swasan a simple story episode 7


Sanskar calls swara: shona, I will be there at 5 and we’ll leave by 5:30.
Swara: okay but I’m not ready yet.
Sanskar: take your time. I’ll reach in 10.
Swara: okay.
Swara starts wearing her saree. She was wearing her earrings when sanskar entered her room suddenly. Swara turned to him.
Swara: umm. Hi.
Sanskar: hi swara.( he was staring at swara)
Swara noticed him staring at her.
Swara: sanskar kuch chahiye?
Sanskar(rubbing his palms on his hair): nahi actually tumse kuch kehna tha isliye jaldi aaya tha…par tumhe dekhkar…
Swara: mujhe dekhkar kya?
Sanskar(closes his eyes): you are looking gorgeous.
Swara: thank you. Tum ye batane ke liye jaldi aaye the?
Sanskar: nahi… main to kuch aur batane aaya tha.
Swara: to bolona!
Sanskar(to himself): kaise bolu wahi to samajh me nahi aaraha hain. Socha tha bahut easy hoga…par use dekhkar hi meri bolti band ho gayi.
Swara: sanskar kaha kho gaye kya bolne aaye the?
Sanskar: kaise kahu samajh mein nahi aaraha hain.
Swara: kis bare main?
Sanskar(takes a deep breath): okay swara… main… main…
Swara: haan?
Sanskar slowly sits on his knees takes swara’s hands in his. Swara was surprised and continuously stared at sanskar. Sanskar then took out a chocolate from his pocket.
Sanskar: swara, I know ki tumhe materialistic cheeze achi nahi lagti aur ye ki tumhe chocolate bahut pasand karti ho,moreover tum chocolate si sweet ho aur… mujhe pata nahi kab tumse pyaar ho gaya. Kya tum mere saath zindagi bhar aise hi chocolates share karogi? I love you swara.
Swara was speechless she had tears of happiness in her eyes. She closed her eyes. Sanskar sat there nervous.
Sanskar: swara, tum kuch bologi nahi?
Swara: sanskar, main tumhare saath hamesha aise hi chocolates share karungi, I love you too.
Sanskar stood up and hugged her. Swara hugged him back. They parted and ate the chocolate.
Swara: sanskar mujhe bas 5 minute do main ready hoke neeche aati hu.
Sanskar: I’ll wait. He slowly kisses her forehead and goes downstairs.
Swara comes down and they leave for the fresher’s party.
They enter the party together. Sahil sees and frowns. All the students come to the hall. Some songs were played and they started dancing. Suddenly a senior student made an announcement.
Senior: before we start with the games round we seniors have some special performances for you all. Hope you enjoy. Saying the he left the stage and all the juniors started hooting.
A group of seniors danced to the song pump it louder. All the students cheered for them. There was a short comic play by the theatre group. Some students sang for them.The senior again came up on the stage for an announcement.
Senior: now this is a special performance by last years talent hunt winner and our very own general secretary. Please welcome sanskar maheshwari on stage.
Sanskar: thanks vineet for such an introduction. He took over the stage and started to sing.
Sanskar sang the song tune jo na kaha main wo suntan raha from the movie new York. While singing he was looking at swara whereas swara looked at him lovingly and both of them were remembering their engagement, all the moments they spent together and lastly the proposal. After he finished everyone clapped and swara smiled at him.
Sahil noticed swara looking at sanskar lovingly and felt jealous. Meanwhile Yug sent a drink for swara through the hands of a waiter but unfortunately sahil took it and drank it in one gulp. Yug did not notice the mistake done by the waiter he just waited for the drug to act on swara so that she could herself ruin her image in front of everyone and he would make a mms and would blackmail swara and thus take revenge on both swara and sanskar for insulting him in front of everyone. Sahil started feeling dizzy and then suddenly he went up on the stage and took the mike. Then he started singing and dancing all of a sudden he did weird moves and sang weirdly and then suddenly started to cry everyone was laughing at him. Sanskar saw this and went upto him.
Sanskar: what happened sahil why are you behaving like this?
Sahil: you are asking me why I’m behaving like this? You want to know the reason?
Sanskar: yes! But first let me take you to the restroom.
Sanskar then carries him to the restroom while sahil on the way starts crying again.
Yug was watching all this and understood that his plan had backfired he became furious and started abusing the waiter. When he realized its of no use he left the party and vowed to take revenge on swara and sanskar.
When sanskar and sahil reached the restroom.
Sanskar: sahil now tell me what happened to you and why are you behaving like this? Did you drink something?
Sahil(says in sad tone): yes juice. I drank juice. You know the reason I am crying? I am crying because of you. You are always stuck to my swara. Why don’t you leave her alone? I love her and I can’t see her with anyone other than me. Why are you coming in between?
Sanskar was hearing him as soon as sahil spoke about swara he became angry but contolled his anger because he knew that sahil was in an inebriated state and telling him anything would be useless so he decided to take him home and when he would come to his senses he would tell him the truth. While they were in the restroom swara came and knocked on the door.
Swara: sanskar, is everything allright? Shall I help?
Sanskar: swara, come in.
Swara went inside and sanskar told her everything she agreed with sanskar’s decision and they decided to leave the party. Swara and Sanskar carried sahil to sanskar’s car.
Sanskar: I’ll drop you home first and then take him to my place ok?
Swara: you’ll be fine right?
Sanskar: stop worrying swara. (kissed on her forehead).
They both sat in the car. Sanskar dropped swara at gadodia’s and returned to his place.

Precap: sahil comes to know about swara and sanskar and his reaction to the truth.

sorry couldn’t upload in the day busy with my college work. thanks for all the love you’ve been showering on me and my story.

Credit to: Tista

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