Swasan: Sorry I did want to hurt you – Part 3

Hi guys I know some of you might be thinking that why made ragini mahan as she did shradh and many things. I just wanted to show swaragini bond and love they share, that’s it.
Here we go

Episode starts with sanskar carrying swara to the room.

He out her on the bed carefully and then he tries to leave but the grip of swara on his shirt was tight. Sanskar smiled at this. He lied beside her, hugged by her waist and was staring her. Swara also tightened the grip and hided her face in his chest. Sanskar again smiled.

Sanskar (monologue): I know princess, that you love me lot. You also suffered from same pain as I did. But shona, what I could do, I couldn’t see you going away from me. When you broke my promise and went back to ragini to unite our family. I didn’t felt bad because you went back, I felt bad because they were your first priority. You also know that in anger I can’t control my self. When you left me 7 months ago, I felt as if my hearbeat, soul was snatched from me. I felt incomplete, lonely. Because of this loneliness my ego increased and hided my love towards. In this ego I forgot that you were also bearing pain. When you came back, again I gave you pain for 1 month. I am really guilty, I am sorry shona.

Sanskar also slept.

In the hall

Sujata: jiji, where is this sanskar, he was dropping swara to her room and then why he isn’t back. I think I should go and check
Ap: Sujata, let them spend some time alone. After so much time, our children are together so let them spend some time alone. You know what sujata, I was thinking to send swasan and raglak for vacation for few weeks to spend time with each other, away from us and responsibilities.
Sujata: You are right jiji, we will talk about this at dinner
Ap: No sujata, not now, swara’s health is not good. When she gets well then we will talk about it
Sujata: ok jiji.

In raglak room.

Ragini was thinking something deeply.
Laksh: Ragini
Laksh: Ragini

Laksh went and shooked her,

Ragini: Ha laksh what happened
Laksh: Well, I should ask that question, what happened. Where are you lost.

Ragini got teary eyed.

Ragini: I am worried about swara. Will she forgive sansakr
Laksh: Uffo ragu, you take so much tension. Don’t worry sansakr bhai knows how to persuade his wife. Ok now smile
Ragini smiled and hugged laksh

Swasan’s room

Swasan were sleeping in each other embrace. Swara slowly starts to get flashes of how she got kidnapped and how sanlak and Nikhil cam and save her. She opened her eyes with a jerk and saw herself in sanskar’s embrace. Sanskar’s one hand was on her waist and other hand was under her head. Swara got teary eyed.

Swara: Why it happenes to us sanskar? Slowly everything get alright and then next minute something bad happens which give us pain. I can’t bear the pain of separation again. It’s better that maintain distance from each other.

Swara slowly comes out of sansakr’s embrace, took her clothes from wardrobe and went towards washroom. Sanskar opens his eyes and tears starts to brim in his eyes.

Sanskar: Swara, these separations made our love and bond stronger. I think you didn’t notice that. Don’t worry princess, I know how to bring you back.

Saying this hugged a pillow and slept again.

Swara came out wearing a light blue saree with wet hair. She went towards dressing table, she took a pinch of sindoor and started to fill her maang but someone came and stopped her. It was sanskar, who stopped her, he fills her maang. He then takes the mangalstura and ties around her neck and in the process he touched her back, which made her shiver. Swara was lost in this moment and his touch. Sanskar opened the drawer and took out the ‘ss’ and tied around her neck. Swara got emotional as sanskar still has this locket. He then took out the diamond bangles (the bangles which were theft by the robbers, and then he again bought it made her wear on the night of their consummation), he made her wear those bangles. He makes her turn around and kisses her forehead. He then kisses her cheeks. Suddenly swara came in her senses, pushed sanskar and ran outside.

Sanskar: I know shona, that you are still angry on me and I also know that my one single touch affects you a lot.

Sanslar smiled, he also went towards the hall.

Sujata: swara why you came, you are still not well
Swara: Wo mom, how can i… I mean we still have to prepare dinner and serve
Ragini: Swara, why are you worrying about it, we have already prepared the dinner ok.
Swara: But
Ap: No buts wuts beta, ragini and uttara are right. You should take rest. And we will serve ourselves ok

Swara just nodded her head

At dining table

Everyone is sitting on the table. Sanskar beside swara and swara wanted to move but uttara sat on the other side of swara.

