swasan a simple story episode 9

After sahil left.
Sanskar: whats your plan today? Staying in my arms?
Swara(blushes): no, stop teasing me please.
Sanskar: princess, you know I love you a lot.
Swara: I know. What do we do now?
Sanskar: movie?
Swara: what about mom?
Sanskar: you want to spend time with me or mom?
Swara: with you?
Sanskar: seems like you love mom more!
Swara: oh stop it sanskar. By the way I’ve got something for you?
Sanskar: what?
Swara: it’s there in my car.
Sanskar and swara went to the porch.
Swara: here it is!
Sanskar : it’s awesome thanks shona!
Swara: there’s one for me too but it’s a chain.
Sanskar: you make me wear this bracelet with our initials and I’ll make you wear this chain.
Swara: great.
They hugged each other. Then they went upto the room.
Sanskar: let’s celebrate.
Swara: with what?
Sanskar takes out a chocolate.
Sanskar: with this my princess.
They eat the chocolate. They fed each other while doing this they got lost in each others eyes and kept coming closer. Their faces were an inch apart. They could feel the other’s hot and fast breath. Their hearts fluttered and started racing withing seconds both of them closed their eyes and their lips touched each other. Then slowly it became a passionate one with sanskar pulling her closer by the waist and swara putting her hands around his neck. They kissed and their tongues entagled, they started breathing faster. They slowly parted swara’s eyes were still closed while sanskar adored her cute face and then kissed on her forehead.
Sanskar: thanks for making my first kiss so special my princess.
Swara smiled. Suddenly swara slipped and fell on the bed pulling sanskar by his collar. They lay: sanskar on top of swara. Their hearts fluttering once again. Their closeness invited another heartwrenching kiss. They kissed till they lost their breath. Sanskar then laid down beside swara.
Sanskar: I love your smile. Keep smiling always.
Swara: as long as you are there with me I will never stop smiling. You’re my reason to smile sanskar. I love you.
Sanskar: I love you too swara and will always love you.
On the other hand sahil was sulking at his home.
Sahil: what does sanskar have that I don’t have? How could he take my swara? She’s mine. How could swara choose him? I know maybe sanskar forced him, swara loves me only me. I have to do something to get this sanskar out of my swara’s life then me and swara will live a happy life, she’ll love me and I’ll love her. No one will be allowed to enter this paradise of ours.
He starts laughing devilishly.
Sahil: I know what to do. I will just have to make swara mine at any cost. Then sanskar won’t even accept her. Who will want a girl who has been touched. I and my swara will be one. Sanskar won’t even look at her. But I need to think how I can do that, that sanskar is always stuck to my swara.
Swara and sanskar were in sanskar’s room watching a romantic movie, swara kept her head on his shoulder and sanskar held her by her shoulders. The movie had a kissing scene they watched the scene and start remembering what transpired between them an hour earlier they think about it and start blushing.

Sanskar slowly starts caressing her hair, swara whimpers and looks at him with her deep brown orbs, sanskar looks at her and gives a kiss on her forehead. Swara closes her eyes and whimpers again, sanskar smiles seeing her and again caresses her hair.sanskar then caresses her shoulders and her hands. Swara moans and then sits straight and looks at him. Sanskar comes close, swara closes her eyes they again kiss. His tongue exploring her mouth and her soft luscious lips, swara too gave in to the kiss. They kissed hard. Sanskar caressed her back and opened her zip and swept his hands through the top she was wearing swara starts moaning and her hand grips his shirt and she unbuttons his shirt. She moves her hand through his chest to the back and pulls him closer and hugs him. Sanskar slowly pulls the strap of swara’s top on one side and comes on top of her on the couch and slowly kisses her shoulder then digs his head on her neck and kisses her, while doing so swara’s lips brush against sanskar’s chest she starts kissing his chest. Sanskar and swara lay on top each other when suddenly sujata called swara from downstairs. They came to their senses and saw their position and start blushing. Swara composes herself and looks at sanskar who was standing bare chested she looked at him shyly. Sanskar picked up his shirt and started wearing it when swara came in front and started buttoning it up for him. Sanskar looked at her lovingly and dropped a small sweet peck on her lips. Swara blushed hard, her cheeks all red, she hurriedly ran out of the room. Sanskar stood there rubbing his palms on his hair and grinning from ear to ear like a teenage boy madly in love with his girl.
Well sorry guys for being late. I won’t be there from the 30th of may to the 11th of june as I am going out of station. Busy in packing stuff and all. I’ll keep updating till 29th then again resume from the 12th. I’ll try to post some extra episodes from tomorrow.

Precap: let’s see what sahil’s upto and romance in the college for our favourite swasan <3 .

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