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Hi my dearrrr dear frnzzz… As always this time too I thought to share my wish as a fan fiction. It’s not perfect. I concentrated only one one particular 3-4 small dialogues short scene. It is as per current track. Swara discovered truth.

On the night of New Year Party,

Ragini danced along with her dadi & Kaveri. Raginu holds the mic…
Ragini : I welcome you all to our new party. It’s a big day. A new year day. A new year is born. So I thought of gifting my family with some sweet some or even we can call it as shock. Lemme introduce this wonderful lady – Kaveri, mother of a daughter who was….. killed by….
Kaveri : Mr. Durgaprasad Maheshwari , a murderer.
All the shocked from RP, SJ, AP, Parish, Laksh, Sanskar to uttara. Ragini, dadi smile wickedly. Swara didn’t show any reaction. Neither shocked nor laughed.
AP : ji what is she saying ??
Ragini : Lemme me tell u ma
Dadi : Laddo these will be nice to hear only when the actual person narrate. Kaveri ji you plz..
Kaveri : AP didi…
AP shocked
Kaveri : Am I right Durgaprasad ji ??
AP is confused.
Kaveri : He is the man who left me for his status and for pride of his community since I’m a bengali. He cheated me fearing about this society. I left with no option but to cry. Years passed for healing. The same day again came in daughter’s life too because of this man.. Durgaprasad Maheshwari. He killed my daughter inspite of getting her married to his nephew. He is a murdered who will do anything for his status nd pride.
Swara shouted : Enoughhhhhhhhh. Lemme show you some proofs. She brings the goons who attacked kavita. Kaveri shocked.
Swara : You may wonder how I know them.
FB :
Swara came to kaveri’s house. Kaveri refused to open up any secret. By that time she was continously getting some call but she didn’t attend. Then she demanded money to say that secret. Swara gave her jewels. Kaveri said Durgaprasad is a murderer of her daughter. She didn’t say anyting more that that. She held her throat nd said it is true. Swara didn’t blv. While going out She acted like coughing and asked for water. That time she took kaveri’s mobile on table and noted two frequently called/received numbers.
Swara : One of the number is goon’s. Are you sweating? She laughs sarcastically. Bade papa, this lady only hired goons to attack kavita. Kavita is not her own daughter but adopted. She waited to take revenge against you. When sanskar and kavita fell in love (may be alrdy she planned r unplanned), she used that chance. She made sanskar to turn against you by trapping you in kavita’s attack.
All are shocked.
Swara to kaveri: And you.. what you said?? Kavita is dead?? She climbs the stairs and brought a girl to hall holding her hands. All are freezed. All are very shocked. Sanskar is stunned. Yeah Kavita is alive.
Swara : Another number waa hospital where I got her info. DP is damn angry.
Swara called the cops and complained against her for blackmailing and attempt murder of kavita. To escape from police kaveri held knife against ragini’s neck and thought to escape. Laksh came from behind, caught hold of that knife and pulled ragini towards him and eventually she fell on his shoulder. Ragini repented her mistake seeing blood in laksh’s palm. Police arrested the woman.
Sanskar who is still freezed looks at kavita. Kavita is happy to the core seeing sanskar.
Sanskar is remembering all the past happy moments with her, hugging, holding, kissing, laughing etc.. Remembering their last moment he saw her in blood flood breaking their dream of marriage, he tightly closed his eyes. She ran towards him crying and hugged him tightly. Sanskar who was once lived like dead coz of her death reciprocated to her hug. He touched her to make sure she is alive and felt relieved. Swara is controlling her tears though she is happy thinking sanskar is happy but she is really realllly very sad and heart broken seeing her love..her life close to someone..some 3rd person. She want to cry loudly but that was not the place. She got ready to leave with sumi. The next moment of hug sanskar opened his eyes, broke d hug and took kavita infront of swara and introduced her. Kavita who didn’t expect this, collapsed on thr floor and crying. Swara is feeling pity for kavita. Sanskar who couldn’t handle this situation ran to his room.

@Sankar’s room
Sanskar is looking at swasan marriage pic amd crying.
Sanskar : God……… why?? Why is this happening to me ?? Is this a punishment to me? I died to overcome my past life. You gave me an angel to take me out of my dark revenge world. I didn’t fall wantedly for her after such a disaster. It happened naturally. U gave me a legal nams to my love. But now why are you bringing my past ??? Yes I loved kavita. When I understood she is nomore and my happiness is my surrounding’s happiness I changed and forgot completely. I had no feelings for her then. When I started loving swara, remaining particles of her memories also got vanished completely for being loyal to my swara. Now I’m not having pain whether to choose my past or present love. My pain is seeing swara. How will she feel now. After her sister’s betrayal, laksh’s distrust he felt no hope in love. But the day I was ready to wait my whole life came when she realised her love for me. I can’t imagine her pain if she thinks kavita will come between us. He held the photo frame along his chest and cried lying on the bed.
He heard swara calling him.
Swara : Sanskar. .
Sanskar : Swara kavita..
Swara : Haan sanskar, now you got your love back.
Sanskar stunned.
Swara continued : I know how it will to lose the person whom we thought as life (now I’m feeling it). Now no restrictions for you. Bade papa bade ma mom will also acpt. She tried to smile controlling her tears.
Sanskar confused : but u said u love me
Swara : Sorry sanskar as u thought I lied. I lied just to come back to this family. You asked me to come MM only after thinking about our relation. Ragini also questioned me with rights I’m staying here. So for ragini’s sake I had to lie. Sometimes I got confused and thoightthought to give chance to our marriage. U were right too. I confused my habit with love. Now everything is set right. So I may leave now. Take care. All the best for your future. Good bye sanskar. She controlled her tears. Sanskar shouted, “Swaraaaaaaa” nd got up from the bed. Frame that was on his chest fell beside him. He is sweating. It is his dream. He is repeatedly saying don’t leave me.
He turned towards the door hearing knock sound.
Sanskar : Swara…
he touched himself to check if it is another dream. He got down the bed and rushed to her. He is stammering.
Swara : Sanskar if you have stammering problem, then leave it. I ll take care of kavita. I ll make her understand. You don’t worry. Don’t take tension. I ll tell her how deeply we love each other and how we can’t live without each other. And moreover I’m not a gr8 woman to sacrifice my husband. She held his collar and pulled him close. Only few inches between their lips. Looking into his eyes, “You are not my lover for me to sacrifice. You are my husband. You are mine. Only mine. Only of Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari”.
She left his shirt’s collar and walked to the door. She needed no words of him to explain his love for her now. She is not ready to do the same mistake of doubting.. now doubting his love for her. She very well know after he fell in love with he is very honest to her. A drop of tear fell from his eyes in happiness. He is out of thr world nd in cloud nine.
Swara turned and looked him at the entrance. She smiled at him, with single drop of tear.

Hope u like it frnz.. ?? Sorry for disppointments ?
SwaSan ❤

Credit to: Tara

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