Swasan a simple story episode 13

Guys my title got mixed and i’m really sorry for the inconvenience so I punched in two chapters of the impeccable bond and changed the 14th episode a little so that you don’t have to read the same episode again. So please ignore this mistake of mine and I am continuing with the simple story now. This is the 12th episode of the simple story.
In the canteen Swara, Sanskar Ragini and Laksh were talking when Sahil walked towards Swara.
Sahil: Swara…
Swara: Yeah say.
Sahil: I am really sorry for whatever happened..i wanted to apologise so can you come for a cup of coffee with me today at 4? I’ll drop you home by 6. Sanskar can I?
Sanskar: Sure!
Swara: Okay then..
Sahil: Thanks a lot Swara and Sanskar. I’ll wait for you.
At 4pm.
Sahil was waiting for Swara…
Swara came and she sat on his bike.
Swara: Where will we go? I mean which cafe?
Sahil: Barista.
Swara: okay.
She texted Sanskar saying that they are going to Barista.
Sahil started driving soon they crossed Barista but he still continued driving.
Swara: Sahil, Barista, we left it behind.
Sahil: There is a new one at the corner we’ll go there.
Swara: Okay…
After a few minutes Sahil stopped the bike and got down. They were in front of a cottage.
Swara: Where are we? This is not Barista.
Sahil: So? This is the place where i’ll make you mine forever Swara.
Swara: Stop joking sahil. What do you mean? Why are we here?
Sahil: We are going to get married today. That Sanskar was trying to snatch you away from me but after we get married today he won’t be able to take you away from me. He will see us being one. I’ll shoot and send it to him so that he won’t come near you.
Swara: Sahil just shut up…are you crazy? I don’t love you… I love sanskar. He is my fiance and I will never get married to you…
Swara had dialled Sanskar in the meanwhile and he heard the conversation and told Laksh to accompany him and save swara.
Sanskar: I should not have sent her with him..
Laksh: calm down bro. Lets go…
They left for the place.
Sahil pulled swara along with him to the cottage.
Swara: Leave me sahil.
Precap: Sanskar saves swara?

Guys a short update. I’m extremely sorry for the mistake. I uodated the 14th and 15th chapter together of my other ff and changed the update abit to avoid repetition and the honeymoon part will be after the charity function… But there will be romance… I added a bit of Raglak too. Hope you will like the update. Please do comment and let me know. I am once again sorry the inconvenience caused by me.

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