Swara Galodia’s luck, as usual, wasn’t the greatest. She had been driving for the past three days, dodging her feelings of coming home for the first time in years. It was New year Eve, and she had waited long enough. Making the unfamiliar turn, Swara pulled out a map fromthe dash, and as she did, her right front tire went into a ditch.
“Damn it!” Swara yelled. “Damn! Damn! Damn!” Putting her head on the steering wheel,she flapped her hands around, and then screamed, “Ugh!”

*35 Minutes Later*
“Wow, Swara, you look great?” Swara said to herself as she looked into the mirror.
“You haven’t aged a day!” Twirling her hair to the side, she made the daisy duck face—lips puffed out—in the pout. She was officially losing it. She couldn’t imagine what she would do if she
was stuck there much longer.

*1 hour and 20 minutes after that*
“Wow, my nails are wrecked!” Swara said, turning her hand from left to right. She pulled
out her purse from the back of the car, looked through it, and located her makeup bag.
“Mm….love this color.” She held in her hand a full bottle of Cherry berry blast—a hot, red with
sparkling glitter. Just the thing for the holiday season. She pulled out her nail file and began to sand away.
Ten minutes into it, her nails looked perfect. Another five, and she uncapped the
polish. “And I set fi….re…. to the rain, and I … hmm mmm mmm…” she sang, as she
polished, not noticing the small car that just drove past.
Twenty minutes later, she had a full manicure, and her eyes were smoky from the black
charcoal eye pencil and her new mascara. “Dayum! You look hot, Shonaa!” She whistled.
Laughing, she turned her head and decided to go for the gusto. Why not? She couldn’t get a
cell signal, she had no idea where she was, and she was more than likely to freeze to death at
some point. When her gas ran out, and that would probably be soon, seeing that she was
nearly on empty, she’d die of the intense cold, but she’d look fabulous. She crawled to the
back of her car and got her suitcase. Pulling out the large bag was a bit difficult, but she

*30 minutes on the dot*
Swara was hooking her bra when she heard the knock on her window. The fog on the
glass was evident, but the knocking persisted, until the door finally opened. Swara was in her
red ball gown, matching stilettos, her hair, nails, and makeup were all done, but the top of her
dress was hanging down in her lap. Her eyes widened. Not knowing what to do first, she spoke, “Do you mind?”
The man standing in front of her had the nerve to gawk.
Of all the backwoods things… Swara cleared her throat, then pulled her top up and
fastened it.
He shook his head. “Ma’am, I… why wasn’t your door locked?” he asked, clearing his
throat in the process. He looked like a trout with his mouth wide open. Swara nearly laughed.
“Why wasn’t my door locked?” She shook her head. The guy must have been crazy.
Here she was worried that he was some kind of a nut, and she was right! A man sees a half naked girl in front of him and he is concerned with safety? She couldn’t help it, she laughed.
He still stood there.

“May I help you?” she asked sarcastically.
Sanskar didn’t know what to do. The lady was clearly unstable. Yet, he couldn’t help noticing how hotly unstable. “I’m sorry, I was under the impression that you were stuck? I saw your tire in the ditch, and thought, “Hey, this car looks stuck… New year Eve… probably some woman driver, driving way too fast… I was right. I had no idea you did this while being half naked. Although, I’m not sorry I stopped, I can’t help but wonder why the hell you would be doing it when the roads are a sheet of ice.” Sanskar crossed his arms in front of himself, a smirk firmly planted on his lips.
Swara’s mouth opened wide. “I… well, I wasn’t… First of all, Mr. High and Mighty, I was just driving to the,” Swara paused, and like a beacon of light only meant for her, she noticed a sign that she hadn’t seen before. Snowed Inn, just ahead. “Snowed inn, and I did slide into the ditch, but…”

Sanskar’s smirk intensified. “And… you were getting dressed for a special occasion?”
Swara couldn’t believe his nerve. He was absolutely uncalled for! “As a matter of fact, I
was. But, it’s not something I can imagine you would be interested in.” There, suck on that,
cowboy. Who the hell wore cowboy hats these days? She would like to know. He looked like he
was ready for the O.K. Corral… Ridiculous.
Sanskar kept his laughter from erupting. She was cute. And she was an absolute nut.
“Well, Ma’am,” he said, laying it on thick, “I would be more than happy to help you up to the Snowed Inn… I just happen to be heading there myself. I have a friend that works there.”
Swara couldn’t help it, she smiled. “You’re sure about that?”
Sanskar nodded, and even tipped his hat in the front. “It wouldn’t be a problem at all.”
Swara felt like an ass. She nodded. “Thank you, I’d appreciate that. I’ll just grab my
things and…”

