about our country…..

      2. Anu_M

        Lol niku.. That’s good na that we have so many things in common.. There’s nothing sad about it..

        And about india.. That’s my birthplace.. Whether I stay in London or anywhere , my Delhi city will always be the best.. The london malls cannot compare with the Karol bagh.. The great eye here cannot compare with our india gate.. The heritage here is nothing infront of ours.. Then why will I update about here.. Aur agar maine kar bhi diya na then aadhe SE zyada log KO samajh nahi aayega cause we are indians
        And you are so cute are.. You are looking too good in the dp..

  8. Neha_priya

    Hey anu…..a really short update dear…. OK pardoned u for ur hectic schedule….. Shova part was amazing… I like this bond when childhood friends meet after really long and do fun together… But best was varun imitating shona….. I loved it….??

    N coming to ur questions…. I’m from India but I really wish to travel across the world for once… Ah crazy me I like adventures….

    Daddy’s princess or mummy’s queen…. Well my father is really a strict one so I’m mostly fond of my mother…. She’s is the one I can confine to….
    Fav singer… There’s the confusion my liking always alters in this…. Sometimes I like rock ones… Slow romantic types…then immersed in pain so there are many but yeah shreya is one of them for sure… OK cham cham is currently my favorite too and yup signature steps are too fabulous but I liked shradha’s expressions too ….

    Regarding pranks… Umm I’m not a great prankster rather a fun loving one mastikhor types… But yeah I do play pranks sometimes but when I do they never got backfired…. I’ll tell u one incident later….

    Last one I love silky straight long hairs but I don’t have…. I keep thinking when will I have them…. I think never regarding cuts I’m so not fond of getting it cutted but yeah it need tremming from splitting…. Mostly I prefer lazar cut

    I read ur teaser but I was too tired to comment then… ??sorry

    1. Anu_M

      No apology Neha.. I can understand your position.. After all I am in the same category but I don’t read any ff.. Even I love slow romantic songs.. I love only these types of song.. No crazy you.. Even I love to travel and fortunately, my father helps me to aspire it

  9. Neha_priya

    Do tell me what you’re studying in London…. With this good night sweeto… Anyways anu is my nick name… You know it’s meaning…. ??A bomb ??

    1. Anu_M

      Lol Neha Anu and bomb.. No relation.. Any means grace.. Jaake apne Bhaiya KO Bata dena..

      I am doing my graduation course at imperial college, london

      1. Neha_priya

        Why would I tell bhaiya… Grace hmm cool…. Means ur graceful… Indeed u are

      2. Anu_M

        My name means grace .. Don’t know about me.. I said that because my Bhaiya has kept my nick name “naina”.. He says that I have really beautiful eyes so naina and you said u have so many brothers so I thought your bhaiyas named u Anu.. Sorry

  10. hi anu di…
    actually i am still in class tenth so i hope i can call u di.. if u dont mind…..
    1-i study in dehradun…
    2-i am my mother’s queen….
    my dad pampers me a lot but i hav a special bond wid my mom..
    3-i luv armaan malik ,kk i hope u remember the song ankho me teri frm om shanti om… he is the same singer… n ofcourse i luv shreya ghoshal..
    4- yup sometimes those pranks hav backfired me too..
    5- i luv long hair… bt i hav mid length… bt they are super smooth nd extra thick…
    they trouble me a lot…
    nd same pinch di i also turn out to be a great philosophical person sometimes…
    nd coming to the update i jusst luvd it…
    actually its raining heavily here in dehradun nd today only i danced in d rain….
    so this update became special to me…
    nd thanks fr d update sis…
    love you…

    1. Anu_M

      No problem dear., call me anything you like.. Wow.. Rains.. Good .. Have a happy WALA weekend.. Love you

  11. Awesome ?
    I am Mama’ s queen. All demands are fulfilled by Dad but then too…..

    Same pinch even my favourite singer is shreya

    I am mostly a silent girl but I do prank with close friends.And they never go wrong

    I have very very thick straight and soft hair like my mom.Whenever I go for haircut the hair dresser starts praising them.But I am pissed off with them.
    But they are short just below shoulders.My family likes me keeping short hair.

