Swasan: Sorry I did want to hurt you OS Part 2

Hi guys I am back with the OS.
Here we go…

Episode starts with one of the goons, with lustful eyes, forwarding his hand towards swara who is scared.

Swara: No, no, I will eat food by myself but..pl..please don’t touch me.
Goon2: Oh baby doll, our boss is lucky to spend nights with you but unfortunately we can’t but atleast we can do this.

Swara closed her tightly and tears were rolling down her eyes. She was only remembering Sanskar and praying to god to send him fast. Then suddenly she heard a scream. She opened her eyes slowly, seeing something she got mixed emotions happiness, sadness, love, protected, relief.

Swara: Sanskar!!!

Yes Sanskar and Laksh have come to rescue swara. Sansakr has just hit the goon’s hand so hardly that his boned broke and he was screaming while lying down and laksh and nikhil with the police was handling other goons. Sanskar was also seeing swara with mixed emotions happiness, love, guilt, sad. Both of them had an emotional eyelock.

Sanskar: Swara

Saying this he ran to swara and untied her hands from the chair. Swara suddenly hugged sanskar really tightly as if her life depends on him. Both of them were crying.

Swara: Sans…Sanskar. Thank ….god..you..you came…other…otherwise that go..goon wa..was going to touch me an..d….that…sa…sa..sahil…he

Sanskar released the hug and cupped her face and said, “Shhhh, shona, princess. Calm down, I am here with you. You are safe now. See that goon, I have beaten him. And that Sahil, he is caught by police and I will make sure that he gets worst punishment. Now you calm down everything is fine. You are my brave princess na.

Swara: Sanskar.

Saying she again hugged him tightly. Suddenly, swara got unconscious and sanskar felt the weight of her. Sanskar released the hug and started tapping her cheeks and shaking her.

Sanskar: Swara what happened, shona wake up. Swara what happened.

Police has taken the goons and sahil away. Laksh came to sanskar and said, “Bhai let’s take her to hospital fast.

Sanskar: Yes lucky you are right

Sanskar lifted swara and carried her in his arms to the car. He sat at the backseat with swara. Her head is resting on sanskar’s chest, laksh is sitting on passenger seat and nikhil driving. Suddenly laksh got call from ragini, he lifted the call.

Phone conversation

Ragini: Laksh, did you find swara? How’s she? That sahil didn’t do anything to her na. Please tell na laksh, I am really worried about her.

Ragini was on verge of crying

Laksh: Ragini, police has caught sahil but swara..
Ragini: What happened to swara, did she got hurt. How’s she
Laksh: She is got unconscious. We are taking her to city hospital and then we will come to home.
Ragini: Laksh I am coming to city hospital
Laksh: no ragu…
Cut by ragini, “No laskh, I am coming that’s it.
Laksh: ok

They cut the call. Ragini told everything to the family. Whole went to city hospital as they all were worried about swara. Swasan and laksh reached hospital and admitted her till then the whole family came.

Sumi: Where’s swara? Is she alright?
Ragini: Tell us. Nothing serious happened to her.
Laksh: Doctor is still checking her.

Doctor came out of ward. Sanskar ran to him and asked, “Doctor, how’s my wife. Is she alright. Is there anything serious.” He said with teary eyes.
Doctor: Mr Maheshwari, do you want to kill her then why don’t you kill her at once. You are giving her such painful death.
Sanskar shouted: Doctor, she is my life and you are saying that I should kill her.
Sujata: Sanskar, shant hoja.
Ragini: What happened Doctor.
Doctor: Looks like she is not taking proper diet, not sleeping for nights, and I think she is taking depression pills also but with high dose. She is really weak physically and mentally. If this continued for few more days then I am sorry to say Mr. Maheshwari but you might lose your wife. Try to keep her happy and that’s what she needs now. You can go and meet her.

The doctor went away leaving everybody shocked and numb specially sanskar. He slowly starts to walk towards swara’s ward with teary eyes.

Ragini: One minute Mr Sanskar Maheswari. Where are you going?
Sanskar turned and said in choking voice, “To meet swara”
Ragini: By which right you are going
Laksh tried to stop her but ragini showed her hands, “Answer me sanskar, by which right.”
Sanskar: She is my wife, my life.
Ragini: Oh really then where this love and rights of husband went when she was crying all the time. Where you this love went when she was not eating food and spending sleepless nights alone. Where the hell you went when she was taking depression pills?
Sanskar: Ragini, please the situation.

Nikhil suddenly said, “Don’t blame the situation sanskar. Ragini is correct. Tell me one thing, how did you even thought that swara loves me and she will marry me. She told 1000 times, that we just childhood bestfriends. You know from childhood she was taunted because of her illegitimacy and she doesn’t has any father. I that time support her being a friend so we are really close to each, you know we share a brother-sister bond. Sanskar there is a big difference in a best friend and lover but you couldn’t understand this difference and kept accusing swara for moving on.”

Ragini: Nikhil, it’s not just Sanskar’s fault. Even laksh is equally responsible. I think, we all are responsible.
Laksh: But ragini
Ragini: No laksh, I am saying correct. 7 months ago, how many time I told you that Adarsh bhai and parinneta Bhabhi are instigating you but know you never believed sanskar but altleast you could have believed me na. You say you love but you didn’t believe me.
Sujata: Ragini, the situations
Ragini: No chachiji, don’t talk about the situations. Laksh and sanskar are with each other since childhood but still they didn’t trust each other and fought like enemy. Me and swara are also sisters and we got to know each other only about 1.5 years before, still I listened to swara and believed her.

