swasan a simple story episode 2


While they were having lunch, Akash comes running to sanskar followed by his friends.
Akash: Sanskar , is it true?
Sanskar: what? The canteen commotion? Well yes it was.
Akash: I know yug, he has always been like that. But you blurting out about this gadodia girl being your fiancé was that true?
Sanskar: Call her Swara, not “gadodia girl” or by any other cranky name, yes she is my fiancé! Want proof?
Akash: like really? You didn’t even tell or invite us we are your friends right?
Sanskar: it was a private affair so couldn’t tell you all. Now that you and moreover many others in the college have come to know about it I hope no one will dare to pester her again. About that Yug I will see what to do with that brute. He should not have misbehaved with my girl.
On the other hand Yug was furious with Sanskar and thought of insulting swara in order to take revenge from sanskar. He planned to trap swara on her freshers and insult herself in front of the others so that no one would blame yug for the incident.
Swara went to her class where her classmates were already discussing about sanskar and swara.
Nisha and Riya: Swara, congratulations yaar. Don’t listen to them they just need something to gossip.
A guy came up: hey! Swara is the g-sec really your fiancé or just a passing affair for being the centre of attraction? You know wanting people to just loiter around you and all that.
Swara: It’s none of your business, I know what he is to me and I don’t need to explain that to everyone and about gaining attention, you have no right to comment about me.
Akash comes to swara’s classs to apologise to swara.
Akash: swara! Hey , sorry for today I didn’t know that you were…
Swara: its okay, and you are sanskar’s friend right?
Akash: yeah buddies you see..
Swara: so friends?
Akash: sure!

Sanskar comes and smiles at swara.
Sanskar: so hopefully people and special yug will stay away from you now, and akash you told you will ask something after saying sorry to swara?
Akash: yeah! We want a party it’s a thing to celebrate right.
Swara: sure.. this Saturday my place at 6?
Sanskar: sure, I’ll pick my gang and reach your friends?
Swara: nisha and riya will directly come over to my place after college. Inform your friends on my behalf please.
Akash: I’ll do that, they’ll love it.
Sanskar whispers to swara: after college near the bus stand okay!
Saying this sanskar winks and leaves her classroom swara blushes seeing him. Nisha and Riya notice this and start teasing her.
Nisha ,Riya: ahem someone winked and the other became o red tomato….love everywhere….
Swara: stop it guys.
Sanskar moved towards the football ground as it was his practice time. Swara and her friends were roaming around the college.
Nisha : guys lets decide what we are going to perform for the talent hunt its just two weeks away!
Riya: yeah!
Swara: I’m gonna sing what about you all?
Riya: dance
Nisha: I’m still confused…
Riya: I’m so excited about everything!
Nisha: what?

Riya: Saturday’s party then freshers and the talent hunt. This college is awesome.
Nisha: decided on your fresher’s saree?
Riya: I was thinking about that!
Swara: I still don’t know..
Nisha: ask sanskar!
Swara: umm…
Riya: you love him a lot don’t you?
Swara: was lost thinking about sanskar
Nisha: she is blushing so hard and not even listening to us, usi ke khayalo mein khoyi hui hain…
Riya: shakes swara: o laila!
Swara: who laila?
Nisha: you, who else?
Swara: kuch bhi!
Riya: chalo ground pe chalet hain…
Swara smiles as she knows sanskar will be there.
Swara: ha chalo! Waise bhi adhe ghante baad college chutti ho hi jaegi!
Nisha: thik hain!

They move towards the ground. There was a tree they went and sat under the tree. From there the football ground could be seen. Swara started to search for sanskar, as soon she saw him she was lost in seeing him playing.
Nisha and Riya were confused at first as to where was swara seeing after a while they could see the guys playing football and sanskar over there, they understood and started to tease her.
Nisha: riya its too hut lets go inside and sit in the library.
Riya: you’re right nisha, swara chalo!
Swara: nahi itni bhi garmi nahi hain mujhe yaha acha lag raha hain…
Riya: haan you are on cloud nine right? Sanskar jo dikh raha hain yahase.
Swara: what? No…its nothing like that…. Its just that….
Nisha: stop giving excuses we know…
Swara: okay, miss know it all.
The college got over and swara said bye to nisha and riya and went towards the bus stand where sanskar asked her to wait. She reached the stand and started to think as to why sanskar called her…
Sanskar went into the changing room and bid goodbye to his friends and rushed to the stand as he was eagerly waiting to go out with swara and give her the surprise which he planned. He rushed towards the stand and saw her standing lost in the surroundings little did he know swara was lost in his thoughts. He went from behind and put his palms over her eyes swara was surprised and then felt his touch and understood it to be him.
Swara: you came?
Sanskar: its not fair I thought you won’t understand its me..
Swara: I can feel you and your presence and smiled at him.
Sanskar smiled back and held her hand and took her towards the car parking.

Precap: Surprise.

Here goes the second episode. hope you like it. thanks to all who have given their comments and encouraged me to write this one. the surprise will be a simple and sweet one. wait for the upcoming.

Credit to: Tista

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