“No, problem, Miss. I’ll get them for you.” Sanskar leaned in and grabbed her small
bag off the seat. He accidentally brushed against her in the movement, and it nearly took his breath away. She gasped. He flinched and hurriedly moved back, but when he did, he hit his head on the roof of the car.
“Ah, son of a …”
“Oooh!” Swara gasped. Then flinched. “Well, I guess you should have waited until I got
out of the car. I swear, just because you saw me topless, doesn’t mean you need to cop a feel!”
“What?!” Sanskar said, nearly choking. “Lady, you’re nuts. If I wanted to…”
“Don’t bother! Okay, let’s just get into your…uh…”
“Truck,” Sanskar offered, rubbing his head. What a b*t*h. A vain one at that.
“Yes, that’s it. And then we can part ways at the Inn.”
“That’ll be fine, Ma’am. Now, while you get your own damn bags, I’m going to be
waiting in my …uh truck, trying to keep myself away so I don’t fondle you.”

Swara gasped. Of all the nerve! She supposed she deserved it, though. She knew he didn’t mean to graze her, but she was so high strung at the moment, and the slightest touch of the hick, well it did something to her, that even she, as old as she was, didn’t want to admit.

Sanskar got into the car and waited. He watched as she shuffled around in that dress and those ridiculous shoes. As soon as she got in with her massive suitcase, he started his truck back up and pulled into the drive leading to the inn. If the lady was telling the truth he would be surprised, but he knew that she had just seen the sign, because if she did have a reservation she could have walked up the lane a while ago. That’s if she ditched the heels and took the risk.

A few minutes later
“That was quick,” Swara muttered under her breath. Sanskar smiled. He had her pegged from the moment he had opened her door. Shaking his head he turned off the ignition and grabbed a bag from the cab. Swara opened her door as he made his way around.
“I can take those in, if you’d like.”
“Oh, now you’re into helping?” She said sarcastically.
“I was fine before, until you acted like I plotted a great heist for your virtue.” Sanskar smiled as Swara rolled her eyes.
“You are so dramatic,” she said casting her hair over her shoulder. Her long, red
beaded gown spoke volumes as she walked along the icy drive. Sanskar caught up to her, and guided her elbow.

Swara turned to say something mean, he assumed, but stopped short as she slipped, nearly crashing them both to the ground. Luckily for her, Sanskarhad her firmly in his grip.
“You were saying?” he said, winking as she huffed and straightened herself.
“You can’t just leave well enough alone, can you?”
“No, ma’am.” Sanskar laughed, and if she were anywhere else at that particular time, and with any other man, she would admit that he was s*xy, and cute, but now, she was just frustrated, and she wanted more than anything to knock his cocky smile off his face.
Sanskar opened the door, Swara jerked her elbow away and marched up to the counter, hitting the little bell. There was a small sign that said ring for service. The Shonaa, for what she could see, was absolutely gorgeous. New year décor made it homey and just delightful.
Little white lights adorned a large staircase with evergreens and red bows. The situation looked like a perfect place for Shonaa to ditch the cowboy, and to find a few minutes respite until she could get her car out of the ditch. She also had to get some gas, but she wasn’t going to let him know that.

Swara rang the bell again, and watched as the cowboy walked around the counter. She gave him a snide face and wondered what the hell he was doing. “Why don’t you just make yourself at home?” Swara scoffed.
“I swear some men…”
Her thoughts lingered off as Sanskar smiled and Shonaa placed a clipboard on the counter, running through a list of names.
“Ms…? Hmm… Seems to me, we don’t have any reservations
for this weekend. Oh, I’m sorry, where are my manners? Welcome to the Snowed Inn… I’m
Sanskar Maheshwari, and you are?”
Swara wanted to die. She was crow, that’s who she was. “I… I’m… Oh, you… you really are full of yourself, aren’t you?”
Sanska rlaughed.