    1. Anu_M

      Sharlene.. What I guess is , that you have beautiful hair then why are you pissed of.. Say thanks to God for giving you such beautiful hair.. Koi baat nahi , a girl looks marvelous with short hairs as well as long hairs..

      1. I meant I am pissed off with hair dresser

      2. Anu_M

        Ohh.. Hair dressers.. Yaar unka to kaam hai makkhan lagana.. Thoda buttery tum bhi ho jaya Karo .. ??

  12. Again Sorry for late comments Di…Oh God I just loved this part…Actually The way Varun tease Shona…I have also teased my besti…So just remembered childhood moments…
    Coming to Questions.
    Di,I don’t study in foreign country…But love to do adventures..My favourite place to visit is London and Paris…
    I am papa’s princess and mummy’s queen…Actually both pampered me a lot so It is very tough for me to choose…I hope you will understand…
    And About Singer Same Pinch Di..I am die heart fan of Shreya Ghoshal…I just love her voice…In my school all call me little shreya ghoshal…And About Monsoon Songs…My favourite one is Cham Cham…
    I like long,black,silky and thick hairs…and I have also up to waist…You know what Di I just love long hair…
    About Chappy- Awesome,Superb,Fantastic,Amazing,Excellent,Very Good…
    Thankyou for your feedback Di in my ff…I will surely improve…Today is Saturday na…So I am free That’s why So long comment…Age bhi hai Di…
    1. Di, Which is your favourite actor and actress in bollywood..My Sahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor..All Kapoor-Kapoor na …So Everyone call Kapoors and Fan…
    2. Which is your favourite movie?…My favourite movie is 3 Idiots, Mohabbatein, Jab we met, Ek Villain, OMG Oh My God and PK..
    These are my favourites one and Yours…
    Ok Bye and Take care and Love u choo oooo ko much….

    1. And about pranks Di…I love to do pranks and sometimes it has backfired on me…You are very lucky to have a sister but I don’t have a sister nor brother…I am one and only child of my parents…That’s why I love to make brothers and sisters and in TU I have got so much sisters…I hope you don’t mind that I am calling you Di…
      Just love u sooo much..???

      1. Anu_M

        My sweetu baccha .. Have I ever asked you not to say me di.. I love it when you call me .. With love and imperfections

    2. Anu_M

      Thank u so much little heart.. Same here .. All are likes and dislikes are same .. I also had hair upto my waist but then I got it shortened .. ShReya ghoshal I just love her .. Same like you people use to call me nightangle.. I was the singing icon in my school.. I had gone to many feats and my kanha Jo’s grace received many trophies and certificates in singing.. About London and Paris.. London is just like my next birthplace and about Paris.. Do visit there if you get chance.. And if you go, go in winters due to Christmas.. The scene is wonderful there.. The Eiffel tow is decorated so beautifully.. I just can’t explain its beauty only you yourself go and see.. If you have to come to London then I’ll be there at your service.. Hope you are not scared of rides .. I’ll take you to the great eye of London.. That’s a wonderful place but to sit in that ride you need to wait for sometimes half an hour sometimes one hour or may be more too.. I know you will improve and shine.. Love you too. And about mommy and daddy.. I have been pampered a lot but won’t be able to tell anything about motherly bliss.. I just don’t know how it feels to be in your mother’s lap..

      Personally I don’t like any hero.. All are flop according to me and actresses, I’ll go for shraddha kapoor.

      My favorite movies- can’t tell.. I know about all the movies but haven’t seen it.. I have no interest or craze for Bollywood.. I like to spent most of my time in studying, outing or watching. Cricket, football and tennis.. I was somu has already entertained in my life that for recreation I never needed any movies.. ??.

