swasan a simple story episode 12

Hey everyone! Thanks for all those special comments. I am really happy that you are liking it. This ff falls in the cliché but still… Well i’ll continue with my story now.

After the announcement.
Everyone clapped and started wishing them. Everyone was happy. The girls sighed as their dream man had been taken. The press started questioning them.
Reporter: when did you meet first?
Swara: Mr.Khanna’s party around 3 weeks back.
Reporter: oh so arrange marriage?
Sanskar: Arrange as well as love.
Swara blushed hearing this.
Reporter: Can you tell us about your story?
Sanskar: There is nothing special as such. We met at the party the next day our parent’s fixed our match that’s when we started interacting slowly we fell in love.
Reporter: Sir, 51% shares? A sudden decision?
Sanskar: No. Swara is my wife so she owns me so why not my business. I had always wanted a wife like her supportive and independent and moreover whatever is mine is hers so my business is also hers.

Reporter: Thank you sir.
The party continued and everyone enjoyed.
The next day this news was in the headlines. Swara and Sanskar had all their business associates calling them and congratulating them. After all the phone calls.
Swara: I am tired.
Sanskar: This is so irritating. The only reason I didn’t want the media to know.
Swara: Me too.

They both looked at each other and started laughing looking at their dishevelled state, all messy.
Swara: Sanskar I am sleepy. It’s sunday today…i’ll just take a nap.
Sanskar: Even i’ll take a nap.
They both slept in each other’s embrace all cuddled up against each other.
After an hour or so Sujata came to their room and found the door open so she thought they were awake and she went inside. She smiled seeing the scene. Swara sleeping in Sanskar’s arms and her head on his chest while sanskar held on to her shoulders and waist tightly. Suddenly Sanskar moved and opened his eyes to see his mother standing and smiling at them, at first he thought is was his imagination but when he realised it was sujata standing there and smiling he shouted.
Sanskar: mom? You here? You should have knocked the door na…
Hearing him shout. Swara got up and got shocked to see Sujata there got embarassed and her cheeks turned red. She slowly whispered to Sanskar.
Swara: Why didn’t you tell me mom is here I wouldn’t have been so embarassed.
Sanskar: I didn’t know she was here or rather when she came in.
Sujata: close the door next time and left their room giggling.
Swara: even mom saw us…

Sanskar: It’s okay Swara you are my wife we are ought to be close.
He slowly leaned towards her and went near her lips when he was about to kiss her she pushed him and ran to the washroom and shouted.
Swara: your punishment for making me feel embarrassed for two consecutive days in front of our family and from the next time close the door.
Sanskar: okay ma’am as you order.
He again dozed off.

Precap: Romance… Honeymoon….

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    what happened dear….y did u get confused with titles? Anyways, loved d ep….i m loving impeccable bond a lot. Plz try posting longer eps. Plz upload simple story also…u left it in suspense

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