Hello guys.. In a bad mood today.. The questions didn’t go so well as I expected.. Let’s hope for the best.. .. A chotu Sa update today.. Read the chapter.. You may find it boring because I couldn’t bring a spark in it as my own mood is dull.. Above all .. My health is not good and I am very tired and exhausted.. So I am not getting clearly Anu ideas to present my work properly.. Hope you forgive me .. I am sure you are gonna like the next chapter, unlike this one.. I’ll try to post it soon, most probably at 16..
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SWARA was ready in red crop top and black jeans with a bunch of her side hair plated while the whole hair was left out open.. She had applied kohl in her eyes with a little tint of pink gloss on her lips.. Even with minimal makeup, she managed to look utterly beautiful..

Standing on the portals of college, she inhaled its breath, ready to mix herself to a complete new, adventurous world.. She hopped in, but was soon stopped by a gang of boys.. Err… Ragging.. They were boyss ready to rag her… But but but..

BOYS- hi beautiful..

SWARA- can you please let me go..

BOYS- yes.. Of course… But first let us do our work..

SWARA- what work??

BOYS- ragging.. Fresher’s ragging..

SWARA- and you think.. I’ll be your prey for ragging.. You all are highly mistaken.. And by the way I am not a fresher..

BOYS- we don’t care neither we think…. You are our prey for ragging .. So cooperate with us… Common now .. Kiss any one boy from us…

SWARA- I won’t do it..

BOY – if you won’t do it.. We will do it (the leader of the gang, sunny said)..

SWARA- don’t u dare ..

SWARA was visibly scared but she still managed to speak a few words , but it seems that they were in no way allowing her to leave.

Sunny kept forwarding towards her, when all of a sudden , he went back.. The whole group ran away from there.. SWARA couldn’t figure out what happened.. It was as if someone gave them a warning to stay away from her…

Keeping aside all the thoughts , she rushed towards her classroom .. In mid, she stumbled and banged with a man falling into his arms.. The happiness, solace in his arms was so good that she drowned in it.. As if she was made to stay there.. In his arms.. But, he was so cold.. So stiff.. As if someone wrapped ice round her body.. Her teeth started chattering., Her eyes met a pair of deep black orbs and when it travelled to see his other features, she was aghasted.. He was his dream man.. No., no .. The man she sees in her dream.. A lookalike of varun.. But then she reliased that if she could look like shona then why can’t this man look like varun..

Before she could analyse the situation further, the man left her and she fell down on the ground.. Her back arched.. She rubbed her back involuntarily and gazed up to see the man but he walked ahead.. Swara moved behind him ranting all the way at his back..

Swara- ( trying to keep pace with him) o .. Excuse me.. Hello mister.. Stop .. This is the way you behave with a girl.. Dropping me on ground then why did you hold me.. Stop mister..

She continued moving ahead and speaking under the breath that she didn’t even notice that the man had stopped and she again banged into him, hitting hard on his chest..

SWARA- umm .. I am sorry..

THE MAN (in rude tone)- if you like to hover around me so much then tell me directly.. Stop doing these cheap antics of yours..

SWARA- (angry tone ) u.. U Bounderish fellow.. I don’t like to stick around you.. U better understand that.. I said sorry , right.. But you and your stupid talks..

THE MAN (cutting her in between)- don’t you dare ,raise your ugly voice infront of me ( swara furrowed her brows).. I know cheapsters like you, very well.. And , I am SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI.. Don’t mess up with me .. You will suffer..

He left from there , not allowing swara to speak further..

SWARA (to herself)- arrogant fool.. But still why do I feel so comfortable with him as if we are destined to be .. As If we are destined to feel each other.. As if we are destined to meet.. Oh crap, swara… Rush to the class first.. Then think about all these.. Common… run..

SWARA moved into the classroom and looked for empty seats. She found one at the third last seat, beside the same man, Sanskaar and spated the seat soon..

Sanskaar- look , you again come following me … Lost your shame or what…

SWARA- (fake yawning).. Have you completed or you want to prove me more wrong.. There was no other seat so I came here.. Don’t give so much importance to yourself.. Anytime your this mental imagery will break and then you would rubble around.

They had an angry eye lock which broke by the coming of the teacher.

Swara was busy attending the lectures and making the notes.. She was distracted by the whistling sound coming from her back.. She turned to look and saw sunny and his gaze doing cheap activities and commenting on her.. She felt disgusted.. She wanted to punch him right on his face but she kept herself calm.. She didn’t want to make a mess on the very first day of her college..

With time moving on , she was becoming more and more uncomfortable.. She tossled up at her chair and looked side at sanskaar.. She gulped.. Sanskaar was burning in anger.. His eyes were shot red and he gazed the boys as if they would die the very next moment.. She smiled in her mind.. She felt some glittery streaks of light and saw it was generating from sanskaar’s hand.. The next moment, the spark went and buried under sunny and his gang’s body.. He then smirked.. She stared at the scenario not able to guess anything..

She concentrated back to her studies.. The teacher asked sunny a question.. He tried to stand up from his seat but he wasn’t able to do so.. The same thing happened with this whole gang.. The had been glued to their chairs.. After continuous efforts, they heard some ‘whoosh’ and ‘trish sounds’.. Sunny and his gang stood up from their bench but their jeans had been torn at the back.. It was a clear embarrassment for them.. The whole class laughed at them.. Swara also left out a quick laughter.. With the corner of her eyes, she looked at SANSKAAR and saw him smiling at her.. But as she approached him, he again made a rude angry, face..

Swara (to herself)- Sanskaar…. You want to keep me protected.. You want to make the hell out of these idiots just because of me.. You act as my savior.. Then why do you behave so rude with me .. Who are you .. Are you a Human or not .. I don’t care.. I seriously don’t care.. I don’t know what this feeling is called.. Even if you behave Damn rudely with me then also I am not able to suppress this special feeling for you.. I just want to stay with you.. Hold you .. Feel you.. Put my hands in your soft hair and smudge them … How I wish , I could feel them ..

The teacher asked the students to keep quiet and assemble at their seats..

TEACHER- student .. There is an important announcement.. You all have to prepare projects and manuals on the topic,””.. All of you are supposed to make this as the marks will be added to your final report.. Whoever would not complete it, have to face dire consequences.. So start your work and after one week, I’ll collect the manuals.. All the best students..

Recap- rains.. Shova and swasan.. Shova romance and Swasan??

Again guys .. I am sorry for the boring chappy .. I’ll try to post next part soon.. ??

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