SWASAN SS BY ANU 03- WE ARE DESTINED TO BE TOGETHER “kisses, love, rain, hate and mystery”


Hello.. So how are you pretty souls.. Hope good.. No long bak bak today.. Aisa NAHI kah sakti because I have added some reforms and I want you all to read so that you don’t get confused while reading the chapter so Directly don’t scroll to the chapter.. And sorry for the last epi.. It was too bad.. I know.. Kya karun was not in a mood.. But somewhere it was essential for the story.. Getting back, hope this chapter mends your mood..
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I have made some changes guys.. They are mentioned below

1. As you all know for past, I use the name varun but my bhai’s name is also varun so I am kinda feeling wierd while writing.. Thus, I may prefer using the name sanky over varun at times..

2. Now I’ll be adding themes for every chapter.. Like today’s chapter’s theme is ” kisses, love , rain, hate and mystery”.. If you wish you can give me a theme and I’ll try to mould my a chapter according it.. I won’t assure you that the next chapter will be based on your theme , but definitely one of the chapters will be in your selected theme..

3. I am not sure for how many days more I will be so irregular.. As today is Sunday .. I am free due to weekend .. I have only weekend holidays that is Saturday and Sunday.. Like you have jayanti holidays or festival holidays in India,My next holiday will be at the end of August when there will be summer bank holiday here in London and again after that no holiday.. The holidays will be at the end of December for Christmas and new year.. For 1 more week the pressure will go on.. These assignments are something like what in India we see in sort of viva.. It’s too difficult.. I am trying to manage .. Please forgive me because I am not regular.. I am sorry

4. In between, with reference to the story or any word in it , I may quote some of my thoughts on that topic.. If you wish quote your thoughts on the topic too..

5. KNOW YOU AND ANU BETTER- thinking .. What’s dis .. then I’ll tell you .. At the end of each chapters , I’ll tell my likes and dislikes .. U need to tell yours too.. Well .. I got this idea .. When I was actually talking about my fav books and characters to my some friends here on tu…

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8. For swasan moments , the story demands some more time but I hope you will compromise with shova… I’ll show shova moments and here also I have shown their moments along with swasan


[readers … If you have not read the note above then you may get confused in this chapter.. So please go and read.. Just point 1&2 if not all]


THEME – KISSES , LOVE, RAIN, HATE AND MYSTERY.. It’s little like not very interesting in the start but as you would read further, your interest could gain for sure..

It was two week since college had started.. Sanskaar fighted with SWARA over little petty issues, ending mostly by insulting her.. Swara was always hurt by his words but never showed it.. Whenever he argued with her, she just looked at his eyes.. Deep, hollow eyes.. It is said that eyes are passage to the soul but His was different .. There were layers and layers of hidden facts covered in his eyes.. One of it was his love and care towards her which he concealed by his rude behavior..

[ question 1.. Only for girls … Eyes reflects our beauty.. A girl has magic stored in her eyes.. Aren’t she.. What do you do to adorn your eyes.. Do you apply liner or kaajal?? I don’t apply kohl but I love eyeliners… Colorbar’s jet black eyeliner’s are awesome.. I do apply lakme’s coloured liners too.. ]

Swara was packing her stuffs in the bag.. She took a file and neatly placed her project report in it which had to be submitted today.. She took another file and kept it at the back seat of the car.. A lot of her efforts had been put up in making in that project.. Waking till midnight, she had prepared a report and made sure that everything was done perfectly.. Ms. Perfectionist.. You know..

She reached her classroom, kept her bag and went out along with ragini.. RAGINI, her best friend.. They had met each other just few days before in the college campus.. They weren’t even in the same class but they acted inseparable.. Just like soul sisters..

As Swara moved out, someone sneaked into the class and quietly took out all her sheets.. The person smirked.. It was sanskar….

SANSKAAR – I will not let you stay in this college Swara.. You have to go from here..

After sometime when Swara came back to her class, she decided to take a final glance at her project.. She took out her file but it was empty .. All her reports were missing.. She was shocked.. She tried to find it and then she noticed a bit of paper.. It was torn from her project.. She moved further and there were more bits of paper all along the way till the pool of the college compound.. Her sheets were blading in the pool with the inks smudged.. [ Swara agali baar se waterproof pen use karna .. ???] she gave a sad smile as if she knew it was to happen..