Suddenly sanskar held swara’s hand under her table and started caressing it. Swara was shocked, she looked at sanskar and sanskar winked at her. Swara got nervous.

Ragini: What happened swara why are you not eating.

Swara didn’t know what to tell

Swara: Wo…wo…wo
Sanskar: Ragini, actually she is feeling little weak so I think I should feed her

Swara again got shocked

Uttara: But bhai, when will you eat?
Sanskar: I will feed her first, then I will eat

Swara was going to speak but sanskar put a bite in her mouth and he was still holding her hand under the table. Everyone ate dinner and went to their room except swasan, as sanskar was eating his dinner but still holding swara’s hand.
Swara: S..Sanskar, please leave my hand

Sanskar: Ufff, finally you talked to me.
Swara: Sanskar please, and why did you held my hand infront of everyone, if anyone of them would have seen that it would have been so embarrassing for us. When did I told you to feed me.

Like this swara started scolding sanskar and he was just staring her and smiling as after so much time she is scolding him. Swara notices this and she got quite, she pulled her hands and ran to her room.

Sanskar (monologue): No matter how much you try princess, but you won’t be able to separate yourself from me. I know you better than yourself.

After eating his dinner, he went to his room, he saw swara sleeping on the couch. Sanskar shaked his head, went towards the couch and took swara in his arms. Swara opened her eyes with a jerk as she couldn’t feel anything underneath her. She saw sanskar carrying her, she struggled but in vain. Sanskar put swara on the bed, slept beside her while taking her into his embrace. Swara struggled a lot but again in vain as sanskar’s grip was really tight.

Swara got little angry and said “Kaha gas gayi main, first on the table and now in the room, huh”

Sanskar: Princess, you should say thanks to god that atleast I am sleeping otherwise you know what I can do to make sleepless nights.

Swara shied at first by listening to this, then she composed herself and slept. Sanskar saw her shyness and got happy as his plan is working.


Swara woke up, she saw sanskar and unknowingly she kissed on his forehead. She realised what she did. She got up but sansakr held and pulled her. Swara was on sanskar, and he was holding her by her waist. Swara was shocked.

Swara: Sanskar, please leave me.
Sanskar: No, I won’t
Swara: Sanskar please
Sanskar: Ok, one condition, you have to kiss me
Swara widened her eyes, “no, sanskar please leave me.”
Swara struggled a lot, then she pinched him and released herself from the grip.
Sanskar: Ouchh

Swara started laughing loudly and wholeheartedly

Ragini, who was passing by their room heard the laughing sound of swara. She got really happy that swara is fine.

In the room, sanskar is lost in swara. Swara stopped laughing. She went towards her wardrobe, took her clothes and went towards bathroom. Sanskar slowly went inside bathroom while swara was taking clothes out of the wardrobe. Swara went inside and locked the door. Then she starts to unhook her saree pallu then she suddenly saw sanskar standing behind her. She got double shocked. She turned around while holding the saree pallu.

Swara: Sanskar, what are you doing here
Sanskar smiled naughtily and said, “Nothing, to have shower
Swara: But I was going to have shower
Sanskar: sorry shona but I came here first…mmm…how about (He grabbed swara’s waist) we both have shower together. What say.
Swara widened her eyes, she again shied but composed herself and said, “You are such a shameless person. Just go.

Swara was struggling to release herself but sanskar’s grip was really tight.

Sanskar: Ok but you have to kiss me
Swara: No way
Sanskar: either kiss me or have shower with me

Sanskar was smirking naughtily

Swara got nervous, she slowly leaned and pecked sanskar’s cheeks
Sanskari wanted to have this kiss somewhere else but this will work for today. Ok you can go now
Swara: What? No I will have shower first
Sanskar: if you will not go then I will have shower with you.

