Swasan – a small romantic episode..


It’s Sanskaar’s birthday,Swara wakes him up:
Swara:Good morning..
And gives him tea to drink..
Sanskaar:Good morning Shona..
And looks intensly at Swara…
Swara:Tum mujhe aise kyu dekh raheho??
Office nahi jaana hai kya?
Sanskaar:Aaj 28 tarikh hai…
Swara: Aaj 28 tarikh hai to me kya karu?Aaj office band hai kya?Nahi par aaj office kaise band ho sakta hai aaj to Tuesday hai aur ghar pe koi puja bhi nahi hai…
Sanskaar batao na aaj kya hai?
Sanskaar felt hurt because Swara didn’t remember his birthday infact she was talking rudely with him..

Sanskaar:kuch nahi..
Swara:ok jaldi nahake niche aa jao,breakfast ready hai..
Sanskaar goes downstairs after having shower and getting ready to have breakfast..(He was wearing a dark blue shirt and was looking really handsome)
In the hall Sanskaar touches Annapurna,Dp,Sujata and Ram Prasad’s feet to take their blessings..
All gave him ashirvad but nobody wished him for his birthday..
Annapurna:Chalo nashta karlo..
She calls everyone to have breakfast..
Sanskaar:Ji maa..
Sanskaar felt really bad because nobody remembered his birthday and he was hurt thinking that not even a single member of Maheshwari family remembered his birthday..
Lakshya:Office chale?
Sanskaar:Ha chal..
Lakshya:Arey waah bhai,kitni acchi shirt pehni hai tumne..Aaj kuch special hai kya?
Sanskaar:woh aaj..
Lakshya:koi special meeting hai kya clients ke saath?
Sanskaar felt very bad because his best friend and his brother who was always excited for his birthday and used to wish him before anyone else also forgot his birthday..
Sanskaar:kuch nahi.. bas aise hi..
He finished working in the office at 7pm and he returned at home..
He rings the bell but nobody opens the door,he slowly pushes the door and it opens and it’s all dark..

Sanskaar wonders what’s happening and suddently Ragini puts on the light and lots of flowers fall on Sanskaar..
Lakshya and Adarsh come and hug him..
Sanskaar touches all the senior people’s feet and all wish him for his birthday,and give him gifts…
Sanskaar(being emotional):aap sab ko yaad tha?
Annapurna:Beta hum tumhara janamdin kaise bhul sakte hai?
Sanskaar cuts the cake with all the family members and thanks them for the surprise but Swara isn’t here..Sanskaar’s eyes start searching for Swara..
Ragini:Sanskaar aap kise dhoond rahe hai?
Sanskaar:Wo Swara..
Ragini:humko nahi,Swara ko thanks dije,ye pura plan Swara ka hi thha aur ha wo upar hai…
Sanskaar goes to his room but doesn’t find Swara there,he finds a chit in which it’s written to go to the balcony…
He goes to the balcony if his room and finds a full decorated balcony with lots of candles and a little chocolate cake in the middle..
Swara comes,hugs him from behind and whispers him happy birthday in his ears..
Sanskaar turns and gets mezmerised after seeing Swara who wad wearing a beautiful black saree and was looking hot..
Swara:to kaisa laga mera surprise??
Sanskaar:it was amazing,thanks Shona..
Swara:cake ko cut kare??
Sanskaar:yeah sure..

He’s about to blow the candles but Swara stops him..
Swara:Candles bujhane se pehle ek wish mango..
Tum jo bhi mangoge wo sach hoga..
Sanskaar wishes that Swara always stays happy and finally blows the candles while Swara sings the happy birthday song..
He cuts the cake,Swara makes Sanskaar eat the cake and also Sanskaar makes Swara eat the cake…
They both finish the whole cake and only one piece of cake is left..
Swara and Sanskaar both touch that piece of cake..Swara takes it and starts running,Sanskaar runs behind her to take the cake..
Finally he grabs her and takes the cake from her hands and is about to eat it when Swara takes some melted chocolate and puts it on Sanskaar’s cheeks and starts running and Sanskaar also starts running behind her..
But suddently she hears the sound of a thunder on the sky,she turns and hugs Sanskaar..
Slowly it starts raining..
Sanskaar:chalo andar chalte hai..
And he starts to go..
But Swara doesn’t and remains outside and starts getting wet in the rain..
She starts enjoying the rain and dancing..
She’s about to fall but Sanskaar comes there running and holds her..