[ question 2.. what would you do if your manuals went missing and it is someone’s prank???… I will make the life of the person black and blue]

Sanskaar appeared from back..

SANSKAAR- so miss Swara.. What will you do now?? I have destroyed all your hardwork and efforts .. Now you will not be able to submit your project and would fail in the units .. Eventually, going out from this college and me getting rid from you..

Swara (with angiush filled in her voice)- why do you hate me so much?? Did I do anything you?? No na.. Then why do you always tend to hurt me …

SANSKAAR- I don’t feel to answer you..

SWARA- you don’t feel to answer me (shouting).. You are hell bent on removing me from this college.. You are playing up with my life… You hate me for no reason and then you don’t feel to answer me.. But I am not letting you go today.. Tell me who are you and why are you doing all this ..

SANSKAAR- keep your tongue under control..

SWARA- I can’t do so.. Now answer……………… Answer me dammit…

Sanskaar tried to move from there but Swara held his wrist.. She was continuously venting all her frustrations from the first day.. Furious, he pushed her.. The ground was wet and Swara, not able to maintain her balance fell in the pool.. The water splashed loud.. Thush

Swara didn’t even knew the basics of swimming.. Her nostrils flared, heart pounded fast.. She tried to float herself on water but she was drowning.. And slowly, slowly , her whole body immersed inside the pool.. She closed her eyes, feeling her last breaths.. But nothing as such happened .. She opened her eyes and she could see inside the water.. Moreover , she was able to breathe .. Just like ,normally, a person breathes in land.. Her head shown with light as if someone placed a crown or tiara of light on her head.. She was confused but soon after, drowsiness took over and she let her body fall in the stiffened, cool water. What left unnoticed by her was a mark which was left at the back of her head after this incident..

On the other side, When sanskaar heard the loud splash of water , he looked back and saw Swara drowning in water.. His body constrained as if someone snatched his life out of him.. He panicked and jumped into the water to save her.. He frantically called for her but she laid down deep.. He took her in his arms and came out of the icy water.. She was unconscious.. He pumped water from her stomach, rubbed her fingers, tried all possible ways but she didn’t react.. He took her to the medical room and placed her there.. He took his palm and made circular motions and patterns in her head while speaking something continuously.. SWARA was slowly opening her eyes.. SANSKAAR didn’t want to do so but He gently kissed her forehead and left from there before she woke up..

When Swara gained conscious, she found herself on the cosy bed.. The windows were opened and she could feel little droplets surrounding her.. It was drizzling.. But not long, it started pouring heavy showers..
She suddenly felt very fresh, energetic and happy.. Her body didn’t pain anymore.. Rain was like a blissful medicine for her.. A sudden urge of feeling this rain controlled her and she rushed out…

Swara stood in the middle of the field , allowing showers to go through her.. To allow rain to swarm away all her pains with it.. Many group of girls joined her and someone played music..

Cham Cham plays in bg…

Song played.. Swara couldn’t resist This pure , selfless ecstasy.. RAIN.. The soother of all the pains.. The relief of life.. Something extremely arrant.. A blessing of God to wash away all the sins.. She expanded her arms and whirled around.. Water sent chill down her body but she didn’t care.. She swayed her arms and let her hairs bounced high.. She smiled and her laughter created another great piece of music.. Splashing and giggling, they danced on the tunes.. Dancing madly on the tunes..

[question 3- college girls and school girls.. Did you ever dance madly in rain that also at your school or college campus ???.. Seriously I did , along with my bestie , trisha… We studied in a convent school along with all the hefty sisters.. Discipline was buried in our nails and we did this.. Thankfully the princi didn’t come to know about it as thee school had ended.. Par pata NAHI ho sakta hai camera se dekh liya ho..]

Suddenly Swara stopped, she could see some flashes .. She held her head and focused… A girl and a boy were fighting on a topic..


SHONA – varun.. I am going out… See it’s raining..

VARUN- (keeps a pout) I’ll also go.. Achoo ( he sneezes)..

SHONA- itni sardi hui hai and you want to go out in rain.. No you stay here..

