swasan a simple story episode 6


Swara, Nisha and Riya reach swara’s place. They were greeted by sharmishtha .
Sharmishtha: hello girls! Make yourselves comfortable and if you need anything just give me a call.
Swara: ma I’ll take them to my room they need to freshen up as well.
Nisha: wow yaar aunty is so cool!
Swara: she’s my mom after all.
Riya: what about your mom in law?
Swara: she is very sweet and loves me a lot.
Riya: great. Okay lets freshen up guys they’ll reach in an hour and a half.
They go to the washroom turn by turn and change their dresses . swara wore black hot pants and a baby pink frill top whereas nisha and riya wore hot pants and crop tops. They wait for sanskar to come with his gang. Swara gets a call from sanskar.
Sanskar: shona, we are on our way tell ma to take rest for a while I know she’s been working since morning.
Swara: told her already but she never listens to me hopefully after listening to you she’ll relax. Saying so she takes the phone to sharmishtha .
Sharmishtha: yeah sanskar say.
Sanskar: ma take rest swara told me you’re working since morning.
Sharmishtha: oh c’mon you know her she is always worrying about me.
Sanskar: she is you daughter ma she will..
Sharmishtha: fine I’ll take rest come over here asap I’m waiting. Bye beta!
Sanskar : bye ma.
Swara: come soon.

Sanskar and his friends are on the way!
Soon they reach the gadodia pent house. Sanskar walks upto the door with his gang and rings the bell. Swara rushes to the door and opened it and seeing sanskar becomes too happy and shouts
Swara: ma ma ma… they’re here come fast ma!
Sharmishtha comes running and sees sanskar.
Sharmishtha: come inside where are your friends?
Arjun akash rishi urvashi : aunty here we are!
Sanskar: ma this is arjun, akash rishi and urvashi and guys this is swara’s mom.
Gang: hello aunty nice to meet you.
Urvashi goes to swara: hi swara could not meet you the previous day sorry…(she then hugged swara)
Swara: nice to meet you (hugged her back). Okay lets go upstairs guys.
They went to swara’s room where nisha and riya were already sitting. Before swara could enter sanskar pulled her and whispered her in her ears.
Sanskar: shona, you’re looking very cute.
Swara blushed and went inside followed by sanskar.
Nisha Riya: hello !!
Sanskar’s gang: hello girls.
Urvashi: I know we are seniors and juniors but we can be friends right?
Nisha: yeah!
Arjun: let’s introduce ourselves then. Hello I’m arjun you can call me juno!
Rishi: it’s rishi!
Nisha: I’m nisha
Riya: I’m riya
Akash: I’m akash.
Urvashi: I’m urvi, urvashi.
Swara: so friends?
Everyone: friends.

Sanskar: so let’s begin the party guys!
Swara: let’s play
Urvashi: yeah! Never have I ever? What say?
Riya: great idea.
Swara: let me arrange for drinks wait a minute I’ll just come.
Swara gets orange juice for everyone and they start the game.
Urvashi: never have I ever stuck chewing gum on the teacher’s chair.
All drank the juice except juno and akash.
Riya: seriously you’ve done it?
Juno: yes when we both were in 8th standard our maths teacher got furious.
Everyone started laughing.
Nisha: never have I ever got drunk.
Only swara and sanskar drank the juice.
Urvashi: you both are saints never got drunk? Seriously!
Sanskar: whats there in alcohol? Stupid shit which knocks people out of their sense.
Rishi: dude! It’s heaven try it for once you’ll fall in love.
Sanskar: no need.(makes a funny face and everyone starts laughing).
Riya: let’s resume.

Swara: never have I ever copied in my exams.
No one drank the juice.
Nisha: swara the nerd! I knew it.
riya: okay my turn. Never have I ever kissed on the lips.
Only rishi and urvashi did not drink. But everyone looked at swara and sanskar suspiciously.
Urvashi: sanskar? You are engaged and still haven’t done it?
Sanskar: no. we won’t do it until swara’s comfortable. For me she and her comfort matters the most.
Swara smiles.
Akash: never have I ever been kicked out of some girl’s house.
All drink the juice except arjun.
Rishi: juno? We didn’t know this.
Arjun: I got drunk once and ended up at a girl’s house and the next day she kicked me out cuz I puked on her bedsheet. That was my worst night out.
Everyone starts laughing.
Arjun: stop it guys it was painful those 6 inch heels she hit me with I don’t know whats with heels and girls.
Rishi: who told you to puke? Couldn’t you just get laid?
Urvashi glared at rishi and he gulped.
Sanskar: guys stop. My turn. Never have I ever got laid.
All drink except juno and akash.
Sanskar: I knew these guys!
Arjun: guys guys, watch out for me. Never have I ever teased a girl.
All drink the juice.
Arjun: sab itne well mannered hain pata nahi tha. Akash tu bhi?
Akash: abe chup kar itna bhi badtameez nahi hu main. Tujhe kya main hi milta hu!
Arjun: okay dude chill!Ab kiski baari? Haan rishi bol…
Rishi: umm kya bolu… never have I ever smoked.
Everyone drinks the juice.

Rishi: arey waah sab sharif bacche hain… kya baat hain yaha to sirf sanskar aur swara doodh ke dhule hue hain baki sab ki koi na koi pol khul hi chuki hain.
Everyone laughs. Suddenly sharmishtha calls swara.
Sharmishtha: shona come her beta.
Swara: hain ma aschi!
Everyone was surprised as swara spoke in Bengali.
Rishi: swara is a Marwari right? So Bengali?
Sanskar: her mom’s a Bengali so..
Rishi: your mom is okay with her being a half Bengali?
Sanskar: yeah she loves her.
Rishi: that’s great I thought your family is conservative regarding these matters.
Sanskar: no. it’s all okay with my family.
Swara comes up.
Swara: guys mum was asking when will you have dinner. Its 9 already .
Arjun: let’s have dinner then?
Everyone goes down and have dinner and crack jokes. The party got over at 11. The guys took the responsibility of dropping the girls home.
Before leaving. Sanskar goes to swara.
Sanskar: shona, tomorrow 5:30 sharp okay? There’s a surprise for you.
He then kissed swara’s forehead swara closes her eyes and feels his touch.
Sanskar: no return gift today?
Swara blushes and gives a small peck on his lips.
Sanskar closes his eyes immediately. Then opens it and says.
Sanskar: you surprise me everyday swara.
Swara: bye! Meet you tomorrow.
Sanskar rubs his hair with his left hand and says : miss you. Take care.
He sits in the car and thinks about swara. Swara on the other hand rushed inside and starts smiling and blushes hard.
They go to sleep thinking of each other .

Precap: Fresher’s.

Hope you’ll like this episode.

Credit to: Tista

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