Swara opened the door and came outside of the bathroom and then closed the bathroom. She was breathing heavily.
Swara went to the bathroom of the other room and then came back to her room. She was wearing red coloured saree (which she wore in swasan’s consummation), she was tying the dori of her blouse (I know that there wasn’t any dori but I just added). She felt someone tying her dori, she lifted her head and saw it was sanskar. Sanskar was also touching her back intentionally which made swara shiver. Then he made her face towards him. He kissed her forehead, then her eyes, cheeks. He was leaning towards her lips then suddenly she pushed him and started to run but sanskar caught her hand and pulled her backwards. Her back collided with his chest. He moved her hairs to one side and was going to kiss her then her heard swara sobbing. Sanskar was shocked. He turned her towards him and cupped her face.
Sanskar: swara, what happened why are you crying.
Swara was just crying. He hugged her tighly
Swara: Please sanskar, don’t do this to me
Sanskar: Do what swara
Swara: Don’t get me habituated to you. If I will get habituated then later on I won’t be able to handle myself and my pain. I won’t be able to bear the pain of separation

Sanskar released the hug and cupped her face. He also got moist eyes

Sanskar: don’t you believe our love swara
Swara: Sanskar try to understand, whenever we start to come close together and everything starts to settle, then something happens which make us far and separated with each other
Sanskar: Swara, I agree but, did you notice that these separations has made our relation and love stronger and more deep. I start to love you more. Why are you getting scared, I am always standing with you, then.
Swara: No sanskar why can’t you understand, it will give us more pain. Again something will happen, which will make us hate each other. You will start me again
Sanskar: Swara, I never hated you, it’s just my ego and loneliness overpowered the love that’s it.
Swara: Please sanskar
Sanskar got little angry, “Enough swara, you are scared of our separation, right

Swara nodded her head.

Sanskar: Then come with me

Sanskar grabbed swara’s wrist and took her to their house temple. Everyone was surprised to see this. They tried to ask but sanskar didn’t said anything. Sanskar put diya in the middle. Then her took sindoor and filled swara’s maang. Then he picked her up in his arms and started to take arounds of that diya

Sanskar: Swara, this family, fire and god are the witnesses,

1) I promise you that I will always believe you, never ever doubt on you
2) I promise that I will always listen to you, no matter how bad the situation or how angry I am
3) I promise to work as a team with you
4) I promise that I will support your every decision
5) I promise that I will never get myself separated from you, no matter how big the problem is, will always remain one
6) I promise that I will not say anything or do anything for which I have to apologize to you
7) Least but most important promise, I will always love you, because you are my life, my soul, my everything. And every problem and sadness has go through me before
reaching you. I will love you not in 7 births but every single birth of mine.

Everyone were having teary eyed to see this much love. Swara was also getting teary eyes by listening. Whole family went away to give them privacy. Sanskar put swara down. This touched swara’s heart, noe she believes that how wrong she was thinking. By thinking about the fear of separating, she doubting on her love. She hugged sanskar tightly and cried.

Swara: I am sorry sanskar, I don’t what happened to me. I was thinking wrong. I am really sorry sanskar for hurting you. I am sorry.
Sanskar: Shhh, bas swara how much will your cry. Whatever happened was past, now we should start fresh right

Swara released the hug and said yes then she again hugged him tightly.

Suddenly they sujata shouting.

Sujata: Everyone come to the break fast table as food is getting cold. Everyone means everyone…(Sujata stretched the word everyone) Swasan released the hug and got embarrassed.
Both of them came to dining table and everyone were teasing them. Swasan were little shy. Suddenly sanskar held swara’s hand under the table ans started caressing it. He moved his hand sensuously on her hand. Swara got really shy, she red like tomato.

Raglakutt smiled as uttara saw this and told raglak. They thought to tease swara

Uttara: Bhabhi, the colour you are wearing is looking faded

Swara looked at her saree which was pretty bright

Ragini: What are you saying uttara, swara wore this saree only once
Uttara: if you don’t believe me then see yourself
Ragini just stared swara for few seconds then said, “Actually uttara you are correct. Swara this colour is looking little faded
Laksh: But ragini, how can cloths’ colour can fade if you wear it once
Uttara: uffo bhai, not every colour only red colour.
Laksh: what only red colour..how come
Uttara: If swara Bhabhi will blush like this then even the brightest red colour will look pale and faded infornt of her
Ragini: Correct uttara, by the way swara why are blushing like a newly wedded girl. You are blushing as if sanskar has caught your hands under table, lik you know in the tv serials.
Laksh: But ragu, this only happens in serials right

Sansakr who listened to this left swara’s hand suddenly and grabbing the opportunity swara, “I think the jug of juice is still in the kitchen. I will just bring it”
Sujata: are swara, juice is here only. Where are you running?