“Hey, lady, I call it as I see it. I knew you didn’t have a clue about this
Placed Shonaa, you probably ran out of gas while you were practicing for your debutant ball.”
Swara’s eyes grew wide, and she started to throw up her arms as she heard a woman’svoice shriek from behind.
“ Sanky! My Sanky!”
Swara rolled her eyes. Figures. Even this oaf had someone. Swara turned her head just in time to see a woman fly over to where he was standing. Her long brownish grey hair flowed
down her back, and her ridiculous sweater fell to her knees.
“ Sanky! I missed you so much!” the woman said, then turned.
When she saw Swara hersmile seemed to grow a mile wide. “Oh, Sanskar! I didn’t know! I didn’t know that you were bringing her home.”

Swara turned towards Sanskar with an odd look on her face, Sanskar didn’t know what was going on. “Didn’t know what, Ma?”
Oh, it was his mother. That made sense. There was no way that this guy could charm the hearts of women.
“You found your bride! Oh! I’m so happy! Sanskar, what a wonderful gift to bring for New year! This is such wonderful news!”
“Yeah, what’s she talking about?”
“Oh, it’s just that, well, Sanskar never brings anyone home. So you must be special, dear! I’m so happy, Sanskar.”
She smiled once again and kissed Sanskar’s cheek, then turned

and firmly gripped Swara into what appeared to be a bear hug.
Swara didn’t move, but she could feel love radiate from the woman’s arms. She closed her eyes for a moment, taking it in. In all of her life, she hadn’t felt that kind of love from her own mother.
Sanskar looked over at his mother just then; she had a single tear drop from her eye. It was the closest he had seen her happy in years. He wasn’t about to disappoint, even if the situation could be further from the truth. He turned towards the woman standing next to him and grabbed her hand, squeezing it gently. He just hoped that she was shocked enough into the situation that she would keep her mouth shut.

“Isn’t she beautiful, momma?” Sanskar said, lovingly locking eyes with Swara. Swara’s mouth dropped, resembling a trout. Sanskar smiled, leaned in to her ear and whispered.
“Just play along.”
“Oh, Sanskar, she is. She is going to make you a lovely bride. I can’t wait to tell the
His mother practically oozed with happiness. She was smiling ear to ear as she reached for the phone. Sanskar stopped her hand with his.
“Let’s keep this quiet for a few more days, Mom. I haven’t even asked her yet.” Sanskar gave a gruff laugh, and put his arms around Swara. She flinched, and he pulled her in even closer. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to talk to her now.”

“Oh, don’t let me stop you, Son! Very nice to meet you… uh, I’m so sorry; I don’t even
know your name! I feel so…”
“Don’t worry. I’m Swara Galodia. I’m surprised Sanky didn’t tell you! I’ll have to have a talk with him about that!” Swara joked. She thought her face would fall off from smiling so much. Sanskar pulled her arm in another direction.
“Oh, dear, now, don’t be mad it’s New year Eve after all,” Sanskarsaid pulling her
through the doorway.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart, it won’t last that long,” Swara said, gritting her teeth.
That was what he was afraid of. Leading her down the hall to his bedroom was not one of the things he had planned when he found her on the side of the road. The whole situation completely got muddled. He planned to piss her off again, and make it known that she wasn’t the only one with tricks… however, now, the joke looked to be on him.

“What the hell was that?” she yelled, and pushed him up against the door. Sanskar brought his hands up to the side of her face again, momentarily, shutting off her air supply.
“I know. I’m so sorry. It’s just that. I haven’t seen my mother smile in years… and you were there, and she, well, I don’t bring women home.”
Swara scoffed, “Obviously, you, don’t have any rocks up there! She pointed to his head.
He smiled.
“I have some…”

Swara rolled her eyes, and pushed him again. “Gross!” She took a deep breath. “Well I suppose you think you’re funny, bringing me up here!”
“Hey you’re the one that said you had a reservation. I couldn’t help myself.”
“So, what was the grand plan? Get me up here, seduce me, marry me, make momma happy?”

Sanskar looked at her as if she lost her last marble. “Uh, no sweetheart, that is not what I had planned. I told you. I thought you could use the phone. Like I need some city girl hanging around. You couldn’t last one day here, and give me some credit. If I wanted to seduce you, you would know it.”
She didn’t think he was pulling her leg there. He was gorgeous, yet obviously mental.
Her momma was right, backwoods men were the ones you had to worry about.
“So, Sanskar. How do you propose we get out of here? I need to get home. It is
New year eve!”

