Swasan – Someone Like You (OS)


Hi guys I am Madhu and I am a silent reader but I decided to write an One Shot on Swasan , hope you all will like it.I would also like to thank my best friend Diya who had helped me with the story.
please everyone read this story and pls comment….and before you all start here are some full forms of some words used in the story
Sw refers to Swara.
San refers to Sanskar.
Sah refers to Sahil.

So here my story starts….

Swara’s Veiw Point

Life is not a bed of roses there are also throns in it,everyone has to experience both roses and thorns and I have also experienced both.4 years earlier my life was abed of roses but then everything changed.I loved Sahil a lot and our life was pretty good it felt like we were living in paradise but Sahil he turned out to be a jerk,who just loved my beauty but not my inner self.

4 Years Ago –

I was studying fashion designing in Mumbai’s no.1 fashion (college and Sahil was my classmate and we were best friends.we were inseparable,the other students just admired our friendship and some believed that we were a couple.when we were in our last year of college both of us realised that we love each other.
                 One day Sahil called me and requested me to meet him in rose park.That day Sahil confessed his feelings in a romantic way and I was just stunned I too confessed my
 feelings and we came into a relationship.After our graduation we married with our parents consent we were really happy and our life was so beautiful.I loved him to the core of my heart ,the first year of our marriage went really well I always thanked god for giving me such a loving husband but one incident changed everything and his true colours came into light.
                                        After one year of my marriage I suddenly noticed some physical changes in my body.One day,while I was bathing I noticed some white patches on my neck but I ignored them and thought that it was due to some allergy again after some days I saw white patches on my back now I was really scared and decided to visit a doctor.I haven’t told Sahil about the patches so, I alone went to the doctor.The doctor did some tests and said that I was suffering from Vitiligo,its a disease where white patches of skin appear on the body and this disease is not curable but it is not infectious.I was literally broken after hearing this there was no one to console me but I was also confident that Sahil would understand me and would support me.Later when I went home I saw that Sahil had returned and he was decorating our room. When he saw me he smiled and said   
Sa – Swara do you remember this day ??

Sw – Sahil listen, I want to tell you something important.

Sa – Offo Swara hum bad me baat karenge pehle yeh baattao do you remember this day ??

Sw – Sahil…..

Sa – Swara…how can you forget Today is the day when we became friends so,today we will celebrate it in our way.

Sw – But Sahil….

Sa – Urghhh….please Swara bad mein baat karenge abhi come here and he holds my hand and pulls me and starts kissing me but I was least interested in this suddenly Sahil pushed me

Sa (making a horrified face) – Swara what are these white patches on your neck ??

Sw – Sahil mein toh tab se yeh hi kehne ki kosis kar rahi hoon ki I am suffering from Vitiligo

Sa – Now what is Vitiligo ??

Sw – Sahil its a disease where white patches appear on skin but (she is interupted by Sahil)

Sa – umm…doctor ko dekhaya ?? What did she say is it curable ?

Sw – Haan mein ne doctor ko dekhaya and she said that its not curable.

Sa – Whaat…..ummm…Swara I think tum he kuch dino ke liye aapne maike chale jana chahiye.

Sw – Sahil what are you saying ??

Sa – Hmm…Swara don’t take me wrong but I don’t want to get infected with this disease.

Sw (crying) – SA..HIL…but this disease is not infectious.

Sa – Disease infectious ho ya na ho I don’t care mujhe ab tumhare saath nahi rahena.

Sw – But sahil I thought you will support me and will understand me but I was so wrong tumhe toh sirf meri physical beauty se pyaar hain and you don’t love me…

Sa – Haan I love your beauty toh kya karogi ?? Yes mein sirf tumhari khubsoorati se pyaar karta hoon and if you don’t have that beauty then you don’t deserve to be in my life.

                                    Now I was completely broken and shattered I saw that Sahil packed my clothes and said, “Swara take your stuff and LEAVE !! “. I had no other choice,I cann’t stay with a man who has such small mentality so,I mentally prepared myself and left for myself and left for my mother’s house.