Everyone laughed and sanskar smiled at his wife’s cute antics.

Laksh who was sitting beside sanskar whispered in his ear, “Bhaisa, you just married bhabhisa so what are the plans for tonight.

Sanskar choked and glared at laksh.

Like this whole day went in teasing swara and sanskar, enjoying with each other. Even sanskar didn’t left any chance to romance with swara but always get interrupted and get teased. Every time swara runs because of shyness. Everyone had their dinner and start to go to their rooms. Sanskar was happy to see his old swara back and her smiling whole heartedly.

Swasan entered their room, they were shocked to see the decoration which created the atmosphere of romance. Suddenly both of them got message, sanskar got from laksha and swara got from ragini. Both said the same thing, “Enjoy your night bhaisa and bhabhisa”. Swara got really shy then she again got message from ragini, “Don’t get so shy otherwise your saree color will look pale again”. Swara and sanskar looked at each other and had a cute eyelock.

Sanskar holded her hand and said, “I am so happy swara, that finally everything is settled and you are also not having any doubt. Swara hugged sanskar really tightly and said, “ha sanskar, you know when you said me those promises, I was overwhelmed by your this gesture. This is the reason I love you so much”

Sanskar smiled naughtily and said, “By the way, you know I couldn’t control my self whole day by seeing you blushing but I had to. Now I am getting out of control. Swara beated him and said, ‘shameless’
Swasan released the hug and sansakr said while cupping her face, “Seriously I am really happy”

Swara just smiled. Then sanskar kissed her forehead, eyes, cheeks, and then was going to kiss her on lips; she suddenly turned started to run due to shyness. But sansakr caught her though her saree pallu. Swara stopped and breath heavily. Sanskar reduced the distance between them. She could feel sanskar untying the knot of her blouse. Then he put her hairs at one side and was going to kiss her on the neck then she suddenly turned and hugged him tightly. Sanskar was giving kisses on her neck while swara was clutching his shirt. Then he realsed the hug and lifted her. He put her on the bed, laid beside her slowly start to lean towards her. Swara just closed her eyes. Then screen got blur

After 1 week…

Swasan bond got really strong, not just swasa, but also raglak, sanlak and swaragini bond also got stronger. All of them teased each other specially swara as they always love to tease swara. Sanskar never left chance of romancing with her. He romanced with her when he woke up- asking for a kiss, he romanced with on the dining table- holding her hand or rubbing his foot with swara’s foot sensuously, he romance with her in the kitchen. But they also spent time talking to each other, sharing things with each other.

Another bond started forming, which is between Nikhil and uttara. Both liked each other. Even Dp and ap liked Nikhil as they his parents so they decided their marriage next years.

Everyone was happy.

Ap and sujata dicussed with their husbands about sending swasan and raglak somewhere to spend some time alone. Eveyone agreed, they were sent to Australia but different places for one month. In this month both pairs bond and love deepened and were inseparable souls now.

One day, swaragini fainted at the same time. The family got to know that they are pregnant. These 9 months were difficult for sanlak as they had to bear their carvings in late night but they loved to work for their wives. Swaragini were pampered a lot by the family.

After 9 months, both of them gave birth to baby girls. Swasan’s daughter was name sanskriti and raglak’s daughter was name krithika. Togther they became ‘sanskrithika.’
The marriage of uttara and Nikhil happened grandly and peacefully. Uttara went to Canada with Nikhil.

After 2 years, swasan had son named swayyam and raglak had son named Raghav.

They had a happy life, sanskar fulfilled all the promises he gave to swara. There was no more separations. Sanskrithils became soul sisters, always helping each other. Swayyam and Raghav were prankster and always got scolded but their sister always saved them.

Like this the Maheshwari mansion was full of happiness.

Finally I completed it. I tried my best to have some romantic scenes in this os and also some funny scenes, in which I am really bad. Sorry to raglak fans but this os was on swasan.

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