(Background music:tum hi ho)
Sanskaar:chalo andar chalo..
Swara:Nahi Sanskaar mujhe baarish me bhigna hai..
Sanskaar:ye kiya bachpana hai?
Tabiyat kharab ho jayegi tumhari..
Swara:Tumhe jaana hai to jao,mujhe kahi nahi jaana hai…
Sanskaar turns to go but Swara holds his hand and pulls him torward her and kisses him on his left cheek where she had applied cake before..
Sanskaar:Andar chalo Swara..bukhar charh jayega..
Swara doesn’t say anything,puts her fingers on his lips, kisses his other cheek and says:
Bukhar charhna hai to charhne do..
Ab mere sar par tumhara bukhar charha hai,pehle uss bukhar ko utaro..
Sanskaar:tum hosh me to ho na?
Swara:hosh me to me ab ayi hu..
Then she goes away and starts dancing and Sanskaar goes ggbehind her …
He looks at her and slowly touches her..
He puts her hair on her shoulder and starts kissing her ..
Then Swara takes his hand and puts it on her belly(outside the saree)..
Sanskaar keeps kissing Swara’s neck and shoulder and slowly puts his hand inside the saree and starts touching her belly sensuously..
Sanskaar opens the thread of Swara’s blouse and starts kissing Swara passionately..
Suddently he realizes what he was doing and goes away from Swara..
Swara stops his hand and pulls him torwad her and they share an intense eyelock..
Then she goes and starts dancing sensuosly in the rain near Sanskaar and he smiles while he’s standing then Swara takes Sanskaar with her and they both dance on the song tip tip barsa paani..
When the dance finishes Swara pushes Sanskaar toward the wall of the balcony and goes near him to kiss him on the lips..

Sanskaar:Shona ye tum kya kar rahi ho?
Swara(touches his cheeks):Apne pati ko kiss kar rahihu.. Itna haq to banta hai..
Sanskaar:Thora zyada nahi ho raha?(He wants to get romantic with Swara but he’s a bit worried)
Swara:Aaj mat rokna Sanskaar..Bahut dur reh liya hai maine,aur nahi..
Ab tumse dur nahi reh sakti…
Me hamare bich saare duriya mitana chahti hu..
I love you Sanskaar..
Me tumse kab pyaar karne lagi pata nahi,me bas itna janti hu ke me tumse bahaut pyaar karti hu..
I love you so much Sanskaar…
Me hamare rishte ko aage barhana chahti hu…
(Background music:tum hi ho)
Sanskaar gets speechless and stares at Swara intensly and she slowly kisses him on the lips(it’s a short kiss);after this kiss they look at each other awkwardly,Swara starts feeling a bit shy and starts go away..
(Both Swara and Sanskaar’s hearts are beating fast)
Sanskaar stops her hand and starts kissing her passionately,they stop and they start kissing again crazily..(they kind of lose control on themselves)

Swara kisses Sanskaar’s neck and then opens the first button of Sanskaar’s shirt and kisses the part of the chest she opened..
Then Sanskaar kisses Swara again and they both share some crazy,sensuous,romantic and passionate kisses..
Then Sanskaar takes Swara on his lap(both are heavily wet),takes her inside their room and makes her sit on the bed..
Slowly he opens the hooks of her blouse and starts kissing Swara’s back..
Then Swara turns,opens a button of Sanskaar shirt and kisses his chest,opens another button and kisses again then another and kisses again.. she keeps opening all the buttons of his shirt and keeps kissing him..then she removes his shirt..
Sanskaar showly opens Swara’s blouse and kisses her back..
Then he removes Swara’s saree and throws it on the floor..
Sanskaar removes Swara’s earrings and bangles..
He’s on top of Swara and SwaSan share a liplock kiss then Sanskaar kisses Swara’s chest and then Swara’s belly..
Finally they consummate their marriage
After consummating their marriage Sanskaar kisses Swara’s cheek..
Sanskaar:i love you Shona..
Swara:i love you too..
Sanskaar:ye meri zindagi ka best birthday tha,thanks Swara.. i love you so much ..
Swara:thanks to mujhe kehna chahiye meri zindagi me aane ke liye..love you jaanu
And they sleep hugging each other
And the fan fiction finishes here..
●Sorry guys if it’s over-romantic
●Sorry SwaLak and RagSan fans..

Credit to: Avantika

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    Note for all writers: u don’t need to be sorry for your pair…

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    bht really enjoyed urr episode but do one favor next time plzz write on swalak also i love them
    it doesn’t mean i hate swasan no i love both but i m pissed off reading swasan story
    i must say you have written ur stort very gud
    its very nice

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