swasan a simple story episode 11


Next day at college-
Sanskar,Swara and Laksh entered the college. Laksh was super excited and literally was jumping like a kid when he suddenly bumped into someone unknowingly. He turned.
Laksh: I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to bump I was a bit excited. Hope you’re fine? Aren’t hurt right?

The girl whom he bumped into looked up and Laksh and the girl had a eyelock.
Swara and Sanskaar stood there dumbfounded looking at the scene. Suddenly swara shrieked in joy…. Sanskar turned to look at her and was astounded to see her grinning from ear to ear and then suddenly swara ran towards the girl.
Swara: Ragini…. I am so happy to see you… Where were you all these days?
Ragini: Arey swara wait… I joined late due to some problem back at home but now i’m here…
Ragini then went towards Laksh.

Ragini to Laksh: I am really sorry I was finding ny way to the class room so bumped into you.
Laksh(was lost in her eyes and stood there numb unable to speak)
Ragini moved her hands in front of Laksh but he still stood lost. Sanskar went to swara.
Sanskar: look at laksh he is so lost… Looks like he has fallen in love…. Just like me… Saying this he side hugged swara… This did not go unnoticed by ragini.
Ragini: what’s going on between the two of you? Who’s he swara?
Laksh came back to his senses when sanskar came and jerked him up.

Ragini was waiting for Swara’s explanation
Swara: He. He… He is my fiance ragini…
Ragini: What? Oh wow.. So you are Sanskar right?
Sanskar: Yeah… And this is my friend Laksh Rathore.
Laksh: Hello.
Ragini: Hi Laksh i’m Ragini Luthra.
Swara: Let’s get going otherwise we’ll be late for class.
Everyone leaves for their respective classroom.
On the other hand Sahil is talking over the phone to someone.
Sahil: I hope everything is ready? Today at 4pm.
On the other side
Man: Yes sir all the arrangements are done.
Sahil cuts the call.

Sahil: aj hoga climax. Swara will be mine and sanskar won’t be able to get her back ever.
Yug overheard this and he slowly walked upto sahil.
Yug: Sahil…. Swara ahaan!!! That girl is such a girl. The type of girl you’ll love to have by your side hot s*xy and cute.
Sahil: what do you want? Swara is mine don’t you take her name from your blo*dy mouth.
Yug: calm down… I lost interest in swara but I didn’t forget how sanskar insulted me. I can help you if you want but you also have to help me in repaying the favour to sanskar.
Sahil: Okay. What do you want?
Yug: An MMS.
Sahil: What MMS?
Yug: Yours and Swara… I will just show that to the whole college and insult sanskar.
Sahil: That’s easy because I have made all the arrangements to get married to swara today. After that we will have our first night together so you can have your mms too.
Yug: Sure brother.

Laksh who was passing by the room crashed into Yug when he came out of the room.
Yug: who the hell are you?
Laksh: stay in your limits and talk properly. We bumped into each other by mistake.
Yug: No one talks to Yug in this way. You.. Uggh. This time I am leaving you I have some important work.
Laksh: I think you should say sorry?

Yug: Yug never says sorry.

precap: The climax (not the end of the story)

Credit to: Tista

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  1. Plz don’t separate them

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  3. Awesome
    I couldn’t comment in last ep
    Sorry for that
    I missed this ff very much

  4. Soujanya

    Awesome… Plz don’t separate them

  5. Read all chaps together…its amazing. Loved swasan. Please make sanky save her. Don’t seperate them. And nice….u gave raglak names as RL and LR

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    Awesome pls dont separate them….

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