swasan a simple story episode 5


College got over swara was walking towards the main gate.sanskar went to take his bike. Sahil saw swara going towards the main gate. He rushed towards her and called her name.
Sahil: swara! Swara!
Swara(turned): yes! Oh sahil, why did you call me?
Sahil: actually, I just wanted to ask..
Swara: yeah say!
Sahil: actually, just wanted to ask whether I can drop you home it seems you’re going alone so I can..
Before swara could reply to sahil, sanskar came with his bike.
Sanskar: swara, let’s get going ma will be waiting.
Swara: sorry sahil sanskar drops me home everyday so I won’t be able to go with you.
Sahil(sad): it’s okay swara, bye (gives a fake smile).
Sanskar and swara leave on the bike. Sahil gets upset.
Sahil(in mind): sanskar always comes in between me and swara. But tomorrow I’ll definitely ask her for coffee I am her friend right she can come for a cup of coffee with me atleast.hopefully sanskar won’t come in between.
Sahil also leaves for his home.
Sanskar: what was sahil doing with you?
Swara: wanted to drop me home.
Sanskar: ah! So I was right he really does like my shona.
Swara: I don’t know but anyway I am not interested in him he should’ve understood that.
Sanskar: guys tend to omit all the thoughts when they start liking a girl. Anyways you are mine, I will take care of sahil.
Swara: he hasn’t misbehaved or something so I’ll talk to him as his friend.
Sanskar turns the mirror towards swara and winks at her. Swara sees it and starts blushing. Sanskar’s heart flutters seeing her blushing and thinks in his mind that blush on her cheeks belongs to me heck, she belongs to me. Sanskar dropped swara home.

Next day( Saturday) at college:
Swara: nisha, riya all set for the party today?
Nisha: I’m way too excited . sanskar’s gang is the coolest gang in this college and I get to meet them personally.
Riya: nisha and her crazy antics.
Swara: girls they are my friends so they are you friends too right? If I follow the facts.
Nisha: miss nerd!
Riya: by thev way what are you wearing tomorrow?
Nisha: saree, red one .
Swara: you’ll get to see it on Sunday.
Riya: I’ve heard seniors will be performing for us, I’m so excited. I have been waiting for college since my 10th standard and here I am attending the fresher’s.
Swara: gosh! You are impossible.
After class during break time: (canteen)
Sahil comes in search of swara and sees he in the canteen sitting with nisha and riya he was happy to see sanskar not around her so he went towards her.
Sahil: hey girls!
Nisha: hi!
Riya and swara: hello
Sahil: swara actually I wanted to take you out for a cup of coffee you just for a short chat over a cup of coffee so what about today at 4?
Swara: sorry sahil I have a party at home today so can’t come along.
Sahil: um okay…
Riya: come have lunch with us.
Sahil: yeah sure! Where’s sanskar?
Swara: he’s preparing for the fresher’s.
Sahil(in mind): thank god he is busy otherwise he would have been stuck to swara forever.
Sahil: yeah fresher’s. what about the talent hunt coming up?
Swara: well I’m gonna sing
Sahil: great, I’ll definitely cheer for you!
Swara: thanks. Btw gotta go class time.
Sahil: I never felt anything of this sort for a girl.but swara she is different . I desperately want her to be mine. For that I need to go close to her.

Swara’s class:
Swara was sitting and listening to the professor. Nisha was busy cartooning behind the copy and riya was busy with her phone. Suddenly swara’s phone vibrated. Swara took her phone and smiled to see sanskar calling her. She cut the call and texted him instead.
Swara: sanskar I’m in class so had to cut your call, text me instead.
Sanskar: I’m sorry. But won’t you get disturbed.
Swara: I’m bored I want to go back home.
Sanskar: bored? Shall I come to your class?
Swara: how?
Sanskar: don’t forget I’m the g-sec. 😉
Swara: let’s see if you can take me out of this boring lecture.
Sanskar: coming in 5!
Swara smiles and thinks about sanskar.
Sanskar comes to swara’s class.
Sanskar: sir, may I come in?
Sir: sanskar? Yes sure!
Sanskar: I wanted to talk to the juniors regarding the talent hunt.
Sir: why now? I am in the middle of an important lecture.
Sanskar: sir it’s very important.
Sir: okay. I’ll take your leave students we’ll continue with this the next day.
Students(happy): sure sir! We’ll wait.
After the professor leaves the students start rejoicing and start thanking sanskar for helping them out of the boring lecture. Sanskar starts smiling and looks at swara who was smiling ear to ear.
One student: well, you wanted to talk about the talent hunt right?
Sanskar: check the notice board everything’s put up there.
Student: then why did you come to our class?
Sanskar: just to help you all out of this boring lecture.
Nisha and riya raised their brows towards swara and gave an understanding smile to her. Swara smiled.
One student whispered to the other: not to help us instead to help swara out of the lecture its good to have the g-sec on your fingers.
Sanskar heard the comment and went up to them. The boy and the girl looked up to him and got scared seeing his angry face.
Sanskar(patting on the guys back): remember I’m your senior and the g-sec and swara is my “fiancé” so it’s better you stop commenting about her because I won’t tolerate a word against her, if you do so you’ll have to face me and you won’t feel good afterwards. Remember.
The guy: sorry!
Swara came towards him and said: thank you sanskar.
Sanskar: anyways you go home with nisha and riya I’ll reach at 5:30 sharp. Bye.
After saying this he turned and gave a serious look the the guy and then turned towards swara and smiled and left.

Precap: the party! Romance and loads of fun.

Hope you’ll like this episode. I know its quite boring still tried to spice it up a bit.

Credit to: Tista

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