  13. Soujanya


    1. Anu_M

      Glad you liked it.. Soujanya

  14. So much mistakes Di…Sorry I hope u have understood the mistakes…And Di Don’t understand me that I don’t like studies…I love studies but I like reading more….Which is your favourite subject Di…I like Physics and History…
    And Di About visiting…I have seen Eiffel Tower…But not in Christmas…
    About Coming in London…Not decided….
    I am sacred of heights Di…And I love rides…
    Bye and love u

    1. Anu_M

      No problem .. Auto correction se to mistakes ho hi jaate hai.. I know I know.. Love studies and score good.. Ummah.. About physics.. You are now in middle school right.. Come to senior side, you will stroll your head and rip it because of the numericals of physics..they are just so irritating but if you get the concept , you will rock.. And history.. Well that’s kinda good.. My favourite subject in school was chemistry and computer as my optionals.. You will not get scared at height .. Because though it is at a very great height, u can see the whole London that’s why its named London eye..

      1. Hiii Di..How are you?
        Dii What is ur DP in Facebook..Actually I have searched by typing Anu Modi…Then two name come with the name of Anu Modi..Once Dp is Aishwarya Rai Bachhan and once is a girl with friends…So which is your Dp Di..I will send you freind request…My facebook name is Manoj Kumar Verma..
        Bye and Take care and Love u loads Dii.

      2. Anu_M

        Prakriti .. I am not on fb sweetu . I had given you my gmail id na.. Contact me through it..

  15. AnuAnn

    Awesome part dear.. Sorry dear I’m not able to comment in previous 2 episodes.. Hey we too have got same names.. In telly there r many anu’s that’s y I kept my name Anu ann.. And abt Q. I’m a south Indian from Kerala.. I love both Pappa and Amma equally.. Shreya ghoshal is my favorite too… I loved to hear every songs of her.. And abt hair I have long hairs bt sometimes it feels irritating… And wt u r doing sis

    1. Anu_M

      Thank u Anu di.. No problem .. I can understand that you were busy., yup di I can see that there are many people hailing the name Anu.. But ‘Anu ann’ is a completely different name.. Holds extinction..

      Di.. I am doing my graduation course ..

  16. answer1: No I live in Pakistan Karachi answer 2: I m mama great queen answer 3: that is my fav song too and my fav singer is palak answer 4 : my plans r always backfired on me :'( answer 5 my hairs r straight not that much so I hv straightening machine… Anu I m 16 Years old , studying 11th year commerce and u ?

    1. Anu_M

      No Ansa.. I am 19 years and I am
      Doing my graduation course.. And Pls pls don’t call me di after knowing that I am elder to you.. I like you calling me ‘Anu ‘.. Even I don’t have straight hairs Isiliye i got it permanently straightened or I may say rebonded.,

  17. u too have a wonderful weekend di…..
    wooow…. you received certificates n trophies for singing thts really awsm…
    bt i sing really badly… infact i give tough competition to hyenas when i sing…lol…
    bt i dance well…. n i really wish tht i can visit paris for christmas…
    now i should stop my bak bak..
    n di ur dp is amazing…
    u r looking so cute…
    nd take care…

    1. Anu_M

      Yes.. Actually here every year IIT fest used to take place and many inter school competitions were also held and i took active participation in it so I had secured positions.. Arey singing like hyena.. Lol.. That was so funny.. But you are a good dancer na.. Try to pursue in that field.. It will be very helpful for you to take admission in some reputed college.. I also took my third subject as music technology..

  18. wooow.. that sounds great….
    thanks fr d info sis…
    it would really help me….

    1. Anu_M

      Great.. Love you.. ???

  19. Astra

    I love Sherya goshal too.☺️☺️ Nice one…?

    1. Anu_M

      Thank u dear.. ??

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