So this is my story and I am now living with my parents,I am totally alone and heartbroken but a ray of hope has came in my life.I am pregnant after hearing this news I was so happy I had immediately called Sahil and told him this news but he clearly said that he does not want me or this baby in his life.I was again heartbroken but I had made up my mind that now I will only live for this child so,I decided to find a job to give financial support to my child.Today I saw in the newspaper that there is a job vacancy in Maheshwari Industries and decided to go for the interveiw but I was hardly aware that this interveiw will completely change my life.

Swara’s Veiw Point Ends.

When Swara enters Maheshwari Industries she was suprised to see such a hardworking staff and beautiful office everyone was working on their own,Swara was literally confused she didnot know where to go suddenly she saw the receptionist and she went there.There she was told that the interveiw was delayed for one hour so Swara sat down with the other candidates,while she was waiting she heard that the other candidates were making fun of her disease.She was so much hurt that she decided to go home while she was going out she collided with a guy and both fell down,all the documents of Swara were scattered on the floor the guy helped Swara to get up
Guy – Sorry

Sw (crying) – Its okay and Swara bends down to pick up her documents.

Guy – please can I help you ??

Sw – Hmm…okay and the guy helps Swara to collect her documents.Swara was going away when the guy said, “Hello Miss Gadodia you will be glad to know that you are selected to be my secretary ”

Sw – Excuse me tum koun hote ho mujhe appoint karnewale ??
Guy – I can appoint you because I am your boss Sanskar Maheshwari.

Swara was shocked

Sw – Oh…I am Sorry

San – Its okay now come with me and collect your appoinyment letter.

Sw – But sir you have not interveiwed me.

San – Don’t worry jab mein tumhara documents utha raha tha mein na dekha ki tumhari qualifications bohat achi hain and you are very much capable to be my secretary.

Sw – But sir have you seen me I am suffering from Vitiligo mein kaise secretary position ke liye capable hoon ??

San – See this job requires some qualifications jo tumhare pass hain and these are not related with beauty.I want someone who can help me with my projects,appointments and not someone who is busy in admiring her beauty.

Swara was shocked as well as touched by Sanskar’s words.

San – waise why are you crying and tum interveiw na deke kaha ja rahi thi ??

Sw – Oh…nothing sir…

San – Listen I am your sir so, its my command that you answer my question.

Sw – Oh…sir the other candidates were making fun of me….

Sanskar suddenly held her hand and took her infront of the candidates.

San – Hello !! Everyone you would be glad to know that I have selected my secretary and you all are free to go.

Candidates – But sir you have not taken our interveiw ??

San (yelled) – Aur mein lunga bhi nehi because I don’t want to talk to such people who make fun someone’s health problem. Small mentality people.Idiots (and he goes inside with Swara).

After this Swara was appointed as Sanskar’s secretary she did her job well and Sanskar was really impressed slowly slowly as months pass swara and Sanskar became good friends,Sanskar also got to know about Swara’s pregnancy and her past he was very angry after hearing about Sahil’s behaviour but was also impressed with Swara’s determination.Sanskar was touched by Swara’s lovely nature,her intelligence,her bubbly and friendly behaviour whereas Swara was also impressed by Sanskar’s behaviour. Sanskar always took her side he understood her better than anyone else and he also pampered her during her pregnancy. Whenever Swara wanted something Sanskar immediately fulfilled her wish,Swara was literally blown by Sanskar’s good nature,understanding behaviour but she considered Sanskar as a friend only.Earlier Sanskar also considered her as a friend but slowly he fell in love with her,Sanskar wanted to confess his feelings but he was well aware of her past he was afraid that Swara will reject him.One day,they went for a meeting with Sengupta Industries,Kavita Sengupta was the head of this company and she had a deep liking for Sanskar but she couldn’t bear Swara for a moment she was jealous of their friendship she always wanted to go close to Sanskar but some how Swara always came in between so this time Kavita decided to insult Swara infront of everyone in the meeting.Everyone had came inside the conference room and Sanskar was talking with Swara about something when
Kav – Swara….

Sw – Haan kavita bollo…

Kav – Swara do you remember that there are white patches on your body.