VARUN – no .. I also want to go. Achoo ( he again sneezes)

SHONA- no varun.. You are not going out … Neither I am going out… Stay here and I am bringing soup for you..

VARUN – achaa Shona .. I am sorry.. You please go out .. I won’t come …

SHONA- sachhi

VARUN- mucchi

She smiled and exited out while varun moved towards the window to see her love… Her happiness has always been his happiness… Her pain also his.. And when she smiled, it took his breath away.. And that was what she would do definitely now and he didn’t want to miss that precious curve so he landed on the window..

He smiled, of course because she was smiling.. Rain drops were gently beating her body.. Her eyes were glittering with joy.. Her hairs which was in a bun, was now opened making a cascadeous curtain of he hairs at her back.. Her anklets were making dubious sound.. Personally, he never liked anklets but when she is without anklets, it felt incomplete to him.. Effect of Love’s magic.. Kya kare… The rain was pouring at its peak .. It’s steady drops were falling on her lips just like few drops on a majestically bloomed rose.. Her whole body was drenched and the anarkali she wore hugged her.. That’s when it stuck him.. Some boys were staring at her lustly.. Anger bottled up in him and he rushed down..

SHONA- VARUN.. You came down.. You told Na that you won’t come down..

VARUN- Shona .. Chalo … Let’s go in..

SHONA- VARUN.. You go.. I’ll come in a few minutes.. Please… (she made a puppy face)

VARUN- I said , let’s go in Shona..

SHONA- VARUN .. Just few minutes , please.. I’ll pucca come..

VARUN- so you won’t come..

Shona signalled no.. VARUN looked back and saw the men were still staring ÃT here. He got more angry and scooped her in his arms and went in the home..

SHONA- keep me down varun.. What are you doing??


VARUN- (calm) Shona .. Please stop.. Didn’t you see taht there were some men down .. They were staring at you in a wrong way.. (Cupping her face) I just couldn’t hold the sight of that .. That why I behaved rudely with you and brought you in.. Shona , you are very special for me .. I will die if you go away for me.. You are mine.. Only mine..

Tears rolled down Varun’s eyes.. Shona didn’t allow him to speak further and smashed her lips on his with unguarded passion.. Varun was taken aback but he melted by her touch and responded back with equal intensity.. Both were devouring each other’s mouth with tear stained faces.. Varun wanted more of her and he bit her lips.. She gasped out and he immediately left her..

VARUN- I am sorry…

Shona didn’t want to make him guilty of his actions and again held his lips and bit him , telling him that she enjoyed the pleasure he gave him.. He moaned and smiled.. They departed..

VARUN – what was that… Achanak se you became a complete wild cat..

SHONA- that was a proof VARUN.. Proof that I am only yours and you are only mine.. And.. Why are you getting angry on me?? You should have beaten those idiots Na ..idiot VARUN ..

VARUN – ok Boss

And both laughed…

Flash ends


Swara opened her eyes.. She wished for the same type of profound love and her eyes struggled to find Sanskaar .. And there, he was standing at the corner.. He had also been wet in the rain unwilling and his physiques were looking more adorable… The same feeling of wandering her hands over his hair aroused again and she blushed at her thoughts.. But he was staring at her angrily, very angrily.. Not only her , he was shooting daggers at someone back of her too and she knew who it was … Sunny.. He was smirking at her lecherously.. He also tried to touch her when she was busy in her thoughts and sanskaar had most probably seen it.. Oh god!! What did she had to do with this boy.. Was the ripping of the pant not enough or he wanted to get his whole body ripped.. She laughed thinking it.. While her man, sanskaar ,was still a mystery.. He could do anything for her .. Example – what he is doing now.. But he would show her as if he has just malice filled in his heart for her.. She again called God.. Oh god!! What she had to do this boy .. Full mystery man.. Phew … She jerked and then approached him…

SWARA- Sanskaar, give me your jacket..


SWARA- are you deaf?? I told you to give your jacket..

SANSKAAR- “told you”.. You are ordering me..

SWARA- no… Sort of taking your help..