Sanskar didn’t even take the time to think. “You’re not married are you?” that’s all he
needed, a married woman at his place Shonaa, and him staking his claim to her.
Swara rolled her eyes.
“Why would I be traveling alone on New year eve if I were married? I swear you really are an idiot.”
“I had to ask. How the hell am I supposed to know what kind of woman you are? For all I know, you could have heard about me coming home and decided to check me out for yourself. I bet your car is just fine.”

Swara had heard them all. “OH, I suppose you think you are so all fired hot that I
couldn’t keep my hands off of you!” she said, coming closer to him. He started to back up towards the door. “You thought, here is this woman, I’m probably going to have to fend myself
away from.” She pushed him again. “Then you thought, I’ll probably have to guard my virtue
from her! Like you were some innocent being.”
Sanskar looked scared. He was now firmly planted in a corner with no escape.
“Heaven forbid if I got close enough to…”
She was within a breath away from him. His chest was rising fast, his breath picked up,
She looked flustered and her face was red. His hand went up to her face and pulled her in to his lips. When their lips met, it was like finding home. It was hot and wet, s*xy and sweet, and at that moment it felt like this was exactly what they were supposed to be doing. Hell.

“Sanskar, Swara, when you’re ready I’ve got warm cider and cookies. I’ll be waiting to hear all about Seattle!” his mother called from the other side of the door.
Sanskar quickly removed his hand from her face, Swara backed up as if he were theplague. “I’m sorry, I’m…”
Sanskar cleared his throat, his voice sounded rough. “We’ll be in in a few minutes.”
“Take your time. I know what it’s like to be young and in love.”
After he heard his mother giggle he ran his hands through his hair. He was startled by how turned on he was.
After one kiss she had turned him into a weakling.
“I don’t know what just…”

“Please, don’t say anything. I don’t know what I was thinking!” Swara said, scrambling for her thoughts. It wasn’t every day that she kissed a hunk like Sanskar.
She could still feel his hands on her body, in her hair, wrapped around her.
“Hey, let’s just… uh… I’m Sanskar,” he said, extending his hand to her. She hesitated.
Probably didn’t want him pawing her like a randy teenager.
“Swara,” she said. Her face was still red, and she had little marks on her face from where his scruff rubbed against her skin.
“I know this is going to sound nuts, but if you could just play along with me for tonight, I’d appreciate it.”

“I don’t know… I don’t know you, Sanskar. I don’t know the situation, but that
woman in there, seems really happy. This will hurt her if she finds out that we aren’t really getting married.” She couldn’t believe she was even thinking about the possibility. This was ridiculous. This trip was ridiculous.
“I’ll tell her I decided to break it off… that we were going in separate directions… I’ll
wait until you leave. I’ll tell her it was my idea. Please, just don’t let this ruin New year for her.
I haven’t been home for a while, and she hasn’t been happy since my dad died.”
“I’ll have to leave tomorrow… Once I get gas in the car, I’ll have to get out of here. Or
I’ll miss my New year.”

“I promise, I’ll get you the gas, just go along with this… Please?”
She looked at him, the same man that she thought was completely cracked out of his
mind earlier, and one kiss… one devastatingly awesome kiss made her knees turn to mush….
“Okay, but I’m getting this room for free…and you’re filling the tank up!”
Sanskar laughed. “Deal.”
Twenty minutes later it didn’t feel like a scam. Sanskar, Swara and his mother, Uttara sat
in the living room playing cribbage, drinking warm cider and eating the greatest chocolate
chip cookies that she had ever tasted. They laughed, told stories of Sanskar’s childhood, and
even sang a few New year carols. It felt nice to be in a loving home at New year. It was nice being with Sanskar.
“You should have been there, Swara. He was such a great man. My Husband was the most
caring man that I had ever met. He would open doors, write me poems, and of course in the
later years after courtship, he changed diapers! Has she met, your sister Ragini and her three
kids yet?”

Sanskar smiled, “No, not yet.” He looked over to Swara, and they shared a smile. It felt
to her that it meant that she was going to be meeting them soon. Or that he wanted her to
meet them. He was on top of everything else that she learned that night, a wonderful actor.
“Well, you are both in luck, her, Laksh and the boys are coming tomorrow! “
Sanskar sat up straight and had a huge grin on his face.
“Ragu’s coming heretomorrow?”
His voice took on a childlike excitement.
“Ragu ? I thought you said…”
“Oh, he calls her Ragu because when they were little she was the boy of the house.”
Uttara laughed. “Whereas Sanskar here could sew, and cook better than anyone, Ragu would be out puttering on her father’s car… Sanskar wasn’t ever the technical kind of…”
“Ok…that’s enough,” Sanskar laughed. “Yes, I admit, I’m better at the more… “
“Woman roles.” His mother imputed.