Sw (was a bit broken after hearing this) – Haan I remember.

Kav – so why do you wear sleeveless dresses ? Wear covered dresses na ! Shayad tumhe yeh gandha na lage par dekhnewalo ko yeh acha nehi lagta.

Sw (crying) – You are right Kavita from tomorrow I will wear covered dresses.

Suddenly Sanskar shouts.

San (angry) – ENOUGH ! Of your non-sense Kavita.I never expected this type of behaviour from you.

Kav – But Sanskar mein ne galat kya kaha ??

San – Tum ne galat kya kaha ? Khud socho…

Sw – Sanskar…forget it na.

San – Nehi Swara tum chup raho.

Kav – Lekin Sanskar why do you always take Swara’s side ?? Rishta kya hain tum dono ka ?

San (now was furious) – Because I LOVE HER….

Swara was hell shocked after hearing this,her mind just blocked away she could not understand anything when Sanskar realised what he had said he looked at Swara and saw that she was going outside,Sanskar followed her.

San – Swara listen to me…

Sw – Kya sunnu Sanskar….

San – Swara…

Sw – Sanskar you know my past after Sahil’s betrayal I cannot love anyone.Mein kisi aur ki zindagi kharab nehi kar sakti aur tumhe toh mein sirf aapna acha dost samjti hoon.I cann’t trust anyone after Sahil,he has broken my heart into several pieces which cann’t be mended.

San – Swara I know tum ne past mein bohat dard sahe hain lekin Swara mein ab tumhe khushiyan dena chata hoon.I am not like Sahil,mein tumse pyaar karta hoon naki tumhare chahre se.Your disease doesnot matter to me.Please Swara I Love You,please accept my love and marry me.

Sw – yeh tum kya kehe rahe ho Sanskar,I cannot marry you ho sakta hain ki my disease doesnot matter to you but it matters to me Sanskar.Mein yeh sab jante hoye kisi ki zindagi barbaad nehi kar sakti and shayad tum yeh bhul chuke hoon ki I am pregnant with Sahil’s child.

San – Swara I know ki you are pregnant with Sahil’s child but I cannot control my feelings,I Love You Swara please marry me aur yeh bhi toh socho ki hamari shaddi se es bache ko pitah ka naam milega yeh mera bacha hoga.I will love him like my own child please Swara marry me.

Sw – Stop it Sanskar just stop yeh tum kya kehe rahe ho ?? Paagal hoge ho kya ?? I can take care of my child mujhe tumhare koi zaroraat nehi hain and she walks away from there whereas Sanskar stands and keeps staring at her while she walks away.

Next day Swara goes to office and hands over her resignation letter to Sanskar.
San – Yeh kya hain ??

Sw – My resignation letter.

San – Tumhe resign karne ki koi zaroraat nehi hain I am leaving.

Sw – Leaving as in ??

San – I am leaving India and going to London and this office will be handled by my brother Laksh and you will be his secretary.
Sw – But Sanskar why are you leaving ??

San – Because Swara I cannot stay like this !! Mein tumse pyaar karte hoye tumhare saath dosti ka natak nehi kar sakta thats why I am going.Hope you have a bright future with your child.

Sw – Lekin Sanskar suddenly she feels pain in her stomach and understands her labour pain started

Sw (shouting) – Ah ….a…..a…

San (worried) – What happened Swara ??

Sw – Sanskar…my water broke !! Hearing this Sanskar takes her to hospital and calls Swara’s parents on the way.At the hospital Swara delivers a cute little Princess,everyone was happy specially Sanskar.

When Swara was shifted to her room everyone came to see her suddenly she heard a familiar voice…

Sw (tensed) – SAHIL….

Sa – Hi Swara.

Sw (angry) – Tum !! What are you doing here ??

Sah – Swara pls forgive me mujhe maaf kardo mujse bohat bari galti ho gayi now I want you and my daughter back in my life.

Sw – Pls Sahil go from here waise who gave you the news.

San – Woh Swara your mom called Sahil.

Sah – Haan Swara pls mujhe mere galti ka eshaas ho gaya haan pls mere zindagi mein bapas ajao.