SANSKAAR- and why do you think I would do so…

SWARA- then I would go and ask someone else.. May be sunny…

SANSKAAR – what the…

SWARA- (stopping him by placing her hand on mouth).. O… Don’t abuse.. I hate abusers.. (And then removed her hand)

SANSKAAR- then hate me..

SWARA- I’ll think about it later … First give me your jacket.. I am feeling cold..

SANSKAAR with a wierd expression gave her the jacket … She wrapped her jacket around the sleeveless fountain top she was wearing …

[ Question 4- it is said that rain is the season of love.. But according to me winter is the season of love.. Even Valentine’s Day is in winter then why rain?? Give me the answer and tell me which is your season of love??]

SWARA- don’t stare at me like that.. And next time don’t get angry at me … Go and beat that idiot na.. Idiot SANSKAAR.. [these were the same words Shona spoke.. Scroll upwards of you forgot] And neither try to make me hate you because you will never be able to..

She placed her lips on his cheeks and kissed him tight.. SANSKAAR stood there in shock… He pinched himself..

SANSKAAR (monologue)- how can she speak the same thing.?? Does taht means that she remembers everything.?? No .. No ways.. It cannot possible.. It must be a coincidence.. Only a coincidence.. I will never let her know about our past life.. I know what she will do after that and I can’t allow her to do so… (His throat became dry and unstable).. She has to hate me.. She has to hate me .. She has to hate me .. She just has to hate me …


It was evening but the rain didn’t stop.. SANSKAAR was at a house in a middle of a dark forest.. He was waiting for someone.. Only then, a girl came from behind and placed her hand on his shoulder..

THE GIRL- sanskaar bhai…

Sanskaar turned and gave her a smile..

SANSKAAR- ragini..

RAGINI hugged sanskaar…

RAGINI- are you ok bhai??

SANSKAAR- I am ok ragini … How is swara??

RAGINI- She is also fine bhai… But bhai.. U r not able to make her hate you.. She loves you.. She loves you as sanskaar, bhai.. She is hurt by your words but she doesn’t hates you bhai.. She thinks you are doing this because of a reason … Because of some pressure and she thinks you also like her.. Bhai what to say… I don’t believe that someone’s love could be so strong.. May be you both are destined to meet.. See your love is so strong .. Not in past life so may be in this life , you would unite..

SANSKAAR – no RAGINI.. This can’t be possible … If she stays with me, her life will be in danger.. I will never let it happen.. I can see her hating me but I can’t see her pains..

RAGINI- bhai.. At least give a chance to your love.. May be she can heal you..


RAGINI- what are you going to do with sunny??

SANSKAAR- he will be out of college soon.. How dare he keep his dirty eyes on my SWARA..

RAGINI- bhai… Not now .. But after that , not you but SWARA has to marry someone .. What will you do then ?? When she’ll be getting married.?? When she will love someone?? When someone else will touch her?? What will you do??

SANSKAAR (tears filed in her eyes)- if she is happy then my pain doesn’t matters at all…

RAGINI- bhai .. But her happiness is from you.. She won’t be able to love someone else … Neither in this birth nor in some other … She is the chosen one for you.. Why are you not understanding??? .. She will die without you..

SANSKAAR- for God sake., stop it RAGINI.. U know my hands are tied … After loving her so much, I have to act as if she is my hatred pawn.. Do you know , how much difficult it is for me to hurt her?? But I have to do so.. She shouldn’t be there in that college and she shouldn’t be near to me too.. Her life is in danger near me … Every bit thing of this universe makes me remind her but I am controlling my emotions… Because I am destined to do this.. And this rain.. You saw how much she was happy dancing it in it.. Playing and enjoying… But I hate this rain because I met her on the rainy day…. And I lost her when It was raining..