She turned to sanskar.

Ragini: you know why swara went against you and met us because she knew that your happiness also lied is your brother, badi ma and bade papa. But you just yourself broke ties with her. The she left you, but sanskar she also loved you madly. She also suffered from same pain as you suffered in those 6 months and you kept increasing the pain by taunting her about the relationship with Nikhil. Agin she came, she apologized but you being such egoistic, didn’t paid any heed to her. Atleast you could have answered her call then she would not have to face that sahil again. But you and your ego. Listen to me carefully sanskar, till shona doesn’t pardons you, I will not let you meet her.

Saying she went into swara’s ward. Sanskar was just crying and realised how wrong he was doing with swara. He was cursing that how can he forget that swara also loves him, probably more than he loves her. How he could forget that 7 months ago swara went against him but for his happiness. He remembered how he taunted her about moving on with Nikhil eventhough she can’t think any other men in her dreams also. He felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked behind and it was laksh. He hugged him and cried a lot.

Laksh: Shh bhai calm down. You have to be strong and you also have win swara’s love again.

In the ward…

Swara opened her eyes and saw ragini staring at her with teary eyes. Ragini hugged her tight.

Ragini: Why swara Why you didn’t tell me about your suffereings, don’t you consider as my sister.
Swara: No ragini, aisa kuch nahi hai. I didn’t want any problem in the house so that’s why I didn’t tell you

They released the hug and slowly everyone came inside and met her. Every one apologized from her except sanskar. He was not able to face swara. Laksh took ragini to sanskar. Sanskar bent down infront of ragini and said, “Please ragini, please don’t do this to me. I love swara truly. I admit that I got blind in my ego. Please give me a chance to rectify. Please let me meet swara. Please…please.”
Sanskar was crying like a little kid. Ragini melted as sanskar was really guilty.
Ragini: Ok sanskar you can go and meet her but
Sanskar stood up fast and said, “I will accept any condition just tell me what I have to do”
Ragini: you have to promise me that you will never ever hurt, even unintentionally. I forgive you because I know that only you can bring our old swara back.
Sanskar held ragini’s hand, “I promise you ragini”

Saying this he ran towards the ward. Seeing sanskar on the door everyone went outside. Swara saw sanskar and remembered the harsh words he said to her. She started to cry and looked opposite side. Sanskar slowly went towards swara and sat on the chair beside the bed. He caressed her hair with one hand and said lovingly, “Shona”

Swara cried more listening his voice with lots of love after many months.

Sanskar: Swara, princess, please mujhe maaf kardo. I don’t know what happened to me, I got so blind in my ego and anger that I didn’t realised that I am hurting you so much. You always tried to keep the family together because you know my happiness lies in the togetherness of our family but still I accused you, taunted you. Swara I am really guilty of the actions. I….I…I….(he chocked) love you swara.

Swara closed her eyes tightly and started sobbing. Sanskar cupped her face and made her face him. He wiped her tears by kissing them. He hugged her tightly but swara was just crying without responding to the hug. After few minutes she slept. Sanskar made her sleep properly on the bed and kissed her forehead with full of love.

Raglak who were standing at the door were watching them with a smile.
Ragini: will swara be alright.
Laksh: Don’t worry ragu, have faith in sanskar he will make her alright.

Saying he went inside and told sanskar about discharge. Swara got discharged but she was still sleeping due to injection given by doctor.

Uttara: Now what will we do. Bhabhi is sleeping due to medicine effect and we can’t wake her up. Should we take her on the wheelchair.
Sujata: Ae tuh keh kaha rahi hai uttata. Mhari swara apahij thodi hai jo yeh wheel chair par javegi.
Laksh: Correct chachiji, I have permanent solution for this.

All turned towards him he was going to say but he stopped and smiled.

Dp: We know that you brush in the morning and night so stop showing your teeth and tell us.

Everybody laughed.

Laksh: I don’t have to give the solution, you all just see it. (He pointed towards a direction.)

They all saw swara in sanskar’s arms and sleeping peacefully and sanskar is just looking at swara with lots of love and happiness. All were smiling. Laksh and uttara smiled naughtily and went towards sanskar. Both of them stand his either side.

Uttara: She looks really beautiful while sleeping right.
Sanskar smiled and said: Yes.
Laksh: She is really cute right.
Sanskar again smiled and said yes

Like this lakutt kept praising swara and sanskar who was lost in swara’s innocence was just agreeing with them with a smile. Everybody else were smiling and laughing. Sanskar came out of his world when laksh said something which was audible to sanutt only. Sanskar was shocked first, then blushed and then gave lucky a glare. Actually laksh said, “Bhai if you have intention of having your suhagraaat here only then should I go and book a ward in this hospital”

Laksh: What happened bhai you didn’t said yes.

Uttara laughed out loud but everyone was confused as they don’t know what laksh said.

Sansakr to ignore the embarrassment: Let’s go, other wise swara will wake up again.” Saying he took her. Everyone in the hospital were admiring swasan. Some girls were dreaming of having a husband like sanskar and some were jealous but sanskar was only focusing on swara. He sat with her in the backseat and rested her head on his chest. Laksh sat on the driving seat and ragini on the passenger seat. They reached the mm and sanskar again picked up swara carefully and took her towards the room. Again everyone was just admiring them.

Sujata: I hope like swara forgave us, she also forgives sanskar other wise both of them will suffer.
Ap: Ha sujata and I will pray to god to keep them happy always.

The scene stops on sanskar carrying swara.

Recap: Swara ignoring sanskar but her sanskari pati became little asansakri and brings her back to old avatar.

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