Swasan a simple story episode 14


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This error thing just got my head whenever I try to update it says “we are currently not accepting any new articles” well anyways got a chance so here it goes… Really sorry for the delay I have my exams coming up so my updates will be a little slow till august end.
Here I go.
Swara was being dragged to the cottage situated quite inside the forest.
Swara: leave me sahil….
Sahil: Swara I won’t this is the only chance I have to make you mine and do you really think that I would leave the chance so that sanskaar takes you away from me.
Swara: I don’t love you sahil. You can never make me yours.
Sahil: I love you and I know you will love me back too.
Swara: Never. No.
Sahil opened the doors of the cottage and picked swara in his arms while she struggles to. Get out of his grip she hit his arm and chest fiercely. But sahil caught hold of her and made her sit on the chair.
Sahil: Take this and wear we are going to get married today and I want my bride to look pretty and beautiful.
He caressed her cheeks.
Swara removed his hand.
Swara: Don’t touch me sahil. You disgust me.
Sahil: I love you and get ready we don’t have much time.
While sahil was.preparing for the marriage. Swara looked around the cottage. She settled down after a while and started getting ready.
Sahil: Good that you listened to me because your sanskar won’t be able to take you away.
Swara smiled.

As soon Sahil turned swara hit his head with a brick. Sahil fell down unconcious. She ran towards the door but found it locked. She hit the lock with a stone and opened it.
She started running.
On the other hand Sanskar and Laksh were on their way..
Swara nearly reached the main road when she saw Sahil along with yug behind coming towards her. Swara waa shocked to see Yug. She kept on running until she reached the main road. She was now running in the direction from which sahil brought her. While she was running she nearly got hit with a car but in the Nick of time the car stopped and sujata came out.
Sujata: Swara…. How come you here and why are you running like this on the road what happened?
Swara hugged her and started crying
Sujata: Don’t cry beta… Come come with me.
Sujata took swara and made her sit in the car and told the driver to drive back home.
Sujata called Sanskar and told him to come home as she was worried for swara looking at her dishevelled state.
Sanskar: laksh… She is okay…. She’s with ma… Lets go back I need to see her.
Laksh: okay…
They started driving back home.

Precap: Sahil? Yug?

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