swasan a simple story episode 8

Sanskar reached home and sujata opened the door.
Sujata: who’s this sanskar?
Sanskar: he’s a college friend somebody spiked his drink and he got drunk so I brought him here.
Sujata: if you need anything call me ok? And take care of him.
Sanskar takes sahil upto his room and puts him on the bed and makes him drink water. Sahil starts muttering something.
Sahil: swara, she is an angel, she was looking so hot in that saree, if only I could tell her that but no she was with sanskar. I so hate him, but swara how can she not notice me? Am I not handsome?. Saying this he again falls asleep.
Sanskar got furious listening to all this.
Sanskar(in his mind): how dare he call my swara his, who has given him the rights to call my shona hot and what not. If he would not have been in this state he would end up in a hospital. Nonetheless when he wakes up tomorrow I’ll talk to him.
Swara calls sanskar:
Swara: sanskar? Is everything ok?
Sanskar(pissed): yes he is okay unfortunately.
Swara: what happened sanskar, why are you so frustrated?
Sanskar: nothing princess, don’t worry I’ll take care of him. Love you. Sleep tight.
Swara(blushes): tomorrow I have a holiday so I’ll come to your place to help you out ok? Bye good night.
Sanskar: great. Princess you are forgetting something?
Swara: love you sanskar.
Sanskar: I want something more.
Swara: what?
Sanskar: a good night kiss please?
Swara: umm. Ok. Muah
Sanskar: now it’ll definitely be a good night princess. Muah.
They cut the call. Sanskar sleeps on the couch.
Sanskar(in his mind): tomorrow’s a big day. Today was supposed to be my best day ever but this sahil ruined it. Why do all the weirdos land up around me?
Sanskar then goes off to sleep.
Morning 7 a.m.
Sanskar wakes up and sees sahil sleeping peacefully.
Sanskar(in his mind): ruined my sleep and look at him sleeping peacefully as if he did nothing.
Sanskar gets up and goes to the washroom to freshen up. Sahil opens his eyes and does not recognise the room. He was about to get of the bed when sanskar came out of the washroom.
Sanskar: so you woke up. How are you feeling?
Sahil: my head’s heavy, where am I?
Sanskar: you’re at my place. You’re drink was spiked you ended up drunk so you’re here. Wait I’ll bring lemon juice for you, you’ll feel better.
Sahil: thanks a lot sanskar.
Sanskar: your welcome.
Sanskar came back with lemon juice.
Sahil: did I do something last night?
Sanskar: nothing much just blabbered out stuff.
Sahil got tensed.
Sahil(in his mind): did I say everything. Oh gosh. But if I had then he would not have brought me here. Maybe I didn’t say anything. Thank god.
Sanskar: what are you thinking sahil? C’mon have the juice.
Sahil: thanks.
Sanskar: after drinking freshen up take my t-shirt and tracks and take a bath then we’ll go down for breakfast.
Sahil: your family?
Sanskar: they know you are here, it’s totally cool.
Sahil freshens up and goes down for breakfast with sanskar. They sit for breakfast when swara enters at maheshwari’s. sujata sees her and smiles.
Sujata: chori, aa gai tu…, come sit have breakfast.
Sahil gets mesmerized seeing swara. Swara wishes everyone good morning and smiles at sanskar. Sanskar smiles back and then looks at sahil who is seeing swara.
Sujata: your favourite poha is there swara, only for you.
Swara: thanks mom. I love you.
Sujata: who says thanks to her mom. You are my daughter right?
Sahil gets confused hearing their talks.
Sujata: oh I forgot, swara, sanskar’s friend is also here you must be knowing him right he is from your college.
Swara: yes mom. Hi sahil!
Sahil: hello and good morning swara. You here?
Swara: yeah I’m here why?
Sahil: no nothing.
They have their breakfast. Sujata tells swara to make something sweet as she wanted to have something from her hand. Swara goes and makes suji halwa which is liked by sanskar.
Sujata: wow. Suji halwa aha sanskar’s favourite. Abhi se tum iski pasand na pasand ka khyal rakh rahi ho that’s good. Shaadi ke baad mujhe koi chinta nahi rahegi.
Swara blushes hearing this and sanskar puts his head down out of shyness.
Sujata: sahil beta, have this halwa, my daughter in law cooks really well you’ll love it.
Sahil was shocked hearing all of this and was staring blankly at swara.
Sujata: sahil beta what happened where are you lost?
Sahil: nothing aunty, I didn’t understand this daughter in law and all this. Sanskar and swara are best friends right?
Sujata: they were best friends now they are not.
Sahil: matlab?
Sujata: sanskar you didn’t tell him that swara is your fiancé?
Sanskar: no mom I was about to tell him.
Sujata: oh achha. Well now I told him.
Sahil was heart broken hearing this. He then noticed the engagement rings on their fingers.
Sahil: I’m full aunty. The food was delicious.
Sanskar: me too even I am full. Let’s go upstairs I need to talk to sahil. Swara can you come with me?
Swara: sure. Mom I’m done thanks a lot for the poha. I love you.
Sujata: now go have fun.
Sahil, Sanskar and Swara went to sanskar’s room.
Sanskar: sahil I know what you feel for swara.
Sahil(shocked): how?
Sanskar: yesterday when you were drunk you told everything so we thought of telling you the truth.
Sahil: hmm. Nothings left for me to say. Swara I didn’t know you were engaged when I started loving you. I love you from the heart and whatever no use saying. I want to leave and sanskar thanks for taking care of me yesterday.
Sanskar: I’m sorry sahil for this misunderstanding.
Swara: I’m sorry too.
Sahil: it’s okay guys. Okay I’ll take your leave.
He bid bye and moved out of the room. After he left swara and sanskar hugged sahil saw this through the window and smirked.
Sahil(in his mind): swara you don’t know how much I love you and what I can do to get you, I will make you mine. Sanskar will never get you. Saying this he left sanskar’s place.
Precap: sahil’s plan, swasan romance.

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