San (broken inside) – Haan Swara you should go back to him.
Sw – Sanskar yeh tum kya kahe rahe ho ??

San – Haan Swara I know ki tum uske saath hi khush rahogi because shayad tum aaj bhi Sahil se pyaar karti ho.

Sah – Haan Swara pls forgive me aur ghar chalo…

Sw (thinks for sometime) – Thik hai…

After two days Sahil decides to discharge Swara and take Swara and his daughter home.Swara calls Sanskar and requests him to meet her,outside the hospital Swara was waiting when she sees Sanskar coming out from his car with his luggage and Swara goes to him.

San – Are Swara tum akele ?? Sahil kaha hain ?

Sw – Woh Sahil doctor se kuch baat karne gay hain.

San – oh…toh all set to start your new life with Sahil

Sw – Haan….and now she notices the luggage.

Sw – Sanskar yeh luggage ??

San – I told you na Swara that I am going….

Sw – Aaj he ja rahe ho ??

San – Haan….

Sw – Magar Sanskar how can you go like this ??

San – Why can not I go Swara ?? Tum he toh mujhse pyaar nehi hain na tum toh sirf mujhe aapna acha dost samjti ho.

Sw – Lekin….

San – Lekin kuch nehi…ab waise bhi you have decided to go with Sahil so,in this way hamare raaste alag he hoye na.

Sw – Sanskar….

San – Pls Swara maat roko mujhe.I cann’t see you with anyone else.Bye Swara and I will always Love You.Have a great future ahead and pls mere choti princess ko mere bare mein zaroor baata na,bye and he goes towards his car.Swara recalls Sanskar and her moments,his understanding,his friendliness and most importantly his love and she realises that she too loves him.

Sw (happily) – Sanskar ruko…

Sanskar stops in his way and Swara runs to him and hugs him.
Sw – Please Sanskar maat jao mein nehi rahe paungi tumhare bina.Yes I have realised it late but better late than never yes Sanskar yes and she loudly says I Love You Sanskar.

Sanskar was so happy that he felt like dancing he picked up Swara and started taking rounds with her.

San – Saachi Swara !! I Love You too and keeps her down and kisses her forehead.

Sw – Yes Sanskar I Love You.

San – Swara then lets gets married.

Sw – Yes sanskar .

At that time Sahil enters the scene.

Sah – Swara !! Whats going on ??

Sw – Sahil you go home I am not coming with you.I don’t love you Sahil you have broken my heart and Sanskar has mended it I love Sanskar.

Sah – yeh tum kya kehe rahi hoon Swara ?? Yeh nehi ho sakta chaalo mere saath and he starts pulling Swara.

San (holds Swara’s hand) – Sahil…leave her hand nehi toh…

Sah – Nehi toh kya ?? And he gets a punch on his face

Sah – How dare you ??

San – Ek aur khana chahte ho agar nehi toh leave Swara’s hand.

Sah – Haan…waise bhi is bimar aur badsurat larki ka haat koun pakar na chahega.Mein toh yeha sirf aapni bachi ke liye aaya tha and he gets a slap on his face.

Swara slapped Sahil.

Sw – How dare you ?? Acha hoya that I realised I love Sanskar varna mein toh tum jase gandhe insaan ke saath rahnewali thi. Thank you Sahil for showing your true colours nehi toh true love kya hota hain,mein toh jaan hi nehi pati.Sanskar loves me truely he loves me and not my beauty so,Sahil Malhotra get out of my sight and never come back in my life and Sahil goes away from there.After one week Swara gets married with Sanskar and they live happily ever after.

Swara Point Of Veiw Starts

So from here my real love story starts.Sahil had given me a bed of thorns but with the entry of Sanskar in my life the bed of thorns turned into bed of roses.Hum hamari duniya mein bohat khush haan.Hamari choti si duniya – Mein,Sanskar aur hamari pyaari beti SANSKRITI….

Swara’s Point Of Veiw Ends.

So my story ends.Hope you all liked it and pls do comment, negative or positive any type of response is accepted.Thanks for reading.

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