swasan a simple story (episode 3)


Sanskar: ab chale?
Swara: par kaha?
Sanskar: surprise.
They walk towards the car. Sanskar starts driving.
Swara: ye to batao ki hum ja kaha rahe he… main aur kuch nahi poochongi pakka promise.
Sanskar: okay! Hum mall ja rahe he!
Swara: suddenly mall?
Sanskar: you said you wont ask further questions about the surprise…
Swara: actually, I’m curious so…
Sanskar: shona wait for sometime you’ll get to know.
They reach the mall and enter it after parking the car.
Swara: now where are we supposed to go?
Sanskar: I’ll take you. He holds her hand and takes her to the saree section.
Swara: sanskar why have you brought me here?
Sanskar: I want you to wear a saree of my choice on the freshers .
Swara: thank you so much sanskar this is the best surprise ever. I will choose the tuxedo for you and you’ll wear it on Sunday promise?
Sanskar: I would love to shona… now wait here till I choose your saree.
Swara: okay..

After a while sanskar comes with a black georgette saree.
Sanskar: how’s this? If you don’t like it, I’ll change it.
Swara: it’s beautiful sanskar I loved it thank you so so much. She hugs him excitedly.
Sanskar hugs her back. Swara realizes her position and starts blushing and pulls away from the hug. Sanskar smiles.
Swara: sorry, I forgot we are in a public place.
Sanskar: its okay swara.. it hardly matters you can hug me anytime you have the official right to do that.
Swara: umm… yeah… (smiles). Lets get your tux now.
Swara goes to the men’s formals section and chooses a tux with white satin shirt black blazer and trousers with a bow.
Sanskar: swara its awesome thanks…I’ll wear it on Sunday… and yes I’ll pick you up sharp at 5:30 from your home on Sunday okay?
Swara: I’ll wait.
Sanskar: now lets leave I have to talk to ma about the party on Saturday.
Swara: okay. Lets go.
They reach swara’s place. Sharmishtha opens the door.
Sharmishtha: come on in.
Sanskar: ma, actually we went shopping .
Sharmishtha: as long as she is with you I have no worries.
Swara: ma…
Sharmishtha: what ma?
Sanskar: ma its okay.. actually I wanted a permission from you!
Sharmishtha: you’re my son no need to ask permission… just say.
Sanskar: actually our friends wanted a party for our engagement so we thought of arranging one this Saturday over here.
Sharmishtha: no problem just tell me what you’ll need and it’ll be ready.
Swara: thanks ma… I love you.
Sharmishtha: I love you both.
Sanskar: ma, I’ll leave now otherwise mom will start worrying you know how she is all hyper and excited.
Sharmishtha: she just gets worried beta, after all she’s your mom.
Sanskar: yeah!!

Sharmishtha: swara accompany him till the car.
Sanskar takes blessings and leaves . swara accompanies him till the car.
Sanskar: bye shona, take care. ( kisses her forehead)
Swara( blushes): you to take care.
She turns to go away. Sanskar keeps looking at her, suddenly she turns and kisses his cheek and says:
Swara: thanks for the saree, you made me feel special today. Bye. (blushes and runs inside).
Sanskar(touches his cheek where swara kissed and says to himself): she kissed me? Really? Wow! I love you princess and can’t wait to tell you on Sunday.
Sanskar sits in his car and starts driving he drives all the way thinking about swara and her sudden kiss.
Swara on the other hand goes to her room and starts smiling and blushing. She sees the pic of her and sanskar’s engagement which is kept on her side table..
Swara: sanskar I love you.. I’ll confess my feelings on Sunday…
On the other hand sanskar reaches home smiling as soon as he enters.
Sujata: chora kaha that tu?
Sanskar: swara ko shopping le ke gaya tha so late ho gaya.
Sujata: shopping suddenly?
Sanskar: mom, freshers hain uska so I thought of gifting her a saree.
Sujata: good. ( sujata feels happy for swara and sanskar)
Sanskar: I am going up mom .
Sanskar goes up to his room and sits on his bed and starts thinking about swara. He takes out his mobile and sees swara’s picture and starts talking to it.
Sanskar: swara, I really love you.. thanks for today you made me feel the most special.(starts smiling)
Suddenly sanskar gets an idea. He calls swara:- swara sees the call and feels nervous thinking about how to talk to him after her sudden kiss.
Sanskar: swara.Thanks .
Swara: thanks for what?

Sanskar: you made me feel special.
Swara: for the tux?
Sanskar: no the…
Swara: the?
Sanskar: you know right?
Swara(blushes): sanskar what are you doing?
Sanskar: nothing just thinking about you… I mean talking to you.
Swara: had your dinner its quite late? You have to take your medicines to. Anyways ma dakche amae. I have to leave. Take care good night.(she felt nervous)
Sanskar( feels shy to talk): okay go have your dinner meet you tomorrow at college. Good night shona, take care bye.
They keep the phone and think about the moment between them.

Precap: next day college a little bit romance. 😉

here goes episode 3.

Credit to: Tista

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