Swasan :You are Sold (Episode 2)


guys i was in goa then went to my hometownso could not upload ..now well i m in nagpur so i could post
so enjoy the update!i know its short but kya karun typed it in cell
The party was in full string..but as soon as swara entered their was a a fluent music running all around..a fluent melody running all around..
she was awstruck that with the decor but same time she was asumed that how come her husband neel got si much money to do all this lavish arrangement..
she was asumend too but same time she knew that may be her hubby wanted privacy and she had set up her mind to give herself to submit her soul to him..not coz of love but with autter moust respect that her hubby Neel was patience and gave her time..and this was very big thng for her..

as she walked towards the pevelion..she found a man standing their in 3-piece suit ..well buit body a charm..though she could not see his face but she assumeed him to be Neel..
but was he really Neel?


she walked towards him..he was on call..she slowly walked towards him and her petiee hands went across his body she backhugged him..

“thankyou so much..and happy aniverysary..!i know i m not a good wife na but plz ajj muje tumse kuch kehana hai..”
he tried to turn but she interrupted him.

“nahi plz dont turn lets be like this..and he did so..”
“neel i know i took time for everything..but i also know everymen are not so patient as u are..and i really respect that aspect of u..and today i want to submit my self to you”


writer POv-
bus as soon as she said that the volcano burted!abvio it wold be..coz the man their stood was not her husband Neel..but the most famous and most strongest person and one among the most richest in world..
he was sanskar maheswari..the heartrob the most handsome but same time most arrogant with lumpsum of ego filled in him..
his eyes split lots of anger and more than that something else too..
lets c whats that ?


Swara’s POv

i was still in shock that i hugged and said all those words to a stranger..but i dint get y his eyes split anger..
his eyes had something else in it..something that i too dint get..may be some kind of unwared pain but y ?was still the question left within me!

my way of question was came to hault when he held my arms by my elbow..!
i taught he was furious of i said him all those coz he was stranger to me and so was i

“But was she really stranger ?”

but then he threw me on couch i tried saying him..and i was sucessful…too i said him i taught him to be my husband neel..!

but his next words were mere another shock again!

so whats those words?
lets c in next episode!

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