swasan a simple story episode 4


Next day morning swara and sanskar get ready for college.
Swara was in her classroom when nisha comes and says to her
Nisha: swara lets go…
Swara: where?
Nisha: football ground.
Swara: why? Won’t we have our classes today?
Nisha: no.
Nisha: a sudden match between commerce and science has been decided.
Swara: okay, lets go then.
Nisha and Swara reached the grounds Riya was there already talking to a senior guy from the science stream. Nisha and Swara went towards her.
Swara: hi Riya!
Riya: hi guys. Meet sahil he is our senior and also the captain of the science football team.
Nisha: hello!
Swara: hi!
Sahil saw swara and stared at her as he was in a loss for words. He didn’t know about the commotion in the canteen the previous day and was totally unaware about sanskar and swara.
Sahil: hello girls, nice to meet you!
Nisha and Riya: all the best sahil..
Sahil: thanks. Swara won’t you wish me?
Swara: yeah sure. All the best.
Sanskar comes to the ground and walks towards swara seeing her on the grounds. Sahil leaves so he didn’t notice sanskar coming towards them.
Sanskar: swara!
Swara: yes. (turns to see sanskar). Sanskar, all the best for the match. I know you’ll win.
Sanskar(smiles): thank you swara.
He goes from there smiling .
The match starts. Swara was sitting and looking towards sanskar.
The match started:
Sanskar was the forward. He passed the ball to the middle and then again took it and crossed sahil and kicked it towards the goalpost and scored a goal. Swara smiled and clicked a picture of his smiling face.
Sanskar after scoring the goal looked towards swara who was smiling he immediately got excited and started playing scoring another goal. After 30 mins of the game science scored a goal. At halftime. Sanskar went towards the backside and texted swara to come there. Swara reached.
Sanskar : shona,thank you.
Swara: thank you but why? You scored the goal so I should congratulate you instead you are thanking me!
Sanskar: I scored the goals but the reason was you.
Swara(surprised): how?
Sanskar(went close to her and whispered in her ear): your smile,it makes my day,I love your smile.
Swara’s heart raced on seeing sanskar so close to her. Her breath hitched and she blushed after hearing sanskar. Then sanskar took her hand and slowly kissed on her knuckles and then hugged her. Swara was in awe at his care she hadn’t seen sanskar behaving like this in the 3 months. Now it was different she loved him and he loved her though they did not confess but the small acts proved their emotions towards each other. They didn’t need words to express their eyes and their smile and those actions were enough. They were just waiting for the right moment to convey their love towards each other as the saying goes: “action speaks louder than words.”
The half time was about to get over when swara heard sanskar’s teammates calling his name.
Swara: sanskar, they are calling you for the game.
Sanskar: oh yeah it’s time.(saying this he quickly gave a peck on her cheek then winked and left)
Swara: stood their lost in his thoughts until nisha came and took her to the ground as the match was about to start.
After another 45 minutes where sanskar scored another goal and the commerce team won. He went towards the changing room.
Sanskar texted swara: I am in the changing room sorry had to rush.
Swara: its okay and congratulations.
Sanskar: we won all because of you. Thanks for being my lucky charm.
Swara(blushed after seeing the text): change and come to the canteen will wait for you in the there.
Sanskar: sure.
Swara went to the canteen. Sanskar comes to the canteen. Students start congratulating him on his win. He turns and looks towards swara who gave him a big warm smile.
Sahil entered the canteen and saw swara sitting alone so he started walking towards her he was finding ways to talk to her. Before he could reach her sanskar went and sat beside her. Sahil was surprised but thought he was a friend of hers so he also went towards swara.
Sahil: hey swara!
Swara: hello.
Sanskar: sahil you know her?
Sahil: yeah met her in the morning her friends introduced me to her.
Sanskar: great!
Swara: come sit with us!
Sahil: I didn’t know that you and sanskar were friends?
Sanskar: no one knew until yesterday.(keeps a hand on swara’s shoulder)
Sahil(seeing swara so comfortable with sanskar got a bit irked since he had started liking swara): um so you are friends? Long time?
Sanskar: yeah from childhood, she was a year younger so we got along well.
Sahil(thought that they were childhood friends so they were so comfortable with each other and thus removed all the irritationfrom his mind ): so swara liking college?
Swara: yeah!
Sahil: if anyone irritates you, you can come to me.
Sanskar(being a bit possessive): sahil don’t worry after the scene yesterday no one will dare to come near her. Right swara?
Swara: yeah! Sahil don’t worry sanskar is there for me…
Sahil(disappointed): yeah… sanskar is there..
Sanskar sensed something for swara in sahil’s eyes and he became the possessive fiancé again. He didn’t know that sahil was clueless about the previous day’s situation.
Sanskar held her close. Sahil was feeling jealous seeing their closeness so he took a leave. As soon as he left sanskar took a breath.swara seeing that asked him out of concern.
Swara: what happened sanskar? You ok?
Sanskar: I’m fine but I think sahil likes you.
Swara: we just met today how can he like me?
Sanskar: I don’t know just that I can’t afford to lose you…
Swara: I will never leave you and I’m yours( saying this she shows her ring)
Sanskar: I know that shona! Okay gotta go have a class.i’ll drop you home wait for me after college near the gate ok?
Swara: okay!
On the other hand sahil was planning on asking swara to drop her at her home so that he could get more time with her. Little did he know that swara was never going to be his, she would always remain sanskar’s swara.

Precap: sahil asking swara about dropping her off to her house.

guys i’m trying to update as fast as i can. hope you’ll like it. my heartfelt gratitude to each and everyone who commented and took time to go through my story.

Credit to: Tista

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    I am a silent reader and usually I don’t often comment after only a few episodes but your ff is just too good. I have no words to express it cause its fabulous and being honest, the whole time I read the episodes, I was just smiling continuously cause its such a sweet ff. Anyways keep up the excellent work.

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