Swasan : Soul mates (Episode 1)

I had been thinking a lot to write this ff. And finally I wrote the first episode. Hope you like it.



Swara’s Pov.

“This Ragini will definitely spoil her date today. I really want to make it perfect. What if that guy turns out to be her soul mate. I cant spoil it. I m so sorry Ragini. But I have make it up for you my sister.”

She rushes to the date venue. It was so magical. The white background and Ragini stood there in a blue outfit. But Swara’s white maxi dress matched the venue. Was she going to meet someone special today ? Swara smiles looking at Ragini. She was still waiting for the guy. And finally he comes. He was handsome and good looking. Swara wondered if he had a brother for herself ?

Ragini : Laksh ?

Laksh : Yes and you are Ragini. Omg I dont believe my luck. You are looking very gorgeous.

He pulls out the chair and makes her sit. “Awh. He is so caring too !” thinks Swara staring at the couple with her eyes lit in awe.

Sanskar stood there with his friend Harshad and Tania his close buddies.
Sanskar’s Pov.

I m angry. I cant let my brother spoil his life. Relationships are never meant to be forever. At least not at this point of time. I definitely have to do something to make this date a disaster.

He hits upon a plan and gives an evil smirk that makes all girls stand on their toes. He impresses a girl on the corridor nearby with all his charm.

Sanskar : This pet dog is so cute . If you don’t mind can i take him with me for a round ? Meanwhile you relax Miss.

Girl : Sailee.

Sanskar : Oh great name ! So can I ?

The girl blushes and hands him over her dog. Girls trust him very easily ?

He takes the dog to the date. “Dogs can be sometimes really dangerous ! Tommy now go and show your terror common !” he says aloud.

Tommy goes there and barks aloud. Ragini sees the dog and gets scared. “What is he doing here ?” She stands on the chair as she was petrified looking at the canines of the big dog.

Sanskar sees this and has a good laugh with Harshad and Tania. On the other hand Swara was shocked seeing the date getting spoiled. She sees the girl looking for the dog. She signals the lady that her dog was there. The lady arrives there and takes away the dog.

Sanskar wondered who called the lady there and spoiled his plans. Now another plan. “This time I would do it all by myself !” He gets dressed up in the waiters clothes and takes the bottle of champagne.

He goes there and spoils Ragini’s dress by dropping champagne on her dress.

Ragini : Oh no ! What is all this ?

Swara is again upset. What’s happening god today ? Please spare my sister today.

Harshad who was standing beside Sanskar goes to other side to attend an urgent call. There he notices the hot Swara. “Oh wow she is so hot. And she is the one who has been spoiling my best friend’s plans.” he leaves thinking this.
She signals the other waiter and gives him the cake she specially bought for the date. “Go and keep this on the table and yeah make sure you don’t make any mistakes !”

The waiter nods and leaves with the cake. Sanskar again is angry. What is all this going on and who the hell is spoiling my plans.

Harshad: Its that girl !
He pointed to other end. Sanskar couldn’t see her face clearly so he walked towards there. After reaching there he sees the girl’s eyes. He was stunned seeing her beautiful eyes. Swara leaves and Sanskar couldn’t see her face though he badly wanted to.

Ragini and Laksh bid adieu each other after their perfect date all thanks to Swara. Ragini runs and hugs Swara.

Ragini : Thank you Shona. You made my day today. And Laksh he is so perfect.

They head their home. Actually it was a big mansion. The Gadodia’s Mansion.

Swaragini entered and Shekhar asks them about their day. Swara describes how Ragini’s date was awesome. (Shekhar and Sumi are open minded but Swaragini know their limits and have never crossed it. Especially swara as she is the perfect daughter a studious girl who has always been the topper)

Swara : Dad . I saw the admission form of St. Lewis. I already told you I want to go to Francis then why Lewis. I have heard that a lot of spoilt brats study in that college. I want to study dad and not sort out my life all the time thinking about how to handle guys.

Shekhar : I know my princess but Francis is in Calcutta. I want you stay in Mumbai with us.

Ragini : And swara I got admission in Lewis. You want to stay apart from your sister and your friend (makes a bad face)

Swara : What dont tell me she is in Mumbai and is going to study in Lewis.

Shekhar : Not only study in Lewis but also stay with us till her dad settles here.

Swara : That’s awesome ! Okay I may change my mind. Give me some time.

She goes to her bedroom which had star and hearts wallpaper. Room says a lot about persons personality and Swara was a beautiful girl with an equally beautiful heart. She could even sacrifice her life for her sister and beat friend. She looks at their old pictures, their old memories. Swara, Ragini and Swara’s beat friend Kavita.

Sanskar’s Mansion. Sanskar was in his room. He also had the same wallpaper as Swara’s on one side that wad the stars. He was always fascinated by stars. But today he was only lost in the eyes of that girl.
Laksh : Brother! Dad has agreed. We will study in Lewis.

Sanskar : But will you get admission. I mean I have the merit marks but what about you ?

Laksh : I already talked to Harshad about it. His dad is the Arjun Singhania and you already know hr is the trustee of the college.

Sanskar : Oh that’s great ! So tomorrow will be fun.
He is again lost.

Laksh : Bro. I m seeing you so lost since we turned. And dont even think of lying as Tania told me you saw some girl.

Sanskar : Yes. I want to meet her. And I want to teach her a big lesson. She spoiled my plans of ruining your date.

Laksh : Thank god she did. By the way Ragini is so cute. I think I got my love of life today.

Sanskar : See my brother has already fallen crazy in love.

Laksh : Okay now lets have a good sleep because tomorrow will be our first day ! And I have to look my best.

Both the brothers sleep.

Precap : Sanskar plays a prank on Swara. Swara is annoyed at him.

I hope you liked the first episode. So what do you guys think ? Is it worth continuing ? I want to know your views….


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