Swara laughed, “no way!” Sanskar was a tall man, about 6’4 if she had to guess. He was
big, muscular, and very manly.
“Yes, so what I can cook a soufflé, fix things, that doesn’t mean…”
Just then Swara had a thought. What if Sanskar were gay. That had to be it. The reason
why he never brought anyone home, a good cook, a man that can sew, the safety first lesson in
her car, a man that can pronounce soufflé ,for crying out loud… but the kiss? Her eyes must have given away her train of thought.
“Not even a chance,” Sanskar said looking at her. His smoldering gaze told her the
truth. Swara just about upset her cider. His mother didn’t even notice.

“Anyway, she will be here bright and early. The boys are looking forward to their
New year presents.” So we have a full house! I can’t wait for them to meet you, Swara. They are going to just love you.
Swara blushed. “I’m sure I will like them, too.”
Sanskar smiled, and held out his hand. “It’s time to trim the tree. You in?”
Swara couldn’t believe she hadn’t noticed before. There was a large pine in the middle of the picture window facing the outside road. It didn’t have a thing on it. “You wait until
New year eve to put the decorations up?” she said. “That’s an odd tradition. You would think with all of the hectic things going on…”

Uttara chimed in. “Well, we always did this. We wanted to trim the tree when there
wasn’t a care in the world. Just the wonder of , and its magic. It is when we were all
home together as a family.”
Swara thought of her family. Her mother that she hadn’t talked to in four years, her
drunk father that probably didn’t even know that he had a daughter, and her sister.
They hadn’t had a New year together for years, and when they did, it was never like this. The
last thing her mother told her was to find herself a rich man that way he could put up with her,
and help her family out every once in a while.
“I’ll go get the box,” Sanskar said. He left Uttara and Swara together in the living room,
while he went up the ladder into the attic. There were boxes everywhere. Each were marked in
black, telling its contents.

Dad’s shirts, RAgu’s medals, Sanskar’s crafts, all different kinds of things.
Finally, New year.
He pulled the box down and went into the living room, stopping before hitting the
doorway. He heard the two women talking. Swara was crying about something. He hadn’t
known her even a day, and the sound tugged at his heart.
A few minutes later, he heard his mother say something and then hug her. He decided it was okay to go in. Swara’s eyes were wet, and she smiled at him when he walked into the door. It was one of those smiles that you saw happen in movies. The ones where the woman
would look at the man, and the man just knew. Sanskar felt that tug, then a pinch. Grabbing
his chest the pain got worse, until he doubled over, and fell to the floor.
“Sanskar, Sanskar…!”
Sanskar’s eyes opened slowly. A bright light shinned in them, and he closed them. He
heard more sounds now, and felt a squeeze to his left hand. He moved his head towards the
motion, then opened his eyes.

His mouth felt dry. He licked his lips and was about to say something when a woman wearing white came over towards him and put a cup up to his mouth.
“Ice chips, Sanskar, it’s okay. You’re at Oakwood General. You had a little scare. We don’t think it was a heart attack,
but something sure scared the hell out of you.” He knew that voice now… His ex-girlfriend,
Kavitha Sharma.
“What happened?” Sanskar asked. He tried to sit up, but felt awful. Moving his hand up to his head, he felt a rather large bump. “Ow.”
“You fell,” the voice said.
He turned towards it and saw Swara.

“I did.” It wasn’t a question, but a statement, and Swara looked at him confused.
“Yeah, you were getting the New year lights, and then you came into the room.
You looked right at me, then grabbed your chest. I thought you were having a heart attack. You
scared me to death!” She started to cry. Tears streamed down her face.
“It’s okay, Mrs,” the nurse, his ex, Kavitha, started to say
“Mrs.?” Sanskar questioned.
“Don’t you ever do that again! I was scared! You had me so worried!” Swara sobbed.
Sanskar looked over at her beautiful face. “Mrs.?”
“Sanskar, don’t you remember?” Kavitha asked. “She’s your wife!”
Swara grimaced. “About that…”