RAGINI (hugging sanskaar)- I am sorry bhai.. I am really sorry.. (Leaving him and trying to cheer his mood) .. You never told me how VARUN and Shona met.. Tell me their first meet,, what was the reaction and all

SANSKAAR- shova’ first meet was completely unplanned.. In our first meet also she was dancing in rain.. She always loved rain.. Rain… The lucky rain.. U know that Shekhar uncle and dad were best buddies… Shekhar uncle had two kids- LAKSH and Shona .. During shona’s delivery, aunty died… She was much pampered and both laksh and uncle used to take extra care of her so that she never misses a motherly figure in her life., Shona had become 20 by then.. A pretty, college going student but uncle and laksh held the same care for her.. That day…………

[Question 5 – who are you SWARA or RAGINI ?? I mean to say modern cutie or traditional beauty… Well I am both… Modern cutie at home and parties… Traditional beauty at festive occasions and weddings.. But casually, I follow a modern lifestyle with some restrictions]




[ question 1.. Only for girls … Eyes reflects our beauty.. A girl has magic stored in her eyes.. Aren’t she.. What do you do to adorn your eyes.. Do you apply liner or kaajal?? I don’t apply kohl but I love eyeliners… Colorbar’s jet black eyeliner’s are awesome.. I do apply lakme’s coloured liners too.. ] [ question 2.. what would you do if your manuals went missing and it is someone’s prank???… I will make the life of the person black and blue] [question 3- college girls and school girls.. Did you ever dance madly in rain that also at your school or college campus ???.. Seriously I did , along with my bestie , trisha… We studied in a convent school along with all the hefty sisters.. Discipline was buried in our nails and we did this.. Thankfully the princi didn’t come to know about it as thee school had ended.. Par pata NAHI ho sakta hai camera se dekh liya ho..] [ Question 4- it is said that rain is the season of love.. But according to me winter is the season of love.. Even Valentine’s Day is in winter then why rain?? Give me the answer and tell me which is your season of love??] [Question 5 – who are you SWARA or RAGINI ?? I mean to say modern cutie or traditional beauty… Well I am both… Modern cutie at home and parties… Traditional beauty at festive occasions and weddings.. But casually, I follow a modern lifestyle with some restrictions]


On a serious note, a reader told me that she loved the little bit mother – daughter bonding , I showed in the first chapter and wanted to see more of it in the next… Also wants me to publish an os on it.. I am sorry I can’t do so… I can’t show much of these things because I haven’t experienced a mother’s love and affection in my life.. My mother died during my delivery… Due to some wrong doses of medicine, my mom’s liver and kidney failed to work … And I was born by normal delivery.. My mother faced so much labour pain that she forced me out her body.. I was just 6 and a half months .. A premature baby.. I was kept on ventilator .. Even my mom was kept .. There was no chance of our living but I survived but my mom left me … And I am telling you all this , not because I want to gain sympathy.. I had enough of this sympathy and curses in my childhood and I no more want it… I just told it so that none of my readers are disheartened … And , I am a strong girl but when it comes to these things , I breakdown.. So no one will post emotional messages and make me cry… Done Na .. No one would do otherwise you will face my angry avatar.. Ask to Ansa, she will tell u … And to that reader.. Don’t take it to your heart dear.. I hadn’t written the message to criticise or hurt you .. It’s not that I hate you or don’t like you so I am not doing it .. Every person , he or she has issues… We are not ardent fans of romance as you said.. I crave for the bliss which you have fortunately got… My message didn’t make you understand . That’s why I am telling in publically.. Hope you understand.. Stay happy .. And my dear friends, she is an immature girl so she did so but I am mature to differentiate between right and wrong.. Bashing is not allowed here on this page.. Though i didn’t experience but I randomly opened a page and was shocked to see the number of basher comments there .. All writing absurd words.. In one sentence, abusing five times.. Such words which I haven’t even pronounced one.. And I also read that the author is a 15 year old kid.. I so wanted to write a message for them but what would happen the haters will abuse me and then same would be the case of supporters.. They would ask me not to poke my nose in their work .. What next ..? So a special request if someone feels that I have hurt their sentiments then Pls don’t bash me or others .. There’s a polite way of criticism and you are most welcome to do it… I have never used abusive words or hurtful words for anyone and I expect the same for others.. This is what One expects from the other… I have my own limits.. Same should be with everyone .. If you have read my works then you must have seen that I haven’t even used the word ‘s**y’ in my works then how I am I supposed to use abusive words.. PLS guys.. I am not appreciating myself but trying to degrade someone is also not good.. After reading the reader’s reply and the basher comments on a page here , I wrote this .. Nothing more to say.. Waise bhi.. Jitni story nahi likhi.. Usse jyada toh bhashan bhar diya.. Shollu.. Sorry..

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