swasan a simple story episode 10

Guys I am back. Time to continue my story.
Swara rushed downstairs giving one last look to sanskar. Sanskar stood there mesmerised seeing his princess so happy. He started reminiscing the moments they spent together a while and ago and a hearty smile appeared on his face which gave a different glow to his face. He too came down after composing himself. Swara was sitting with sujata on the sofa and he saw a man sitting his back was towards sanskar so he could not see the man. Sujata saw sanskar coming.
Sujata: chora dekh kaun aaya hain…
Sanskar: yes mom…

The man stood up and turned towards the stairs where sanskar was now standing. The man ran and hugged sanskar.
Sanskar: Laksh, tu yaha kya baat hain bhai?
Laksh: I am back brother. You didn’t even inform me about your engagement. I reached Calcutta and called you but you didn’t pick up. Where were you busy? So I had to call on the landline and talk to sujata aunty. When I came here I was shocked to hear you engaged and also I met swara.
Sanskar: I was a bit busy so didn’t check on my phone. Let’s go sit and talk but you didn’t tell why you’re here in calcutta?

Laksh: oh yeah. I am here to join you in college.
Sanskar: great, which stream?
Laksh: same as you are in.
Sanskar: I am so happy to get my best buddy and my brother in my class. When are you joining?
Laksh: Tomorrow!
Sanskar: great. Did you hear that shona… We are going to be together.
Swara: Yeah! I am so happy for you…
Sanskar: mom can we go upstairs and talk?
Sujata: Yeah go… Swara has to go back home now. Shomi had called.
Sanskar: Shona. Sorry I won’t be able to drop you home today. So call me when you reach.
Swara: it’s okay. I understand so I had already called ma and told her to send the driver.
Sanskar: Bye swara..
Swara: Bye Sanskar.
Swara left the maheshwari mansion.
Laksh stood there and heard their conversation and smiled.
Laksh : sanskar you love her dont you?
Sanskar: yes!
Laksh: Did you tell her?
Sanskar: Yes. She loves me too. I’ll tell you the whole thing. Let’s go upstairs.
Laksh: yes. Anyways abhi se to main tumhare saath hi rahunga… tumhe chedne ka ek mauka bhi main nahi chodne wala. Par….
Sanskar: par? What?
Laksh: I too want to fall in love. I also want to feel this….
Sanskar: You’ll get the one who’s made for you soon.

Precap: sanskar,laksh and swara in college. A new entry(you all can guess who. Right?) sahil’s plan to get swara along with yug’s rivalry with laksh too.

I am back to continue this story hope you’ll like this teensy weensy episode of mine.

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  1. Lol

    Ragini? ? Is it Ragini’s entry ???

    1. Well. Yes.

  2. What shocking n confusing percap
    And I miss ur ff so much

    1. I’ll update the next chapter today itself.

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  4. awesowe

  5. Abirsha

    Awesome….. Obviously its ragini

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  7. Just now read all the 10 epi of ur ff just awesome pls altleast foe me u don’t stop writing . waiting for the next epi post soon tista

  8. Is laksh also come to take revenge ?pls don’t make ragini come between swasan and all . pls end the yug and sahil track soon . disgusting people and no rape pls and pls some romance also . sorry if I have hurted u with my comments.

    1. No no don’t worry yug and sahil track will end in the next two episodes. Ragini won’t come un between swasan. Laksh has a positive role here.

  9. Cutiie

    Swasan will be pair na

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