A few hours later, Sanskar was sent home. Swara was thrown out of the hospital, and his
mother, Uttara, had to come get him. Sanskar had to laugh about the evening. He couldn’t
stop thinking about her face. Her face when he woke up, her face when she yelled at him,
telling him that she was worried. And even more, how angry he got when he heard Mrs.
attached to Swara, thinking she was someone else’s wife.
“Where’s Shonaa?” Sanskar asked his mother. The nickname was cute. It was the first
time he had used it. It suited her.
“She was really worked up. She said something about having to get home for
New year. I’m afraid she had to leave, Sanskar. She explained though, that she was just supposed to be here New year Eve, and New year day… She was a hit with Ragini’s boys though. She felt awful about not being able to pick you up. The hospital wouldn’t let her anywhere near you…not after she lied about being your wife.” Uttara laughed.
“She could have just said that she was your fiance’. We all told her that afterwards, she told me though, and she made me promise not to tell, but it was so cute, that saying wife felt so natural, that it just came right out. She had me worried, Son. She wouldn’t leave your side. I was just like that with

your father.”
Sanskar’s world felt tilted. “Did she say where she was going?”
“To Kolkata—her parent’s. I’ll be honest, Sanky, it doesn’t sound like a place Shonaa that she should go alone.”
“Why do you say that?” Sanskar felt an unease settle low in his abdomen.
“Well, her family is a bit dysfunctional. I just…maybe you should go find her.”
“What do you mean, dysfunctional?”
“You don’t know? Well, I’m not sure if I’m the one to tell you. I don’t want Swara to be mad with me. Just know this, it wasn’t all rosy like yours was. But, I’m not sure if…”
“What?” Sanskar was agitated.
“You shouldn’t be driving.” His mom looked worried.
“I’ll be fine. Now, let’s find out where Swara’s folks live, and I’ll be better.”

Uttara pulled the car into the drive, and Sanskar nearly hopped out. Walking his mom to the door, he went for the office, and typed in Swara Galodia on Google. 1,090,000 results… This was going to take a while.

Several hours later, Sanskar heard the phone ring. His head was splitting, and he
hadn’t made a dent in the Swara search. He didn’t find anything that he could work with, because he really didn’t know her all that well on paper. He didn’t know her that well at all.
“ Sanky!” his mom yelled. It’s her; she’s on the phone.”

“Please, don’t give him the…”
“Swara?” Sanskar said impatiently. “Are you okay? I swear if anyone has hurt you.”
What was he talking about? His mom was right, he did switch roles. She laughed.
“I’m fine. I just wanted to make sure that you were okay after the hospital. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay, and I’m even sorrier that I didn’t let you fill my tank of gas up.”
“Why? Sanskar asked. “Where are you? I’ve been looking…”
“I ran out of gas…again.”
Sanskar smiled. “Where are you?”
“I’m at a cozy little place in Marietta called ‘Johnsville Tavern.’”
“I’ll be there.”
“Sanskar, you don’t have to come here, I just wanted to make sure you were all right.”
Swara didn’t hear anything for a moment.
Swara waited a few more minutes in silence when she heard Sanskar’s mom’s voice.
“He left. I don’t know where he is, Swara, but he ran out the door; he took a few cookies, too.”
Swara put her gloved hand up to her mouth and giggled.

3 ½ hours later, Swara heard a knock on her door. Pressing her clothes down, she
checked in the mirror. Her lips looked good, and for good measure, she pinched some color into her cheeks.
When she opened the door, the most handsome man that she had ever seen pushed his way through. He put both hands on her face, and first kissed her eyelids, then her cheeks,
and then her mouth. “I’ve missed you, Shonaa.”
“I’ve missed you, too… This is crazy. We’ve only just met.”
“That’s all it takes, Shonaa; that’s all it takes to fall in love with you.”
“Marry me, Shonaa. Let’s make it real.
Swara nodded, and smiled; kissing Sanskar was the best thing in the world.
“Yes, Sanskar. Yes. I’ll marry you.”

Two years later…
It was that time of year again, when the snow glistened on the one car lane, and wishes were only made true on New year. Sanskar& Swara were celebrating their second year of marriage, and the birth of their baby girl. It was the first New year without his mother, but the magic of the holiday was there. The promise of a new life, and happiness of one that all came true because of a little white lie told just before New year.

Credit to: JANPA

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    1. well bt real take i mean the first one… tge second one is a nice sweet love story….


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  13. Woow this is really nice loved it..keep weiting…god bless u..hope to see u with another os…

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